11 Best Carrom Boards In India In 2024

Carrom is a popular indoor game in South Asian countries, and it has also gained global recognition. People enjoy playing carrom in their homes during vacations or leisure time since it can build strong bonds among family members and friends.

In recent times, online platforms offer carrom games, but they cannot replace the joy of playing with a traditional carrom board. We have listed the best carrom boards in India if you are looking for a durable and sturdy carrom board to play at home.

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11 Best Carrom Boards In India

1. Zitto Superman Kids Carrom Board

Zitto’s lightweight and portable carrom board, measuring 20×20 inches and weighing 1.53kg, is made of MDF wood laminated with a high-quality finish. The lamination provides a smooth surface for playing with the coins. The carrom board comes with a snake and ladder game, too.

2. GSI Full Size Carrom Board

The GSI 32×32 inches carrom board, made of Assam plywood with a gloss finish, is known for its high rebound and smooth playing surface. The board has four soft cotton pockets and four hard wooden corners. It has robust and sturdy reinforcement to help it stay flat and avoid wrapping. This board is excellent for having fun with family and friends.

3. Koxtons Carrom Board


Measuring 36×36 inches, the Koxtons carrom board is made using superior-quality plywood that makes the surface smooth and improves speed. This full-size carrom board has a thickness of 0.16 inches and comes with Q marking and polishing for improved performance. The carrom board is sturdy and is suitable for playing at a sports club, office, school, or home.

4. Barbie Carrom Board

The Barbie carrom board is made of laminated wood, providing a smooth playing surface. The carrom board is light and easy to carry. The carrom board is multi-functional because it has snake and ladder games on the flip side for children to play. They are available in various colors. It measures 20×20 inches.

5. Synco Syn6 Full Size Carrom Board


The Synco Syn6 is a full-size carrom board measuring 36 inches with a 0.16-inch thickness, making it suitable for professionals. It features a smooth and polished surface for an elegant appearance and improved playing experience. The board also has cotton pockets on all four corners with sufficient depth to hold coins and features a matte finish surface with incredible re-bounce capabilities. Additionally, it is made more reliable with the sturdy reinforcement at the back that enhances flatness and prevents warping. It is a complete set with all the essentials, including carrom coins set, a sticker, and carrom powder. The carrom board is also water- and scratch-resistant for long-lasting use.

6. PTS Carrom board

PTS wooden carrom board with wheels has a glossy finish with outstanding quality and is supported at the corners to enhance the flatness. The board includes black and brown borders and a set of coins. The pocket holes are full circles and merged with the corners. The carrom board’s playing surface measures 32×32 inches.

7. Brand Bazaar Carrom Board

Brand Bazaar’s waterproof and scratch-resistant carrom board has a stylish appearance, smooth playing surface, and high rebound capacity. The three-inch border and 26 inches playing surface make it an excellent choice for amateur and professional tournaments.

8. KD AAR-Kay Carrom Board

KD AAR-Kay Carrom Board Image: Kd Sports & Fitness

The KD AAR-Kay carrom board is made of vintage ply and is approved by the Indian Carrom Federation and the International Carrom Federation. It has no joint marks on the playing surface area, making it smooth. The heavy back support provides sturdy reinforcement. The brand ensures that they offer a great fit and finish throughout the vintage wood used for the board, giving a longer life span to the board. The standard size of the carrom board is 29×29 inches.

9. Korners Carrom Board

Korner’s hand-painted carrom board, measuring 32×32 inches and made of Assam plywood, is highly durable and sustainable. The 1.5-inch wooden sideboards are excellent for rebound play. The pockets aid in the retrieval of coins and the stability of the board.

10. DST Carrom Board

DST’s compact and lightweight carrom boards, made of Assam Plywood, have a modern appearance with a glossy finish and hardwood borders. It offers coins, striker, and powder along with the carrom board. This carrom board, measuring 32×32 inches, has a smooth playing surface and excellent rebound, critical for the game. The deep net pockets can keep several coins together. This carrom board measures 32×32 inches.

11. IST Carrom Board

IST offers a water-resistant carrom board with a long lifespan and a smooth playing surface. It includes a few extra coins in addition to the regular coins. This cost-effective board’s playing surface measures 26×26 inches.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Carrom Board

Consider the following factors before picking a carrom board.

1. Surface: The board should be flat to provide a smooth playing surface. Ensure that the board does not have bumps or irregularities.

2. Size: The standard size of carrom board for children is 24×24 inches and 30×30 inches for adults.

3. Frame: For a good rebound, the board’s frames should be thicker. The thickness of the frame ranges from 4mm to 36mm or 40mm.

4. Accessories: It is critical to ensure that the coins weigh the same and are of the same size. The carrom board stand should not be wobbly and should be made of hard plastic or metal with no cracks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I check if the board is good or not?

The board’s surface should be flat and free of bumps. It is preferable to purchase a water-resistant carrom board.

2. How do I check the sides and corners of the carrom board?

You need to check the thickness of the side frame because the thicker the frame, the better the rebound.

3. Is there any way that I can check the accessories of the carrom board?

You need to check if the coins are of the same size and width. The best method is to pile them up. Ensure that the striker is hard and has no cracks.

4. Is it necessary to buy a stand with the carrom board?

It is preferable since purchasing a stand would increase the longevity and sturdiness of the board.

Carrom is one of the most entertaining indoor games and is a great medium for grandchildren and grandparents to bond. Carrom boards are available in different sizes, but the key to selecting the best carrom board is to buy one approved by international bodies as they have the original size and measurements. However, if you are choosing one for the sole purpose of entertaining your children, a theme-based board with cool prints will make an excellent choice. And when buying one, ensure it is sturdy, has a smooth surface, and offers good rebound.

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