11 Best Chino Shorts In 2021


If you are looking for the best chino shorts that enhance your fashion statement but maximize your comfort during the warmer months, these grown-up pants are your savior. These are easy to wear, breathable but still give you a sharper, buttoned-up appearance. Chino shorts are a pair of men’s shorts that use cotton twill of the chino cloth or sometimes have a synthetic blend. Chino shorts have now made their way into the fashion block and you can’t miss them!

If you’re struggling to find your perfect Chino shorts, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s a list of the best ones that you could add to your wardrobe today.

11 Best Chino Shorts

1. Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim Fit Shorts

The clothing from Amazon Essentials is known to be comfortable and long lasting. These chino shorts from amazon essentials are manufactured using 100% twill cotton, making them soft and lightweight. Available in a variety of colors, it comes with a zip fly, button closure, and a 9-inch seam. It fits through the hip and thigh and sits comfortably below the waist. This pair of shorts is suitable for machine wash and is also true to size. These shorts are available in a variety of colors, ranging from blue, khaki brown, and silver, along with the option to choose from solid colors to checked designs.

2. Volcom Men’s Vmonty Stretch Chino Shorts

Are you looking for a chino to snap up before you head out? This pair of shorts by Volcom has got you covered. Made by combining cotton, spandex, and polyester, this short expands and fits your body smoothly to deliver an on-point look. It is suitable for machine washing and comes with a zip supported with button closure. These shorts are available in sizes ranging from 28 to 32 and come in multiple solid and dark colors, ranging from black, dark navy, and heather blue. This pair of chino shorts stretches up to the knee with welt pockets in the back. If you are looking for a relaxed fit chino shorts, this one has got you covered.

3. Goodthreads Men’s Slim Fit Chino Shorts

Although made primarily using cotton, these chino shorts from Goodthreads bear a tinge of elastane to give a smooth and comfortable stretch. The fabric used in these shorts is wrinkle-free and is suitable for ironing. It fits below the waist and is available in sizes ranging between 28 to 42. While most of the options come in light colors like light tan, bright blue, and duck egg blue, there are some options in patterns too, like khaki and floral. This pair is suitable for machine wash and comes with a button through back pockets.

4. IZOD Men’s Saltwater Flat Front Chino Short

Van Heusen’s IZOD speaks volumes about its reputation of providing high-quality clothing. These shorts are made by blending both cotton and spandex. It is suitable for a machine wash and to be put in a dryer too. You can also wear this short straight from the dryer! However, to make it long lasting, wash this short with salt water for comfort. Although this short is available in sizes ranging from 29 to 44, you can choose between regular or B and T sizes. With a wide variety of light colors to choose from, this pair of shorts is a must-have in your wardrobe.

5. HDE Chino Shorts For Women

This one for women is a high-waisted casual summer shorts. Made by combining rayon with nylon and spandex, this short gives a versatile summer look. You have multiple sizes ranging from 4 to 28, and 8 plain colors to choose from with the majority of them being dark colors. To help you get the fashionable all-day look, this pair of shorts has a waistband supported by an elastic band. Without going too short, it gives you the perfect fit, thanks to the 4-inch inseam. If you are searching for a pair of shorts that gives you a trendy look through just its simple colors, thanks to this short, your search ends here!

6. Nautica Men’s Classic Chino Deck Shorts

Nautica Men’s Classic Chino Deck Shorts is a much-needed lower for those looking for something to wear on the lines of everyday style. Made from cotton and elastane, this pair of shorts has a closure by a zipper. Right from sturdy cotton used in the making to flat front design, this one is a worthy buy. Suitable for machine wash, it is available in solid colors, ranging from white, red, and khaki. By providing a leg opening, this pair focuses on comfort and is available in sizes ranging between 30 to 44. It gives a classic fit and no matter what the day or occasion is, these shorts deliver an aesthetic look!

7. Lee Women’s Utility Chino Walkshort

Hailing from Lee, a popular brand, these shorts nail the much-needed outdoor look. Lee has a history of crafting outfits that are made to last. This short for women by Lee is an amalgamation of cotton, polyester, and spandex for delivering comfortable wear. Known to turn a good look into a great look, this pair of shorts is available in solid colors like tangerine and lead, along with prints like camouflage and denim. It features a regular fit with an adjustable cuff, button closure, belt loops, and pockets on the front and back. You can pick a size ranging between 2 to 18 and score a 10/10 for your fashion.

8. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Chino Shorts

These shorts bear the tag of Tommy Hilfiger— a brand which delivers top notch style statements, and specifically more so with this one by blending cotton with spandex. While these shorts have a limited range of dark and solid colors like navy blue and black, they occasionally include patterns and light colors too. Loaded with a belt loop, waistband, and 2 pockets in the front, and 2 faux back pockets, this pair of shorts has the hook and eye closure. Suitable for machine wash, this short never fails to compliment your style statement and deliver a look that compliments your outfit of the day!

9. Volcom Women’s Frochickie Chino Short

These shorts for women by Volcom bear traces of an avant-garde approach to fashion— something that has been the USP of Volcom ever since its inception. It delivers a modern fit and bears aesthetic stone embroidery. With sizes ranging from 12 plus to 32, Volcom has maintained its commitment towards making fashion inclusive. It also features a zipper front closure and pockets in the front and back. You can now choose between prints and dark/light solid colors. Known to deliver inclusive fashion, this pair of shorts is available in plus sizes too.

10. Chubbies Casual Chino Shorts

This shorts for men from Chubbies is a blend of cotton and spandex with an elastic waistband to provide maximum moveability and a comfortable fit. Whether you have an apple or an android device, this short has got you covered, thanks to the back pocket which is large enough to accommodate such gadgets. The front closure is a button and it provides an updated fit. Available in 8 solid colors, ranging from dark tones like navy blue and black, and light ones like light blue and khaki, get ready to be spoiled for choice! Choose your favorable size between small to xx and get ready to rock the look!

11. Amazon Essentials Chino Shorts

This chino short for women is made by blending 98% cotton and 2% elastane. Known to be suitable for a machine wash, these shorts have a zipper closure with sizes ranging from 0 to 24. With a variety of colors to choose from, ranging from solids like black, blue, dark yellow, and khaki brown, you will thank yourself for adding these shorts to your wardrobe.

We believe that chino shorts are a much-needed addition to your wardrobe, but what should you consider before you buy one? To make the right decision, check out our buying guide to choose the best one.

How To Choose The Right Chino Short?

  • Colors

The colors of chino shorts that you opt for can completely change your look. Darker colors are more casual and versatile as they can blend with multiple colors, whereas lighter ones are comparatively quite casual but less versatile than darker ones.

  • Washability

Clothes do not have a standardized washing option. While some may be washing machine compatible, some are not. Clothes that are washing machine compatible are made to withstand the motion and speed of a washing machine. While some clothes require saltwater for washing, some do not. So, before you plan to wash your chino shorts, be careful by checking their washability.

  • Materials

Materials play an important role in ensuring the comfort of wearing chinos. They ensure that they are long-lasting and comfortable. Chinos are made using cotton, and some by combining cotton with synthetic materials like polyester and spandex for smooth and easy expansion while wearing the shorts. Cotton enables better air circulation and ensures that you do not suffocate while wearing the shorts, and spandex or elastane helps make it stretchable so that you get a flattering fit.

It is time to say goodbye to the boring outfits in your wardrobe! Chino shorts can be one of the best additions to your wardrobe. You can step up your style statement and redefine the way you dress, but choosing one can be a tricky task, thanks to the variety of brands and multiple factors you must consider. The right shorts will be comfortable to wear and seamlessly match with the majority of your outfits and speak volumes about your style. To help you buy one, we hope that our review of the best chino shorts will help you choose the most suitable one for you.

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