11 Best Cast Iron Seasoning Oils In 2022 And Ultimate Buying Guide


If you’ve spent enough time and effort in choosing your cast iron pan or skillet, you wouldn’t want to use anything other than the best cast iron seasoning oil to coat it. Seasoning a cast iron the right way helps you fry, bake, and braise effortlessly, without facing the hassle of your food sticking to the cookware.

Seasoning oils such as grapeseed, flaxseed, canola, and sunflower are highly recommended as they cover cast iron with a nonstick coating, thus increasing the cookware’s life and making it anti-rust. Read on as we list the top-rated cast iron seasoning oils that help keep your pots and pans safe.

Our Top Picks

Here is a list of the best cast iron seasoning oils that protect the pots and pans you use every day.

11 Best Cast Iron Seasoning Oils

1.Best GMO-Free: Crisbee Stik Cast Iron and Carbon Steel Seasoning

Ideal for seasoning cast-iron cookware, this seasoning is made from oil extracted from soybean combined with beeswax and palm oil. This product includes natural ingredients free of GMO and is safe to use as a coating before storing cast iron cookware. It is created as a uniform and lasting patina on cast iron that protects it and keeps food from sticking to the surface.


2. Best Long Lasting: Caron & Doucet – Cast Iron Seasoning & Cleaning Oil

Created exclusively with coconut oil, this is one of the best options for seasoning cast iron skillet and other cookware. The oil has a pleasant smell and removes food odor, so it does not linger and get transferred to other dishes as you cook. It is safe for use and is formulated to last longer and not go rancid. It efficiently removes moisture and helps reduce the chance of rust formation on pots and pans.


3. Best Adjustable Spray: Lodge Seasoning Spray

An ideal choice for those who want canola oil for seasoning cast iron, this option could work. The spray is not in aerosol form, providing an even and enhanced coverage that protects a cast iron grill and other cookware. The spray has settings for adjusting the outflow suitable for cast iron pans or skillets. Notably, the canola oil has a high smoke point and is ideal when seasoning cast iron cookware in an oven.


4. Best Organic:Kuche Chef Organic Cast Iron Oil

Created from organic flaxseed oil, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and helps maintain good health. It is formulated to enhance the lifespan of cast iron cookware and prevent rust formation. This oil does not turn sticky or develop any rancidness over time. It is ideal for coating cookware after it has been cleaned and before it is stored.


5. Best Vegan: Cast Iron Sam’s 100% Natural Seasoning Oil

If you want to season cast iron in the oven, this seasoning oil helps create a smooth patina on cookware. The seasoning patina helps reduce the chance of food sticking and shortens the cleanup process after cooking. As the cast iron skillet seasoning oil is used repeatedly, it adds to the patina on cookware and makes it last longer. The naturally formulated coconut oil does not turn rancid, is ideal for vegans, and is a good alternative to olive oil for seasoning cast iron.


6. Best Chemical-Free: Greater Goods Organic Flaxseed Oil

Seasoning cast iron with vegetable oil is preferred by many as it has a low smoke point. This organic flaxseed oil is ranked alongside organic avocado oil by those opting for natural options. It is cold-pressed, does not have any harmful chemicals, and is safe when used to coat cookware and grills. Creating a perfect patina, the oil is ideal for seasoning cast iron frying pan, pot, grills, and more.


7. Best Food-Grade: KitCast Natural Cast Iron Flax Oil

Using this flaxseed oil ensures your cookware gets a long-lasting patina that protects it. The food-grade oil is safe to use and one of the leading choices for cast iron skillet oil for seasoning. It is equivalent to grapeseed oil for seasoning cast iron and creates a coating that helps prevent cookware from rusting. It is a good option when peanut oil for seasoning cast iron is not available.


8. Best Antioxidant :Clark’s Cast Iron Seasoning Oil

Premium quality coconut oil is used in this formulation. This cast iron skillet seasoning oil is replete with antioxidant properties similar to organic avocado oil. The oil stays fresh for longer and does not become rancid even if stored at room temperature. It delivers a high-quality coating and ensures that food does not stick to pans and skillets.


9. Best Versatile: Caron & Doucet – BBQ Grill Cleaner Oil

If you are looking for coconut oil for seasoning and cleaning grills, this is a good option. It is 100% natural, derived from plants, and is vegan friendly. The cast iron seasoning oil keeps the pans and grills free of rust after each use. The blend of citrus scent helps removes food odors. Notably, the oil is versatile, and you can also use it on stainless steel cookware.


10. Best Taste: Creation Farm Foodieville Cast Iron Oil

With the combination of flaxseed and sesame oils, this cast iron seasoning oil features an applicator with an easy-to-use trigger that sprays the oil as a protective coating onto cast iron pans, pots, and grills. The spray provides good coverage, and seasoning oil reaches all cookware areas and ensures they are coated evenly. It keeps cookware free of rust. The oil lasts longer and makes food taste better.


11. Best Protective Coating: Culina Cast Iron 100% Natural Oil OU Kosher

Using this kosher oil for seasoning cast iron cookware, you can ensure they have a good protective coating that helps prevent rust. The cast-iron seasoning oil also enables faster cookware cleanup after preparing meals, and does not leave unpleasant odors in the food. It is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly natural oil.


How To Choose The Right Cast Iron Seasoning Oil?

Here are some key points you should consider when buying a cast iron seasoning oil.

1. Smoke point: To season cast iron in an oven or on the stovetop, consider oils with a low smoke point, such as extra virgin olive oil. Low smoke point oils allow the seasoning process to happen faster, and there is less error involved.

2. Natural: Consider buying organic or natural oils as they will reduce the chance of chemicals and pollutants entering your food when cooking.

3. Vegetarian: Oils extracted from seeds, plants, fruits, and nuts are preferable for vegetarians who do not prefer other options such as bacon fat.

4. Smell: Some oils used for cast iron seasoning make pans, skillets, and grills smell bad. Coconut oil is one sweet-smelling option. It does not leave a foul odor and reduces the smell being transferred to the food as it is cooked.

5. Shelf life: Some oils turn rancid faster and so many take this factor into account when choosing an option for seasoning pans.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Should I season cast iron after every use?

Cast iron cookware might need to be seasoned once or twice initially. However, they do not have to be seasoned in an oven after every use. After cooking, clean the cast iron pans with soap and water, and they need to be dried completely on the stovetop. You can then coat the pot or pan with a layer of seasoning oil to prevent rust from forming while in storage.

2. How to season a cast iron grill?

To season a cast iron grill, first wash it with soap and water to remove any coating placed by the manufacturer and dry it out. Then coat it with cast iron oil for seasoning. Following, heat the grill until the oil reaches its smoke point, and the polymerization reaction occurs.

3. How to season a rusty cast iron Dutch oven?

After soaking a rusty cast iron Dutch oven in a mixture of half water and half white vinegar for up to four hours, clean it with a plastic brush and soap. Once the rust is removed and the Dutch oven and lid are dried completely, coat them with organic flaxseed oil or canola oil for seasoning. Then the lid and oven should be placed in a larger oven and heated until the temperature reaches the oil’s smoke point.

Seasoning cast iron needs to be done correctly before using a pot or pan for the first time, and many cookware manufacturers recommend oils extracted from seeds and vegetables. A good seasoning process with the right oil will ensure cast iron cookware lasts longer and does not rust. Properly seasoned cast iron skillets last for several decades and are often passed from one generation to the next.

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