11 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners For Every Surface In 2022


Cleaning can be a relaxing activity when you have the best cordless vacuum cleaner to ease your day. Unlike regular vacuum cleaners, these cordless vacuum cleaners offer flexibility and versatility. They run on batteries and can be recharged occasionally. The ability to move them around makes it easier for you to clean every nook and corner of your house. Moreover, cordless vacuum cleaners are usually lightweight and convenient to use.

The freedom a cordless vacuum cleaner offers is unparalleled, making vacuuming a delight. However, it’s important to note that these vacuum cleaners are less powerful than regular ones and have a shorter use time before the battery needs to be recharged. So, take a look at this list of vacuum cleaners and pick one.

Our Top Picks

11 Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners

1. Best Lightweight:BISSELL Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum


This featherweight bagless vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easier and more convenient. Easily convertible into a hand vacuum with its available crevice tool, it can be used to clean dirt deep in your sofas and also serves as a stair vacuum. Owing to its compact size, this vacuum cleaner is multipurpose and offers incredible suction to keep all corners of your home neat and clean.

2. Best With Wind Tunnel Technology:Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


The Lithium-ion batteries used to power this device gives the freedom to clean even the deepest places especially with its extreme recline handle, helping to keep the house neat and tidy. The cutting-edge cleaning bristles remove dust, hair, and all kinds of dirt that can be found around the home. Equipped with a wind tunnel technology, the vacuum helps to get rid of debris and dirt on surfaces. You need not worry about the heaviness of the vacuum cleaner as it weighs just under 10 pounds.

3. Best Non-Detachable Battery:Eureka Rapidclean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


This vacuum cleaner hits this list as one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners available because it provides convenient and efficient cleaning. The cordless design makes it ideal for the day-to-day cleaning. Although cordless vacuum cleaners are generally not as powerful as corded vacuum cleaners, some of them still have powerful and lithium-ion lasting batteries. This cordless vacuum cleaner from Eureka is one of them as it is equipped with a 25.2 V rechargeable battery and is equipped with a Rapid Clean Technology. It features a cyclonic filtration system, specially designed to separate small particles and dust from large particles. The vacuum cleaner also comes with LED headlights that help make it easier to spot dirt and dust, even in the darkest corners of your home.

4. Best Lightweight:DYSON V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


This vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easier with a powerful suction, sucking in dirt into the device, and away from any surface. The non-detachable battery offers up to 30 minutes runtime when used with a motorized tool, making it one of the longest running cordless vacuum cleaners. With this lightweight vacuum cleaner, you are sure to get dirt off surfaces with its nylon bristles and it also provides up to 6 minutes fade-free power, when in maximum mode. It comes with an instant release trigger, which ensures that the vacuum is only in use when the trigger is kept pressed.

5. Best Multipurpose:INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This brushless vacuum cleaner provides enough power that makes sure that the smallest particles are sucked in, making it efficient, effective, and thorough. It serves as a multipurpose cleaning device that can work across multiple surfaces to get rid of dirt. It can work across hardwood floors, tiled floors, carpets, marbled floor etc. APOSEN designed this vacuum cleaner in a way that it makes cleaning calm with a quiet cleaning experience. With its sponge filtration system of 4 stages that boasts up to 99.9% dust removal. The stiff and soft bristles integrated into the vacuum makes sure that the 4-stage filtration system is not in vain. Rounding up this device is an ergonomic handle that makes the machine easy to use.


6. Best Multifunctional:ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Stick


Live easy and clean your home with this 4-in-1 multifunctional vacuum cleaner from ORFELD. The multifunctional purpose of this vacuum cleaner is brought to the fore because it comes with a handheld vacuum and conventional vacuum that makes cleaning easily. It operates at 120 Watts that makes suction better as it picks up debris, dust, hair, and crumbs while working across multiple surfaces and hard floors including carpet, stairs, sofa, and the like. ORFELD brings their A-game in making this vacuum stick with its 2200 MaH 6-cell battery that provides up to 40 minutes on standard mode, and 25 minutes on max mode giving it power that is equivalent to twice the runtime of other devices. With a 180° folding handle, it stands as one of the best. Finally, the heap filtration system helps to trap up to 99.97% of dirt making the room cleaner even as it works efficiently.

7. Best Dual Vortex Technology:EUFY by Anker HomeVac


This EUFY stick vacuum cleaner makes it to this list owing to its Dual Vortex technology that increases cleaning efficiency with its dust-tight containment for reduced pollution. The dirt destroying suction also comes into play, making this stick vacuum one of the very best with its deep mode that can be utilized for up to 8 minutes. This stick vacuum is a beast of a cleaner with a 5-tier filtration system that maximizes motor performance. It also comes with an additional battery that makes cleaning twice the more effective. It can pick up small pieces of food in mid mode for about 25 minutes, clean up for longer in low mode for about 40 minutes, and clean up very dirty areas with its max mode that lasts 8 minutes.

8. Best Flexible:Womow Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


This vacuum cleaner delivers up to 40 minutes use with its equipped 22.2 V Lithium-ion battery that gives the chance for longer cleaning across floors like tiles and carpets. The 5 indicator lights make sure that you do not have to check the battery status as it keeps you up to date on that. It is also very light, weighing just 2.9 pounds, is portable, and easy to use. Easily convertible to be used in a car with its crevice nozzle, it serves multiple purposes. The maneuverability and dynamic balance tech of this design is also excellent, helping to get into the deepest places. Womow also makes sure this is a top-notch vacuum cleaner with its 150-watt motor, and its wall mount flexibility makes it possible to be hung on the wall.

9. Best With Washable Dustbin:Samsung Jet 75 Complete Stick Lightweight Cleaner


This cleaning device boasts a 60-minute battery life, making it one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners on this list. At just a humble 200 Watts, this cleaner packs quite the punch. Weighing just 6 pounds, this device is made to be used around the house with ease while it hits all the deep corners. This household name gives this brush a 180° flexibility that ensures it cleans dust effectively while rotating 3,700 times a minute. The 5-layer filtration also makes sure that even the most infinitesimal dust is trapped with its trapping range. Finally, it comes with a digital display, washable dustbin, and multiple attachments including an allergen reducing motorized tool, crevice tool, dusting and upholstery tool, and a thread-woven soft-brush.

10. Best For Different Floors:Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless Vacuum


This device weighing 10 pounds helps you vacuum in ease. It is also multipurpose and can be used to clean different floors from carpet to hardwood floors. Hoover designed this vacuum cleaner with a wind tunnel technology that helps to remove debris deep under even thick fabrics. Interchangeable free fade lithium-ion batteries makes it stand out.

11. Best HEPA Filtration System:MMOOSOO Cordless Vacuum

This cordless vacuum is suitable for hard floors. While in use, it can be switched for hand use with the different variety of brush heads it comes with. The battery life providing 20-28 minutes of use also makes sure that it is used for a suitable amount of time. Rounding MMOOSOO’s cordless vacuum up is the high-efficiency cyclone and HEPA filtration system that helps to remove dust totally.

In selecting the best cordless vacuum, you need to pick the one that best fits your needs, and finding one that best-suited for you can be a challenge. Lucky for you, we have helped you with a few things you need to consider before buying one.

How To Select The Best Cordless Vacuum

  • Runtime

The runtime of different vacuum cleaners vary. Some run for 25 minutes, while others run up to 40 minutes. So, before getting one, you need to take into consideration the runtime that will be suitable for you. You also need to know the runtime available for each mode. Because while some use 8 minutes on max mode, others can use up to 20 minutes. You just need to take the different dynamics into consideration.

  • Charging time

Generally, cordless vacuums take time to charge. However, some take more time than others — ranging from 2 hours to up to 6 hours, and more. So, before getting a vacuum cleaner, you need to know the most preferable one.

  • General features

You need to understand the features you want in your vacuum cleaner before getting one. The weight, portability, and filtration system comes to the fore of this.

  • Budget

Probably the most important, you need to consider your budget. Because as these cleaners vary in features, they vary in price.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are the best way to clean up areas that may be huge or small for traditional brooms to reach. The best cordless vacuum cleaners save a lot of physical effort and leave any room spick and span. Try to choose a vacuum cleaner with a moderate runtime and charges up efficiently. Research more into its general features like weight, portability, and filtration system before making the purchase. Also, go for budget-friendly options after deciding on the features you need in the machine.

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