13 Best Camping String Lights To Brighten The Site In 2022


The best camping string lights are portable and great for camping nights. These string lights have small bulbs on coated string wires, draping or hanging on a tree branch, or framed on a tent. They are convenient to carry, especially on adventurous trips at campsites and into the wilderness.

If you plan on a trip, camping, or hiking, make your nights pretty and warm with camping string lights. These give out bright lights and enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, especially when you have a special occasion to celebrate. Here is a list of some amazing string lights we have compiled for you. Select what suits your needs the best.

13 Best Camping String Lights

1. Amir Upgraded Solar Power String Lights

Amir Upgraded Solar Power String Lights


Amirsolar string lights come with 100 bright LED bulbs connected with 33ft premium copper wire to give you a 360° viewing angle. These string lights are smart and eco-friendly, as well as easy to carry. The auto on and off feature of the lights makes them the ideal outdoor lighting options for your camping activity.

2. Minetom LED Global Ball String Lights

Minetom LED Global Ball String Lights


With 100 white and multicolored LED bulbs, the Minetom USB string lights can easily brighten up your campsite or your outdoor parties. You can charge the string lights by connecting them to a power bank or USB hub. Measuring around 33ft in length, the lightweight strings have eight different lighting modes controlled using the USB plug button remote.

3. Guddl Outdoor String Lights

Guddl Outdoor String Lights


Built with special weatherproof technology, the electric outdoor string lights from Guddlcan be installed anywhere. The beautiful awning lightscome with 27 G40 bulbs and emit a brightness of 25 lumens. Made of flexible and thick rubber, the durable commercial stringshave around 25ft cord length. Guddl string lights can be bright enough even if some bulbs fail to glow.

4. Bebrant LED Battery Operated String Lights

Bebrant LED Battery Operated String Lights


Powered by three AA batteries, Bebrant LEDstring lights are portable and waterproof. The string lights come with 120 bulbs and remote control to select from tenbrightness levels and eight lighting modes. The high-quality clear tube gives a protective cover to the string lights, making it ideal for outdoor use. The battery case is made of IP44 and can easily withstand water splashes. The string lights measure around 40ft long.

5. KeShi Solar Star String Lights

KeShi Solar Star String Lights


The IP65 waterproof and heatproof lights come with an upgraded solar panel that can light up to 8-12 hours on a full charge. They have eight working modes to brighten up the campsite to suit your mood. You can leave the solar panel under the sun to charge. They are comfortable to carry and energy-efficient too.

6. Coleman LED String Lights

Coleman LED String Lights


Coleman string lights are perfect for illuminating your patio or terrace. Weighing 0.79lb and measuring 6ft in length, the portable camping lights can approximately work for 20 hours on a set of batteries. With a string of ten LED lanterns designed to run on three AA batteries, the product can blend in different surroundings.

7. Loende Battery Operated String Lights

Loende Battery Operated String Lights


Equipped with eight modes and a unique time control function of sixhours of ON period and 18 hours of OFF period, Loende string lights can be the best bet for your outdoor activity. The waterproof camping string lights are made of eco-friendly plastic and run on three AA batteries. Measuring 16.4ft in length, the string lights comprise 30 LED bulbs with a 4.5V working voltage.

8. LE Solar Outdoor String Lights

LE Solar Outdoor String Lights


Designed for scheduled secure lighting, LE Solar String lightscome with four lighting modes to suit different needs. The portable string lights are easy to install and can be charged using USB ports. The dusk to dawn feature allows recharging of the string lights even without sunlight. With built-in photocell light sensors, the light will automatically turn on at night and turn off in the daytime.

9. Brightech Ambiance Pro- USB Battery Powered String Lights

Brightech Ambiance Pro- USB Battery


Brightech camping string lights are designed for rough surroundings. The industrial-grade insulation makes them durable and strong. With a 24ft long string, the multipurpose string lights can be recharged quickly using a USB port. They come with ten strong plastic LED bulbs that are weatherproof, shatterproof, and waterproof.

10. Newpow Outdoor String Lights

Newpow Outdoor String Lights


Designed to glow like incandescent lights, Newpow string lights consume 90% less power. The string lights are easy to install, waterproof, and shatterproof. If one bulb burns out, the rest of the bulbs keep glowing. The string measures 25ft in length and has 25 bulbs attached to it. Newpow offers 12 months free warranty on its product.

11. Palawell Outdoor String Lights in Multicolor

Palawell Outdoor String Lights in Multicolor


Designed for harsh outdoor weather conditions, Palawell string lights are waterproof and energy-efficient. The string measures around 25ft in length and comes with 25 LED Vintage Edison G40 clear globe bulbs of 0.5W, which can light up a large area. They come in five colors. Palawelloffers 12 months warranty on its product.

12. Dust2Oasis Camping Lights String

Dust2Oasis Camping Lights String


This product from Dust2Oasis can work as a camping string lightas well as a lantern. The perfectly compact, lightweight, and portable string lights are powered by a USB connection. The string lights can be adjusted for brightness, color, and speed. The LED light rope comes with three magnetic sliders and three universal ties thatmake it easy to hang it around the tent. The product comes with a lifetime free warranty.

13. Young Power LED Rope Lights

Young Power LED Rope Lights


Designed with eight working modes, the IP67 waterproof rope light from YoungPower can be one of the best camping string lights. The clear tubing acts as a protection to the sensitive fairy lights and the fragile copper wire. Made of soft and durable PVC, the rope light can be easily stored. It comes with a light time button that adds to the life of the battery. The rope light measures 40ft in length and has120 LED strip light powered by three AA batteries.

How To Choose The Right Camping String Light?

Choosing the right string lights can be a challenge with so many options. Below are the essential features to check to buy the right camping string lights.

  • Energy efficiency: Evaluate if the string lights are energy-efficient. Several LED string lightsconsume less energy and need less time to charge. Pick one that matches your requirements.
  • Source of power: There are different kinds of string lights that work on batteries, solar energy, and electricity. You should buy a string of lights based on your activity. If you do not have a power source where you’d be camping, go for solar string lights. Otherwise, you can go for a set powered by rechargeable batteries or electricity.
  • Brightness and colors: Camping string lights come in different colors and offer different brightness levels. Some even come with different modes for brightness, colors, and temperatures.
  • Durability: Since you need string lights for a camping activity, you should choose a sturdy one towithstand different weather conditions. You should consider buying string lights with IP ratings of 67 or more.
  • Length: The length of string lights should be based on the extent of the area you want to illuminate. Some products come with linkable cords to create longer strings of light.

How To Use The Led Camping String Lights For The Best Effect?

You can use the string lights outside the tent or hang them on nearby tree branches. Before using the string lights, you should first know whether you plan to illuminate the campsite, the area around it, or just the tent area.

How To Hang String Lights In A Camping Tent?

If you want to hang the string lights in a camping tent, follow these steps:

  1. Don’t forget to carry a set of batteries.
  2. Test the lights before carrying them to your campsite.
  3. Untangle them.
  4. Use the tent poles to wrap the lights around. You can also clip them up.
  5. Make sure that there are no loose wires on the ground to avoid tripping.

String lights are excellent tools for illuminating campsites and thesurroundings. Several functional and durable string lights come in different lengths and are designed around variable power inputs to meet different users’ requirements. You should buy the string lights that can withstand difficult weather conditions if you need them for camping. We hope our comprehensive list will help you make an informed choice and pick the right string lights.

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