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The term ‘codependency’ is used non-medically to describe an unbalanced relationship dynamic where one partner needs the other person constantly, and the other person has the urge to manipulate and control them. Reading the best codependency books and actively engaging in the multi-faceted programs can help you determine whether you are in such a relationship and guide you about your next steps.

If you often make sacrifices for your partner without them reciprocating or find your loved one ignoring their own needs for your sake, you might be in a codependent relationship. Fortunately, these best-selling reads on relationship dynamics can help you gain insights into managing such relationships and help you communicate with your partner.

Below, we’ve listed some helpful and easy-to-understand books on codependency to make things easier for you. So, read on and add some to your shopping cart.

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11 Best Codependency Books

1. Best To Maintain Boundaries: Boundaries

Boundaries has helped nearly four million people to take charge of their lives and overcome the codependency in their relationships. The authors, Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend throw light on setting boundaries in your life and learning to say yes or no at the right time to have a balanced, controlled, healthy, and happy life. It allows you to establish principles and clarify what you should expect from a relationship, and give in return while caring for yourself. This book assessment cum review video will give you more insights into the book.

protip_icon Point to consider
Pick books that are straightforward in their language and do not have heavy jargon to understand and apply the facts easily to your everyday life.

2. Best For Healing Steps: Codependent No More

In this self-help book for interpersonal balance by Melody Beattie, one of the most renowned self-help authors, she points out how you could find happiness for yourself. The book highlights how to set boundaries in an unhealthy or even abusive relationship and release the hold of codependency on your life.

With life stories, self-analysis exercises, and in-depth examination of personal reflections, this groundbreaking book helps understand whether you are in a codependent relationship and how you can overcome it. The author’s simple words will help you navigate the complex world of codependency and find your way out of it. It is one of the best guides to break free from dependency. To make an informed decision before buying, you can check out this book assessment video.

3. Best For Self-Analysis: Facing Codependence

Facing Codependence Image: Piamellody

Pia Mellody and her co-authors draw a framework for identifying codependent relationships and help you find a path to recovery and toward a healthier, balanced relationship. The authors put forth five symptoms of codependency and point out how it could be deeply rooted in childhood instances. These instances impact adult behavior, leading to codependency.

This tested-and-trusted self-care book for balanced connections offers an expert commentary on ways to heal a codependent individual by acknowledging past painful experiences and provides a healthy perspective on things. It mentions the guidelines about parent-child relationships and maintaining a healthier relationship to prevent codependency in such scenarios. Click here to check out this YouTuber’s unbiased review.

4. Best For Parent-Child Relationship: The Human Magnet Syndrome

The Human Magnet Syndrome, written by Ross Rosenberg, explores the phenomenon of developing a codependent relationship. It helps you realize why you continued to love and stay loyal to a hurtful and abusive relationship. This book explains how natural it is to feel attracted towards interesting, selfish, and self-obsessed narcissists and how it could affect your life. It will help you understand the early indications of a codependent relationship, aid recovery from codependency, and show you ways to pull out of it without hurting yourself.

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5. Best For Early Indications: Codependents Anonymous

The book states a 12-step principle that you can apply to your daily life and stories to help you identify a codependent relationship. This groundbreaking book helps you understand the crucial aspects of codependency and explains how you can do a critical evaluation of the self, find freedom, and establish an independent and healthy relationship.

protip_icon Did you know?
Experts believe growing up in dysfunctional families may lead to codependent relationships later in life, which makes it crucial to identify the signs to be able to tackle it appropriately (1).

6. Best For Healthy Relationship: You’re Not Crazy – You’re Codependent

The interactive book by Jeanette Elisabeth Menter will help you identify if you have been in a codependent relationship. Whether you have been affected by emotional trauma, addiction, or your partner, codependency could creep into your relationship without your awareness.

This book about healthy relationships includes a guide to recover from codependence that suggests simple mindful acts to overcome harsh feelings that might affect you or your partner. It allows you to realize the underlying reasons behind codependency and helps you to enjoy a normal, healthy relationship.

7. Best For Awareness: Codependency For Dummies

The second edition of Codependency For Dummies is a comprehensive book highlighting the dynamics of codependency with sensitive information on its causes, symptoms, and behavior patterns. The author covers guidelines and plans for recovering from a codependent relationship, giving practical advice, reminders, and ways to honor and respect yourself. This tried-and-tested self-help book is one of the best recovery resources for relationship patterns, with chapters that include twelve steps to overcome codependency, express yourself better, and break free from the pattern of a codependent relationship.

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8. Best For Advice: The Codependency Workbook


With evidence-based tools and exercises, this workbook provides recommendations for healthy bonds, helping you emerge from a codependent relationship with ease. The book is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with practical exercises and heartfelt advice to enable you to identify and break free of codependent patterns.

There are in-depth examinations, explanations, modular approaches, and easy-to-use strategies to snap out of a codependent relationship, set healthy boundaries, and establish a healthier relationship while prioritizing your feelings.

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9. Best For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook

Stephanie A. Tucker’s codependence recovery workbook contains guidelines for the participants and the group leaders. The book takes you through a journey to identify the system of love, relationships, and life. It offers the healing principles of the Lord Jesus Christ with a fresh and healthy perspective and liberates you from the burden of a codependent relationship. In addition, it serves as a therapeutic support in book form that helps you embrace balanced and healthy relationships. You can give these recommendations for improving your relationship a try.

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10. Best For Confidence: Courage To Cure Codependency


The book by Leah Clarke is a guide to help you through the stages of a codependent relationship by self-analysis and notable signs. It also helps you understand relational dynamics through literature, enabling you to identify codependency and overcome it through a step-wise approach to recovery. If you have been exhibiting codependent behavior and need guidance to prevent yourself from imposing your weakness on others, this book can be helpful.

The book has seven healing steps, drawing healthy boundaries, saying no, and regaining self-esteem and confidence. It also highlights how to avoid going back into a codependent relationship after completing the recovery journey and establish a healthy relationship for good, thus, facilitating emotional healing via insightful readings.

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protip_icon Quick tip
Opt for books that outline a specific series of steps to overcome codependency to have a ready guideline of things you need to achieve.

11. Best For Healing Steps: Codependent No More

Codependent No More by Shell Teri explains how codependency could affect a relationship and helps you identify if you are in it. It highlights the cause and effect of a codependent relationship and the ways to overcome it. With a scientific and psychological approach to recovery backed by case studies, the author analyzes the degenerating effects of codependency and helps you learn the differences between a healthy and a toxic codependent relationship. It has a free guide illuminating the path to recovery with ten tips that address unhealthy behavior patterns in a relationship and that lets you know everything about codependency, from how it develops to how you can overcome it.

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How To Choose The Right Codependency Book?

Here are a few points to consider when buying a codependency book.

  1. Content: Most codependent books highlight the codependent relationship’s causes, symptoms and provide guidelines. There are books with scientific approaches based on CBT therapy, while others list steps to overcome an imbalanced relationship. You should identify which book would provide them ideal content and guidance.
  1. Author: Some authors approach the issue based on life experiences and stories, while others base their findings on established data. Please read about the authors and their writing styles to find the right book for yourself.
  1. Language: The way of writing or the choice of vocabulary may vary in books, and it is essential to find a book you can understand and adopt in your daily life.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wedetso Chirhah is a voracious reader who enjoys writing well-researched reviews on books of several genres. He has handpicked these top books on codependency after going through several online forums, reader reviews, and testimonials to find the most helpful ones. These best-selling books are sure to offer a fresh and healthy perspective on balancing the dynamics of your relationships to make them healthier.

The list of books suggested in this post will help you examine your relationship and other aspects related to it. An unbalanced relationship can be draining for both partners, and therefore, to avoid any form of toxicity, you must avoid being codependent on your partner. Flora Ong, a dating and relationship coach and an integrated attachment specialist, says, “Focusing on others–our problems with others, our need for others, and our contempt for others–is simply the mind’s way of distracting us from the task at hand. That task is YOU. When you realize that, the road ahead becomes clear.” Healing through literature on relationships helps resolve conflicts, get rid of negative emotions, and bring about peace and comfort. Choose a book that has content suitable to your situation and something you can relate to.

Infographic: How To Spot A Codependent Relationship?

Codependency in relationships involves an unhealthy reliance on one another, often resulting in an imbalance of needs and a lack of personal boundaries. It can hinder individual growth and lead to personal problems. If you are wondering what codependency looks like, check out the following infographic. It highlights the common symptoms or traits of codependency.

Common Signs Of Codependency (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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