11 Best Christmas Tree Train Sets In 2022


Fill your Christmas with joy and excitement with our list of the best Christmas tree train sets that can be a great gift for children. With the train blowing its horn, the smoke from the engine, the sound of the train riding over the track, Santa on sled, gifts, and Christmas carols make the ambiance delightful and happy.

Children enjoy playing with Christmas train sets since they are easy to assemble and build excitement. They also help increase your child’s focus and expand their imagination. If you’ve been looking for one, our list offers various designs and features to help you pick the right set.

11 Best Christmas Tree Train Sets

1. Best Gift Set For Kids: Temi Christmas Train Toys Set

The Christmas train set from the Temi store measures 17×14.25×3.15in. It includes one locomotive engine, one cargo car, one candy-filled car, eight railway track sections, eight support struts, one tree lamp, and two stabilizers. This Christmas tree train set runs on four 1.5V AA batteries. The locomotive is designed to glow and emit a whistle along with the headlight. It makes realistic sounds and creates an entertaining display.

You need to switch on the button to see the set moving around the tree. Made from high-quality plastic, this set comes with step-by-step instructions and you can assemble the tracks on the tree in any manner you like. Packed in a deluxe window box, you can gift this set to kids.


2. Best Train Set With Smoke Feature: Prextex Christmas Train Set

Prextex’s Christmas tree set comes with a smoke feature, real lights, and music. The flashing red headlight and the locomotive’s horn make this set unique. Santa conducts the train around the tree, accompanied by famous Christmas tracks like ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘We wish you a merry Christmas.’ This Christmas train set includes Santa as a conductor, one cargo car, one coal tank, and one passenger car.

You also get three straight tracks, 12 curvy tracks, and one detachment track. This track creates an orbit circumference of 167in, is ideal to be placed under the Christmas tree, and runs on AA batteries.


3. Best High-Quality Plastic:  Pusiti Classic Christmas Train Set

Manufactured from high-quality plastic, this Christmas toy train has sounds and lights, and comes with one locomotive engine, one coach, one cargo, and one coal car, along with ten pieces of railway tracks. There are six curved and four straight track pieces that will help you make three unique track combinations: circle, parallelogram, and oval. It runs on two AA batteries and the entire train is made from environment-friendly materials.


4. Best Non-Toxic Materials: Aokesi Christmas Train Set

Safe and manufactured from high-quality ABS material and other non-toxic materials, this easy-to-use Christmas tree train set is powered by four AA batteries. It features authentic train sounds and a working headlight to add seasonal cheer to the room. You can gift this set to children aged from three to eight. The set includes eight-pieces train tracks, one locomotive, a Santa Claus car, a passenger car, and a gift car. It has 20 tree trunk support pieces.

You can easily install the set with the help of the easy-to-understand instruction manual, available in various languages. The motorized engine and the realistic effects of the set will help boost the child’s enthusiasm.


5. Best Detailed Steam Engine: Hornby Santa’s Express Christmas Toy Train Set

Weighing 2.6lb, this Christmas toy train set is made from high-quality plastic and metal. It includes tracks, a highly detailed steam engine, and a wagon full of gifts. The tracks are circular and can easily fit under a Christmas tree. It is lightweight and you can use the easy-to-understand instructions to install the set. The track measures 17x13x4in.


6. Best Easy-To-Assemble: iBaseToy Christmas Train Set

The electric Christmas train set includes two trees, three cars, ten tracks, and one Christmas-themed cardboard for decoration purposes. It has real sounds and lights to add a touch of realism to the set. The product runs on two AA batteries and is easy to assemble. Made from non-toxic and high-quality ABS plastic, this Christmas train is safe, fun and can be put around the Christmas tree to make it more colorful and attractive.

The train set features long tracks of three different lengths and a stable chain buckle between two cars. The track won’t derail easily and there is an easy-to-operate button to switch the lights on or off.


7. Best For Imaginative Play: Cubicfun LED Christmas Train Set

Cubicfun train set is made from high-quality plastic and shows real effects of lights, music, and smoke. It has a 3D design and the set includes three train cars, caboose, gifts, bells, Santa, elves, tracks, and reindeer. The set features a unique ‘real-smoke’ like effect made from cotton so that your child can play with it indoors safely.

Famous melodies like ‘Jingle Bells’ will play along when the train hits the track. It runs on three AAA batteries and the colorful LED will add to the decoration. The small parts on the sled are movable to enable your child to interact closely with the set and it also helps boost their imagination.


8. Best Environment-Friendly Material: Fenfa Christmas Train Set Toys

The product includes two little Christmas trees, 12 pieces of curved black tracks, one locomotive engine connected with a cargo car, and one passenger compartment. The tracks, when laid on the ground, make a circular track and there are realistic lights and sound. It is made from non-toxic and environmental-friendly material, certified by the CPSIA and ASTM. It runs on two AA batteries and you can also lay the tracks in any manner. The product is recommended for children aged three and above.


9. Best Realistic Functions: Joyjoz Toy Train Set For Christmas

Joyjoz’s Christmas train set has real train sounds, flashing headlights, real engine sounds, whistles, and horns that you can hear when the train hits the track. The real steam smoke blowing out of the locomotive will be an exciting experience for your child. There are eight pieces of curved and four straight plastic tracks, one sled, one coal car, one passenger car, and one locomotive steam engine. It is easy to set up and you can make a circular or oval layout with the tracks. The set helps improve the concentration and creativity of the child in harmless ways.


10. Best Easy-To-Install Tracks: Victostar Christmas Train Set

The Christmas tree train set from Victostar includes a locomotive engine, a passenger coach, eight curved tracks, two straight plastic tracks, a coal car, and a sled. When the train hits the track, it produces real train sounds, real smoke, and has flashing headlights. Made from environment-safe and non-toxic materials, this Christmas tree train set with smoke conforms to the American safety standards of CPSIA and ASTMF963.

Your child can assemble the easy-to-install tracks in an oval or a circular layout. It runs on four AA batteries and is recommended for children aged three and above. The product weighs 1.9lb and has high-quality LED lights.


11. Best High-Quality Tracks: Cute Stone Store Remote ControlTrain Set

Made from high-quality plastic, this train set from the Cute Stone store is recommended for children aged two and above. You can operate this Christmas train set with a remote control. To get a realistic effect, you can add water to the locomotive and the smoke will generate from the chimney. The set features real sounds and lights that can be turned off. The high-quality tracks make a circular layout, are easy to install, and won’t derail easily. This set runs on eight AA batteries and weighs 4.02lb.


How To Choose The Right Christmas Tree Train Set?

Consider the following features before buying a Christmas tree train set.

1. Size: The bigger the tree, the bigger the train you should pick to complement it. A variety of sizes are available in the market for you to choose the one that suits your needs.

2. Power source: Some trains are electric-powered and have to be plugged into the adapter, while others are battery-powered that need to be changed regularly. You can choose the one you find more feasible.

3. Safety: Since Christmas toy trains are used by children, they should adhere to all the American Safety Standards. The entire train set should be made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials.

A set of moving trains can be put in any shape under the tree, be it an oval, circle, or any other creative shape. They last longer and you can choose from materials, such as plastic or wooden. This list of the best Christmas tree train sets will help you find the right product

How We Selected The Best Christmas Train Tree Sets

With Christmas around the corner, we have compiled a list of the best Christmas tree train sets that you can give as gifts and decorate your home. These sets come with various features and designs, suiting your requirements. We have explored the features, accessories, quality, and operating methods to curate our list. This list also includes a buying guide to help you choose the right product.

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