11 Best Climbing Holds For Rock Climbing At Home & Outdoor In 2022



Rock climbing is a fun, adventurous, and addictive activity. But it is also a dangerous activity without the right gear or equipment. This post lists the best climbing holds for rock climbing enthusiasts. These holds can be attached to a blank wall so that the adrenaline enthusiasts can practice the task at home. These holds are sturdy and can bear the average weight of an individual. There are also other benefits of purchasing these holds. You can create your recreational activity at home. As it is your wall, you get to decide the climbing path.

To purchase rock climbing holds, you should consider the material of the hold, durability, installation, and other features. In this post, we discuss the same along with our picks. We have also listed the pros and cons of each holder to help you decide better. However, ensure you also have other gear ready for the climbing.

11 Best Climbing Holds Of 2021

1. Ruby’s Creations 25 Textured Rock Climbing Holds For Kids With Installation Hardware

Ruby’s Creations 25 Textured Rock Climbing Holds

Ideal for indoor as well as outdoor walls, these rocky mountain climbing holds come in 25 attractive colors. There are 5 different styles and each style has 5 pieces, making it a great option for customizing your wall in the desired route. This climbing holds set comes with hardware in galvanized steel, which includes bolts as well as mounting equipment. In addition to climbing walls, this product can also be used as an accessory on swing sets and jungle gyms.


  • Strong durable design
  • Weather proof plastic
  • Textured for better hold and grip
  • Ideal for kids and beginners


  • The bolts that come with the set may not be ideal for snow.

2. Rocky Mountain Climbing Holds Climbing Gear Kids Large

Rocky Mountain Climbing Holds Climbing

If bright colours are not your aesthetic, these natural-looking rocks are what you need. Not only do they look realistic, they are also made using recycled materials. This means you and your kids can stay fit, have fun, be adventurous, and save the planet all at once! Suitable for being attached to trees as well, these holds provide good balance to the climber without harming natural landscape and the health of the tree. These holds come in various sizes and difficulty levels, making it a long term purchase that will give incredible value for years to come.


  • Environment-friendly
  • Heavy duty
  • Provide secure grip
  • Suitable for all ages


  • New holds may smell of epoxy, however within 24 hours the odor goes away

3. Metolius Foundation Hold Sets

Metolius Foundation Hold Sets

Large climbing walls need a large number of climbing holds, and this climbing hold set has 105 pieces. Distributed over 7 different shapes and sizes, these holds come with bolts and hardware as well as a booklet that tells you how to build a climbing wall at home. Made using resin, the holds come in solid as well as patterned styles that can make your wall look like an artist’s canvas. The large quantity of holds is ideal for climbers who want to develop a customized,  style route.


  • Ideal for ceilings and slants
  • Great starting point purchase for beginners
  • Suitable for use by all ages


  • Holds may develop cracks if tightened too hard.

4. KINSPORY 20 Pig Nose Shape Rock Climbing Holds For Outdoor Wooden Play Set

KINSPORY 20 Pig Nose Shape Rock Climbing

Children need constant change and inspiration when it comes to their play activities. A great introduction to wall climbing can be made using this climbing hold set, that is created keeping in mind beginners as well as their adult companions. These colorful and durable plastic holds offer tremendous comfort with smooth edges, giving the climber confidence to push their boundaries and build their physical and mental strength. With a total of 20 large climbing holds, this set also comes with two auxiliary handles for additional support.


  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor climbing walls as well as swing sets
  • Product is non-toxic and tasteless
  • Brightly colored rocks give a makeover to any dull space


  • These climbing holds may suit walls that are not too thick.

5. Metolius Greatest Chips Screw-On Holds (40 Pack)

Metolius Greatest Chips Screw-On Holds


Have you been using a personal climbing wall at home and feel it needs an update? This screw-on holds pack has 40 pieces that are popularly voted for being great footholds. An affordable way of updating your existing climbing route is by simply adding pieces that you felt were missing. This results in you gaining benefits of multiple climbing routes on a single wall and you will no longer feel the need to drive up to new wall climbing gyms and locations for variety.


  • Brilliant grip
  • Challenging shape that can help you train better
  • Strong and durable


  • Some of the pieces may be small and better suited for kids.

6. HAPPY PIE PLAY&ADVENTURE Kids Wall Rock Climbing Holds


Made using plastic and designed with quality construction, this child friendly climbing hold set is ideal for children between 3-11 years of age. The texture of the holds ensures that children with soft and tiny hands do not get hurt and are instead, encouraged to spend longer hours on climbing walls. With a good mix of hand grips as well as footholds, this 8-piece set can be installed easily on timber walls.


  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Quick installation
  • Suited for playground swing sets as well as indoor walls


  • Two people may be needed for the installation process.

7. Metolius Screw-On Climbing Holds Set

Metolius Screw-On Climbing Holds Set

If you are an experienced climber and are thinking of creating a bigger and challenging route, this product is what you need. Accompanied with self-drilling screws, this climbing hold set will take your climbing wall at home to the next level. 61 professional-sized pieces and shapes make this product very desirable, especially because some of these pieces can easily fit in corners and sides where installation can be tricky.


  • Suited well to advanced level climbers
  • Gives a feeling of actual rock climbing
  • Vivid pattern on holds make it very attractive


  • These may not be suited for children who lack experience.

8. Escape Climbing 10 Screw-On Jugs

Escape Climbing 10 Screw-On Jugs

As the name suggests, this pack contains jugs that are an excellent place to start for learners and first time climbers. When placed horizontally, these plastic jugs look like an easy climb, which means even toddlers can try their tiny hands and feet on them. However, when placed at an angle, these jugs make the route harder, resulting in them being exciting for adults as well.


  • Handcrafted
  • Sturdy
  • Can be used by people of all ages
  • Not limited by the requirements of t-nut placement.


  • May not be ideal for dry walls at home

9. SSBRIGHT Sets Of 25 Multicoloured Kids & Adults Large Rock Climbing Holds

SSBRIGHT Sets Of 25 Multicoloured Kids & Adults

Are you building a wall that will work for both, your kids as well as you and your friends? This set of 25 climbing holds is a great starter pack that also offers maximum impact. These climbing holds are not only all weather proof but they can also hold up to 440 lbs of weight, which means everyone can take advantage of this set, irrespective of their age and size. None of the pieces have sharp edges making it safe for children and their sensitive skin.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Multi-colored
  • Easy installation
  • Made using BPA-free poly resin plastic.


  • May not be suited for narrow walls

10. C Crystal Lemon Textured Rock Climbing Holds For Kids

C Crystal Lemon Textured Rock Climbing

Build a climbing wall for your kids using these sturdy and bright indoor rock climbing holds! There are 10 pieces in a single pack, with each hold manufactured keeping in mind that even toddlers may be gripping on to them. Children that start climbing early build better muscle and core strength and it goes a long way as far as overall development is concerned. While they are made for kids, these bolts do not compromise with durability and quality.


  • Non-toxic
  • Multicolored
  • Easy to install


  • May not be suited for outdoor use

11. Atomik Climbing Holds 21 Classic Pack Bolt Ons

Atomik Climbing Holds 21 Classic Pack

Assorted climbing holds in earthy tones make up this 21-piece indoor and outdoor hold set. This pack comes with an equal number of zinc nuts, because of which installation is a breezy affair. You don’t need to worry about training level when using these holds, so much so that you can climb using tennis shoes as well. The difficulty level of these holds depends on the route you set and the angle of your wall, making it an all-time favorite for custom use.


  • Unbreakable polyurethane
  • Suitable for basement walls
  • Can be used by all age groups


  • May be a little small for adult hands

Here are a few important points to consider when choosing climbing holds.

Things To Consider When Choosing Climbing Holds

  • Right Size: It is important to be well aware of who is using the rocky mountain climbing holds in your home, before purchasing climbing hold sets. Children need smaller holds with better grip, and possibly a larger number of them so they have support at every short distance. Adults with experience, on the other hand, need specific shapes like slopers, crimps, jugs, etc. based on their preference and wall shape.
  • Texture: Boiling down to personal preference, textures can be smooth or rough, or sometimes in between. A good idea is to try out both smooth and uneven holds at public climbing walls, and check which finish works best for you. This way you end up with holds that are suited to your climbing style.
  • Comfort: Possibly one of the most important factors, if you don’t have comfort you will not have a good climb, or any climb at all. Like personalities, everyone has different types of grips and climbing styles. An acceptable match are holds that offer you good balance and great footholds, so you can literally achieve higher levels in your climb.
  • Versatility: A versatile hold is one that gives you more utility in a single piece, than multiple pieces would. This means you must look for climbing hold sets that not only come with large, matchable pieces but also have sections that can offer more than one grip individually. In simple words, if you can turn around a hold, and change the way the indentation feels, you gain multiple climbing courses at the price of one.
  • Footprint: You want to be certain about the wall space you have, indoor or outdoor, and how much variety you want from the hold sets you purchase. Larger pieces will mean less space for multiple smaller holds, as a result of which you will end up having a monotonous and tame climbing route. Smaller sized holds have the tendency to give you an opportunity to train yourself in simple as well as harder routes. They also fill the wall up and excite your senses with new climbs each time.
  • Fun Factor: A personal climbing wall has many benefits, being able to customise the wall though is the greatest attribute. Purchasing indoor rock climbing holds that let you play with the route are definitely a big win.
  • Cost: You have already invested in preparing a climbing wall at home and finding climbing holds that will suit your budget is the next big mission. If you are new to buying personal climbing holds, it is important for you to know that some pieces may cost more than you imagined. A grand centrepiece shape may cost you more than building the wall did, while smaller pieces are much cheaper, and probably what you need as a beginner.
  • Type of training: Each type of hold is different, offers special functions, and most importantly focuses on different muscles and strength. Initially, it is best to procure a climbing hold set that has a good mix of hold types, so you can warm up every muscle you need to use for climbing. Once you know where your weakness lies, you can order holds that demand more work from your specific problem areas.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have curated a list of the best climbing holds that you can consider having a look at if you are planning to go rock climbing sometime. Our experienced writers and editors have left no stone unturned to introduce you to rock climbing holds to help you narrow down the best option available in the market. We have considered user reviews to offer you an unbiased opinion and included a buying guide for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is rock climbing hard for beginners?

As a learner, rock climbing is easy if you have a good instructor, you follow their instructions, trust their expertise and start practicing on a beginner grade wall.

2. Is rock climbing a good hobby?

Rock climbing, be it on indoor or outdoor walls, demands a high level of physical and mental endurance, in the process making the climber stronger and fitter, providing them with better control on balance.

3. How do you learn to climb?

Aspiring climbers can start with introduction classes at their local gym, observe the experts, and warm up on small obstacle courses to practice their grip.

Experience the thrill of rock climbing at home with climbing holds and practice comfortably. Each set includes holds of various sizes, colors, and grips, and they come with screws and other items required to install them. When choosing a climbing hold set, you should prioritize your comfort, including aspects such as the hold’s size and texture. Moreover, climbing holds are designed to bear a person’s weight, so consider who will be using the climbing holds- children or adults- to decide the size. These climbing holds are durable, long-lasting, and heavy-duty, offering a firm grip for security and support. You can also consider environment-friendly and recycled options for eco-friendly alternatives.

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