11 Best Caulking Guns, 2024, Homeware Products Expert-Approved

When fixing things at home, caulking makes it so much easier. Be it holes to fill in windows and doors or seal joints in the wardrobes and cabinets; the best caulking gun would make it possible easily and conveniently. Caulking guns are devices that let you control the flow of caulk and direct them easily. It is more practical to use caulking guns in hard-to-reach corners. Read on as we review some high-performance and reliable caulking guns for you to peruse and find the right one.

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Types of Caulking Guns

Here are the different kinds of caulking guns.

  1. Ratchet rod caulk gun: Used by many home users, it pushes the caulk out of the tube, and you usually use pressure with this one. To stop the flowing caulk, you need to turn it upside down. The ratchet rod caulking gun is manually powered and does not depend on external help.
  1. Smooth rod dripless caulk gun: It usually has a thrust ratio of around 10:1 and you do not need to use the same amount of pressure as a ratchet rod caulk gun. A smooth rod caulking gun is easy to use. You push the trigger to start the flow of the caulk and release the trigger to stop the flow.
  1. Electric caulk gun: If you do a lot of caulking work, an electric caulking gun may be more suitable. It is usually powered by a battery and is heavy-duty. It is more useful for commercial tasks than home or small jobs.

11 Best Caulking Guns To Apply A Smooth Line Of Caulk In 2024

1. Best Lightweight:Dripless ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun

Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun Image: Dripless

The time-tested caulking gun from Dripless is one of the best heavy-duty caulking guns and comes with a composite frame for ten-ounce cartridges. It has a thrust ratio of around 12:1 for use with acrylic, silicone, and latex and a revolving frame that allows the cartridge to rotate to maintain bead orientation for caulking around the corners. You can hook it on a ladder with the hook provided on the back and ensure you have a tight grip with its engineered ergonomic grip. Learn more about this lightweight product in this video.

Item Weight: 1 Pounds | Material: ‎Blend | Color: ‎Original Version | Product Dimensions: ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches


  • Spout cutter for opening cartridges
  • Air pressure regulator
  • Reduces stress on hand and arms
  • Extra-long clean-out rod


  • May not be durable

My Personal Experience

"This caulk gun works smoothly and does not strain my hands, even when I use it for time-consuming projects. Its automatic pressure release is also a boon for stopping and starting the flow. Overall, it has been a reliable find for repair tasks around the house."

protip_icon Do remember
Do not over-tighten the caulking gun or apply too much pressure, as it can cause the caulk to come out too fast, leading to a messy application.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 2,922 reviews on Amazon indicate that this product has a loyal following.

2. Best Durable:Red Devil 3989 Extreme-Duty Caulk Gun

Red Devil 3989 Extreme-Duty Caulk Gun Image: Red Devil

Made from durable material, the Red Devil 3989 Extreme Duty caulk gun has a thrust ratio of 26:1 with 950 pounds of force. It is durable and engineered to be comfortable. It can easily dispense your preferred caulks, construction adhesives, sealants, or other cartridge products. This reviewer video will provide you with more information about the tried-and-tested dripless gun.

Color: Black | Product Dimensions: ‎13.8 x 2.76 x 8.7 inches | Item Weight: ‎1.5 pounds | Compatible Material: ‎Rubber


  • Rubber grip equipped trigger
  • Seal puncture tool
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ladder hook
  • Revolving barrel


  • May not be highly efficient

My Personal Experience

"Caulk guns I used earlier have left me with sore hands, but this one does not do that despite being heavy duty. Its rubber trigger also makes it easy to dispense the toughest of materials and the drip-free design keeps leaks at bay."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

More than 2,492 independent reviewers on Amazon have acknowledged the product's durability and functionality.

3. Best Revolving Barrel:Newborn 250 Super Smooth Caulking Gun

Newborn 250 Super Smooth Caulking Gun Image: Newborn

The steel revolving-frame caulking gun from Newborn is ideal if you have 1/10-gallon cartridges. The thrust ratio is about 18:1, which you can use with various types of caulks, construction adhesives, butyl, acrylic, asphalt, and cement. This user-friendly revolving frame helps maintain the bead orientation when you caulk around the corners.

Item Weight: 1.6 Pounds | Shape: Round | Color: Bar


  • Revolving barrel
  • Zinc alloy handle
  • Ladder hook
  • Rubber-dipped handle


  • May not be highly efficient

Our Tester's Experience

"Switching from my budget caulking gun to this has doubled my work efficiency. It's solidly built and works well even when used with high-viscosity materials. However, be mindful of its weight for overhead tasks and ensure tube compatibility for best results."

protip_icon Quick Tip
Before using the caulk, trim the nozzle’s tip to match the size of the gap. Initially, keep the nozzle hole small and increase the size if needed.

Dripless ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun
Best Lightweight
Red Devil 3989 Extreme-Duty Caulk Gun
Best Durable
Newborn 250 Super Smooth Caulking Gun
Best Revolving Barrel
Weight 1 Pounds ‎1.5 pounds 1.6 Pounds
Material ‎Blend--
Color ‎Original Version Black Bar
Dimensions ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches ‎13.8 x 2.76 x 8.7 inches-
Compatible Material- ‎Rubber-
Shape-- Round

4. Best Drip-Controllable:WorkPro Hand Caulking Gun

WorkPro Hand Caulking Gun Image: Workpro

WorkPro’s hand caulking gun with rotating barrels can assist you in your DIY caulking projects like a professional helper. You can switch the flow rate to a high thrust setting when working with adhesive-based material and the low thrust setting for acrylic-based caulking. Similarly, the tried-and-tested manual caulking gun allows you to switch between drip and no-drip modes when you have to pause or change your location without creating a mess.

Product Dimensions: ‎15.16 x 9.06 x 2.27 inches | Item Weight: ‎2.35 pounds


  • User-friendly
  • Compact design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Ergonomic plastic handle and trigger
  • Spring-enabled release for quieter execution


  • Some may find it a bit heavy
  • May be smaller than expected

Our Tester's Experience

"This tool's standout features are the customizable ratios for different types of sealants and the non-drip build. I wish it came with a locking mechanism, but despite that, it's proven durable and easy to use. So, I plan on sticking with it for my repair work."

5. Best German Design:SolidWork Professional Hand Caulking Gun

SolidWork Professional Hand Caulking Gun Image: Solidwork

The caulking gun from SolidWork is backed by German engineering design and service that states its durability. It has an ergonomic design and a powerful 24:1 leverage that ensures comfortable and fatigue-free operation. You can use this high-performance steel caulking gun in a cold environment or for a long period. It also supports cartridges with a size of 1/10 of a gallon.

Color: ‎Blue | Item Weight: ‎2.12 pounds


  • High-quality riveted steel construction
  • Patented adjustment screw
  • Handy storage box included
  • Ladder hook


  • May drip at times

Our Tester's Experience

"After getting this caulking gun, I have been able to work on my DIY projects with ease. Although it does not include a tube cutter, its sturdy build, intuitive trigger, and smooth operation have made it perfect for my needs."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has garnered more than 1,284 positive reviews on Amazon.

6. Best For Smooth Action:Bates Caulking Gun

Bates Caulking Gun Image: Bates Choice

If you want to use a caulking gun for adhesives, acrylics, butyl, asphalt, or cement, the Bates caulking gun can be suitable. This time-tested industrial caulking gun includes a smooth pressure rod so that you do not require much extra force for using it. It also has a thrust ratio of 10:1, making it a valid choice.

Item Weight: ‎1.01 pounds


  • Professional-grade
  • Consistent pressure
  • Smooth action
  • Precise application


  • May jam at times

Our Reviewer's Experience

"After experimenting with different caulk guns, I have finally settled on this one. Though lightweight, it performs well and does not put undue pressure on my wrists. Moreover, its compatibility with different adhesives always has me reaching for it regardless of the task."

7. Best With Screw Technology:Albion Engineering Company Caulking Gun


Albion Engineering Company’s caulking gun features a full-size handle, double-gripping plate technology, and a convenient rotating swivel barrel. These features can ensure comfortable and efficient dispensing and no slipping while handling the gun. This sausage caulking gun is designed for standard viscosity materials. It can dispense ten-ounce, 13-ounce, or 20-ounce sausage packs.

Product Dimensions: 15 x 6 x 3 inches | Weight: 2.8 Pounds


  • Adjustment screw technology
  • Durable sausage pistons prevent bag-wrap
  • Holds large volumes
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can get into tight places


  • May not be durable

Our Reviewer's Experience

"My experience with this caulk gun has been quite positive. Its robust aluminum construction handles all kinds of adhesives effortlessly, and cleaning it is also a breeze. I did encounter a hiccup with the plastic plunger, but I will still give it a thumbs-up for its functionality."

protip_icon Quick Tip
If you do not need to use the entire caulk sausage, cover the nozzle tip with foil or cling film and store it in a cool, dry place to save it for later use.

8. Best Grip:Siligun Caulking Gun

Siligun Caulking Gun Image: Siligun

With a patented design, the Siligun caulking gun is made from strong ABS plastic, making it a durable caulk and silicone gun. The heavy-duty caulk gun includes an easy-to-hold grip, and it fits any toolbox. You can use this for latex, acrylics, silicone caulks, and other compounds of similar nature. This high-quality caulking tool provides you with the feature of removing excess from the silicone tube to make it easy and efficient to operate.

Product Dimensions: ‎8.1 x 5.4 x 3.4 inches | Item Weight: ‎10.4 ounces


  • Easy to Load
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Ideal for tight spaces
  • Good flowing power


  • May not be great for professional work

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Even though it was my first time using a caulk gun, its simple design made it a seamless process. However, it favors smaller tubes and can feel a bit delicate. Still, with just a little careful handling, it has performed well even when I used it to caulk my entire bathroom."

9. Best Labor-Saving:SocsPark Drip-Free Caulking Gun

SocsPark’s heavy-duty caulking gun has a thrust ratio of 15:1 and can suit 1/10 gallon or a ten-ounce cartridge. Its nylon material is lightweight, and the cartridge-fit caulking gun is easy to handle and ideal for all kinds of caulking projects.

Material: ‎Nylon | Item Weight: ‎1.15 pounds


  • 90-day warranty
  • Heavy-duty
  • 360-degree rotatable cradle barrel
  • Labor-saving


  • May not be durable

10. Best With Corrosion-Resistant Handle:Amazon Basics Caulking Gun


The heavy-duty sealant dispenser gun from Amazon Basics can hold ten-ounce cartridges safely. This manual caulking gun has a compression ratio of 12:1 for low viscosity materials. These materials may include adhesives, asphalt, acrylics, cement, and butyl. The zinc plate offers an effortless and quieter use.

Product Dimensions: ‎14.29 x 8.66 x 2.17 inches | Item Weight: ‎1.74 pounds


  • Less noise
  • Powder-coated metal
  • Corrosion-resistant handle
  • Revolving steel frame


  • May not include a tube cutter

Our Reviewer's Experience

"With this model, I have finally found a caulking gun that fits tubes of all sizes. It makes the caulking process effortless and has provided consistent results regardless of the material used. Its on the pricey end, but has been an excellent tool for all kinds of repairs."

11. Best For Long Run Time:Dewalt Cordless Caulking Gun


Dewalt’s cordless caulking gun includes a variable speed trigger to control the flow of your adhesive well. The given variable speed dial allows you to set maximum and minimum flow rates. This tried-and-tested battery-powered caulking gun with variable speed control comes with an anti-drip feature that automatically retracts the plunging rod to prevent any excess adhesive from dripping out from the gun.

Batteries: ‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required | Product Dimensions: ‎3 x 11 x 21 inches | Item Weight: ‎4.1 pounds | Color: ‎Yellow,black


  • Long run time
  • Interchangeable canister trays
  • Includes battery and charger


  • May be sightly heavy

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I came across this option while looking for a caulk gun for professional use. It posed a slight learning curve, but its efficiency and features, such as the adjustable flow, made the hassle with it. Plus, its battery life is also outstanding."

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Caulking Guns?

Consider the following points when buying a caulking gun.

  1. Rod: Consider the rod type because the gun’s performance depends on it. These are mainly two types of rods; ratchet rods are good for light projects, while smooth rods are dripless and suitable for commercial use.
  1. Thrust ratio: Guns with lower ratios are good for dispensing thin caulk, while those with higher ratios are good for thicker materials like epoxy sealants.
  1. Pressure: Ensure the trigger does not need too much pressure to operate.
  1. Revolving frame: It is better to look for a revolving frame to caulk around corners for convenience. It offers a good position and angle, and you can do the work more efficiently. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it better to push or pull a caulking gun?

There are several reasons why it’s better to push a caulking gun to apply sealants. One of them is that while pulling, one might end up pulling it too quickly and damage the caulking head, which will make it difficult to apply the sealant properly.

2. What is the best ratio for a caulking gun?

The thrust ratio is important to get right while using a caulking gun because it measures the amount of force applied to the piston every time you pull the trigger. This ratio depends on the thickness of the material in a proportional form. Caulking guns are available with ratios as low as 3:1 and as high as 18:1, which is the starting point for polyurethanes and construction-related adhesives. If you aim to get some DIY projects done around the house, a caulking gun with the average ratios of 5:1 to 12:1 should be ideal.

3. Are caulking guns safe to use?

Yes, they come with safety features that make them usable even at home. However, you need to follow best practices when it comes to caring for the gun and using it in a secure environment. It’s important to keep the gun clean, pay attention while loading and unloading, keep the ratchet properly lubricated, and inspect it for damage once in a while.

Caulking guns are designed to fill the openings and gaps between windows and frames and make it easier for you to reach the elusive corners that require caulking. While most caulking guns are manual, recent technology has percolated all kinds of caulking guns and rendered them more efficient and convenient to use. To choose the right caulking gun, consider factors such as the rod type, thrust ratio, pressure, and revolving frame, so that quick fixes at home become easier and more efficient.

Infographic: How To Use A Caulk Gun?

Caulking guns can be a good way to protect your home from extreme temperatures. You can use these guns to seal the window panes and prevent water damage by sealing cracks near faucets and bathtubs. Check out the following infographic to learn how to use a caulking gun.

Steps To Use A Caulk Gun (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

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