13 Best Camping Tents To Buy In 2021


Whether alone or with family and friends, a camping tent can make your outdoor experience comfortable and safe. Camping tents are made of a variety of materials, from polyester to nylon and canvas for durability. Weatherproof and well-ventilated, most camping tents are user-friendly and shield you from inclement weather conditions. A few of them are designed to block the intense heat and sunlight and keep you relaxed and comfortable inside.

Here is a list of some of the best camping tents to consider if you love outdoor camping or trekking. Go through each product’s features and pros and cons to choose a tent that impresses you the most.

13 Best Camping Tents

1. Sundome Tent by Coleman

Sundome Tent by Coleman

Sundome’s camping tent has a strong and durable frame with fiberglass (11mm shock-corded) poles that can withstand winds up to 35+ mph. Measuring 10ft x 10ft with a center height of 6ft, the tent is spacious enough to accommodate four to five individuals inside. One of the best family camping tents, the product contains mesh vents and large windows for better ventilation. The tent also has useful mesh storage pockets to store the essentials.


  • Made from premium quality, waterproof, and leak-proof polyester (taffeta 75 denier) flysheet
  • Durable and waterproof tub floor with an inverted seam and welded corners
  • Weatherproof zipper to keep you dry and protected from extreme weather
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Comes with an E-port for hassle-free access to electricity


  • Water may leak in during heavy rain

2. Dome Tent by Wakeman

Dome Tent by Wakeman

Ideal for camping, trekking, hiking, and other outdoor activities, the product by Wakeman comes with enough space to accommodate two individuals. One of the best camping tents, the product measures 6.25ft x 4.80ft x 3.50ft. The camping tent contains a large D-shaped mesh door with a zipper to keep the tent well-ventilated, especially during spring and summer.


  • Made from high-quality waterproof nylon with fiberglass poles
  • Compact, durable, and lightweight with easy setup and installation
  • Comes with a detachable rainfly
  • Internal pockets to keep your essentials organized inside the tent
  • Portable bag for better storage and transport


  • Might get difficult to zip the door with a queen-sized mattress inside
  • May not be as durable as advertised

3. Backpacking Tent by Geertop

Backpacking Tent by Geertop

If you are looking for an all-weather camping tent, this product by Geertop will not disappoint you. The double-layered tent has an inner layer measuring 78in x 55in x 41in and is ideal for two people. You can use the single inner layer tent with double-mesh windows during summer or spring seasons for better ventilation and add the outer layer during winters or the rains.


  • Made from 210T polyester (rugged) with high resistance to abrasions and tear
  • Outer tent fly with 3000mm PU and UV-protective, waterproof finish
  • Comes with reflective ropes for better visibility in poor/dim-lighting conditions
  • Portable and a waterproof duffle bag for easy transport and storage
  • Durable double-stitched seam for better protection during monsoon
  • Two open doors (inner tent) to enter and exit the tent easily
  • Comes with internal storage pockets as well as hooks to hang the lanterns


  • The zipper may not be very durable
  • The outer shell/tent may not be breathable

4. Waterproof Camping Tent by OT QOMOTOP

Waterproof Camping Tent by OT QOMOTOP

The product is an ideal choice for individuals looking for instant cabin/camping tents. One of the best family camping tents, the product comes with welded edges and PE tube floor and helps keep the interior dry during monsoon or heavy showers. The tent, measuring 8ft x 8ft x 59in (ceiling height), is spacious enough to accommodate four individuals or a queen-sized air mattress. The anti-condensation camping tent is equipped with an electrical cord port for connecting a power cord without any hassle.


  • Sets up within a minute
  • Made from durable and premium quality 68D polyester fabric
  • Comes with a ground vent that can be adjusted as per the temperature inside the tent
  • Contains a detachable rainfly
  • Mesh roof with windows on all sides for ventilation
  • Comes with accessories like foot/mud mat, carry bag, fixed tent stakes, gear/storage pockets


  • The rainfly may not be able to cover the entire screened part
  • Might not be a very durable product

5. 8-Person Camping Tent by Hikergarden

8-Person Camping Tent by Hikergarden

One of the best tents for camping with families, the product comes with a two-way zipper system for easy accessibility. The water and wind-resistant tent measures 14ft x 9ft x 6ft and accommodates around eight people or three queen-sized air mattresses. Unlike other camping tents, the product by Hikergarden comes with a curtain that serves as a divider to help maintain privacy. The tent contains well-constructed, sturdy fiberglass poles of 8.5mm thickness.


  • Made from 185T polyester fabric that is 1000mm PU waterproof
  • Well-ventilated with a mesh top, large mesh door, and mesh windows
  • Contain mesh pockets to keep your keys, phones, and other essentials
  • Can be set up quickly within five minutes
  • Multipurpose rainfly that works as a projector screen to watch movies
  • Comes with accessories that include six guylines, a portable storage bag, and 14 fixed stakes


  • May not be 100% leak proof as advertised
  • The zipper used may not be up to the standards

6. Instant Camping Tent by Hewolf

Instant Camping Tent by Hewolf

The double-layered tent contains a UV protective outer layer with a silver-coated finish. Shaped like a hexagon, this is ideal for two-three adults or four children/teenagers. The outer shell sans the inner mesh can hold a queen-sized mattress. One of the best waterproof camping tents, the product contains six stakes and eight guylines for enhanced stability and wind resistance.


  • The outer layer is made of polyester fabric that is PU 2000mm waterproof
  • Good ventilation through mesh inner layer with two side openings
  • Rainfly serves as a sun-protective shade during scorching summer
  • Contains an informative user-guide and video
  • Comes with a hub, pre-attached clips, and poles for easy and quick setup (within five minutes)


  • May not be durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions

7. Pop Up Portable Tent by Moon Lence

Pop Up Portable Tent by Moon Lence

Durable and lightweight, the camping tent is made from 190T PU material and high-quality 210D Oxford fabric. Measuring 94.5in x 82.6in x 49.2in, the camping tent can easily accommodate four adults. When not in use, you can store the tent in a portable carry bag. The product comes with a pop-up design for a quick and simple setup within a minute.


  • Comes with SBS door zippers to provide maximum protection from adverse weather conditions
  • Dual zippers with two large doors and ground vents make the tent well-ventilated
  • Four guy ropes and ten alloy pegs make the tent highly stable and wind-resistant
  • UV-protection and water resistance up to 2000mm


  • The fiberglass pole may break after a few uses

8. Camping Tent 6 Person Instant Tent by Timber Ridge

Camping Tent 6 Person Instant Tent by Timber Ridge

The family camping tent by Timber Ridge requires minimum assembly, with the setup time being ten minutes or less. An ideal tent for camping, picnic, and hiking, the product measures 10ft x 10ft x 78in (center height). Durable, lightweight, and spacious, the tent can accommodate six adults.


  • Three mesh windows and a mesh top for sufficient airflow and ventilation
  • Large O-shaped zippered door for a hassle-free movement
  • Built-in storage bag/pocket on the side to keep your phones, keys, wallet, sunglasses, and other essentials
  • Detachable rainfly to keep you protected from heavy showers


  • May not be easy to pack the tent into the carry bag
  • Might not be fully water-resistant and leak-proof
  • The zippers may not be very durable

9. Outdoor Camping Tent by Kazoo

Outdoor Camping Tent by Kazoo

One of the best tents for camping, the product has been waterproof-tested to withstand extreme weather conditions. Measuring 95in x 86in x 57in, the tent is large enough to accommodate four adults. It has two functional layers and waterproof taped seams to keep the interior dry even during heavy showers.


  • Durable liner made of breathable 190T polyester and B3 mesh
  • Rainfly made from premium quality polyester
  • Well-ventilated with two large doors and two windows
  • Lightweight and durable with a specially designed vestibule for extra space
  • Durable and sturdy frame with three fiberglass poles
  • The setup is simple and fast
  • Comes with inner mesh storage pockets


  • The quality of the tent may not be up to the standard

10. Easy Pop Up Tent by Hui Lingyang

Easy Pop Up Tent by Hui Lingyang

The product by Hui Lingyang is worth giving a try if you are a road trip, hiking, and camping lover. With a 53.5-inch center height and floor area 12.5ft x 8.5ft, the waterproof camping tent can accommodate approximately four to six adults in sleeping bags. One of the best camping tents for cars, the product has mesh windows on the sides, a large front door, and rear hooded vents for allowing in fresh air and sunlight.


  • Pre-assembled poles for a simple and quick setup.
  • Breathable and long-lasting 190T polyester used for tent
  • 210D Oxford PU3000 used in the flooring
  • Vented rainfly and heat-sealed seam keeps the interior of the tent dry and moisture-free


  • May be difficult to pack inside the storage bag after use

11. Tent for Camping by Lethmik

Tent for Camping by Lethmik

Ideal for two to four individuals, the product by Lethmik is durable with spacious floors. The lightweight instant pop-up tent comes with a breathable inner mesh layer and a water-resistant, durable zippered outer layer. The versatile product also contains internal storage pockets for convenient storage of phones, wallets, and keys.


  • Instant set up facilitated by the automatic hydraulic technology
  • Hooks to hang lanterns or other light sources
  • Premium quality, waterproof PU3000 210T fabric exterior
  • Long-lasting 210D Oxford fabric flooring with taped seams
  • Comes with a portable carry bag and four windproof ropes


  • May not effectively keep the interior moisture-free

12. Camping Tent by Forceatt

Camping Tent by Forceatt

Ultra-light and durable, the product by Forceatt measures 88.4in x 72.7in x 47.2in on the inside. Water-resistant and windproof, the tent contains smooth and durable zippers that seldom break or get stuck. Designed to withstand extreme weather, the tent can accommodate two adults or four children with ease.


  • Easy to set up and dismantle in minutes
  • Large micro-mesh window at the top with two openings at the ceiling for better ventilation
  • Made of durable 70D polyester fabric with a waterproof (200T) coating
  • Welded flooring to keep the tent elevated and well-protected from rain
  • Can be backpacked after use for convenient storage and transport


  • Does not contain storage pockets
  • May appear defective/damaged on arrival

13. Camping Tent 8 Person by Unp

Camping Tent 8 Person by Unp

With an interior dimension of 4ft x 14ft x 78in (center height), the product is quite spacious and one of the best family camping tents available. Durable and waterproof, the product can accommodate as many as eight adults with ease. The highly durable poles are made of fiber-reinforced polymer composite material. The tent provides chimney effect ventilation with a low vent on the side and two vents on the roof.


  • Divider for better privacy within the tent
  • Made of high-quality polyester with 1000mm waterproof PU coating
  • Quick setup, within five minutes or less
  • Contains electrical port and mesh storage pocket
  • Spacious with a rectangle floor plan and almost vertical walls
  • Two D-shaped large mesh doors for easy entry and exit


  • The quality of poles and stakes may not be up to the standard

How to Choose the Right Camping Tents?

Listed below are a few vital points to remember while buying a camping tent.

  1. Quality and protection: A camping tent should be durable enough to withstand adverse weather conditions. Almost all the camping tents are made of premium quality, weatherproof, and water-resistant materials such as nylon and polyester. If you go for frequent trekking or hiking, buy a light-weighted tent with a backpacking facility for convenient storage and transport.
  2. Interior space: If you are a solo traveler, go for products that can comfortably accommodate one or two adults. For those traveling/camping with friends or family, it makes sense to buy spacious camping tents to accommodate around six to ten adults.
  3. Ventilation: A camping tent without proper ventilation can be quite uncomfortable. Many tents come equipped with a mesh top, large mesh door(s), and windows to keep the interior airy and well-lighted. The large doors also ensure a hassle-free entry and exit into the tent.
  4. Accessories and built-in features: A camping tent with additional features will make your stay more pleasant and memorable. Many tents contain interior storage pockets to accommodate small essential items, such as phones and keys. The presence of E-port and hooks to hang lanterns is also an added advantage.
  5. Storage bag: The carry/storage bag should be portable and spacious so that you can fold and store the tent inside with ease.

Also, the setup and break down of the tent should be easy and quick. There are many instant pop-up tents available, which you can set up within seconds.

Camping tents can go a long way to influence your traveling experience. Whether expensive or budget-friendly, do not compromise on the quality of the tent. Some camping tents may be season-specific, while a few others may be suitable for all seasons, including the snowy winter, so choose accordingly.