11 Best Coffee Beans For French Press In 2021

Best Coffee Beans For French Press

French press coffee is a simple brewing method where you need coarsely ground beans with hot water. However, the wrong beans can make your coffee taste bitter. French press method uses a stainless steel mesh filter that helps extract maximum oils and solids from the coffee beans, delivering a cup of delicious brew. You can obtain the best tasting French coffee by grinding whole coffee beans immediately before brewing.

We have created a list of the best coffee beans for French press for you to enjoy.

11 Best Coffee Beans For French Press

1. Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Ass

Kicking Horse coffee is organic-certified, roasted in Canada, and USDA- approved.  This 2.2lb pack of whole bean coffee is medium roasted, suitable for aromatic French press coffee.  It tastes like a bright chocolaty concoction with the aroma of sweet syrup, vanilla beans, and stone fruit. The rich taste includes notes of tart red currant, sugarcane, and milk chocolate, with a honeyed berry body. It is grown sustainably, and the coffee originally belongs to Africa and Central and South America.

2. Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Coffee

Originally from Honduras, the Subtle Earth organic coffee from Cafe Don Pablo is 100% Arabica. This 2lb bag contains a medium dark-roasted coffee with a deep chocolaty flavor. It emanates flavor notes of honey, caramel, and cocoa. The bean’s natural sugars are caramelized to give it a touch of roasted flavor. Organic and GMO-free, the processing does not take away the coffee’s natural characteristics, and it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

3. Lavazza Espresso Italiano Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Blended and roasted in Italy, Lavazza’s espresso Italiano coffee is suitable for espresso and French press brews. The medium roast whole beans are a 100% Arabica composition from Central and South America. The smooth grains of the rich-bodied coffee have notes of fruit and flowers. Suitable for French press, espresso, and cold brews, this non-GMO product comes in a 2.2lb bag.

4. Real Good Coffee Co. Whole Bean Coffee

Made from premium-quality Arabica whole beans, this Kosher-certified coffee comes from Central and South America. Available in a 2lb pack, the organic coffee beans are freshly roasted in Seattle and sustainably prepared. It is a dark-roast having slightly sweet finish, with undertones of raspberry, dark chocolate, and Mediterranean spice anise.

5. San Francisco Bay Decaf Gourmet Blend Coffee

San Francisco Bay whole beans have notes of roasted almonds, chocolate, and sweet mandarin. Processed naturally without harmful chemicals, it is decaffeinated with the use of water and filters. Freshly roasted and grounded, this 2lb pack is packaged and sealed fresh and is kosher-certified and 100% Arabica.

6. Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters

Organically grown, these 1lb coffee beans are medium to dark roasts with a full body and mild acidity. Java Planet organic coffee roasters hail from Columbia and are Rainforest Alliance-certified and Smithsonian bird-friendly. Made from USDA-approved Arabica coffee beans, it is harvested without pesticides or GMOs and has a fruity undertone. This coffee is grown in high altitudes, is rich in antioxidants, and supports sustainable farming techniques.

7. Olde Brooklyn Coffee French Roast Whole Bean

The whole bean French Roast is packed in 5lb air-tight sealed bags to retain its flavor. Sourced from Columbia, Brazil, and Guatemala, these beans deliver distinct tastes and are roasted in small batches in New York under high-quality control. The flavors include smokey, sweet, dark, and strong and can be enjoyed with espresso, French press, or cold brews.

8. Coffee Bean Direct Peru High Grown

The full body coffee is made from pure coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Costa Rica, Sumatra, and Kenya. Grown in high altitudes, these coffee beans are moderately acidic. With a soft body and nutty tasting notes, this 100% Arabica bean comes in a 5lb pack is hand-packed to deliver fresh quality.

9. Biggby French Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Sourced from Honduras and packaged in the USA, these fair-trade coffee beans provide reliable and trusted purity from farm to your cup. This 2.5lb bag is packaged carefully so that each bean retains its flavor. The French roasted coffee helps give the right balance of flavor in every sip. Its smooth and rich blend delivers aromatic hints of chocolate and fruits.

10. Joffrey’s Coffee And Tea Company French Bistro Blend

Made from high-quality Arabica coffee, Joffrey’s coffee and tea company uses ethically sourced coffee beans. The French Bistro blend from Disney’s specialty coffee collection offers notes of full-bodied, smoky sweetness. This is a special coffee from Walt Disney World Resort to enjoy the Disney charm in the comfort of your homes. The 0.68lb bag is packaged carefully to retain its aromatic flavor.

11. Spare Moment Coffee Roasters

The 0.75lb bag contains medium roast coffee beans with rich aromatic flavors. This smooth beverage offers hints of cherry cocoa, lemon, walnut, and subtle flavors of dried fruits. The high-quality beans are hand-picked and sourced from Ethiopia, Columbia, and Brazil. Balanced with the right sweetness, this coffee is roasted in small batches to retain its high quality.

How To Choose The Right Coffee Beans For French Press?

Consider the following features before buying coffee beans for French press.

  1. Grind size: Whole coffee beans are aromatic, but the coffee’s flavor depends on the way it is ground. Consider using the coarse ground when brewing coffee with a French press to ensure optimal flavor.
  2. Roast type: The duration and temperature at which the beans are roasted impact the flavor of your coffee. Medium-dark and dark roast are ideal for French press brewing due to their high oil content.
  3. Packaging: Due to beans’ delicate and perishable nature, it is preferable to select air-tight packaging. Paper bag packaging without a seal can weaken the flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does French press coffee have more caffeine?

French press coffee contains 107mg caffeine in a 0.5lb serving, whereas espresso has 47 to 64mg caffeine in a 0.06lb serving.

2. Can I use regular ground coffee in a French press?

French press is a method to brew your coffee with the help of a plunger and a strainer. It works best with coarsely ground coffee, but you can use regular ground coffee as well.

The choice of beans is of paramount importance to get a perfect brew taste. To enjoy a homemade brew, choose from the above list of the best coffee beans for French press.

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