15 Best Clays For Kids To Play With In 2021

15 Best Clays For Kids To Play With In 2020 web

Modeling clay not only helps in unleashing your child’s creativity but also keeps them engaged. Children enjoy the freedom to create whatever they want while playing with clay. The act of touching, rolling, and squishing the clay enables sensory development and may also improve their fine motor skills. That said, not all varieties of clay are safe for kids.

So, if you are looking for a way to reduce your child’s screen time, get them safe clay toys to play with. Here, MomJunction brings a list of the best clays for kids to buy.

15 Best Clays For Kids

1. Crayola Air Dry Clay

Crayola Air Dry Clay


This ready-to-use clay comes in a reusable plastic bucket that helps to keep the clay fresh.

It has a fine and smooth texture and is less sticky than the traditional clay, so your children would like to touch and feel it. Made from natural white earth clay, it gets dried up to become hard. It is also non-toxic, safe to use, and is recommended for children aged six years and up. This clay is best for doing projects at home and comes in white, pastels, bright, and natural colors.

2. Sago Brothers Air Dry Clay

Sago Brothers Air Dry Clay


Help your child boost their creativity with this multicolored modeling clay pack. With 24 different colors and a 72 pages tutorial book, this clay set is just what you need to keep your kids engaged. It is super light, soft, and easy for kids to play with. It is said to be non- toxic and is wheat, tree nut, and peanut-free. This clay dries naturally in the air and does not lose its shape once dried. It also contains 24 extra sealed bags and three sculpting tools.

3. Creativity Kids Clay Mythical Creatures Kit

Creativity Kids Clay Mythical Creatures Kit


If your child is into fantasy and mythology, then they would enjoy playing with this unique clay kit. In this kit, children need to sculpt three mythological creatures using the clay and plastic skeletons provided. This could be an ideal clay crafts project for beginners. Also, this clay does not get dried quickly. The kit contains five different colors of clay, sculpting tools, and accessories to decorate the mythical creatures. You can choose from three themes: Mythical creatures, Dinosaurs, or glow in the dark turtle lagoon.

4. USA Toyz Moosh Fluffy Modeling Clay

USA Toyz Moosh Fluffy Modeling Clay


It is fluffy, squishy, and super light, and also fun to play with. This clay is said to be soft, smushy, and non-sticky, which makes it easy and fun for kids to play with. Along with these clays, this kit also comes with four dinosaur clay molds and a mixing bucket to mix different colors of clays. Both the clay and the mold are non-toxic, BPA free, and are said to be safe for kids.

5. Alex Toys Artist Studio 16 Modeling Clay

Alex Toys Artist Studio 16 Modeling Clay


This clay kit has 16 vibrant colored clays to encourage your kids to try clay projects at home. This clay is soft and does not dry out, so it could be the best clay for your beginners. Also, this clay does not shrink and lose texture and so can be used multiple times. Although it is recommended for children from three years and above, adult supervision is for younger kids.

6.  Crayola Modeling Clay Classpack

Crayola Modeling Clay Classpack


Naturally stretchy, and safe, this pack of clay kit for kids has 21 1oz packets of white clay and 18 1oz) packs of red, yellow, and blue clays. The clay is super stretchable and porous, hence, easy to mold. It also does not stick to hands and is easy to roll out and cut. Kids also have a choice of blending clays of different colors with the white to make their own shades. This clay dries in the air so your child can hold on to their masterpieces forever.

7. Essenson 24 Color Air Dry Clay Set

Essenson 24 Color Air Dry Clay Set


With 24 different colored clays, sculpting tools, and cute animal accessories, this kit is one of the best clay kits for kids. The clay is made of eco-friendly materials that are safe, washable, and easy to clean. This is recommended for children aged six years and up. The clay air dries within 24 hours, so it is suitable to make clay crafts such as keychains, bag tags, etc. This can be used as a fun activity that keeps children engaged for hours.

8. Hey Clay Aliens Modelling Air Clay

Hey Clay Aliens Modelling Air Clay


Do your kids get fascinated with animated cartoons of aliens and monsters? If yes, then they can create their own aliens using this kid’s clay. This kit comes with 18 cans of vibrantly colored air dry clay packs along with an app that has designs to create quirky monsters. The clay is said to be soft, easy to mold, non-sticky, and safe to use. Once your child finishes creating the desired figure, it dries up within 24 hours and can be stored forever.

9. Toyvelt Clay Dinosaur Set

Toyvelt Clay Dinosaur Set


Expand your child’s creativity as well as the learning curve with this dinosaur molding clay kit. Using this kit, you can help your child to recreate some of the animals and plants of the prehistoric age. All they need to do is work the clay and press it using the molds. This clay kit comes with five colored clay doughs, 11 pieces of plastic molds, tools, and accessories, all of which are said to be BPA, lead and phthalate-free, and safe for kids.

10. Creative Kids Air Dry Clay Modeling Crafts Kit

Creative Kids Air Dry Clay Modeling Crafts Kit


Looking for a modeling clay for creating craft with your children? Then, you could try this clay set, which has 30 different colored clays that are non-toxic, skin-friendly, and hypoallergenic. This set also includes googly eyes and keychains to let the child craft exciting and fun objects. Additionally, it also has three sculpting tools to craft and mold the clay. This could also be the best gift for your child’s birthday or for Christmas.

11. Holicolor 36 Color Air Dry Kit

Holicolor 36 Color Air Dry Kit


Made with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, this modeling clay kit is recommended for children aged six years and above. However, younger kids can play with it under adult supervision. With 36 different colored clays, sculpting tools, and cool accessories, this clay kit extravaganza might help spark your child’s creativity. This clay dries up within 24 hours, so it is advised to keep the lid of the clay closed after use. It also comes in a 24 color variant.

12. Ifergoo 46 Blocks Polymer Clay Set

Ifergoo 46 Blocks Polymer Clay Set


This kids’ clay kit comes with 46 blocks of polymer clay along with sculpting tools, accessories, and a storage box. Unlike the air dry clay, the polymer clay is smooth and easy to shape. Also, it can be reused even after leaving it out in the air. However, to preserve your kid’s clay project, you may have to bake it in an oven. This clay is said to comply with industry standards and is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

13. Jovi Plastilina Reusable Modeling Clay

Jovi Plastilina Reusable Modeling Clay


You can teach your kids to make animals and funny cartoon models with this kid’s clay kit. It contains 5oz. rolls of ten different colored clays for kids to play with. These clays are said to be made of vegetable-based material and mineral-based modeling clay, and so are non-toxic and safe for kids. They are soft and have a fine texture, which could be easily molded by tiny hands. Also, the clay does not dry out, and so can be used again.

14. Faber-Castell DIY Modeling Clay Set For Kids

Faber-Castell DIY Modeling Clay Set For Kids


It has everything your kid would need to put their imagination to work. This kid’s clay set comes with ten clay colors, a rolling tool, eight shape cutters, one texture plate, and a push mold. The clay is soft, easy to use, and does not stick to the hand. They are said to be made of quality materials and are considered safe for kids. These clays do not dry up, so your kids can build, leave it on display, and reuse it again. This clay kit is great for family time activity and helps you bond with children.

15. Toysmith Rainbow Clay

Toysmith Rainbow Clay


This kid’s clay kit has 24 vibrant colors for your kids to unleash their imagination and create masterpieces. Each clay bundle is said to be made of high-quality materials and could be non-toxic and safe to use for kids. This kit is recommended for kids aged five years and up. With all the colors in the rainbow at their disposal, your kids can have fun creating funny and interesting art pieces.

How To Choose The Right Clay For Kids

Modeling clays are a great way to spark creativity in young minds. Clay modeling activities also help in developing their fine motor skills. So, it is important that you give them the right clay sets. Here are a few points to remember to choose the correct clay for your kids.

  • Safety: Before purchasing clay, make sure it is made up of non-toxic materials and is safe for kids. Also, check the age recommendation. Only buy those clay sets that do not have chemicals or allergy-causing agents in them.
  • Type of clay: Kids’ clays come in two types, polymer clay and air dry clay. Each of them has its own benefits. For example, polymer clay does not dry but might need an oven to bake, whereas, air dry clay dries up within 24 hours, but shrinks upon drying. So, choose the one which would suit your needs.
  • Accessories: Many clay kits come with additional accessories such as sculpting tools, googly eyes, etc. So, check them out and buy the one which you think your kids might enjoy doing.
  • Molds or freestyle: Some clays come with molds, and all that the kids need to do is place the clay in the molds and press it to the desired shape. However, some clay kits do not come with molds; these need hand sculpting to create various shapes. So, it is best to choose based on your child’s skill level.

Clay is an easy and convenient way for kids to have fun. It does not need charging, and children can play for hours and hours with it. So, if you want your kids to get out of the smartphone world and have some good old school fun, then, give them one of these clay kits.

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