11 Best Coolers For Traveling With Breastmilk & Buying Guide 2022


Managing children and work is not so easy for working mothers. It is even more difficult to store milk for breastfeeding babies. This post has compiled a list of the best coolers for traveling with breast milk.

Coolers for preserving breast milk are essential, especially for working, traveling, and on-the-go women. They make storing breast milk easier and more convenient to feed your infant at any time and place, regardless of whether you are available or not.

Read on this post to know the details of the finest coolers for traveling with breastmilk, so you don’t have to stress about feeding your baby.

11 Best Coolers For Traveling With Breastmilk

1. Best Compatibility:Medela Breast milk Cooler

Medela Breast milk Cooler

Every mom’s best friend, the Medela Breastmilk Cooler set comes in a pack of four 150ml bottles. It’s perfect for mothers who are in search of a cooler for traveling with breast milk. Apart from four bottles, this cooler bag includes a contoured ice pack that is shaped to fit around the milk bottles perfectly. The bottles are dishwasher-friendly and are marked with easy-to-read volume measurements.


  • Milk bottles are made with safe, BPA-free plastic
  • Compatible with most breast pumps
  • Ice packs keep the breast milk fresh for up to 12 hours
  • Cooler bag made with PVC-free microfiber material


  • Bottles might warp during sterilization

2. Best With Cooling Technology:Pack It Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler

Pack It Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler

One of the first and best breast milk travel coolers, the Pack It Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler takes your stress away from breast milk storage for your baby. This bottle cooler bag for traveling with breast milk needs no ice packs and chills up to four bottles that have a storage capacity of about five ounces each. The most unique feature of this breast milk cooler bag is that it is built with a patented cooling technology using a freezable gel. This gel is permanently attached to the bag so you’ll never need to buy separate ice packs again. All you have to do is flatten it and freeze overnight for up to 12 hours. Check out this YouTuber’s review of this product.


  • Easy to use and store
  • Contains a zip-top closure that locks in cool air
  • Made with non-toxic poly canvas
  • Free from PVC, BPA, lead, and phthalate
  • The lining is food safe and water-resistant


  • Does not include bottles
  • Might not stay cool for too long

3. Best Functional:Sarah Wells Breast milk Cooler Bag

Sarah Wells Breast milk Cooler Bag

Separated by compartments and ruled by long-lasting cooling, the Sarah Wells Breastmilk Cooler Bag stands for the pumping community of mothers. This breast milk cooler bag fits up to four eight ounces storage bottles and even a mason jar. They are designed to keep breast milk cold for up to eight hours depending on the external temperature. If you want it to last longer, all you have to do is add more ice packs to the cooler bag. You can also check this video out for a brief review of the product.


  • Stylish and super functional
  • Includes an adjustable and detachable handle
  • Made with premium easy-to-clean material
  • Free of PVC, BPA, lead, and phthalates


  • The ice pack might be less durable

4. Best With Extra Padding:Homga Breast milk Insulated Cooler Storage

Homga Breast milk Insulated Cooler Storage

To keep your breast milk fresh and cold, the Homga Breastmilk Insulated Cooler Storage uses an airtight temperature control system. The breast milk travel cooler is made with high-quality durable Oxford cloth and PET aluminum film that locks in the nutrients and keeps them in the cooler bag. This insulated cooler bag has a zipper around the milk bag that provides good insulation and sealing. It also protects the milk from external temperatures.


  • Extra padding and durable construction
  • Made with high-quality, water-resistant cloth
  • Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap
  • The zipper is made of steel and is very durable


  • Does not include ice packs
  • Does not include milk bottles

5. Best Sleek Design:J.L. Childress Maxi COOL Breast milk Cooler

J.L. Childress Maxi COOL Breast milk Cooler

Different from other breast milk cool bags, the J.L. Childress Maxi COOL Breastmilk Cooler is slim and sleek. It is fully insulated and comes with a snap closure. The freezer bags have reusable ice packs and make for great breast milk storage bags. It also acts as an insulated lunch box because the freezer bags keep food fresh for hours. Its slim design makes it a great travel bag to fit in diapers or other baby essentials.


  • Inner lining leak-proof material
  • Lining fabric is free from lead, phthalate, and PVC
  • Snap handle can be attached to a stroller
  • Heat-sealed lining to avoid odors and mildew build-up


  • Might be small

6. Best Insulated:Skip Hop Insulated Breast milk Cooler

Skip Hop Insulated Breast milk Cooler

With an insulated cooler bag that holds not just one but two sippy cups, the Skip Hop Insulated Breast milk Cooler is trendy and keeps you ready for a long day out with your baby. This insulated double bottle bag includes a freezer pack, a mesh pocket on the inside for storage, and can hold two large bottles or two sippy cups. The two-way zipper allows single or double access to the bottles in the breast milk cooler bag.


  • The lining is insulated and is easily wipeable
  • Adjustable strap for convenience
  • Made with materials free of BPA and phthalates
  • The strap is easily attachable to stroller
  • Keeps fresh breast milk cold for up to 4 hours


  • Ice pack might be too small

7. Best Water-Resistant:Lekebaby Breast milk Cooler Bag

Lekebaby Breast milk Cooler Bag

With a great cooling effect that keeps breast milk fresh for up to eight hours, the Lekebaby Breast Milk Cooler Bag is your go-to choice for a breast milk storage cooler bag. Its insulated double bottle bag lining keeps bottles warm or cool depending on your need. This breast milk travel cooler includes a contoured ice pack and can accommodate about six breast milk bottles. The insulated cooler bag is made with water-resistant high-quality Oxford fabric and comes with adjustable straps to carry on your shoulders.


  • Two zippers make it easy to remove and put the bottles into the bag
  • Blend of high-quality fabric and aluminum foil lining with EPE foam insulation
  • Includes a warranty of 180 days for quality-related issues
  • Made with non-toxic, highly durable fabric


  • Have to pour in water by yourself since the ice pack comes empty
  • Need to refrigerate for 8-10 hours before using

8. Best Compact Design:Zohzo Breastmilk Compact Cooler Bag

Zohzo Breastmilk Compact Cooler Bag

With thermal insulation that keeps breast milk at a safe temperature for hours, the Zohzo Breastmilk Compact Cooler Bag is one of the best breast milk cooler bags that you can get. This bottle cooler has a wide zippered opening for easy loading and unloading and is made with a sleek black fabric and black metal hardware. This three-piece breast milk cooler bag includes an insulated cooler, reusable ice packs, and a wet/dry bag.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • The material can be wiped clean
  • Includes an ID holder for easy identification
  • Comes with a convenient carrying handle
  • Includes a contoured ice pack which is reusable


  • Small in size

9. Best Leak-Proof:Luxja Breast milk Cooler Bag

Luxja Breast milk Cooler Bag

With a leak-proof lining that adopts a hot-pressing technology, the Luxja Breast milk Cooler Bag is a good cooler bag for traveling with breast milk. It is made with heavy-duty and water-resistant nylon fabric and is perfect to keep ice packs cold for long hours. What’s unique about this cooler is that it has an additional small top compartment to store your baby’s accessories.


  • Includes a front flat pocket for holding cards
  • Contains a top handle for easy accessibility
  • Has a deep bottom compartment to store 4 bottles
  • The cooler bag has a great expansion feature


  • Does not include ice packs or bottles

10. Best Double-Layered:Teamoy Double Layer Breast milk Cooler

Teamoy Double Layer Breast milk Cooler

The Teamoy Double Layer Breast milk Cooler is not just your average breast milk cooler bag. It is a shoulder bag that is made with high-quality nylon and has a double-layered design. This freezer pack uses hot-pressing technology that ensures a leak-proof lining, keeping breast milk hot or cold for a long time. This insulated cooler bag has a storage capacity of up to six bottles of nine ounces each and has a two-way zipper that makes it easy to load and unload the bottles in the cooler bags. It also has mesh pockets on either side of the bag.


  • Includes reusable ice packs
  • Made with a smooth lining that is easy to clean
  • Includes an additional pocket to store items like keys and phones
  • Designed with an additional top compartment to store snacks and food


  • Does not include bottles

11. Best Convenient:FlexiFreeze Pocketbook Breast milk Cooler

FlexiFreeze Pocketbook Breast milk Cooler

If you’re looking for a wallet-sized solution to carry breast milk, FlexiFreeze Pocketbook Breast Milk Cooler is yours to keep. Super convenient, compact, and easy to store, this breast milk storage bag is every working mother’s dream solution. It has 16 ice cubes with water built right in to keep the breast milk cold. It easily fits two hospital-sized bottles and is an extremely discreet cooler bag to store and transport the breast milk.


  • Contains real, purified, 100% water that is more effective than gel
  • Unzip and freeze flat in your freezer
  • Wallet sized cooler that is easily portable
  • Can be placed in your handbag or purse
  • Durable, compact, and convenient


  • Cannot use to store larger quantities

How Long Can Frozen Breast milk Stay Fresh For?

Breast milk stays fresh and good for up to five days if it is chilled. However, if it is frozen breast milk, the thawed milk can be kept in the freezer for up to 24 hours after unfreezing. It is recommended that you don’t refreeze the milk after you defrost it. The most important thing to remember is not to microwave breast milk because it destroys its nutrients.

How To Choose The Right Cooler To Store Breast milk?

When it comes to storing breast milk, it is of utmost importance to know what kind of breast milk cooler bag you’re buying because it is for your infant. Here are a few key features to keep in mind while purchasing the best coolers for traveling with breast milk:

  • Insulation – This is one of the most important features to consider because it is what keeps the breast milk fresh. Some cooler bags have a tin foil lining and others are lined with fabric that helps with insulation. While both of these have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, the thing to keep in mind is to ensure that it’s leak-proof and heat-sealed.
  • Size – Another very important feature is the size of the breast milk cooler bag. Depending on the size of your baby’s bottles, the cooler bag you choose should be able to accommodate them. If you are someone who is on the go, ensure that the cooler is compact so that it would not be too much of a hassle.
  • Ice pack – While choosing a breast milk cooler bag, the ice pack is an important addition to consider. More importantly, if they are reusable or not. Several cooler bags include extra reusable ice packs that can be frozen in advance and placed in the bag to keep the bottles cold and the breast milk fresh.

Why Trust MomJunction?

As a working mother, investing in a cooler to store breast milk is necessary, but selecting the right one among various choices can be difficult. After scouring many forums for customer input and thoroughly examining different products, we compiled a list of the best-quality breast milk coolers. We’ve also included products description and a purchasing guide to assist you in selecting the best breast milk cooler for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can breast milk stay in a cooler?

According to CDC recommendations, freshly expressed or thawed breast milk can be stored in insulated cooler bags with frozen ice packs for up to 24 hours (1). Also, it is important not to refreeze the breast milk once it is thawed.

2. How should I use a breastmilk cooler bag?

Breastmilk cooler bags have insulated walls to protect the breast milk from heat. Some come with inbuilt frozen ice packs, while others may not include one and may require you to buy a reusable ice pack separately.

To use the breastmilk cooler bag, store the ice pack in the freezer overnight or for 12 hours. Next, keep the frozen ice pack in the insulated cooler along with the breastmilk bottles or packs. Make sure the bag is properly sealed without any leaks to prevent heat exposure.

3. How do I pump and store milk when traveling?

You can pump the breast milk by hand expression or by using a manual or electric breast pump. The pumped breast milk should be stored in small quantities as required for each feed in food-grade containers, such as sterilized milk bottles or sealable breastmilk storage bags.

Storing your breast milk when traveling becomes effortless when you have the right coolers designed specifically for this purpose. They provide a safe and protected storage space for your breast milk so that you can feed your child on the go. When looking for the ideal cooler to store breast milk, ensure it is lined efficiently to help with insulation. Besides, a cooler must be large enough for your requirements and feature a cooler bag with reusable ice packs that can be frozen prior to cooling the bottles.


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