15 Best Clogs For Women On Professional & Casual Outings In 2022


Walk into any party in style with our list of the best clogs for women. Earlier, clogs were made of wood when working-class people had no better options. But they have evolved with time and are now made from several sophisticated and comfortable materials. Our list includes various fashionable clogs that you can accessorize with professional and casual outfits. You can wear them every day or keep them for special occasions when you want to flaunt your taste and style.

Read on to go through the list of products and pick a well-fitting, comfortable pair.

The 15 Best Clogs For Women In 2021

1. Best Lightweight: Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

Dansko Women's Professional Clog


These clogs for women have a comfortable, lightweight and durable build and are ideal for all-day wear and work. Made from shiny patent leather, these are perfect for when you are heading to a party.


  • Polyurethane sole with grooves
  • Heel with a height of two inches
  • Extra room in the reinforced toe area
  • Wide heel provides good stability
  • Padded instep provides cushioning


  • With prolonged use, cracks may develop at the sides
  • Some might find it a little big at the back

2. Best Durable Design: Crocs Women’s Classic Lined Clog

Crocs Women's Classic Lined Clog


This is one of the best pairs of clogs for women and has a unisex style, which makes it suitable for men as well. They are one of the best clogs for walking and are created from sophisticated, lightweight material. To understand the nuances of the product in detail, you can check out this review.


  • Lining ideal for colder months
  • Lightweight Croslite foam material
  • Durable design and build
  • Pivoting heel strap
  • Heel strap keeps clogs secure on feet
  • Comfortable footbed


  • Might not be comfortable when wearing with thick socks
  • Feet might feel sweaty

3. Best Cushioning: Isotoner Women’s Microterry Clog

ISOTONER Women's Microterry Clog


Created with a slip-on design and a microterry upper, these clogs are available in several attractive colors and are ideal for use at home. They can also be used outdoors, as they have soles that can easily grip various surfaces.


  • Durable rubber sole
  • Cushioning on insole reduces impacts
  • Treads on the sole improve traction
  • Provides great arch support


  • May not be suitable for wearing for long hours
  • Stitching may come apart after prolonged use

4. Best For All-Day Wear: Skechers Women’s Fortress Clog Slipper

Skechers Women's Fortress Clog Slipper


Featuring a trendy design and heel, these clogs can be easily slipped on. With a warm faux fur trim and lining, these are comfortable and ideal for all-day wear, whether you are at home, outdoors, or at work. They are lined on the inside to provide added warmth. It has a two-inch high heel and a one-inch platform.


  • Upper part created from 100% suede
  • Synthetic lugged sole
  • Available in various colors
  • Midsole designed to absorb impact


  • Might seem wide for those with narrower feet
  • Some might find these to be a little heavy

5. Best Easy-To-Wear: b.o.c. Women’s, Peggy Clog

b.o.c. Women's, Peggy Clog


Available in several colors and patterns and created with artificial leather, these clogs are ideal for the fashion-conscious. They also have cushioning and padding, a wide toe box, and an upper made from faux leather which make them a comfortable option for all-day use.


  • Easy to wear slip-on design
  • Synthetic sole with wood finish
  • Padded insole and footbed with arch support
  • Lightweight build with a two-inch heel
  • Treads on the outsole provide good traction


  • May have a narrow instep
  • May seem a little slick on the bottom

6. Best Breathable: Merrell Women’s Encore Q2 Breeze Clog

Merrell Women's Encore Q2 Breeze Clog


These comfortable clogs for walking feature a breathable mesh and have a durable build. Available in attractive color combinations, they can be slipped on easily and worn comfortably all through the day.


  • Textile mesh upper
  • Merrell air cushioning in the heel
  • Shock-absorbing materials and design
  • Rubber sole with treads for grip
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to slip on and off


  • Footbed may not be sufficiently cushioned
  • Arch support may not be adequate for some

7. Best Contoured Footbed: FitFlop Women’s Loaff Suede Clogs

FitFlop Women's Loaff Suede Clogs


Created from a combination of synthetic materials, these clogs are ideal and comfortable for wearing at home or work. It comes with a soft middle and a cushioned heel that is 1.25 inches high. Available in six colors, they are cushioned to reduce impacts.


  • Classy suede upper with elastic inserts
  • Midsole with three levels of cushioning
  • Footbed is contoured to the shape of the feet
  • Supports feet


  • Some might find the width a little less
  • Some may experience a little sweat

8. Best Slip-Resistant: Mia Women’s Abba Clog-Inspired Sandal

MIA Women's Abba Clog-Inspired Sandal


Inspired by the 1980s disco clogs, this pair is made with Swedish wood and leather from Italy. These clogs with 100% leather upper are styled as sandals, have a high heel of approximately 3.5 inches, and help make a bold fashion statement. Can be styled with skirts, pants and dresses.


  • Hand-made construction that makes it durable
  • Platform sandal design with wood heel
  • Comfortable contouring on the footbed
  • Slip-resistant lugged sole
  • Perfect for an evening or a night out.


  • Size may run small
  • May not be comfortable for wearing for long hours

9. Best Customized Fit: Eastland Women’s Mae Clog

Eastland Women's Mae Clog


The leather upper that is made from genuine full-grain leather lined with fabric provides these clogs with classic good looks and makes them ideal for all-day wear. They are designed to be easily slipped on and provide cushioning for the feet. They come with approximately two-inch high heels and are available in different colors.


  • Comes with durable stitching
  • Synthetic material is used to create the sole
  • Cushioning on the footbed for extra comfort
  • Outsole with treads provides added traction
  • Buckle and elastic gore provide a customized fit
  • Insole is soft and comforting


  • May run half a size small
  • Some might find these to be a little narrow

10. Best Long-Lasting: b.o.c. Women’s, Karley Clog

b.o.c. Women's, Karley Clog


This is a rustic-styled clog created with a combination of several materials. It has a dual-colored leather top with crossed straps and metal studs as part of its detailing, along with a steady and sturdy rubber heel.


  • Chocolate-hued leather upper with black straps
  • Long-lasting stitching
  • Two-inch high rubber heel with treads
  • Good style and quality


  • May have sizing issues
  • Soles may not be thick enough

11. Best Easy-To-Clean: Crocs Women’s Felicity Clog

Crocs Women's Felicity Clog


Created with a slip-on design, these are one of the most comfortable women’s clogs. Coming in a durable synthetic material, the upper has subtle patterns that provide these clogs with great style and make them ideal for all-day wear. It also comes with a 1.75-inch high heel.


  • Rubber sole with treads provides added traction
  • Easily removable footbed
  • Molded clogs that can be easily cleaned
  • Can be helpful with foot pain


  • Can make the feet a little bit sweaty
  • Some might feel the fit a little uncomfortable at the top part

12. Best Arch Support: Rialto Shoes Vienna Women’s Clog

RIALTO Shoes Vienna Women's Clog


The clog with a slip-on design and an open back has an upper that features an elegant laser-cut floral pattern and shines in certain color options, which are suitable for party or clubwear. They are built to provide users with a good amount of comfort. These shoes come with a three-inch high heel and a velcro ankle strap that is easily adjustable.


  • Higher arch support for feet
  • Cut out patterns allow for air to circulate freely
  • Memory foam interior cushioning
  • Comfortable


  • May have size issues
  • Some may find the pair narrow

13. Best Rounded-Toe Design: Born Concept Aime Women’s Clog

Born Concept Aime Women's Clog


The clogs that come with 100% leather upper and rounded toe area are the perfect choice whether you’re walking to work, shopping, or just hanging out with friends. They have an elegant look and can be worn with several outfits, including skirts and jeans. An adjustable strap with buckle closure and a heel height of two and a quarter inches are some of the other features of these clogs.


  • Cushioned footbed provides added comfort
  • Durable synthetic sole
  • Molded lightweight heel
  • Available in two colors
  • Can help with feet ache


  • Some may find the strap short
  • Some might find the sole not too durable

14. Best For Orthotic Support: Vionic Women’s, Kacie Clog

Vionic Women's, Kacie Clog


Among the best clogs available, this pair stands out as it is made to meet the current fashion standards. The clogs that come with suede upper and metal stud detailing are created from comfortable materials and can easily be slipped on for everyday use. They also have a one-inch platform with a two-inch heel.


  • Sole with faux wooden finish
  • Footbed with comfortable cushioning
  • Orthotic support and heel cup provide stability
  • Rubber layered onto the sole
  • Uplifts arch support


  • Some might find these to be a little stiff
  • Some might find it a bit curved at the toes.

15. Best Design: Vionic Women’s Day Faye T-Strap Casual Clog with Concealed Orthotic Support

Vionic Women's Day Faye T-Strap Casual Clog with Concealed Orthotic Support


With a high-quality leather upper that features a T-strap, these are among the best options when it comes to women’s fashion clogs. The ankle strap comes with an integrated buckle for tightening and it also comes with a two-inch high heel. These clogs are versatile and ideal for everyday wear at the office or at school.


  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Platform with faux wood finish
  • Studs on the trim add a classy touch
  • Comfortable footbed provides added support
  • Cute and comfortable


  • Some might find the arch support to be a little low
  • Ankle strap may be a little snug for those with wider ankles

What Are Clogs?

Clogs derive their name from footwear that was traditionally worn by peasants and the working class in several areas of the world, but they are currently as fashionable as other types of shoes.

  • Clogs usually feature a fully enclosed toe area
  • They were originally made completely from wood
  • Traditional clogs provided protection to feet when working
  • Wood in modern clogs is usually used to create the heel
  • Sophisticated materials are used to create modern clogs
  • They are designed to be easily slipped on
  • They can be created for use indoors, in gardens, and outdoors
  • When designed for men clogs, have lower heels or none at all

Clogs In 2021: The New Trends To Look Out For

If you are planning to buy clogs this year, here is what you should be aware of.

  • Clogs in bright reds and neon colors are making a comeback
  • Studs and detailing around the edges of clogs are popular
  • High heels in clogs are going to be sticking around for a long time
  • Combination clog mules are going to be increasingly common
  • Embellished buckles on clogs will provide them with a youthful vibe
  • Cork soles are going to be used more on clogs
  • Swedish designs and quirky patterns are popular for spring

How To Style Clogs?

Clogs are created with open or closed heels, can be laced up or slipped on, and are made from a variety of materials. We have drawn up tips to help you style different types of clogs to perfection, whether you are heading to the office or to a party.

  • Clog boots are versatile and provide a hippie edge to short skirts and pants
  • Classic clogs with colored leather uppers and wooden soles are ideal for school and college wear
  • Brown clogs with adjustable ankle straps and high heels pair well with various casual pants
  • Bright hued clogs are the perfect match for ripped jeans
  • Leopard print clogs can be worn with black pants or skirts during a date night
  • Biker chic clogs with studs perfectly pair with patchwork denim
  • Pair leather clogs with socks created with sheer material when wearing skirts
  • High heeled clogs with peep toes pair perfectly with floral skirts during summer
  • Fur lined clogs or clog booties are ideal when worn with socks during winter

How To Choose the Right Clogs For Women?

Good quality clogs created with the right design are comfortable, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet during the day. Here are some tips you should be aware of when choosing clogs for women.

  • Decide on the height of the heel and the space for the toes

Work shoes need to be comfortable, especially if you do a lot of standing or walking. Clogs used daily for work need to have no heel or medium heel and keep your feet as close to the ground as possible. Additionally, clogs used daily should be broader around the toe area and allow the toes to spread out.

  • Check the material

If you plan to use your clogs for several years, then get versions with leather or suede uppers. However, clogs made from artificial waterproof material are ideal if you want to use them outdoors.

  • Find a clog that is ideal for your feet

A clog needs to fit your foot well, especially if you have wider toes or feet. So, ensure that the build is suitable.

  • Opt for a long-lasting style

Buying a clog that is trendy this year could result in it going out of fashion soon. So, opting for clogs with classic style in black or brown will allow you to wear them for several years.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag is an experienced writer who specializes in reviewing fashion, footwear, skincare, and hair care products. She has gone through multiple websites and scoured numerous product reviews to bring you the list of the best clogs for women. She has explained the features of each product listed above and included a buying guide to help you pick the right product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to take care of clogs?

Clogs are made from several materials. If the material used to create clogs is waterproof, you can use water to remove stains and dirt. Clogs made from suede have to be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove dirt. The leather on clogs can be sprayed before wearing them, and they also have to be conditioned with oil or beeswax every few months.

2. Are clogs good for the feet?

Comfortable clogs are preferred by many who walk or stand for long durations every day. However, clogs with high heels or those that are designed badly can cause problems just like any other footwear.

3. Can you wear clogs with skinny jeans?

Yes, you can pair beige or black clogs when wearing skinny jeans to create a minimalistic and stylish look.

4. Should you wear socks with clogs?

It is not necessary to wear socks with clogs, especially during summer. But sheer socks can be used to style them. However, during winter or cold months, wearing thick woolen socks with clogs is ideal.

Whether a casual party or a formal gathering, the best clogs for women can be a stylish yet comfortable option that goes well with any outfit. Durability, comfort, and quality should be among the most critical factors when shopping for this versatile footwear. When choosing a pair of clogs, check for sizing for a snug fit. If you’re shopping for a specific occasion, fret not, as clogs are available in many colors and patterns to suit your sense of style.

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