21 Best Cleaning Caddies In 2022


Cleaning caddies help you organize your space and make it easy to search for items. We have created a list of the best cleaning caddies to help you find the right one. They help you hold large items like bleaches, disinfectants, and detergents and come with sturdy, ergonomic handles. Caddies have various sections of different sizes, and some have a grid-like base design to prevent water from seeping in and accumulating at the bottom. So, explore our list to find the one that suits your needs.

21 Best Cleaning Caddies

1. Best With Heavy-Duty Caddy: Rubbermaid Deluxe Carry Caddy

The cleaning caddy from Rubbermaid is available in black and is made of polyethylene material. It is a heavy-duty caddy that will fit in all your housekeeping and cleaning tools. You can also use it to hold coffee cups, smoothies, water bottles, or even food.

This caddy for cleaning supplies can hold weight up to two pounds. It has eight rounded sections that can store tools, spray bottles, or any other household utility tools. There is also a carry handle on the top so that you can carry it with ultimate ease. It is easy to clean, and you can also use it as a sink tool storage caddy. The cleaning caddy measures 16x11x6.7 inches.


2. Best With Durable Plastic: Casabella Cleaning Handle Bucket

This cleaning supplies caddy from Casabella is suitable for storing everyday cleaning supplies, liquid cleaners, baking soda, glass spray bottles, gel cleaners, and other household items. It is available in a combination of orange and gray and is made of durable plastic. The translucent color of the caddy will allow you to see the items that are stored inside the caddy.

This cleaning supply caddy measures 15.2×9.2×5.2 inches and is rectangular. The built-in handle allows you to carry it anywhere with ultimate ease. It is perfectly sized and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, vanity, or any other place.


3. Best Easy To Carry: Akro Mils 09185 Tool Caddy

The cleaning caddy with a handle from Akro-Mils comes in blue. It has two compartments for storing everyday cleaning essentials, powder cleaners, and other items. It measures 18.3×13.8×8.8 inches and is large enough to store paper towels, ponged, and spray bottles. You can also use it as a portable and lightweight first aid kit.

In addition, the large and comfortable handle makes it easy to carry. Each compartment in this cleaning caddy is 16 inches long and has a rugged design. You can also use it to store tools in your workshop.


4. Best Shatter-Resistant: mDesign Plastic Portable Storage Organizer Utility Caddy Tote

This plastic cleaning caddy by mDesign is long-lasting, durable, lightweight, and available in charcoal and natural colors. This product has two compartments and is a handy and portable storage solution. You can use it to store hand lotions, face serums, essential oils, serums, loofahs, poufs, bath bombs, brushes, and other essentials. The caddy also features holes in the bottom to let water flow out easily.

Its built-in handle allows you to carry it to multiple places. The product is compact and is made of chlorine and BPA-free materials that are also shatter-resistant. It is easy to clean and measure–s 9.4×6.8×7.6 inches.


5. Best With Removable Basket: YouCopia Rollout Caddy

The cleaning caddy with a handle from YouCopiacan be used to store liquid cleansers, homemade cleaning supplies, and gel cleaners and is ideal for daily and weekly cleaning. The dividers in the caddy can be adjusted according to your requirement, and it has wheels installed to protect the cabinet floors.

This cleaning caddy on wheels can hold upto 40 pounds of weight. It also features a removable basket that will hang off the front of the caddy. This housekeeping caddy is versatile and customizable and requires no tools for installation.


6. Best Easy To Handle: FifthStart Wearable Cleaning Caddy

Compact and available in beige, this wearable caddy can be used as storage for cleaning supplies. The caddy can be worn and can hold your DIY cleaning tools. It is fully adjustable and has flexible straps so that you do not have to search for your everyday cleaning supplies. The caddy has five removable dividers and four outer pockets. Six clips have also been attached to the caddy for extra convenience.

You can store multiple items such as glass bottles, tools, phones, keys, and wallets so that you can easily work hands-free. There is also a mesh bag that allows good airflow. The caddy measures 11.4x10x6 inches, and the alligator clips in it allow you to hold various items.


7. Best With Non-Slip Edges: Nivafeel Soap Tray For Kitchen Sink

The Nivafeelhouse cleaning kit is available in gray. This large cleaning caddy is made of silicone and measures 9.65×4.93×0.67 inches, making it ideal for your kitchen, bathroom, or other location. It has a bendable tray design with high ridges to ensure better aeration and protect your soaps from decay and mildew.

The caddy has non-slip edges and is soft to touch. It is flexible and has a firm and smooth base. Asit is waterproof, you can keep it near the sink for ultimate convenience.


8. Best Ergonomically Designed: Lavo Home Bath Caddie White

The cleaning supplies organizer and caddy from Lavo Home measures 17.3×13.1×8.8 inches and has four compartments. It is ergonomically designed so that the contents can be placed accordingly. There are drain holes at the base to prevent water from accumulating. It comes with a handle so that you can carry it anywhere you want.

The caddy has kidney-shaped contours that you can place comfortably against your body. This organized cleaning caddy is easy to clean and only requires a single rinse. You can use this caddy to store razors, toothpaste, shaving cream bottles, and other necessities.


9. Best Sturdy Polyester Fabric: Remarkable U Large Craft Storage Tote Bag

This large cleaning caddy from Remarkable U is available in pink. The bedside storage caddy can be used to store various essentials. It is in the form of a bag with two handles and measures 12.1x6x7.6 inches. The caddy is large and has ten exterior pockets, and is easy to carry.

The bag is ergonomically designed and is made of sturdy polyester fabric. The bottom support panel is removable, and it collapses so that the bag folds flat when not in use. This versatile and durable canvas tote can be used in the kitchen for hanging towels and cutlery, in the bathroom for storing towels, and in the vanity for storing makeup.


10. Best With Convenient Handle: Simplify Multipurpose Caddy

The Simplify surface mountable plastic cleaning caddy measures 12.2×9.2×7.5 inches and has three compartments that can be used to store hand towels, washcloths, bottles, soaps, and other cleaning essentials. The caddy has a grid design with draining holes. It also features a convenient handle so that you can carry it anywhere you want.

This sink tool storage caddy can be used to store cheap cleaning supplies too. You can use it to carry items on a trip or a vacation. Its white color blends into any decor seamlessly. You can also use it to store large-sized shampoo bottles.


11. Mr.Siga Sink Caddy

The bathroom cleaning caddy from Mr.Siga measures 6.02×4.76×4.33 inches and is available in white. It has an additional front pocket for storing a scouting pad and plastic sponges. The stainless-steel rail can also be used for hanging various dish rags after use. It features two compartments with soft bristle gears. They are designed to keep the brushes apart. The space in between can be used to keep a peeler.

This cleaning caddy has a detachable base with ventilated holes that allow the sponges to dry faster. You can use it in the bathroom, kitchen, and any other area. The tray also features a pour spout so that water easily drains from it.


12. Stalwart Store Plastic Storage Tray Tote

Store all your daily cleaning supplies with this plastic cleaning caddy from Stalwart. This product is available in black and measures 16×10.5×3.75 inches. It is lightweight and easy to transport, and it can hold a variety of tools. The tray tote has a portable design with ergonomic handles that lets you easily carry it anywhere.

The cleaning caddy features two large storage areas and two small pockets to hold small items such as screws and bolts. It is made of long-lasting materials and is a practical storage solution for all your cleaning supplies.


13. Mobilevision Bamboo Multi-Purpose Caddy

This cleaning supplies organizer caddy has three sections. It is made from wood, and you can use it to store bottles, cloths, sponges, brushes, soaps, towels, and other items. The storage caddy with handle is multi-purpose and designed for heavy-duty use. Your children can also use it to store their school supplies.

It measures 13.5×11.5×7 inches, and the bamboo used in this caddy is of premium quality. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, vanity, cabinet, workshop, office, or any other place.


14. Storex Large Classroom Caddy

Storex’s cleaning supplies caddy is available in teal and gray combination. It is available in a pack of two and has a handle so that you can easily carry it anywhere you go. The caddy measures 13x11x6.38 inches.

The plastic used in the caddy is impact-resistant and wipes clean. It is also dishwasher safe and comes with six removable cups. All the items in this cleaning supply organizer can be stored neatly inside the caddy, avoiding mess and disorganization.


15. Polder Under Sink Cleaning Supplies

This under sink caddy from Polder is available in gray. You can store various household items, such as gel cleaners, powder cleaners, baking soda, washcloths, liquid cleaners, glass spray bottles, towels, and napkins.

This caddy’s cup, which is attached to the stainless-steel poles, can be used to store rags and sponges separately. The plastic tray is easy to clean, and the divider insert is adjustable and can be placed in three locations. In addition, you can use the steel rods to hang various items.


16. Really Good Stuff Four-Equal-Compartment Caddies

Really Good Stuff’s housekeeping caddy is made of plastic material. This pack of tabletop caddies is available in six colors, orange, purple, yellow, green, blue, and red. You can use it in school, classrooms, kitchen, bathroom, or vanity.

These plastic caddies for cleaning products have in-built handles and do not include sharp edges, making them safe for a child’s use as well. There are four compartments in each caddy. The plastic cleaning caddies have a space-saving design, are durable, and last for a long time.


17. Kunzhan Store 2-Pack Plastic Organizer Storage Baskets

This portable storage organizer caddy from the Kunzhan Store is made of premium materials such as BPA-free materials and anti-drop and non-chlorinated plastic. The set is available in white and measures 12.36×8.39×7.76 inches.

They are not easy to break and have drain holes at the base to keep the items inside the caddy clean. They are portable and easy to carry. You can store them in your cabinet, bathroom shelves, and closets as well as kitchen or bathroom.


18. Kootoo Portable Organizer Caddy

Kootoo’s portable organizer caddy is available in ultra-white. It has a modular design that can be used anywhere: kitchen, garage, bathroom, or vanity. The caddy is customizable and is a space-saving and time-saving design in which you can easily store anything. It includes a lid lock, one tube divider, four dividers, and one container.

It is ergonomically designed to hold brushes or spoons. The item weighs 2.81 pounds and has a portable design. Its huge size allows you to store many items.


19. Carlisle Cleaning Caddy

Carlisle FoodService Product’s green cleaning caddy smeasures 11.5×7.5×6 inches and weighs 1.1 pounds. It is an efficient system designed to reduce travel time and labor. In addition, the handle used in this caddy is convenient to use and break-resistant.

It has an embossed raised lettering and has trilingual labeling for easy identification. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, classroom, and workshop and store various everyday essentials such as cleaners and powders.


20. American 3d Supply Large Caddy

The caddy bag from American 3D Supply weighs 1.13 pounds and has multiple pockets that can be used to store homemade cleaning supplies and DIY items. The caddy is made of vinyl and is available in black. It measures 9.88×8.58×4.06 inches. The cleaning caddy is easy to clean and easy to carry.

This storage caddy with a handle will fit any trash bin, be it square or round, and is compatible with brute trash cans as well. It has one large holder that can be used to store a broom, two smallholders, and four small pockets for spray bottles and brushes. In addition, three medium-sized and two large pockets allow you to store other everyday cleaning essentials.


21. PlaykidzCleaning Caddy Set

Playkidz’sten-piece cleaning caddy includes a sponge, spray, squeegee, brushes, and an organizer caddy. It is recommended for children above the age of three years. The toy set encourages imaginative play and also gives children a sense of responsibility.


The entire set is made of durable quality and meets all the safety standards. It is easy to clean and is made of BPA-free materials, thereby making it safe for children. The caddy ensures great fun and educative time for your child while boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

How To Choose The Right Cleaning Caddy?

Consider the following features when buying a cleaning caddy.

  • Material: Caddies are available in different materials, including cloth, vinyl, plastic, stainless steel, and wood. Select a material based on where you intend to use it. If it’s for the bathroom, you can opt for one made of plastic or steel, and if it’s for cleaning, you can use a cloth, vinyl, or even wood.
  • Size: Cleaning caddies come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can choose the size of the caddy based on your needs and the location where you want to keep it.
  • Number of pockets: Caddies typically have several pockets and some of them are customizable. The more the number of pockets, the more items you can store in a more organized manner.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wedetso Chirhah is a product reviewer specializing in home products, automobiles, electronics, and books. After going through several trusted websites and customer reviews, he has compiled a list of the best cleaning caddies that can help you store all your cleaning products efficiently. While preparing this list, Wedetso has taken care of factors such as the material of the caddies, their size, design, and more. Reading through the product description and referring to the buying guide will enable you to choose the right product.

When it comes to storage solutions, caddies always offer convenience. They are available at various price options. Look for the features of each caddy before selecting a product. Ensure it serves your purpose and is durable. Remember, the more dividers you have, the better. So, invest your money wisely and choose a cleaning kit that meets all your needs while remaining within your budget.

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