17 Best Coding Toys For Kids To Buy In 2021


If your child is passionate about technology, our list of the best coding toys for kids can help them enhance their coding skills. These tech toys can be a great way to infuse learning into fun-filled activities. So, you might want to consider adding coding toys to your child’s collection. It will enhance their coding skills and widen their STEM knowledge.

Our diverse list of coding toys for kids will enhance their logical thinking skills, allowing your child to solve problems quickly and inspire them to become interested in programming.

17 Best Coding Toys For Kids

1. Osmo Coding Starter Kit

Osmo offers a fun-filled coding starter kit that uses hands-on physical blocks and coding commands to teach the fundamentals of coding and programming to children. This coding kit is designed for children aged five to ten years and features more than 60 advanced puzzles that children can solve individually or with others using teamwork and strategy.


  • Includes a playful character named Awbie
  • Self-guided
  • More than 300 musical sounds
  • No WiFi required
  • Includes 31 tangible coding blocks

2. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

LEGO boost creative toolbox is one of the best kid coding games to foster children’s curiosity and improve their critical thinking skills. It includes 847 Lego pieces that children can use to build and rebuild five interesting multi-functional models. The robotic toy is ideal for children aged 7-12 years and uses the latest color, distance, and tilt-sensor technologies.


  • Compatible with selected iOS, Kindle, and Windows10 devices with BLE4.1 or newer
  • Improves children’s IQ
  • Comes with a playmat and a LEGO Boost wall poster

3. Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot

The Dash robot by Wonder Workshop is an open-ended learning platform that makes tech knowledge simple and fun. Children can give voice commands to the robot to discover loops, conditions, sequences, and events with the five free apps that come with the robot. This robot coding toy arrives charged.


  • Offers five hours of active play after each charge
  • Voice-activated
  • Coding robot ideal for children over six years
  • Chargeable via Micro USB

4. Learning Resources Botley The Coding Robot

Botley, the coding robot, is ready for use right out of the box and helps your children learn the basics of coding and early STEM skills while playing and having fun. It allows screen-free play and doesn’t require any phone or tablet. This robot comes with a remote programmer, 40 coding cards, 27 obstacle-building pieces, detachable robot arms, and six double-sided tiles.


  • Allows children to code the robot for up to 120 steps
  • Detects objects
  • Follows looping commands
  • Grows with the child
  • Comes with 3AAA batteries for Botley and 2AAA batteries for the remote programmer

5. Snap Circuits Teach Tech Mech 5 Robot

Mech 5 by Snap Circuits is a mission-based, entry-level mechanical robot to inspire children to learn about the fundamentals of mechanical engineering. It is ideal for children over ten years. The stem robot can perform various activities such as throwing, kicking, lifting, and drawing. This coding toy is designed to improve children’s hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.


  • Moves forward and backward and rotates 360 degrees
  • Dimensions of 12.4×2.5×9.1in
  • Develops STEM skills

6. Makeblock mBot Coding Robot Kit

mBot is an entry-level coding robot kit by Makeblock that teaches robotics, electronics, and programming to children in a fun way. It offers extensive online and offline tutorials in the form of coding cards included in the kit. It is matched with mBlock software and three free Makeblock apps to allow children to play programming games with mBot.


  • Can be easily built within one hour
  • Compatible with several rich add-on packs
  • Perfect gift for children between eight and 12 years

7. Kano Stars Wars The Force Coding Kit

The Kano coding kit allows children to create their own Star Wars adventure by using different characters, creatures, sounds, and planets. This kids’ coding game comes with four powerful light beams and detects 3D hand motions. Besides, children can share their creations with the Stars Wars Kano World Community.


  • Recommended for children over six years
  • Compatible with recent iPads, Windows 10, Fire 10 tablets, and Mac
  • Allows children to play with codes, sounds, and avatars

8. Playz My First Computer and Science Kit

The computer and science kit by Playz teaches children the basics of computer science and coding while allowing them to create binary necklaces, mystery mazes, sorting races, pixelated pictures, etc. This STEM set is a perfect gift for children aged six years and above.


  • Easy to use
  • Includes more than 30 tools, ingredients, and parts
  • Measures 12.2×10.1×2.8in
  • Develops children’s critical thinking skills

9. Sphero Bolt Robot Ball

Sphero Bolt is a programmable robot ball that offers endless opportunities for children to learn coding skills at home. It comes with several programmable sensors, including a light sensor, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, moto encoders, infrared communication, and animated LED matrix. This robot features inductive charging and offers more than four hours of playtime.


  • Waterproof, scratch-proof, and UV-coated clear plastic shell
  • Bluetooth range of 100ft
  • Powered by a free SPhero Edu App
  • Fosters STEM learning

10. Learning Resources Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot

Botley 2.0 is an advanced version of the Botley robot. It features expanded coding styles and allows children to code through music, lights, and movements. This toy teaches children valuable ways to discover, record, and analyze the world around them. It has 16 fun interactions that transform the robot into a train, police, ghost, car, etc.


  • Designed for children as young as five years
  • 100% screen-free coding adventures
  • Includes 78 pieces
  • Lights up in the dark

11. Apitor SuperBot Robot Toy

SuperBot by Apitor is one of the best educational STEM coding toys that helps children learn programming and coding skills in a fun way. This robot kit includes 400+ blocks, two infrared sensors, one control unit with four multicolor LED lights, and two DC motors that allow children to rebuild this toy into 18 cool robots. The kit is recommended for boys and girls of different ages.


  • Compatible with building blocks of other major brands
  • Cross-platform code sharing
  • App-controlled robot

12. Boolean Box A Build-It-Yourself Computer Kit

Introduce your child to this build-it-yourself computer kit by Boolean Box and help them learn engineering concepts by building circuits and models. It is based on Raspberry Pi 4 and includes Python programming projects to make children learn about programming languages. It comes with a storage capacity of 8GB.


  • Ideal for introducing children to scratch projects
  • WiFi-enabled
  • Includes a custom curriculum and video tutorials
  • Includes three levels for different age groups

13. Pai Technology Botzees Coding Robot

Pai Technology Botzees robot combines motors and sensors with round-edged pieces to teach the fundamentals of robotics to younger learners. This STEM toy includes 130 uniquely shaped blocks, one sensor, and two motors. The Botzees app is compatible with iOS 12+ devices that support ARKit and Android 8+ devices that support ARCore.


  • Eight-in-one robot kit
  • Perfect gift for children aged four years and above
  • 30 interactive augmented reality puzzles
  • Clear instructions for children

14. Code Piano STEAM Toy

The all-inclusive Code Piano STEAM toy by Let’s Start Coding allows children to learn how to remix their own electronic music. It has speakers and buttons that are built onto the circuit board. This is one of the best coding toys to improve children’s STEM and technology skills. It includes reference cards, a carrying case, and a USB cable to get started.


  • Access to 14 online projects
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook
  • Ideal gift for children aged 8-12 years

15. iRobot Root rt0 Coding Robot

Train your children’s brains with the iRobot rt0 and teach them about the basics of coding and robotics while having fun. This robot is integrated with over 20 reactive sensors to bring the code to life. In addition, you can pair this robot with the iRobot coding platform via Bluetooth to watch the coding results.


  • Programmable STEM toy for kids.
  • Allows children to drive, turn, draw, play music, etc.
  • Three learning levels
  • Includes a learning library with free activities

16. Makeblock mBot Mega Robot Kit

The mBot mega robot car is the perfect choice for beginners to learn programming language and robotics. It is equipped with 4WD mecanum wheels to offer limitless movement options. The toy car is based on Mega AT2560 and has a strong motor-driving ability.


  • Two-in-one advanced kit
  • Works perfectly with Raspberry Pi.
  • Three preset modes for an easy start
  • Metal shell design
  • Ideal for introducing children to Scratch and Arduino C

17. Matatalab Coding Set

The coding set by Matatalab teaches children computational thinking. It is an entry-level hands-on coding robot set that is compatible with different DIY models and is equipped with image recognition technology that makes coding easy. This toy is one of the best gifts for kids between four and nine years.


  • Washable, sturdy, and lead-free
  • Screen-free coding experience
  • Simple to use

How To Choose The Right Coding Toys For Kids?

Consider the following factors to choose the right coding toys for kids.

  • Complexity: Consider your child’s age and choose a toy that is appropriate for their age. Choose an option that makes coding easy and fun.
  • Functionality: Make sure to get a good knowledge of what the toy offers. It should ideally be educational and hold your child’s interest.
  • Compatibility: Most of the coding and programming toys require an app to function. Therefore, you need to ensure that the app is compatible with your device.

Coding toys are excellent for introducing the basics of programming and coding to children. Moreover, they come with various features and levels ideal for different age groups. So, invest in the best coding toys for kids and introduce them to the world of programming and technology.

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