11 Best Cloth Diapers For Newborns As Per A Pediatric Expert

If you are looking for reusable, eco-friendly diapers, we have compiled a list of the best cloth diapers for you. Cloth diapers are made of soft cotton or bamboo material, preventing skin irritation and rashes and ensuring breathability for added comfort (1). In addition, they are easy to maintain and clean, allowing you to reuse them conveniently. Thus, unlike disposable diapers, you only need a few cloth diapers to keep your baby clean and safe throughout the day. Another significant benefit of investing in cloth diapers is that they can help you save money in the long run, as they will be useful from the newborn to the potty training stage (1).

So, if you want an environment-friendly alternative, these cloth diapers can come in handy. They are available in various sizes, designs, and colors to suit your needs and are adjustable. Browse our list to find one that fits your baby well.

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11 Best Cloth Diapers To Keep Your Baby Dry And Rash-Free In 2023

1. Best Natural Diaper: Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold White Cloth Diapers

Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold White Cloth Diapers are perfect for parents who like all things natural for their babies. It is made of 100% cotton woven in a way that it has extra layers in the middle where it is most necessary. Customized to suit your baby’s skin, this newborn cloth diaper absorbs fully for comfort. The fabric is flexible, soft, and dries quickly, saving you a lot of time. It is a multipurpose cloth diaper that can also be used as a burp cloth, duster, wiper, etc. This pack of ten cost-saving cloth prefold diapers is just the one for your child’s day and night leaking needs.

Color: White 3-ply | Product Dimensions: 7 x 3 x 11 inches | Weight: 14.99 Ounces


  • Lightweight
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Machine-washable
  • High-quality cloth diaper
  • 100% recycled paperboard packaging


  • Might leak without a waterproof cover
  • Might have to soak in non-chlorine bleach from time-to-time to maintain whiteness

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has earned its stripes, with over 14,277 reviews on Amazon.

protip_icon Quick tip
Wash the diaper in hot water and ensure they are completely dry before storing them.

2. Best Leak-Proof Diaper: Mama Koala’s Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts

Mama Koala’s Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts Image: Mama Koala

Are you tired of cleaning your newborn’s bedsheets because of diaper leaks? Well, you have found your solution! Mama Koala’s Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts are made of two hidden layers of microfibers and outer layers of bamboo, ensuring optimal protection from leaks during sleep. You can fit it in a pocket diaper and easily reuse it till your child has passed toddlerhood. Your baby will indeed like this breathable and absorbent insert diaper for everyday use.

Color: 5 Layers Bamboo Insert


  • Easy to use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Impressive absorbency level
  • One-size diaper design
  • Suits a wide weight range
  • For newborns and toddlers


  • Might snap easily

3. Best Budget-Friendly Diaper: Alvababy One-Size Cloth Diapers

Get your kid a stylish cloth diaper that is breathable and budget-friendly. Since it is reusable, you don’t have to dispose of the dirty diaper and buy a new one every time. Alvababy One-Size Cloth Diapers can be used by your kid even as they grow. These diapers have a waterproof outer layer, offering protection from leaks. You can use it as a liner with a diaper cover to give your child super comforting protection. This video review, showcasing a tester’s experience, can tell you more about these comfortable diapers.

Color: 01 Pure Color | Item Weight: ‎13.2 pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎12.44 x 8.66 x 5.12 inches


  • Adjustable
  • Washable
  • Three-layer microfiber
  • Premium diapers
  • Elastic near thighs
  • High-quality cloth diaper
  • Buttons for easy snapping


  • Might not be suitable for petite babies
Best Natural Diaper
Best Leak-Proof Diaper
Best Budget-Friendly Diaper
Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold White Cloth Diapers Mama Koala’s Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts ALVABABY One-Size Cloth Diapers
Color White 3-ply 5 Layers Bamboo Insert 01 Pure Color
Dimensions 7 x 3 x 11 inches- ‎12.44 x 8.66 x 5.12 inches
Weight 14.99 Ounces--
Weight-- ‎13.2 pounds
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

4. Best For Sensitive Skin: OsoCozy Unbleached Pre-folded Cloth Diapers

You can get comfortable cloth diapers, even for babies who have sensitive skin. Trusted by moms, OsoCozy Unbleached Pre-folded Cloth Diapers are woven in gauze weave using 100% Indian cotton to give your baby a robust and soft diaper base. Once your baby grows, you can trifold these cloth diapers into baby pockets to add an extra layer of leak-proof protection. These cloth diapers with high absorbancy level can be resold because the cotton is long-lasting and natural, just the right choice for all parents. Further, you can wash it two to three times before first use to remove natural cotton oils. Check out this detailed video review displaying a tester’s experience to learn more about the easy-to-use diapers.

Color: Beige | Item Weight: ‎1.1 pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎12 x 1 x 16 inches


  • Durable
  • Absorbs well
  • Lint-free weave
  • Eight inner and four outer layers of absorbency


  • Might shrink a little after use

protip_icon Quick tip
Choose a detergent specifically designed for cloth diapers and avoid using fabric softeners.

5. Best Overall Diaper: BumGenius Pocket Cloth Diaper

Now get the qualities of the best cloth diapers, all-in-one packet! BumGenius Pocket cloth diaper is perfect for your little one if you often find their diaper leaking. With the best snap technique and a leak-proof patent, this diaper ensures a good night’s sleep. The stay-dry fabric helps avoid soggy diapers; hence your baby won’t get cranky during their nap. Your baby gets protection from moisture as the soft lining wicks it away.The tried-and-tested, affordable, newborn cloth diaper is crafted using two inserts, suitable for use even as your child grows. Here’s a video review that will help you choose the right diaper for your little one.

Color: Dazzle | Item Weight: ‎0.96 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎6.5 x 6 x 2 inches


  • Easy-to-use newborn diapers
  • Back and leg elastic
  • Waterproof cover
  • Stretch-to-fit sides
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Might take time to dry after wash

6. Best Hypoallergenic: Kanga Care Lil Joey Cloth Diaper

Kanga Care Lil Joey cloth diaper is one of the best cloth diapers for babies with sensitive skin! This hypoallergenic diaper is crafted using gusset leak protection, which is patented. It is perfect for a newborn baby’s first few days as it has a snap down front that ensures sensitive cord care to prevent unwanted accidents. This set of two trusted snap newborn diapers is suitable for preemies and newborns belonging to a weight range of 4 to 12 lb.

Color: Peacock | Item Weight: ‎4.9 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎6.75 x 4.75 x 3.25 inches


  • Soft fabric
  • Waterproof polyester TPU
  • Available in fun colors and prints
  • Two inner gussets and four-layer microfiber


  • May be tight/small for some babies

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 619 positive customer reviews on Amazon attest to the product’s quality.

7. Best Lead-Free: Nora’s Nursery Pacific Neutrals Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers

The pacific neutrals baby cloth diapers by Nora’s Nursery make transitioning from disposable diapers to cloth diapers easy for babies. The kit includes seven cloth diapers, seven bamboo inserts, and one wet bag. The newborn cloth diaper is eco-friendly and highly absorbent, made of safe and effective bamboo viscose and microfiber layers. Further, its leg gusset helps prevent leaks.

Color: Pacific Neutrals | Item Weight: ‎2.05 pounds


  • Adjustable snaps for a secure fit
  • Breathable suede cloth
  • Lead-free
  • Available in different designs
  • Wet bag can hold up to eight wet diapers


  • Bamboo inserts might fray
  • Microfiber inner layers can cause odor

8. Best Stylish Diaper: Bambino Mio Miosolo Cloth Nappy

It is said that a reusable diaper should also be adjustable, so that your baby can grow into it. Bambino Mio Miosolo Cloth Nappy is all that and is also stylish and super soft to wear. It has a stretchy fabric that will allow your baby to comfortably slip into it and be carefree while crawling everywhere, without you constantly worrying about the diaper movement. The core of the diaper is concealed for absorbing a good amount of leak, which also keeps the moisture away. It stays dry, protecting your baby’s delicate skin. It is recommended to not chlorine bleach, iron, or dry clean, or wash using a fabric softener. You may cold tumble dry them on low settings.

Color: Happy Hopper | Item Weight: ‎5.8 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎3 x 17.5 x 24 inches


  • Tuck-in pocket
  • Fold back laundry tab
  • Available in funky designs
  • Water-resistant outer fabric
  • One-size diaper from birth to potty training
  • Performs best with a booster pad


  • May take time to dry after a wash
  • May be slightly loose for petite babies

protip_icon Quick tip
Make it a point to re-wash your cloth diapers before using them for the first time to help increase their absorbency.

9. Best Reusable Diaper: GroVia O.N.E. Reusable Baby Cloth Diaper

You truly will find it all with this GroVia O.N.E. Reusable Baby Cloth Diaper. The machine-washable diaper has super absorbing technology, two in-built closures, and a heavy-duty feature that makes it last long. The two closure options include loops and hooks and snap closure that helps it fit easily. You get to avoid the whole hassle of prepping it up before use, as this is a ready-to-use cloth diaper.

Product Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 2 inches | Weight: 8.01 Ounces


  • Trim fitting
  • Made of polyester microfiber
  • Features cotton with microfleece
  • Water-resistant polyester TPU


  • Might not be great for long-term use

10. Best Quick-Drying: Thirsties Newborn All-in-One Reusable Cloth Diaper

Thirsties Newborn All-in-One Reusable Cloth Diaper Image: Thirsties

Let your little one experience mess-free time with the Thirsties newborn all-in-one reusable cloth diaper. It comes with adorable baby-friendly prints of clouds, rainbows, and rain. Trusted by moms and dads, the newborn diaper is made of 100% polyester to provide ultimate comfort to your baby, and the waterproofing microfiber top coating offers extra absorbency and keeps away moisture from your baby’s sensitive skin. Further, the gentle elastic around the legs and waist allow free movement and protect against leaks.

Color: Rainbow | Product Dimensions: 6 x 5.5 x 1.2 inches | Weight: 2.24 Ounces


  • Three super-absorbent layers
  • Snap closure for easy on/off
  • Quick-drying
  • Stay-dry microfleece liner
  • Adjustable rise


  • Microfleece lining may be thin

11. Best Absorbent: Superbottoms New Uno Cloth Diaper

Superbottoms New Uno Cloth Diaper Image: Superbottoms

The Superbottoms Uno cloth diaper is washable and reusable and has an absorbent insert made of ultra-soft organic cotton. It has a trim and simplistic design which allows your baby better movement without any gaps near the thighs. In addition, these organic diapers are gentle on baby skin and provide maximum absorbency and leak-proof protection for up to 12 hours, making them a safe and effective option for overnight use.

Color: Baby Hearts | Product Dimensions: 6.54 x 6.54 x 3.03 inches | Weight: 7.05 Ounces


  • Available in various colors and design options
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Wide elastic in the back
  • Snaps for a snug fit


  • May run small
  • Insert may be wider than expected
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

New parents might be confused about which are the best cloth diapers for their kids. After understanding the best options of cloth diapers available, it is time to know everything there is about the uses, types, and tips of cloth diapers.

Why Choose Cloth Diapers?

Whether you are a new parent or looking for better diaper options for your child, a cloth diaper is a good option. It might seem like they are complicated or might not hold heavy leakage, but modern technology has made things easy and possible for you. Here is why you should choose cloth diapers.

  • Cloth diapers are eco-friendly and sustainable options. You would be contributing to a great cause by choosing them. Most plastic disposables cause harm to the environment by filling landfills with non-biodegradable waste. You also end up protecting waterways and saving up on resources.
  • Many babies get rashes and skin irritations with disposable diapers. Cloth diapers do not have harmful chemicals that cause long-term health problems.
  • They can be reused several times. You can simply wash them, and they will be as fresh as new.
  • You can later use these as cleaning rags.

Different Types Of Cloth Diapers

It might be confusing to select a cloth diaper if you do not know the various types available. Here are some of the common types of cloth diapers.

  • Covers: These are outer jackets of diapers. Mostly all covers are waterproof, giving extra leakage protection. You have to insert an absorbent diaper in the cover, which is the essential item. These covers are crafted using PUL, fleece, or wool. They are supported by Velcro or snap closure. You can simply get 3-5 covers and keep changing cloth or disposable inserts as many times as needed.
  • Prefolds: This is the basic layer of a cloth diaper. It is a three-section, rectangular cloth that is wrapped around the baby’s bottom and pinned using a snap. The middle section absorbs most leakage as it is thick-layered. These prefold diapers can be used in pockets as they have a waterproof exterior.
  • Flats: These are just square shaped cloths that can be wrapped in multiple ways to secure baby’s bottoms. They are used with a diaper cover for the best performance. They dry pretty quickly.
  • All-in-one and all-in-two: An all-in-one is a system where you get all the benefits of a perfect diaper — an absorbent, elastic, snap closure, and waterproof cover. An all-in-two is a two-part system where you get two separate layers of diaper — an absorbent inner and cover. While an all-in-one can be changed quickly, an all-in-two can be used by just removing inserts without having to wash the entire diaper every time.
  • Fitteds: These are elastic diapers without covers. They do not require any pins or folds. You can use a waterproof cover as a jacket for protection (3).

How To Choose The Right Cloth Diapers?

These are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a cloth diaper.

  • Occasion: If you are leaving your baby with your parents, an all-in-one cloth diaper will be a perfect choice. For lazy days at home, you can select a prefold insert placed in a waterproof cover. If you are going for an outing, a fully waterproof, leak-proof diaper would be perfect. However, some parents prefer an all-in-two diaper where the inserts can be disposed of during long journeys. Consider these scenarios and pick the most suitable ones based on personal preference.
  • Skin type: Baby’s have sensitive, soft skin. For babies with super sensitive skin, choose a safety-tested diaper that is hypoallergenic and chemical-free. You don’t want any unwelcome rashes or allergic reactions.
  • Size: There are diapers available in all sizes. Some diapers are one-size-fits-all, but even so, checking the perfect fit is important to avoid leakage. If you have a newborn, special newborn size diapers would be ideal. For toddlers, you can choose according to the size of your child. Elastic diapers suit well for babies with chunky thighs, while petite babies require small size diapers. And most importantly, know that babies grow fast. There are adjustable cloth diapers that change according to the growing babies and suit a wide weight range, so you don’t have to invest in a new set every month.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have picked out some of the best cloth diapers for your convenience, and your baby’s happy growth. The right kind of cloth diaper will be the one that best suits your baby’s skin, size, and need of the hour. New parents often experiment for a couple of weeks before picking the correct one. There is no hard and fast rule as to which is the best. Cloth diapers last for years, can be reused, and make suitable alternatives for combination diapering. Hence, whatever you pick from these popular options, when your child outgrows it, you can use it for other purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are cloth diapers good for newborns?

Cloth diapers are breathable and less irritating for delicate skin. Therefore, babies who wear cloth diapers are less prone to diaper rash (4). However, remember that cloth diapers are less absorbent when compared to disposable diapers.

2. How many cloth diapers should I have for a newborn?

You may need 24 to 36 cloth diapers for newborns as they undergo frequent diaper changes than infants.

3. When should I start using cloth diapers?

Some parents may prefer to use cloth diapers from day one, while others may prefer to use them after the first week.

4. Do babies sleep better in cloth diapers?

Your baby may sleep better in diaper cloths until they don’t experience wetness. Therefore, it is better to use overnight cloth diapers at night. Keep in mind that you may have to change them once or twice while they are asleep at night.

5. How long can a baby wear a cloth diaper?

A cloth diaper may last for only two hours. If you are using inserts, you may let the baby wear a cloth diaper for up to four hours.

The Bottom Line

Cloth diapers are eco-friendly alternatives to disposable diapers and have become a preferred choice among people who care about the planet. Cloth diapers are of many types, including prefold diapers, all-in-one, hybrid diapers, and flat diapers. You can invest in different types and use them for the right occasion. Choosing a hypoallergenic and chemical-free cloth diaper made using high-quality material helps ensure your baby’s gentle skin is irritation-free when in a diaper. Make sure you choose the right size to avoid leakages. We recommend the Gerber Birdseye Cloth Diapers, which are lightweight and comfortable, and the OsoCozy Cloth Diapers, which are unbleached and suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin. The Nora’s Nursery Cloth Pocket Diapers are great options, too, as they have leg gussets that prevent leaks.

Infographic: Pros And Cons Of Using Cloth Diapers

Many parents choose cloth diapers for their babies mainly because of their cost-effectiveness. There are several other benefits of using cloth diapers over disposable ones. However, cloth diapers do present their set of unique challenges. Explore the infographic below to learn in detail about cloth diapers.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloth Diapers (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version


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