11 Best Coconut Oils In India For Baby Massage In 2024

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The use of coconut oil for massaging a newborn baby has been an age-old practice in India. Massaging is said to improve digestion and circulation in a baby (1). Coconut oil is often the first choice for infant massage since it is easily absorbed by the baby’s skin and prevents moisture from escaping.

A good 15 to 20-minute massage with coconut oil can prevent dry skin and chapped lips in babies during winter and summer. Anecdotal evidence also suggests it might help in healing diaper rashes and cradle cap.

However, it is important to choose the right coconut oil that is safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. Here is a list of some of the best coconut oils for baby massage in India.

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Types Of Coconut Oils

Coconut oils are of three types based on the method of processing and preparation.

  • Virgin or unrefined: This type of oil is extracted from fresh and mature coconuts and is not processed or refined. It is prepared using methods like cold-pressing, which does not use high temperatures or chemicals.

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  • Refined: It is made from dried coconut kernels and is refined using chemical bleaching and deodorization.
  • Partially hydrogenated: Made with a process in which unsaturated fatty acids are converted into saturated ones, this coconut oil contains trans fats.

Usually, the virgin and extra virgin coconut oils are best for massaging your baby, as these are pure and have all the minerals and nutrients intact.

11 Best Coconut Oils In India For Baby Massage

1. Himalaya Baby Massage Oil (Coconut)

With its blend of coconut oil and time-tested ingredients, such as aloe vera and olive oil, Himalaya Baby Massage Oil-Coconut is a wholesome solution for your baby’s skin hydration and massage needs. The clinically tested and scientifically developed formula is free of parabens, mineral oils, and synthetic colors, and thus, is ideal for all skin types. This gentle formula also absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky residue, and its unique combination of oils provides deep moisturization, adds a healthy shine to the skin, and soothes dry and irritated skin.
In addition to being an emollient, the baby massage oil has ingredients such as country mallow and winter cherry to strengthen the muscles and vetiver to cool and refresh your baby’s skin.

2. Hathmic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The unfiltered, unrefined, and unbleached oil from Hathmic is said to be high in medium-chain triglyceride (MCTs) and lauric acid and can be used for both internal and external use. It is cold-pressed to retain its virginity, natural aromas, and vital nutrients, making it a contender for the best coconut oils for baby massage. This oil is made from the milk of freshly shredded mature coconuts.

As it contains zero additives and preservatives, it can be used as a natural moisturizer for your baby’s sensitive skin. You can also use this on your baby’s hair to maintain a healthy scalp. It is packed in a wide-mouthed glass bottle to let you scoop the oil easily.

3. Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil

Extracted from fresh coconut milk, this 100% pure, cold-pressed coconut oil can be used for massaging your baby’s sensitive skin to keep it smooth and moisturized. It is said to contain vitamin E, which is essential for healthy skin and hair as it contains antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, making it one of the best coconut oils for baby massage. It can also be used as nappy rash cream or natural treatment for cradle cap after consulting a pediatrician.

4. The Moms Co Coconut Oil

The Moms Co virgin coconut oil is made by blending ten powerful natural oils like Argan oil, Bhringraj, and Marula oils to make your baby’s hair soft, strengthen it, and promote growth. All the ingredients used are organic and USDA certified, so this oil is safe to massage your baby’s sensitive skin. It is clinically tested to be hypoallergenic and is said to be mild and gentle on your baby’s skin. This coconut oil is free of harmful, synthetic chemicals and from mineral oils, sulfates, and parabens, too.

5. KLF Nirmal Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Made with 100% virgin coconut oil, the KLF Nirmal coconut oil contains no cholesterol or trans-fat. The cold-pressed oil has all nutrients intact, including 2mg Vitamin E that promotes healthy skin and hair in babies. KLF Nirmal coconut oil has a mild but pleasant aroma and is light and non-sticky, making it good massage oil for babies during winter or summer. The oil bottle has a flip-top cap that helps preserve the freshness for a long time.

6. Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

The Kama Ayurveda coconut oil is said to be pure, organic, and adds moisture to dry skin. It is cold-pressed to retain its nutrients and hence recommended for baby massage in winter. It is light, non-sticky with a pure tropical coconut scent, and easily gets absorbed into the skin to make it smooth.

The manufacturer recommends that you take a small amount of the oil in your hands and warm it by rubbing the palms together before applying it all over your baby’s body. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse with a mild soap or a cleanser.

7. Ayyan & Co Cold-Pressed Unrefined Coconut Oil

Made in Pollachi, the land of coconuts, this coconut oil is unrefined and free of sulfur. It is made using coconuts procured directly from farms and processed using the traditional cold-pressed method. The Ayyan coconut oil is said to be a good moisturizer for massaging the baby’s dry skin, as it is free of additives and synthetic chemicals. It is available in 1L, 2L, and 5L bottles.

8. Mom & World Baby Nourishing Oil

If you are looking for coconut oil that includes the goodness of other natural oils, then try this massage oil from Mom & World. This oil is a blend of sweet almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, and wheat germ oil. All these oils are cold-pressed to keep the antioxidants and vitamins intact.

The oil is light, non-greasy, and softly scented, making it one of the best oils for massaging your baby’s gentle skin. It is said to be effective for dry and irritated skin, and diaper rashes. As it is free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colorants, mineral oils, and petroleum, it is considered safe for your baby.

9. Life & Pursuits Organic Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

The Life & Pursuits massage oil is a perfect blend of coconut oil, sunflower, sesame, and orange oils with raw extracts of neem, Ashwagandha, and turmeric. This oil is gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin and could also prevent diaper rashes.

Properties like fast-absorbing, non-sticky, and free of artificial mineral oils make it a safe and healthy choice for babies. The presence of herbs and other natural oils perfectly blends into your baby’s skin and is also said to relax them to a perfect bedtime sleep. It is available in 100ml and 200ml sizes.

10. The Happygrove Co. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The Happygrove coconut oil is cold-pressed and said to be made of coconut milk. It is non-greasy, light, and has a pleasant aroma of coconuts. As the oil is cold-pressed, all the minerals and vitamins stay intact, making it one of the best coconut oils for baby massage. It is also said to heal diaper rashes and is free of preservatives and chemicals.

This oil is rich in lauric acid and vitamin E and helps keep your baby’s skin healthy and moisturized.

11. Prakrta Tender Skin Baby Oil

Made of tender coconuts and avocado oils, the Praktra baby oil is said to keep your baby’s skin nourished and moisturized. It is processed using wet extraction and is rich in natural vitamin E that is essential for skin health. It is made of all-natural ingredients and is free of fillers and toxins, making it safe for all skin types, especially babies’ sensitive skin. The non-greasy light oil can be used as pre-bath or post-bath massage oil. It is available in 100ml and 200ml bottles.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose the Right Coconut Oil For Baby Massage?

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid and vitamin E and helps keep your baby’s skin healthy and moisturized. But you need to choose wisely to ensure it has no other ingredients that could harm the baby’s delicate skin and scalp.

  • Make sure the oil is made from fresh organic coconuts and is cold-pressed to keep all the minerals and vitamins intact.
  • Read the labels to find out if the oils contain any chemicals or artificial substances that could damage your baby’s skin.
  • Prefer non-sticky and light oil so that it blends easily in your baby’s skin.
  • Always use virgin coconut oil to revive the moisture and has a cooling effect on your baby’s body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is coconut oil safe for baby’s skin?

Studies suggest that coconut oil is a safe moisturizer for mild to moderate atopic dermatitis in the pediatric population (2). A study on preterm infants noted that coconut oil use could reduce epidermal water loss, infection rates, and lead to better growth and skin condition (3). Therefore, pure and natural coconut oil could be safe and good for the baby’s skin.

2. What kind of coconut oil is good for a baby’s skin?

As your baby’s skin is gentle and sensitive, always use coconut oil that is pure, unrefined, unbleached, and free of chemicals and artificial fragrances and colorants. Always perform a patch test to check if your baby is allergic to coconut oil before applying all over the body.

Hope this list has helped you get insight into some of the best coconut oils for baby massage.

Coconut oil massage improves your baby’s blood circulation and digestive health. It has been practiced over the years and is an effective way to regulate the senses. However, finding the best one from a plethora of products can be challenging. You must use only organic coconut-based oil to prevent any skin allergies. Always pay attention to its ingredients to ensure it is safe to be used for the baby, and preferably go for a non-sticky oil.


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