19 Best Clothes Hangers To Organize Your Closet In 2022


When it is difficult to organize your clothes, and the cupboard looks messy, getting clothes hangers could be helpful. You will need the best clothes hanger to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. In addition, these hangers help create a cohesive look for the clothes and wardrobe. You may also get hangers as freebies from dry cleaners; however, they are neither durable nor of good quality. To help you choose the right hangers, we have curated a list here that can keep your wardrobe neat.

19 Best Clothes’ Hangers

1. Best Lightweight: Zober Non-Slip Velvet Hangers

Zober 30-pack velvet hangers are lightweight, durable, and can hold a maximum weight of 10lb. Their smooth texture can hold delicate items, such as camisoles and tanks and heavy garments, including coats. The shoulder line is curved to help maintain the clothes’ shape, while the carved slots can keep the straps in place. With a horizontal bar for trousers, the velvet hangers provide grip and help prevent creases. Learn more about this product in this video.


2. Best Durable: Sharpty Plastic Clothing Notched Hangers

With a slender and durable design, Sharpty 20-pack plastic hangers help maximize storage space in the closet and withstand continuous usage. The reinforced plastic borders offer stability and support your everyday attire, including heavy coats and jackets. There are no rough or sharp edges, which protect your clothes from damage, creases, and marks.


3. Best Non-Breakable: Neaterize Store Plastic Clothes Hanger

Neaterize clothes hangers are available in packs of 20, 40, and 60, and six colors. They are made of heavy-duty, non-breakable plastic that is eco-friendly and stain-free. Their reinforced edges provide support, while the tubular, smooth bodies help prevent the clothes from being ripped by sharp corners. Flexible for light garments and robust for coats, these hangers come without notches to remove clothes quickly and prevent snags. Two hooks are also included for air drying, lingerie, and accessories.


4. Best Rust-Resistant: Doiown Pants Hangers

Made from imported stainless steel, these pant hangers are rust-resistant and long-lasting. Each hanger can hold up to 11lb and allows you to hang five pants on one hanger. They are sturdy and help prevent the garment from losing its shape. Each hanger has a non-slip, black plastic tube attached to help keep the pants in place and prevent them from falling off. You can also use them to hang scarfs, towels, and socks, and they can save up to 75% space.


5. Best Contoured: Zober High-Grade Wooden Suit Hangers

The 20-pack Zober hangers are made from lotus wood. They come with a pant bar to allow users to hang trousers, skirts, scarves, etc. The hangers are contoured to help prevent creases and encased in transparent grooved vinyl for a secure fit. Two carved slits on the shoulders allow you to hang strappy shirts and dresses without slipping. The hangers also come with a 360° chrome hook to help hang clothes from any angle. This video will provide you with added insights about the product.


6. Best Slim: Utopia Home Plastic Standard Hangers

Made of sturdy, durable plastic, the 30-pack Utopia hangers are long-lasting. Their slim, streamlined designs help maximize your closet space, allowing you to hang multiple clothes neatly. Each hanger comes with two hooks to organize your clothes and accessories. They are ideal for hanging t-shirts, blouses, etc.


7. Best Lacquer-Coated: Zober High-Grade Wooden Pants Hangers

Made from high-quality wood, these ten-pack hangers are coated with lacquer to help maintain their quality and sheen for a longer time. Their 360° hooks are made of anti-rust chrome metal, and the two wood bars are lined with non-slip felt and a tight-clip mechanism to keep your garments in one place. They are suitable for hanging various clothes, including pants, pillowcases, and socks.


8. Best 360-Degree Swivel: Titan Mall Pants Hangers

Titan mall hangers are made of thick, robust plastic and are solid and well-built. Suitable for easy hanging and closet organizing, the hangers have sturdy, stainless-steel hooks that can swivel 360°, making it easy to hang your pants in the same direction. They can hold up to 20lb each, and the large clamps on the sides help hold the garments securely to retain their crease-free shape.


9. Best Windproof Hooks: Mizgi Premium Velvet Hangers

Made from premium plastic, these velvet hangers can hold up to 18lb and can be rotated 360°, making sorting of clothes easy. Designed with a contoured-shoulder shape, these hangers have no shoulder bumps that make your clothes seem natural, and the windproof hooks are ideal for hanging thin-strapped clothing. The horizontal accessory bars can help accommodate ties, scarves, and necklaces.


10. Best Handcrafted : House Day Wooden Hangers

House day wooden clothes hangers have a natural wood aroma because they are handcrafted and not painted with any artificial colors. They are well-built and durable, helping to hold coats and suits in the closet firmly, and each hanger can hold up to 18lb. The 360° swivel hooks and shoulder lines with a sling gap design help retain the clothes’ shape and prevent them from slipping. You can use the grooves on either side to hang small garments and accessories.


11. Songmics 50-Pack Coat Hangers

The heavy-duty cloth hangers from Songmics come with an S-shaped opening. They can carry up to 11lb weight, are slip-proof, and relatively thin to help save more space. The hanger hooks can swivel 360°, and they are sturdy, durable, and flexible. There is a small, multifunctional hook and a center bar for ties or scarves. Made of ABS plastic, the hanger ends are curved to help prevent distortions on clothes.


12. Seropy Coat Hangers

Seropy offers 40-pack heavy-duty hangers made of stainless steel. They are ultra-thin to save maximum space and are rustproof, waterproof, and do not deform. The unique shoulder helps prevent the clothes from slipping and deforming.


13. Fsuteg Plastic Hangers

Fsuteg hangers are made from heavy-duty plastic, come with 360° rotating hooks, and hold up to 11lb. The top has a distinctive S-shape that allows you to hang clothes without causing any stretches or creases. The built-in horizontal accessory bar on this space-saving hanger enables you to store ties, scarves, and jewelry with your garments.


14. Eseoe Velvet Clothes Hanger

Made from strong ABS plastic, these hangers can handle up to 11lb each. Designed in a natural contoured shape, they have no shoulder markings, allowing your clothes to appear more natural. The two windproof hooks on both sides help prevent clothing from slipping or falling off. Their 360° rotatable hooks help keep the garments in place, and the thin design can save space in your closet. The built-in accessory bars can hold belts, ties, and scarves.


15. Cocomaya Suit Hangers

The durable 10-pack hangers from Cocomaya are made of strong metal with PVC coating and can hold up to 20lb. You can use them for hanging wet clothes as they come with a waterproof coating. The contour body design of the hanger helps prevent marks, bumps, and creases on clothes, and the non-slip coating helps prevent sagging, slipping, or tearing. They are ideal for all kinds of clothing, from lightweight t-shirts to heavy winter clothing.


16. House Day Wide Shoulder Wooden Hangers

Crafted from lotus wood, these heavy-duty wooden hangers have a robust body with a screw-tightened thick crossbar and zinc-coated hook. They provide enhanced support for heavier garments. With 360° stainless steel hooks, hanging and searching through the cloth hangers can be manageable. The inward-curved broad shoulders help distribute garment weight evenly and preserve collars and drapes, ensuring crease-free suits and coats.


17. Devesanter Pants Hangers

The hangers from Devesanter are sturdy and made of durable stainless steel and a transparent rubber coating to help prevent the clothes from falling off. With five tiers, each hanger can hold up to five garments at once. They are rust-resistant, scratch-resistant, and have a smooth surface. The shape of the hangers is ideal for preventing creases and scratches on clothes, and they come in a pack of six with ten stainless steel clips.


18. Imho Pants Hangers

Imho closet trouser hangers are space-saving and help organize your trousers, ties, and scarves. They have six tiers with a 7cm width to hang about six jeans. These hangers are made of aluminum alloy, making them sturdy, durable, and rust-resistant. They can hold up to 11lbs, and you can fold them compactly to store away. The hangers help save up to 80% of your wardrobe space.


19. Vosarea Cloth Heart Hangers

The plastic hangers from Vosaera can be used indoors and outdoors, including homes, laundries, or shops. The heart shape on the hangers and the mauve pink color makes them elegant. Available in a pack of 20 and three sizes, they are sturdy, thick, and suitable for hanging suits, shirts, coats, etc.


How To Choose The Right Clothes Hanger?

Here are the various factors to consider before buying a clothes hanger.

  1. Size: For hanging children’s clothes, a 10-inch hanger would be appropriate, whereas, for adults, a 16-inch or 17-inch hanger would help.
  2. Shape: Curve-or contour-shaped hangers are commonly used, and for t-shirts and lightweight clothes, a flat hanger may be helpful.
  3. Weight: Choose hangers based on the weight of the clothes you will be hanging. For heavy clothes, a wooden hanger can be a good option.
  4. Clips: Hangers with clips might cause damage to your delicate clothes.

Knowing how to select a clothing hanger is the first step in taking good care of your clothes and maximizing your closet space. Choose appropriate hangers for your fabric type, weight, and size to maintain the quality of your garments. Your clothes will last longer and look better with the right hanger. We hope this list of the best clothes hanger can help you choose a suitable hanger for your clothes.

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Selecting the right clothing hangers for your outfits is the first step in taking good care of your clothes and maximizing your closet space. The options for the best clothes hangers listed here will help you choose appropriate ones according to the fabric types, weight, and size of the outfit to maintain the quality of your garments. Your clothes will last longer and look better with the right care and attention, so you always look sharp and fresh every time you step out.

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