11 Best Cooling Headbands In 2022 To Reduce Sweat


For staying cool and comfortable in a workout, you need the best cooling headbands. These headbands can minimize the accumulation of sweat and can also keep your head cool when you do any workout. In addition, they are comfortable to wear as they are made from breathable materials. Since there are plenty of options to choose from for your daily workouts, we bring you a selected list of cooling headbands. They are helpful for workouts and daily use.

11 Best Cooling Headbands

1. Best Stretchable: Poshel Cooling Headband

Poshel’s cooling headband is made of 95 percent polyester material and 5 percent spandex, making it soft, breathable, and stretchable. The headband keeps sweat and excess moisture away from the eyes and dries quickly. The stretchable fabric sewn on the back does not create the hassle of tying a knot when you wear it and fits perfectly. You can wear this headband while running, walking, and while playing intense sports.

2. Best Breathable: Vinsguir Athletic Cooling Headband

The Vinsguir Athletic cooling headband is made of breathable and stretchable material that can sit comfortably on your head to help improve your performance. This headband evaporates and absorbs sweat eight times faster than other cotton sweatbands. The headband’s lightweight and slim design makes it ideal for wearing under a hat, helmet, or visor. It can keep your ears warm in winter and minimize sweat in summer.

3. Best Lightweight: Temple Tape Cooling Headband

You can use the Temple Tape cooling headband when you go out to ride a bicycle, exercise, or play. It is made of breathable and elastic material that can evaporate and absorb sweat faster than ordinary headbands. Its design is lightweight and ultra-thin so that you can wear it under a hat, helmet, or even visor. The flexible design makes it suitable for various head shapes and sizes. The material of the headband is specially blended to provide a firm grip and comfort. You can wear it indoors and outdoors.

4. Best For All Head Sizes: Luckygo Cooling Headband for Women

The Luckygo cooling headband, made of high-quality, soft, and stretchable fabric, ensures comfort without being too loose or too tight. It is suitable for all head sizes and shapes. The headband provides a sweat evaporation effect and breathable design, so it feels incredible when wearing. It does not cause any headache and complements various outfits. You can wear it while exercising in the gym, playing tennis, soccer, hiking, and dancing.


5. Best Quick-Drying: Braylin Cooling Headband

The Braylin cooling headband not only absorbs the sweat on your head but also evaporates the sweat faster than ordinary cooling bands. This will keep you dry for a long time and protect your eyes from sweat. It has a thickness of 2mm and has super elasticity, so your head will not experience any pressure. These headbands are made of 12 percent spandex and 88 percent high-quality polyester. The lightweight design allows you to easily slip it into your pocket or handbag and carry it with you while working out at the gym or participating in sports.

6. Best Double-Layer Fabric: EasYoung Cooling Headband

The EasYoung cooling headband is made of breathable mesh design and double-layer fabric, which can fit comfortably and absorb sweat faster. It weighs only ten grams and easy to carry around anywhere. The headband is made of 8 percent spandex and 92 percent polyester fabric, making it durable. The stretchable design provides you with a comfortable grip. You can use it when cycling, exercising, hiking, or working out at the gym.

7. Best Eco-Friendly: Dasuta Cooling Headbands

Dasuta’s cooling headbands is made of environmentally friendly, breathable materials. It comprises 13 percent spandex and 87 percent chinlon, which absorbs sweat faster and more effectively than ordinary cotton headbands. It has a unique silicone corrugated texture that can hold the band in place without interfering with your activities. You can use this cooling band for mountaineering, fitness workout, or while playing your favorite sport.

8. Best Helmet-Friendly: Bani Bands Cooling Headbands

The Bani Bands cooling headband’s patented CoolCore technology keeps the band cool and comfortable in hot weather. It is helmet-friendly and provides better sun protection than vests, towels, or neck wraps. This headband, made of high-quality material, is ideal when running, hiking, or even camping. You can wear it as a neck gaiter, too.

9. Best Stylish: Mission Cooling Tapered Headband

If you want to protect your eyes from sweat while keeping your hair in place, the Mission Cooling tapered headband may be the best option for you. Within 30 seconds, it cools to 30 degrees below the average body temperature and absorbs sweat much more effectively. It has a fashionable and casual design. The stretchable material allows the headband to fit most head sizes comfortably.

10. Best For Sun Protection: Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Headband

Arctic Cool headband uses the hydroFreese X technology, which provides an instant cooling effect. The high-performance and ultra-light fabric cools when wet and absorbs moisture when dry. This headband is easy to clean and durable while providing a long-lasting cooling effect. It has a four-way stretchable fabric that provides comfort while wearing it. It protects you from the sun and provides UPF 50+ sun protection from harmful UV rays.

11. Best Grip: E Tronic Edge Cooling Headband

The E Tronic Edge Cooling Headband is ideal for men and women. It features a lightweight and thin design that effectively absorbs sweat, providing you with a refreshing cooling effect. This headband is highly comfortable and will not hinder your workout or other activity. It’s made of durable fabric, and the inside silicone grip prevents sliding. It has a stylish design and can be worn under helmets or caps when cycling, hiking, or participating in your favorite sporting activity. This high-quality headband provides excellent mobility.

How To Choose The Best Cooling Headband?

When choosing a cooling headband, look for some specific features that ensure the headband’s effectiveness.

  1. Material: The material used to make the cooling headband is critical because it affects the headband’s cooling ability. Many cooling headbands are made of stretchable material and polyester. You can also choose an environmentally friendly headband to ensure proper operation.
  2. Sweat absorption: A cooling headband’s primary function is to absorb sweat. Some headbands may absorb sweat quickly than ordinary cotton headbands.
  3. Design: Most cooling headbands have a flexible design that allows them to fit all head sizes and shapes without causing any pressure. This feature offers comfort and does not get in the way of your activity.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag is our in-house reviewer of clothing and fashion accessories. She has compiled this list of the best cooling headbands that can keep you cool and comfortable. The products listed here are made of soft, breathable, and stretchable materials and are lightweight. In addition, she has included a buying guide to help you make an informed choice when buying one.

Cooling headbands save you from excessive sweating during your workout routine. While choosing the best cooling headbands, learn about the material and choose one that doesn’t cause any skin irritation. You can choose polyester or an environmentally friendly headband for proper operation. Since a cooling headband’s primary function is to absorb sweat, look for one that absorbs sweat faster than the usual cotton headbands. Also, pick headbands with a flexible design that allows them to fit all head sizes and shapes without causing pressure.

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