11 Best Car Seat Covers For Dogs In 2024

If you want an enjoyable drive with your pet, here’s our list of the best car seat covers for dogs to help you out. When you travel with your dog in a car, your seats could be left spoiled with mud, fur, or paw prints all over. The kind of mess your pet dog may create can be difficult to deal with, ruining your car seats. To ensure your car interiors are safe and clean, you can choose a car seat cover for dogs that are easy to maintain and keep your dog safe. A premium-quality car seat cover from a trusted brand can protect your seats from mud, drool, and vomit and make seating space comfortable for your pet. So, browse our list of products to choose one that meets your requirements.

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Types Of Car Seat Covers For Dogs

  • Dog cargo floor liners: Perfect for a pack of dogs or large breeds, these liners are waterproof and protect the back of your car with ease. Available in varying sizes, you can configure these covers according to your preference. You can also carry a water bowl along without the fear of sloshing and splashing.
  • Hammock dog car seat covers: This seat cover for cars prevents your pet from accessing the car’s footwell by creating a hammock between the front and backseat. It, therefore, protects the rear seat and the back of the front seat from drool and muddy paws. This will also keep your dog stay out and prevent falling ahead in case of a sudden break. This car seat cover is perfect for nervous and anxious pets.
  • Car bench seat covers: The car bench cover is easy to install and protects the seat, making it easier for you to ride with your dog. It is also useful if you have multiple dogs or children.

11 Best Car Seat Covers For Dogs

1. Best Non-Slip:Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover

Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover Image: Active Pets

Active Pets’ dog car seat cover is made of 600D Oxford fabric that offers exceptional padding for comfort. It is easy to vacuum and remove dog hair from the surface, and the sturdy material protects your car seats from nail scratches. Furthermore, the time-tested dog car cover has four heavy-duty headrest anchors, two seat anchors, and an anti-slip backing to keep the seat cover in place at all times.

Material: 600D Oxford Fabric | Color: Black | Product Dimensions: 10.24 x 8.27 x 4.33 inches | Weight: 2.8 Pounds


  • Easy to install
  • Universal fit
  • Offers three ways to ride (hammock, bench, trunk)
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Hook-and-loop seatbelt openings
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable buckle straps


  • May not be machine-washable
  • Seams may fray over time
Our Reviewer's Experience

"It offers a practical solution for traveling with my pet while keeping my car clean. It is easy to clean and installation is a breeze. The Velcro tends to attract fur, requiring frequent brushing, but overall, it is a sound investment."

2. Best With Side Flaps:YoGi Prime Dog Seat Cover

YoGi Prime Dog Seat Cover Image: Yogi Prime

Protect your car seats while providing a comfortable travel experience for your dog with the YoGi Prime dog seat cover featuring an impenetrable PU waterproof barrier. This trusted dog seat cover has a universal design that fits easily into every car and can be installed in a minute. It is made of 600D Oxford waterproof cotton material and Oxford 210D material in the middle layer, and the dog car barrier also has side flaps that help keep the vehicle clean and protect the interior of your car when your pet climbs on or off.

Material: High Quality Fabric | Color: Luxury Hammock Cover | Product Dimensions: ‎57.72 x 0.3 x 54.33 inches | Item Weight: ‎3.09 pounds


  • Easy to install and remove
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Four-layered pet car barrier
  • Non-slip design


  • Velcro closures may not be durable
  • Straps may loosen over time

Our Reviewer's Experience

"The material quality isn’t the best in the market, but its protective features are solid. It perfectly contains pet messes and fur and is easy to clean too. I wish it had double straps to improve stability, but nonetheless, it is a satisfactory choice!"

protip_icon Quick tip
Before making your purchase, make sure the seat cover size is compatible with your car seat‘s dimensions to avoid inconvenience.

3. Best With Booster Cushion:K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat Cover

The bucket booster dog seat cover for the back seat elevates your pet to provide a better view. Its firm foam bolsters around the edge help keep the pet controlled and safe. Tested by several reviewers, you can use this seat cover for any car type, and it has a secure buckled seat belt. It has a removable booster cushion that you can use according to the dog’s comfort level. Also, its removable plush quilted fleece covering makes sure that your pet remains comfortable. Watch this video to get a detailed review of the dog car travel bed.

Material: Polyester | Color: Gray/Gray | Product Dimensions: 22 x 20 x 16 inches | Weight: 3.65 Pounds


  • Easy to wash
  • Curved back for good fit
  • Heavy denier exterior fabric
  • Plush quilted design
  • Available in different colors


  • Does not come with instructions
  • Safety harness may be a bit flimsy
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I’ve used various pet car seats, and this one amazed me with its sturdiness and comfortable build. It is roomy enough for my dog, and it slightly elevates him so that he can enjoy his view. This one has been great for keeping my dog calm during rides."

4. Best Machine-Washable:iBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover


iBuddy’s dog car seat cover, featuring a comfortable and breathable mesh, provides enhanced ventilation to keep your furry friend from getting too warm or cold. The zippered side flaps of the pet car carrier protect your dog from injuries when the car makes sharp turns. It also has an anti-slip bottom and built-in anchors to keep the seat in place throughout the car journey. Moreover, the fabric of the car seat is machine wash-friendly.

Material: Leather | Color: BLACK | Product Dimensions: 12.99 x 10.63 x 3.94 inches | Weight: 4.19 Pounds


  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof Oxford fabric
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Extra pockets for storage
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Might have a loose fit in some places
  • Might have a peculiar smell when new

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This seat cover offers good protection and is dependable when taking my pet dogs out in my car. The non-slip surface and seat anchors are a bonus to ensure a safe and secure ride, and I love the mesh front that facilitates A/C flow to keep them cool."

protip_icon Quick fact
Opting for seat covers with high-grade waterproof coating can reduce the chances of stains and lingering pet odor.

5. Best Hammock-Shaped:Lassie Car Dog Seat Cover


The tried-and-tested Lassie car dog seat cover is compatible with most SUVs, sedans, and even small trucks and is crafted to cover the back seat of your car entirely. The hammock-shaped seat cover has fully openable side flaps that allow the dog to move in and out quickly and easily. In addition, the car hammock’s velcro straps, Oxford fabric, and dual waterproof layers keep the dog safe, dry, and comfortable throughout the journey.

Material: Polyester | Color: Gray


  • Easy to install
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Non-slip design
  • Scratch-proof material
  • Includes two seat anchors
  • Has adjustable clips


  • Bottom might start peeling over time
  • Might have an odor when new
My Personal Experience

"It is well-constructed and fits my car snugly. The light color is a bonus for temperature regulation, and I love that it is very easy to install. While it isn’t waterproof, it is a minor trade-off for its thick texture that keeps my furry baby comfortable during rides."

6. Best With Hooks And Straps:Toozey Dog Cargo Liner And Seat Cover


Toozey SUV dog cargo liner and seat cover is tear-resistant and designed for long-lasting use. The seat liner has a universal design that easily fits onto the seats of every car type, such as sedans, trucks, and SUVs. It also has eight hooks, two snap fasteners, and loop straps to ensure a secure and stable fit for your dog and provide reliable protection. Moreover, the PP cotton padding and 600D Oxford material of this premium-quality product make the cargo liner soft and waterproof.

Material: Polypropylene, Cotton | Color: Black | Item Weight: ‎3.94 pounds


  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch-proof material
  • Non-slip backing
  • Odor protection
  • Includes a foldable dog bowl


  • Headrest snaps may not be highly durable
  • Velcro might be a little flimsy

Our Tester's Experience

"It fits my car seat well and does an excellent job of protecting it from my dog's fur and muddy feet. The Velcro and rubber backing are quite helpful, as they keep it in place despite my big dog’s active movements."

protip_icon Quick tip
It’s recommended to clean most seat covers with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner. Only a few covers may be machine-washable. Therefore, read the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

7. Best Heavy-Duty:Meadowlark Premium Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover

Meadowlark Premium Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover Image: Meadowlark

The heavy-duty and waterproof Meadowlark car dog seat cover can protect car seats from dirt, hair, and scratches. Its universal fit model works with cars, SUVs, and small trucks of all sizes. Additionally, its durable zippered side flaps can shield the backseat, doors, and carpet. The pet car hammock’s middle zipper lets passengers and dogs sit together. They come with two headrest protectors with adjustable straps and a seat belt, ensuring optimal safety. It has two seat anchors and a non-slip back to prevent the seat cover from shifting. The side panels are fastened to the hand holder by hook-and-loop openings and have two adjustable holding straps on each side.

Material: Polyester | Color: Black | Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 10.9 x 11.9 inches | Weight: 4.14 Pounds


  • Machine-washable
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Velcro openings
  • Fade-resistant color
  • Hammock style design


  • May not be suitable for heavy dogs
  • May not be chew-resistant
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I usually travel with friends, and we prefer to take our furry pals. This seat cover keeps our dogs comfortable while keeping my back seat clean, and I have not found any signs of wear and tear—we have been using it for around five months now."

8. Best Tear-Resistant:Plush Paws Products Hammock Waterproof Luxury Car Seat Cover

Plush Paws Products Hammock Waterproof Luxury Car Seat Cover Image: Plush Paws Products

The car seat cover for pets is made of waterproof, durable, and tear-resistant canvas. It is equipped with a seat liner, two harnesses, and two seat belt access clips to keep your pet safe and comfortable during the car ride. You can find straps, flaps, and anchors attached to the pet seat cover, making the installation easy and quick.

Material: 600D Cotton-Polyester Oxford Fabric | Color: Black | Product Dimensions: ‎65 x 63 x 0.5 inches | Item Weight: ‎3.8 pounds


  • Silicone backing
  • Tear-resistant
  • Padded layers
  • Heavy-duty buckles
  • Plastic grounding seat anchors
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Material may be a bit slippery
My Personal Experience

"Adding this cover to my car has made car rides comfortable for my dogs. While it was easy to install, its straps would benefit from design upgrades. Still, it's been perfect for protecting my car from pet paws."

9. Best Durable:Bark Lover Deluxe Dog Seat Cover


Prevent damage to your car seat by shielding it with The Bark Lover seat cover. It comes with safety accessories to prevent your dog or children from entering the front of the vehicle. It is made of an advanced functional fabric that makes the cover durable. With a premium fastening system and side flaps, this product can easily fit most SUVs, trucks, and vehicles, making it a trusted choice. The installation takes a few seconds, and you can even release it quickly with clips.

Material: Polyester, Polyurethane, Cotton | Color: Beige | Product Dimensions: 56 x 49 x 0.2 inches | Weight: 3.65 Pounds


  • Soft PP cotton padding
  • Non-slip backing
  • Adjustable straps
  • Durable buckle
  • Reinforced headrest straps


  • May have a peculiar odor when
  • Size may be a bit bigger than expected
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I bought this product to keep my car interiors clean while taking my pet dog to the vet or the park. It impresses with its perfect fit, and though the material could be more durable, it works fine and contains even pet messes, making it a reliable choice."

10. Best With Extra Coverage:BarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover

BarksBar Pet Car Seat Cover Image: Barksbar

The BarksBar pet car seat cover is safe and stylish. Made of heavy-duty polyester, it keeps your pets safe and protects car seats from pills, scuffs, hair, fur, and other mess. The seat anchors keep the cover in place and come with a quick-release buckle around the headrest to hold everything in its place. As per reviews, the dog car seat protector absorbs minimal heat and can withstand extreme temperatures. Furthermore, its key features include built-in velcro openings for seatbelts to stop the seat cover from sliding around.

Product Dimensions: ‎13 x 11 x 3 inches | Item Weight: ‎2.3 pounds


  • Convertible from hammock to regular seat cover
  • Color-fast material prevents color bleeding
  • Two pockets to hold treats and toys
  • Extendable side flaps offer complete coverage
  • Easy installation
  • Machine-washable
  • Padded for extra comfort


  • May not be chew-resistant
  • Width may not fit some SUVs completely
Our Reviewer's Experience

"My four-year-old labrador finds it quite comfortable, and the hammock-style design offers ample coverage. The material has proven quite durable too."

11. Best Waterproof:Pawbee Dog Car Seat Cover

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Made of durable and resilient fabric, the cover keeps your backseat safe from dirt, dust, and water damage. Its heavyweight 600D oxford waterproof polyester material is resistant to claw and teeth marks. The middle part is stuffed with soft cotton to give your pet utmost luxury. The bottom is made from non-slip fabric that keeps your dog intact without the fear of falling or sliding down.

Material: Polyester, Cotton | Item Weight: ‎3.83 pounds


  • Sturdy snap buckle
  • Velcro opening
  • Non-slip backing
  • Anti-rust hook for the safety belt
  • Durable zipper


  • May not be suitable for trucks
  • Seams may rip over time

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This seat cover may not be the best for large dog breeds, but for my Shih Tzu, it is perfect. It offers good protection against dirt and water, and installing it took just a few minutes. I also like its thoughtful design and added security features."

How To Choose The Right Car Seat Cover For Dogs?

Here are a few expert tips you should consider while buying a seat cover.

  1. Dog size: Different car seat covers may suit varying requirements. Make sure you consider the size of your dog and the area where your dog sits the most, be it the floor, console, or cargo area. Choose the seat cover accordingly.
  1. Installation process: Consider buying a car seat cover that does not pose any significant hassles while installing or removing.
  1. Material and straps: The cover should be made from a durable, sturdy, and quality-tested material to avoid tears. It should have additional straps and other safety features to keep the pet injury-free.
  1. Easy to clean: The perfect cover should be easy to clean, either in a washing machine or with a simple cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What material is best for seat covers to protect them from dog hair?

Most dog seat covers are made of heavy-duty, waterproof, tear-resistant, and washable materials like 600D cotton-polyester oxford fabric, which provide excellent protection.

2. Do dog car seat covers work?

Since most dog seat covers are thick and come with non-slip backing and sturdy buckles, they stay firmly anchored on the entire back seat, providing ample coverage and protecting the seat from dirt, wet paws, scratches, doggie’s body fluids, and fur. They are also easy to wash and maintain and user-friendly.

3. Do dogs mess up leather seats?

Although leather seats have better resistance to dog fur and scratches than cloth seats, they can still be prone to wear and tear with constant clawing and chewing. Cleaning leather seats regularly to clear the dog’s mess can ruin the texture. Therefore, it’s better to use a seat cover when you have a dog.

4. Do dog hammocks work?

Dog hammocks safeguard the backseat and surround the dog, protecting the other portions of the car from dog scratches. Moreover, they offer the added advantage of a pet barrier that bars them from moving to the front seats.

5. How often should dog seat covers be cleaned?

It depends on the frequency with which they are used. However, you should wash them immediately in case of poop, urination, and other messy scenarios.

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The Bottom Line

Having a dog as a pet is a blessing, and while it brings immense joy to your life, you are also responsible for meeting its needs—whether it is the food they eat or even the seat covers for their travel. The best car seat covers for dogs let your four-legged friend enjoy the journey hassle-free. When choosing one for your furry friend, you should ensure that it is easy to clean, made of durable material, and spacious enough to accommodate them. We recommend the K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat Cover featuring a removable fleece cover for easy cleaning, the iBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover with anti-slip bottom, and the Plush Paws Products Hammock Waterproof Luxury Car Seat Cover with adjustable harness and seat belt clips.

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