11 Best Collapsible Water Bottles That Are Easy To Carry, 2022


You can stop worrying about staying hydrated while traveling when you have the best collapsible water bottle with you. Plastic water bottles are non-reusable, harmful to the environment, and take up a lot of space. However, collapsible water bottles fold and flatten once empty and expand right back on being refilled! Listed below are some of the best durable, lightweight, reusable, and eco-friendly collapsible bottles for your next trip.

11 Best Collapsible Water Bottles

1. Best Freezable:Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

The 650ml collapsible bottle from Nomader is made from 100% food-grade silicone, free of BPA, BPS, latex, lead, PVC, and phthalates. It features a wide mouth with a patented, leak-proof twist cap and spout cover, which helps refill water or add fruits or ice cubes. The bottle has a grip sleeve for stability and a wrist strap for easy carrying. You can use this bottle to fill cold or hot water and collapse it once it’s empty. It is freezable, dishwasher-safe, and comes in various colors. You can also check this video out for a brief review of the product.

2. Best Wide-Mouthed Design:Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle

The compact, lightweight, and foldable water bottle from Nefeeko can hold up to 550ml of liquids ranging from -40°C to 230°C. You can add fruits or ice cubes to this wide-mouthed bottle and close it with a leak-proof cap. The BPA-free, shatterproof, food-grade platinum silicone water bottle ensures the liquid is non-toxic and safe to drink. It comes with an aluminum alloy carabiner to hook the bottle to your bag. If you need more convincing, feel free to take a look at this YouTuber’s video on the merits and demerits of the product.

3. Best Lightweight:Platypus Platy Ultralight Collapsible Water Bottle

Platypus offers a 2000ml collapsible water bottle, lightweight and compact to fit inside a pocket when deflated. This foldable bottle has a food-grade polyethylene lining, free of BPA, BPS, and phthalates. It features a screw top that prevents spilling and leakage. The bottle stands upright and remains stable after you fill it with water or cold drinks. You can use this water bottle with Platypus’s drink tubes and water filters. If you want a detailed review of the product, make sure to take a look at this video.

4. Best Environment-Friendly:Semetor Collapsible Water Bottle

Made from BPA-free, odorless, food-grade silicone, Semator’s collapsible water bottle is safe to use. The ergonomically designed bottle features a slender waist for easy hold, a leak-proof lid for easy access, and an anti-skid base for stability. Its medium-sized mouth allows you to add and drink liquids conveniently. The bottle can withstand cold and hot drinks, ranging from -40°C to 248°C. Once the bottle is empty, you can deflate it up to 78% and clip it to backpacks with the stainless steel carabiner. This environment-friendly bottle is dishwasher- and freezer-safe.

5. Best Spill-Proof:Special Made Collapsible Water Bottles

Special Made two-pack collapsible water bottles are made from FDA-certified, food-grade organic silicone, free of BPA, PVC, and other harmful materials. The food-grade plastic screw cap covers the bottle’s wide mouth to help eliminate spillage or splashing. This portable water bottle can hold 600 ml of liquids between -50 and 200°C. You can fold this flexible water bottle compactly and store it easily when not in use.

6. Best Shatterproof:Anntrue Collapsible Water Bottle

Made of non-toxic, food-grade platinum silicone, the bottle ensures the water or beverages are odorless and safe to drink. Its wide mouth makes it easy to drink and refill, and the screw cap with oblique mouth sprout can prevent leakage. This shatterproof bottle can collapse into a lightweight and compact size for easy portability.

7. Best For Hot And Cold Water:Mcomce Collapsible Water Bottle

Mcomce’s two-pack collapsible water bottles are made from BPA-free, FDA-approved, 100% food-grade silicone. They have covered nozzles to prevent leakage and protect the contents inside from dust and germs. The bottle can withstand temperatures from -10 to 60°C, making it suitable for hot and cold water. It can fold compactly to save space and fit conveniently into backpacks.

8. Best Non-Toxic:Tomnk Collapsible Water Bottles

The nine-pack collapsible and reusable water bottles from Tomnk are ideal for carrying liquids up to 480ml. They are safe and made from non-toxic, food-grade plastic. Each bottle features a push-pull nozzle with a plastic cover to prevent dust and leakage. It also includes a metal clip to attach it to backpacks, bicycles, etc. You can air-dry, flatten, and roll the bottle up to save space. With nine colors, Tomnk bottles provide a white label for you to put an identity mark on.

9. Best Dishwasher-Safe:Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle

Hydaway’s 500ml collapsible water bottle can be compressed into a 1.5-inch disc to fit into your backpacks, pockets, etc. This ultra-stashable water bottle, made of BPA-free plastic and food-grade silicone, is easy to carry and safe to use. It features a wide mouth with a watertight seal for easy cleaning and reduced spills. The bottle also has a spout for easy access. You may use this dishwasher-safe water bottle for air travel, daily use, or outdoor adventures.

10. Best For Outdoor Activities:E-Senior Collapsible Water Bottle

The ultra-light, collapsible water bottle from E-Senior, with a 589ml capacity, is easy to carry around. Made from BPA-free, 100% food-grade silicone, it is safe for you and the environment. You can fill the bottle with hot or cold drinks and close it with the rotatable cap to prevent leakage and spilling. This shatterproof water bottle is FDA-, SGS-, and LFGB-approved. You may use this bottle daily or for hikes, travel, and other outdoor adventures.

11. Best Easy-To-Clean:Hydrapak Stow Collapsible Water Bottle

Hydrapak’s collapsible water bottle is comfortable to carry and easy to store, as it deflates and folds compactly to fit inside bags, backpacks, and pockets. It is durable and lightweight, made of abrasion-resistant, BPA-free, TPU and RF-welded seams. The bottle features a silicone nozzle with a flip-open cap for easy access and leakage prevention. It meets EU and US FDA regulations, is safe to use and is easy to clean.

How To Choose The Right Collapsible Water Bottles?

Here are some factors to consider before buying a collapsible water bottle.

  1. Materials: Consider bottles made of food-grade silicone, free of BPA, PVC, and other harmful chemicals.
  2. Temperature: If you want to carry both hot and cold beverages, buy a bottle that can withstand both temperatures. It is advisable not to fill the bottle with extremely hot liquids to avoid burning.
  3. Capacity: Most bottles are below 500ml. You may choose the capacity depending on the requirement.
  4. Closure: Bottles with screw-top caps or button lids are better at preventing leakages or spills. If you’re opting for a spout, ensure it has a cover.
  5. Mouth width: If you prefer to add fruits or ice cubes to your water or if you want to wash it by hand, pick a bottle with a wide mouth. However, a small mouth or spout can prevent spillage.

Why Trust MomJunction?

After carefully researching numerous products and going through various user reviews posted on trusted websites, we have listed the best collapsible water bottles to suit your requirements. These bottles are durable, long-lasting, and made of high-quality materials free of harmful chemicals. This article also includes a detailed buying guide and pointers on choosing the right product based on factors such as capacity and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are collapsible water bottles eco-friendly?

Collapsible bottles may be made from plastic, but unlike single-use plastic bottles, these are reusable. Hence, by using collapsible bottles, we can reduce single-use plastic and keep the environment safe.

2. Are collapsible water bottles safe?

Yes, collapsible water bottles are safe as most of them use BPA- and BPS-free materials. If the bottles do not use any phthalates, it’s even safer.

3. How to wash a collapsible water bottle?

If it’s dishwasher-safe, you can put them onto the top rack for cleaning. If it’s not, you can hand wash it with warm soapy water and a brush.

4. How do I dry a collapsible water bottle?

Most collapsible water bottles air dry; you can turn them upside down and allow the water to drain.

5. When should I replace my collapsible water bottle?

Although collapsible bottles are reusable, it is advisable to replace them every year to avoid consuming tiny plastic particles.

6. Can I fill my collapsible water bottle with liquids other than water?

Yes, you can fill the bottle with different liquids. However, the temperature resistance of each brand may vary, so make sure to read the instructions.

Staying hydrated every time can be a difficult task, as you may not always have the space in your bag to fit in a water bottle. However, drinking water is paramount as it is vital for your body’s functioning and has numerous health benefits. In addition, drinking an ample amount of water is also important to keep you energetic throughout the day. So, collapsible water bottles act as saviors in such situations as they can be stored easily and have enough volume to store a good amount of water.

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