11 Best Chopping Boards In India In 2024, As Per A Professional Chef

A kitchen is the heart of the house, and it is where the magic takes place. However, for this to happen, certain appliances and equipment are needed. One such piece of equipment is a cutting board. While this may sound like something ordinary, its importance is often overlooked and undermined. If you’ve been trying to cut vegetables, fruits, and meats on your kitchen slab, you’ve been doing it all wrong. The 1-stop solution for you is a kitchen cutting board.

This inexpensive kitchen essential can be a lifesaver and game-changer. It allows you to cut and chop your vegetables with ease and finesse that you never thought possible. You can now slice your vegetables finely or chop meat in pieces with the help of a cutting board. There are four major types of cutting boards. To make life simpler for you, here’s a brief explanation of the types of cutting boards and a list of the best options.

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Types Of Chopping Boards

  • Plastic chopping boards

Plastic cutting boards have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. This is owing to their lightweight design and their ability to be easily cleaned. However, plastic chopping boards run the risk of making knives dull after prolonged usage. Also, if not made from high-grade plastic, these boards can lead to food contamination. Most plastic cutting boards come in a wide range of colors, allowing users to match them with the color combination of their kitchen.

  • Stainless steel cutting boards

One of the most noteworthy features of stainless steel cutting boards is their durability. Since they are metal, they tend to last long with minimal maintenance. Stainless steel surfaces are very hygienic and are also easy to clean. However, a major drawback of these types of cutting boards is that they make knives blunt. The harsh sound produced by knives making contact with the steel is one thing that has strayed people away from purchasing stainless steel cutting boards.

  • Bamboo chopping boards

People often make the common mistake of categorizing bamboo chopping boards as wooden chopping boards. However, the materials are far different from each other. Bamboo chopping boards are loved by many because they are sustainable and water-resistant. Their surfaces are also harder than wooden chopping boards, meaning that your knives will get dull quickly. Bamboo chopping boards also require a lot of maintenance. They are relatively cheaper than their wooden, plastic, and stainless steel counterparts in terms of price.

  • Wooden Chopping Boards

Wooden chopping boards are said to have antimicrobial properties, protecting your food from any possibility of contamination. Out of all the chopping boards, a wooden board is the kindest to knives. Wooden boards have just about the right hardness level to protect knives from becoming dull or blunt. Out of all the wooden chopping boards, those made of teak wood are considered the best.

Have a good look at our well-researched and compiled list of the best chopping boards in India.

11 Best Chopping Boards In India

1. Royal Craft Wood Premium Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Royal Craft Wood Premium Bamboo Cutting Board Set Image: Royal Craft Wood

This set is sold in 3 pieces, each having a different size. The set includes a small, medium, and large-sized cutting board that can cut vegetables, fruits, and meats. Each of them is double-sided and has side handles, allowing the cutting boards to transform into serve trays. The board is crafted from 100% bamboo, making it toxin-free and providing a smooth surface that doesn’t dull knives. Its surface is also water-resistant and easy to clean. This means that the board will absorb minimum moisture from fresh vegetables and will require minimum maintenance. These boards have built-in grooves that go all around the edges to prevent spills.

2. Amazon Solimo Plastic Cutting Board

This cutting board by Amazon is a rectangular-shaped board made from plastic. Since the cutting board is constructed from high-quality food-grade plastic, it is safe for use and toxin-free. The solid turquoise color makes it look attractive and not too flashy. The board is designed for regular use and has a rough surface, making it easy to cut fruits and vegetables. The bottom of the board has an anti-skid design that gives one the necessary grip when cutting meat. The cutting board has a side handle, is lightweight, and can be stored away easily. It is also dishwasher friendly, minimizing the need for manual cleaning.

3. Joseph Joseph Plastic Chopping Board

 Joseph Joseph Plastic Chopping Board Image: Joseph Joseph

The dual-surface cutting board by Joseph Joseph has been ingeniously designed for cutting fruits, green, and meats. The angled surface with rounded corners makes it easy to collect liquids that release from vegetables, fruits, and meats. One of the sides of the board is specially designed for meats with its meat grip-like grooves. The button of the board features an anti-slip design, keeping the board in one place while cutting. The board is made from food-grade plastic and has a standard size. It is also dishwasher-friendly and easy to store on any shelf in the kitchen. This cutting board is available in 3 colors of green, red, and white.

4. Anjali Cutting and Washing Deluxe Cutting Board

As its name suggests, this board by Anjali serves the dual purpose of cutting and washing fruits, vegetables, and meats. The washing tray has cutouts at several intervals to allow water to drain. The entire board has a woody look but is made from food-grade plastic. Along with the chopping board is a tempered magnetic stainless blade attached from one side. The 2-sided razor-sharp blade will slice through all vegetables at blazing speeds. The rectangular-shaped board weighs 1.34 pounds and is easy to clean.

5. Hokipo Bamboo Chopping Board

One of the primary features of this cutting board is its reversibility. This user-friendly option allows users to use either side of the chopping board. Bamboo is one of the best materials for chopping boards owing to its minimal absorption and non-toxic properties. The board is extra thick, with the sides measuring 1.8 cm, preventing the board from cracking and warping under prolonged usage. Given its high-quality surface, you will no longer have to put up with dull knives. The handle at the head of the cutting board makes it portable and easy to hang from the wall. This cutting board is available in 3 sizes of medium, large, and extra-large.

6. Amar Impex Premium Plastic Cutting Board

This rectangular chopping board by Amar Impex has a built-in handle that adds extra support when emptying the contents on the chopping board into cooking utensils. The surface of the chopping board is textured to provide grip while chopping and reduce knife dullness. Since it is made from food-grade plastic, it is rust-free, corrosion-free, and dishwasher-friendly. Weighing 150 grams and measuring 12 inches, it has a lightweight and compact design, allowing easy handling and storage. Included with the green cutting board is a stainless knife with a plastic handle.

7. Wood Chop Single Block Wooden Chopping Board

This eco-friendly cutting board is made from 100% acacia wood. It is crafted from a single piece of wood, making it durable as the board has no joints and glue. The surface of the board has a natural wood grain finish and a reversible design. The board is extra thick to reduce cracking under repeated usage. The odeon surface is kind to your knives and does not make them dull even after prolonged use. The circular cutout at the top left-hand side of the board serves as a handle and doubles as a hook to handle the board. Like most other cutting boards, this one also has a rectangular shape. It is available in numerous sizes, ranging from small to X large.

8. OrganizeMee Stainless Steel Cutting Board

The company makes use of softer steel to construct this rectangular-shaped cutting board. Softer steel does not blunt knives easily, allowing them to remain sharp. Unlike wooden and plastic cutting boards, steel chopping boards are more durable and can withstand the test of time. The shiny textured look of the surface of this board makes it look modern and will also enhance the appearance of your kitchen. The smooth steel edges are well-rounded so that they do not scratch surfaces like marble and glass. The cutting board has a handle, making it easy to carry and store.

9. Zircon Thick Bamboo Kitchen Cutting Board

Made from organic and sustainable 100% bamboo, this board is free from chemicals and is safe to use in the kitchen. Given its superior construction, Zircon claims that its cutting board will not crack under the pressure of a knife. This board is suitable for cutting vegetables, fruits, and meats. It has a length of 32 cm and a width of 22 cm, making it compact and easy to store. The brown rectangular cutting board is also lightweight, making it easy to clean after every use. The boar has a built-in handle that makes it user-friendly. If you’re looking for a bamboo cutting board that is compact and serves its purpose, this may be the one for you.

10. Yellow Weaves Natural Bamboo Chopping Board

The rectangular cutting board by Yellow Weaves is angled at one side to prevent spillage when cutting meats, fruits, and greens. This board is constructed from 100% premium-grade bamboo wood. To ensure durability and effective chopping, the company has used a 1.8 cm thick piece of wood. The cutting board boasts an anti-mold and eco-friendly design. Thanks to its conveniently carved out handle, it is easy to wash, handle, and store. Given its all-around performance, it is one of the most noteworthy mentions on our list of India’s 11 best chopping boards.

11. Craftarea Acacia Wooden Round Cutting Board

One of the unique features of this cutting board is its circular shape. Given its circular shape, the board doubles as a cutting board for vegetables, fruits, meats, and pizza. Made out of hardwood, the surface of the board has a natural finish. The board is quite big and weighs 1.3 kgs. The surface of the board is designed to ensure smooth and effective cutting. Instead of a handle, the company opted for a rope-like design, allowing the board to be hung from the wall.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Chopping Board?

Here are some key points you should consider when choosing a chopping board.

  1. Material: You should choose the material of a chopping board based on your needs and requirements. It is advisable to purchase a plastic chopping board if chopping meat is your primary concern. However, wood and bamboo-made cutting boards are more suited to cutting fruits and vegetables. This makes for an ideal situation in which one keeps 2 separate cutting boards with one for meats and the other for fruits and greens.
  2. Size and shape: Cutting boards come in numerous sizes. When it comes to shapes, 2 of the most popular are rectangular and circular. Out of the 2, the most loved is the rectangular cutting boards. It is advisable to purchase a cutting board that isn’t too big to fit on a shelf in your kitchen. Purchase one according to the space limitations of your kitchen. It is important to check the dimensions of the cutting board before purchasing it.
  3. Cutting surface: The most preferred surface for cutting and chopping is a rough and rugged surface. However, this is entirely situational as there are scenarios in which a flat surface performs better. When cutting meats or tomatoes, a rugged surface is better for controlling the spillage of juices. While in the case of dry food like onions and carrots, a flat surface will do a better job.
  4. Non-skid feet: This is one of the most underrated features but one that can make a substantial difference. Having anti-skid feet will ensure that the board remains steady and does not shake when cutting fruits, meats, and vegetables.

Melanie Alafaci, a professional chef and founder of Vanilla Zulu cooking school, says, “A chopping board is an integral part of the chef’s kitchen. Having an inferior board will make all your preparation tasks tedious. Once you have decided on the one with the right size, material, and features, I recommend popping a wet cloth under it when you chop, so that it doesn’t move around. This will make the task safer and easier. Also, read the care instructions and store your chopping board correctly.”

Using the right chopping board can avoid a mess in your kitchen while chopping vegetables and fruits. Before buying a chopping board, check for its material and ensure it satisfies your requirements. Always choose a board that is of moderate size and can be used for multiple purposes. Ensure that the chopping board is sturdy enough to handle heavy-duty chopping in the kitchen and does not lead to frequent wear and tear.

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