11 Best Chinese Fountain Pens For Smooth Writing In 2022


Fountain pen aficionados swear by their beloved pens. To them, the only way to write is by using the best Chinese fountain pen. As a result, brands have been instrumental in producing a long list of amazing writing devices.

Chinese fountain pens have flawless quality and are available at affordable prices, making them a favorite among connoisseurs. Moreover, over the years, the flow of ink and the overall reliability of the pens have also improved remarkably.

Fountain pens are more than just writing devices. Many collect these pens and use them for specific purposes. Some forms of calligraphy use specific fountain pens for stylish cursive writing. These pens often come in handy when writing personalized letters and invitations.

Fountain pens also come in a range of nib sizes and ink storage slots. Read on as we bring you a list of the best fountain pens for you to choose from.

Our Top Picks

11 Best Chinese Fountain Pens In 2022

1. Best Rubberized Grip: Jinhao X450 Fountain Pen – Grey Marble

A combination of traditional Chinese culture and modern production methods, this pen has taken the market by storm. Each pen is designed after a lot of research and crafted using advanced production skills under ISO quality management. It is made using the finest materials, and its USP is its rubberized grip, making it ideal for sweaty hands. It comes with a 138 mm long steel nib with a diameter of 14 mm for an effortless writing experience. It features a push-type cap and a screw-type converter fit for bottled ink. You may check more about this production this video.

2. Best With A Bent Nib: Asvine Charlie Chaplin Commemorative Fude Pen – Black

The commemoration to Charlie Chaplin can be seen around the cap of the pen with iconic images of this great artist with oversized shoes, bowler hat, and a cane engraved in the metal. This fountain pen’s elegant and reliable bent nib is a blend of traditional sophistication and the latest technology. The bent nib is constructed for fude calligraphy, drawing, and handwriting. Depending on the angle you hold it, you can write from fine to broad size, and it’s commonly known as the italic calligraphy fountain pen. Hand-assembled with flawless quality, it’s known for its high precision and exceptional quality of writing, coupled with a unique design. It comes in a velvet pen pouch to store your pen safely or to give someone a gift. This pen is made of brass and lacquered with a shiny black finish and features a push-type cap, iridium bent nib of 0.5-1.2 mm, and a converter for bottled ink.

3. Best For Calligraphy: Jinhao X750 Fountain Pen – Frosted Black

This frosted black-bodied fountain pen has silver trimming and is made of the highest quality material. Each pen is painstakingly crafted under strict standards, guaranteeing its quality, and is a blend of traditional Chinese culture and modern technology. This well-balanced fountain pen with a medium steel nib makes writing an enjoyable experience and is ideal for practicing calligraphy. The nib delivers a smooth, consistent ink flow for flawless writing. It features a needle cylinder type vacuum ink suction device, a push-type cap, and a screw-type ink converter. It comes in a box that is great for storing the pen when not in use and makes it an ideal gift item. Check out this video to learn more.

4. Best For Gifting: Akord Luxury Chinese Fountain Pen – Bronze

This Chinese fountain pen is ideal for calligraphy and comes with a pull-off style cap and a medium-sized international standard nib. This 5.4-inch long pen has a removable, twist-action, piston-style ink converter. Made from the highest-quality material, this pen is great for personal use or to give as a gift. Ensure that you only use high-quality ink and ink cartridges for the best performance. Get ready for a great experience with this popular fountain pen that will become your new go-to writing device.

5. Best Embellished: Jinhao Gullor Advanced Fountain Pen – Black

This ornate black Chinese fountain pen is embellished with a bronze and white dragon design, making it worthy of your private collection and an ideal gift item. The design is created by international designers and made of high-quality materials. This classic pen glides across the paper, making it a genuinely pleasurable experience. The nib is made of 18 k gold-plated stainless steel and features a screw-type cap. It also comes with an international standard ink cartridge and a removable and refillable converter.

6. Best Dragon-Inspired: Jinhao Lanxivi Dragon Phoenix Fountain Pen – Black FP

Chinese culture associates the dragon with luck and success, and this is embodied in this black Chinese fountain pen that is elaborately decorated with a dragon. Made of metal, it has a 0.5 mm, 18 k gold-plated nib, and a screw-type cap. The pen is 143 mm long, and the ink cartridges are not included. When you fill the pen for the first time, you may have to shake it a few times to make a few drops of ink come out of the nib so that it can flow easily. The pen comes packed in a wooden box, making it a great gift item.

7. Best Timeless Design: Gullor Chinese Horse Fountain Pen – Red Copper

This sleek and stylish fountain pen has a timeless design that is a beautiful balance of the classic and the contemporary. It has an embossed pattern of 8 horses and comes in a gift box, along with a black pen pouch. It also features 5 international standard ink cartridges and a removable and refillable converter. It has a push-type strong cap that protects the nib when not in use and is one of the finest quality fountain pens at a mid-range price.

8. Best With Push Cap: The Gullor Luxury Fountain Pen

The Gullor Luxury Fountain Pen comes with an 18k gold-plated stainless steel nib and a push cap to reflect exquisite artistry and is made of high-quality materials. It has a medium-pointed tip. The overall material used is metal, and it comes with Chinese art, including calligraphy and an image of a traditional Chinese boat, on the body. The elegant pen is suitable for gifting, and the push cap comes in handy when the pen is not in use.

9. Best With Extra-Fine Nib: Erofa P135 Fountain Pen – Red

This vivid red Chinese fountain pen has an exquisite design, with a beautiful retro Chinese ‘Fu’ pen cap and a pearl top. It’s made of good-quality resin and metal and is light to hold. It has an extra fine nib made of iridium, which makes writing a truly joyous experience. It makes a perfect item for anyone who loves writing. It has a screw-type cap to protect the nib, which works with bottled ink or 2.6 mm caliber cartridges. The fountain pen is about 138 mm long and features an ink converter and a PP plastic box. This fountain pen is worth a try!

10. Best With Medium Nib: Jinhao Zoohot Fountain Pen – Blue and White Porcelain

This Chinese fountain pen’s stylish and timeless design Chinese dragon design in blue and white porcelain is a pleasure to see and hold. It’s a blend of local and international culture, top quality materials, and exquisite craftsmanship. It has a medium nib which makes writing very smooth and effortless. It features a push-type cap, has a length of 140 mm, and comes with a removable converter that works with all bottled ink. This fountain pen would be an asset to any pen collection.

11. Best Smooth-Gliding: Sipliv Chinese Dragon Pattern Fountain Pen – Black

This black Chinese fountain pen has a beautiful and ornate gold dragon design on it, along with a dragon clip. Every pen is crafted meticulously under rigorous testing standards, guaranteeing superior quality. Its advanced liquid ink system and unique medium nib guarantee that your pen glides smoothly while writing. Its unique design makes the polished fountain pen comfortable and convenient to hold while writing. It has a push-type cap and an international standard ink cartridge. It also features a removable and refillable cartridge and comes packed in an original gift box.

Now that you have been through our review of the 11 best Chinese fountain pens, here are a few pointers to keep in mind while selecting one for yourself so that you have the ultimate writing experience.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying Best Chinese Fountain Pen

  • Nib material, width, and cut

A stainless steel nib is sturdy and not too expensive to replace if required, making it great for everyday use and children. An iridium tip reinforces stainless steel and is used for higher-quality pens. Gold nibs are just for luxury and make a style statement and gradually mold your writing style.

The nib width can be extra fine for fragile writing and is famous for writing Chinese or Japanese characters. A fine nib is used for drawing and is suitable for people with small handwriting. The most popular nib is of medium width and is suitable for most purposes. A broad nib is best for large handwriting, but is less economical with ink.

The cut of the nib can be standard which produces lines with one consistent thickness. An italic amount creates thin vertical lines and thick horizontals and creates the variation found in calligraphy. An oblique cut nib allows the writer to hold the pen from below the line. The reverse oblique is popular with left-handed people as it prevents smudging.

  • Pen barrel

A ridged or shaped grip section helps to provide a better grip while writing. An ergonomic grip section works best for new writers, people whose hands sweat, and people who struggle to hold a pen correctly.

The pen barrel can be made of metal, plastic, glass, wood, coral, stone, or rubber and depends on personal preference. A base metal barrel is suitable for engraving, and brass and stainless steel are the most popular, followed by aluminum. They are often lacquered for color. Sterling silver is also ideal for engraving but may be too heavy for some users. Plastic is lightweight and generally inexpensive, and ABS plastic is highly durable. Resin and celluloid have a plethora of colors and patterns. Acrylic resin tends to be brittle when thin, so it is usually used for fatter pens.

  • Filling of ink

A cartridge is clean, quick, and convenient to fill ink but is slightly more expensive due to plastic wastage. A converter uses bottled inks, which gives you more options of color and finish than cartridges but is inconvenient to carry around. A reservoir is not common in modern pens. It has a large capacity, so it doesn’t require frequent refilling, but maintenance and repairs can be difficult and costly. Some pens also come with in-built fillers.

  • Pen clip and cap

The clip of the pen cap is both for fashion and functionality. Some brands have an iconic design on the clip, or maybe embellished with crystals, or maybe spring-loaded so that they clamp down to prevent them from getting lost.

If you only use your pen occasionally, like signing, a slip and seal cap works well and prevents ink from drying up. A screw cap also helps to contain leaks and is suitable for when you are traveling. A click-on cap is quick and convenient for daily users.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have listed some of the best Chinese fountain pens in this article that have been handpicked after analyzing and comparing several Chinese fountain pens available online. These products are durable, stylish, efficient, and have been chosen after considering user reviews to ensure premium quality. We have provided a brief description of each pen, along with a how-to-choose section to help you make an informed choice.

Fountain pens hold an extraordinary place in the history of writing instruments, and in today’s world of ballpoints and gel pens, they have retreated into the shadows. In our fast-paced life, filling a pen with ink may seem quite a hassle and inconvenience, but the quality of writing with a fountain pen is indisputable. This luxury doesn’t come cheap, and Chinese fountain pens give you the same experience at a more affordable cost. Their quality has also risen exponentially, and today a Chinese fountain pen would feel no different from a traditional fountain pen. Towards this end, our review of the 11 best Chinese fountain pens should go a long way in finding the ideal one for you.

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