24 Best Cloth Books For Babies In 2022


Keep your child engaged for hours with our list of the best cloth books for babies. A cloth book is made of cotton or polyester and is used as an early education tool for children to help develop their sensory skills. They contain pictures and illustrations of animals, birds, nature, and more to grab your child’s attention. These books are made with crinkle paper and sound devices for entertainment. With unique themes, features, and a smooth texture, these books help your child learn age-appropriate skills and encourage their curiosity. So, pick a suitable one for your child from our list.

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Benefits Of Cloth Books For Babies

Some benefits cloth books might offer to babies are as follows:

  1. Infants can enjoy the vibrant colors, teethers often attached to the books, crinkle sounds, and the different textures in the book. In contrast,the toddlers enjoy identifying the alphabets, animals, and the underlying stories.
  2. Source of early education for your child, as they allow them to build concentration and develop sensory and motor skills in babies.
  3. Young infants identify the world around them by putting things in their mouths and since most cloth books are soft, non-toxic, and tear-resistant, they are great companions of your little one.

24 Best Cloth Books For Babies

1. Best For Audio Recognition Skills: Teytoy My First Soft Book

The non-toxic fabric baby books are ideal for your little one’s early education since they teach to identify different things by touch and learn about the sea world, vegetables, fruits, and more. This pack of six cloth books based on various themes is child-safe, washable, and has strong stitching to prevent wear and tear. The books contain vibrant and colorful images, characters, patterns, and various educational activities to develop sensory skills in your child.

The bright illustrations will draw your baby’s attention, and they are featherweight with touchable figures in the book. Designed with high-quality cotton cushioning, these cloth books have squeak and bell sounds to enhance audio recognition skills. Besides, they are easy to carry and fit well in an adult’s palm.


2. Best For Developing Sensory Skills: ToykBaby Bath Books

The eight-pack baby cloth books are made from cotton material and are ideal early education tools.They are non-toxic, washable, durable, easytofold, and carry books for your infant or toddler. Based on different themes, such as alphabets, fruits, animals, oceans, etc., these books have various sounds and touchable features to help your little one develop their sensory skills.

There are vibrant images, patterns, and colors with educational content. This will therefore help your baby learn during their developmental years while also holding their attention for longer.


3. Best Skin-Friendly: Beiens Soft Toys Baby Cloth Books

Suitable for children from zero to three years, this touch-and-feel crinkle book has bright colors and sensory interaction activities. It has a crinkle feature on both the cover pages and a squeaker sound to enhance your baby’s audio recognition skills. The cloth book has textured animal tails for the little one to play with and is made from BPA-free, non-toxic, washable, skin-friendly polyester. This product comes with a month-long money-back guarantee.


4. Best Durable: To Be Ready For Life Premium Soft Baby Book

The cloth book with a handle features crinkly sounds for your one-year-old to keep them engaged for longer. This book has a peek-a-boo flap, a mirror, and touch-and-feel features that allow your little one to have endless hours of fun and learning. It stimulates the sensory skills and language learning ability of the child. Designed with soft polyester, this book is durable, washable, safe, and non-toxic.


5. Best Easy-To-Learn Content: Coolplay Baby’s First Non-Toxic Soft Cloth Book Set

The Coolplay set of eight cloth books comes in vibrant colors and covers creative and easy-to-learn content on shapes, food, animals, numbers, vegetables, colors, characters, and the undersea world. There are two books: one with a loop having crinkle paper and rustle on the outside pages, and the second is a soft book without a loop and has crinkle paper and rustle on all pages.

The touch-and-feel features can develop your little one’s sensory skills., These books are washable, soft, tear-resistant, child-safe, and non-toxic. They are light in weight with handling rings in each book.


6. Best For Bath Time: Top Bright Soft Cloth Books for Babies

The six-pack cloth books are ideal for bath-time reading since they are non-fading and non-deforming. These crinkle books have numbers, shapes, fruits, vehicles, animals, and visuals with vibrant illustrations to allow your little one to enjoy the bright colors while learning. Each book has high-quality digital printing, strong stitching, durable design, touchable textures, and soft fabric surfaces.


7. Best For Developing Cognitive Skills: Tumama Soft Cloth Books for Babies

The black and white cloth baby books come in a set of three and have educational content, such as fruits, numbers, animals, and shapes to allow your little one to learn and develop their cognitive skills. There are simple cognitive illustrations and rattle sounds in the 20 pages of each book for the baby to enjoy. They are made of environmentally friendly bamboo fiber, durable, safe for babies, and resistant to wear and tear. Each book has a hand strap to hang the book anywhere and anytime.


8. Best Lightweight: BabybibiCloth Books for Babies

The premium-quality set has six soft books designed with a touch-and-feel crinkle paper and has early education content with different themes in each. There are vibrant colors and illustrations to help your child develop their sensory skills. Constructed from soft, durable, and washable material, these books are lightweight and have colorful numbers, letters, fruits, and more for your little one to learn.


9. Best Non-Toxic: Beiens Soft Baby Cloth Books

The three cloth books are touch-and-feel soft books with crinkles on the cover pages. These books generate a squeaker sound to entertain your little ones as they learn through sensory interaction. They are non-toxic, durable, washable, BPA-free, and skin-friendly., The bright-colored pages illustrate animals with Bibi devices in their tails and produce a unique sound by squeezing them. There is a Velcro strap for hanging, and the product comes with a one-month money-back guarantee.


10. Best Washable: Magicfun Cloth Book Baby

The six-pack vibrant colored small cloth books would allow your little one to hold them easily and read through with attention. The books are non-fading, washable, and make a crinkling sound. Each book is lightweight and based on different themes, such as fruits, alphabets, sea creatures, and animals. The touchable textures help enhance your child’s sensory skills while they engage in reading through the 12 pages of each book. They are durable, easy-to-carry, and have a convenient ribbon loop for hanging on the stroller. The product comes with a 60-day money-back policy.


11. HonyBaby Bath Books

The soft fabric baby bath books are washable, durable, and teach your little one various things by feeling, touching, and watching. This pack of eight books has many themes: animal world, alphabets, family, insects, ocean world, and more. The book’s vibrant colors with crinkling sounds will help enhance your child’s sensory and reading skills. By pinching the book, it makes a ‘sasa’ sound to entertain your little one. Each book is lightweight, non-toxic, tear-resistant, durable and comes with a loop to hang on your car seat or stroller.


12. Tencoz Baby Cloth Books

The Tencoz baby cloth books available in a six-pack are soft, tear-resistant,  durable, and made from premium non-toxic soft polyester. Each book has a unique theme to allow your little one to learn about the animal kingdom, fruits, alphabets, sea creatures, numbers, and more. Ideally sized for babies, these books have vivid colors, illustrations and make rustling sounds to keep your baby engaged for longer and help develop their sensory and communication skills.


13. BabybibiCloth Books

Your toddler would love reading this set of nine colorful cloth books made using crinkle paper and allow a nice touch and feel to develop your little one’s sensory skills. The child-safe books enable your toddler to learn animals, colors, vegetables, and more with vivid illustrations. They are non-toxic, BPA-free, and child-safe.


14. Bebe Mondo Fish Soft Cloth Book

The soft cloth book from Bebe Mondo is themed on sea animals, and its vibrant colors will keep your little one engaged for longer. By lifting the flap, you could play peek-a-boo and let your child enjoy the crinkle pages and baby-safe mirror. There are touch-and-feel textures in the book with 3D animals such as octopus, crab, and baby shark.

The book helps develop sensory skills with its multi-colored illustrations, 3D tails and other animal parts. This book is made from non-toxic, durable, washable, and safe materials firmly stitched together and has a hanging loop attached on the top, which could also be used as a teether. 


15. Istoyall Baby Soft Book Cloth Book

The set has eight crinkle books with foot finders to keep your little one engaged while they also learn through bright illustrations. The books will make a crunching sound as the baby uses them, and their lightweight tear-resistant material will keep them intact after prolonged use.

Each book is made from soft, durable, non-toxic washable cotton and features different story themes with a label design, 3D pictures, and different textures. There is a Bibi sound device in the book that generates a beep sound when pinched. The books have a Velcro design to hang or store them easily.


16. Magicfun Cloth Books

The vibrantly colored set has three touch-and-feel crinkle books based on different themes, such as dinosaurs, ocean world, and animals. Made from premium polyester, these books are durable, washable without sharp edges and safe for babies. Each book has unique tail design to feel the texture and engage themselves in the animal world.

The portable straps for hanging the books to the stroller and their tear-resistant, non-toxic material allows prolonged use. The book when pinched makes a ‘sasa’ sound to entertain your child while it learns and enhances its sensory skills. This product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


17. Sunen Baby Soft Book Cloth Book

Your toddler would enjoy reading this book as they engage in the vivid colored pictures and illustrations about one animal that it features. This book is lightweight, non-toxic, tear-resistant, washable, and is made from high-quality, durable, and safe material. It is handy for your little one’s tiny hands and has eight pages with engaging content, along with a Velcro closure.


18. Tinabless Baby Soft Book Cloth Book

The Tinabless cloth baby book is ideal for the early education of your toddler since it allows them to learn interactively and develop their sensory skills t. The two-pack cloth books feature a peek-a-boo flap, a mirror, various sounds, and ribbon tags. These books are non-toxic, firmly stitched, and washable with vivid illustrations, themes, and touch-and-feel features. The thick premium cotton used for these books is durable and does not tear easily.


19. Joyin Soft Bath Books

The non-toxic soft baby cloth books come in a set of 12 based on various themes, such as animal world, sea world, fruits, vegetables, shapes, vehicles, food, alphabets, colors, insects, and more. Each book is designed with different sounds and touch-and-feel textures to keep your little one engaged while they learn and develop their sensory skills. Made from high-quality fabric, each book is durable, tear-resistant, washable, and lightweight.


20. FunsLane Baby Soft Cloth Books

The soft cloth 12-book set is based on various themes: vegetables, animals, sea world, shapes, colors, numbers, fruits, and more. With crinkle paper and squeaker on the outside pages, these books have vivid illustrations and bright pictures to help develop your child’s sensory skills. Made using non-toxic, durable, and washable material, these books are lightweight, handy, and tear-resistant. There is a loop on the books to hang them on the stroller.


21. Acekid Baby Cloth Book

Acekid offers non-toxic, colorful, crinkle books based on 12 different themes: sea world, shapes, colors, vegetables, numbers, and fruits. The vivid colors and illustrations in the books help develop your child’s sensory skills through touch-and-feel features. Six books have a built-in BB device, while the other six have built-in bells. Each book is made from durable, tear-resistant, washable, and non-toxic material with a loop attached to it for attaching it to the car seat or a stroller.


22. Varano Soft Books with Teether for Babies

The Varano soft crinkle book is made from BPA-free, non-toxic, washable, wrinkle-free fabric with touch-and-feel features and smooth edges. This book can provide early education to your little one with crinkle paper, vibrant colors, and soft texture while also developing their motor skills.


23. Magkay Soft Baby Cloth Books

Your toddler could use these cloth books while bathing since they are washable and non-fading. The touch-and-feel books feature crinkles on both cover pages and generate a squeaker sound to enhance your child’s motor skills. They have textured animal tails and are filled with vibrantly coloredanimal pictures. Made from non-toxic, BPA-free polyester, this book is durable, lightweight, and tear-resistant.


24. Bebe Mondo Soft Baby Cloth Book

The adorable elephant-shaped fabric book has various features and activities that engage your little one. There is an elephant-shaped 3D toy attached to the book with crinkle ears and soft textured legs and tail. A rattle is also attached to the book, along with leaf-shaped and ring-shaped teethers. Your baby could play peek-a-boo, enjoy the vibrant colors, pictures, and textures. The book also produces animal sounds and is durable, made from non-toxic, safe, and washable cotton.


How To Choose The Right Cloth Book For Babies?

Here are some things to consider before buying cloth books for babies.

  1. Safety: The book should have soft rounded edges made from non-toxic material to render it safe for your little one.
  2. Features: Books featuring vibrant colors, illustrations, engaging sounds, crinkles, and touch-and-feel textures would hold your baby’s attention for longer as they develop their sensory skills and help learn about various animals, shapes, colors, etc.
  3. Washable: Waterproof books could be ideal since your little one might enjoy chewing them or taking them along while bathing. Washable, non-fading books could last longer too.
  4. Age: For infants, books with sounds, touch-and-feel textures, crinkle material, and smaller sizes are ideal. For toddlers, illustrative content, easy learning techniques, and durable material might work well.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Cloth books are great for stimulating sensory development in babies. In this post, we present a list of the best cloth books for babies. We have thoroughly researched to develop the content keeping in mind the safety and usability of the products for infants. The list offers detailed descriptions of each product, including their quality, utility, features, and more. We have also included a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

One of the best ways for parents to bond with their children is by reading books together. For younger children, cloth books work better as they do not have sharp edges and offer sensory play while being safe. Factor in the age-appropriateness, safety, and interesting features when choosing the best cloth books for babies. The ideal cloth books are made of soft materials and are easy to wash. Further, they come in vibrant colors and feature engaging illustrations and sounds.

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