11 Best Craft Glues For Your Projects In 2022


For a craft lover, essential tools like cutters, scissors, glues, etc are a must-have. The best craft glue will give you better results when it comes to pasting and sticking the various components. In craftwork, you might need to stick different materials and textures for which a regular glue might not be as good as a specialized one. The best craft glue would be able to join materials like paper, wood, plastic, stones, and more. Also, the glue must be able to withstand heat and water and not come off at a later stage. In this post, we’ll assist you in buying quality craft glues that would make your DIY craftwork stand out. Read on to discover more.

11 Best Craft Glues

1. Best Quick-Drying: Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer

Mod Podge glue is a quick-drying and versatile product that dries clear, forming a multiple coat build-up with a smooth, glossy finish. It seals materials, such as paper, wood, plastic, and fabric. The decoupage glue is water-based, non-toxic, and has a high adhesive level to add dimension to your project or model. It cleans up easily using soap and water while it is still dry. This product weighs 8oz. Need more information? Watch this video to make an informed decision about the product.

2. Best Acid-Free: Adtech Crystal Clear Glue Sticks


The 50 clear regular-sized hot glue sticks can be used with paper, wood, plastic, metal, and other surfaces to form a strong adhesive bond within 30 seconds. The glue sticks fit all standard low, dual, and high-temperature glue guns. They are non-toxic, acid-free, and ideal for crafts and DIYs. The sticks are 10″ long and 0.44″ in diameter. If you need further convincing, check out this YouTuber’s review.

3. Best Semi-Transparent: Cat Palm B-7000 Adhesive


With two multipurpose glue pastes in a pack, this strong, semi-transparent liquid adhesive can quickly bond with glass, ABS, fiber, jewelry, and wood. It forms a soft elastic film that is waterproof and durable. The tubes are designed to dispense the glue with ease and have a needle design to unclog the opening. This glue has a dry surface time of six minutes and is ideal for glass. Its net quantity is around 0.85oz. You can check this video out if you need to know more about the product.

4. Best Acid-Free: Beacon 3-in-1 Advanced Crafting Glue


Crystal clear and quick-drying, this craft glue is acid-free and waterproof that permanently adheres to almost any surface. Its instant-grab container contains 4oz glue and is designed to dispense it easily and quickly.

5. Best Environment-Friendly: DecorRom UV Resin Glue


The crystal clear glue hardens quickly under UV rays to help form various shapes for preparing creative crafts. Ideal for casting, this glue gives a glossy finish, and its scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and yellowing-resistance layer has self-degassing and self-leveling characteristics. It is widely used for jewelry and accessories making and is environment-friendly and non-toxic. The net quantity of the product is 4.3oz.

6. Best Non-Toxic: Tombow Aqua Liquid Glue


Prioritizing easy application, this permanent glue comes with two applicators and a broad pen tip. The non-toxic and acid-free glue forms a permanent bond and is ideal for papercrafts. It is photo-safe, washable, and dries clear with a matte finish. The net quantity of the product is 2.72oz.

7. Best For Handmade Gifts: Elmer’s E431 Craft Bond Fabric and Paper Glue


Elmer’s paper glue is perfect for home décor projects, handmade gifts, and ornaments. It dries clear and forms a permanent, washable bond after drying. It cleans up easily using soap and water when the glue is moist. The net quantity of the product is 4oz.

8. Best Wrinkle-Resistant: Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue


Wrinkle-resistant, clear, and quick-drying, this precision craft glue comes with a metal tip for easy application. Bearly Art glue is crack-resistant, flexible, and is ideal for artwork, paper, and other crafts. It is durable and robust, giving lasting adhesion to your craft. Packed in a tube, the glue comes with multiple tips to help apply the desired amount. The net quantity of the product is 4oz.

9. Best Washable And Photo-Safe: Gorilla Kids Disappearing Purple Glue Sticks


The pack contains six glue sticks that form a purple-colored layer when applied. It clears upon drying to create a neat, strong bond. Ideal for paper, fabric, and crafts, the glue stick is non-toxic, photo-safe, acid-free, and washable. The net weight of the item is 3.98oz.

10. Best Transparent: Aleene’s Gel Glue


Thick and clear, this gel glue is a transparent adhesive that bonds strongly with almost every surface and is ideal for making slime. It is non-toxic and leaves no residue after drying. The tip of the glue has three ridges for cutting it if you need a wider opening for easy application. It is environmentally safe, washable, adheres within 30 seconds, and is available in an 8oz bottle with 4.48oz quantity.

11. Best Long-Lasting: Krazy Glue


Ultra-thick and long-lasting, this no-run glue gel is ideal for filling gaps in a porous surface. It is versatile and can be used for plastic, wood, ceramic, metal, etc. There is a precision tip on the glue bottle, allowing you to accurately apply the glue in the area that needs to be fixed. It smells like vanilla and is designed with a unique skin guard formula to help prevent skin damage. The net quantity of the product is 0.14oz.

How To Choose The Right Glue For Crafts?

Here are a few things to consider before buying a craft glue.

  1. Type of glue: There are gels, water-based, sticks, hot, and hardening type glues. Consider ease of application, requirements, and crafting needs to choose versatile and easy-to-apply glue.
  1. Flexibility: Some glues hold up well in varying temperatures, while a few are washable and need longer drying time.
  1. Use: Some glues are ideal for hard surfaces forming strong bonds, while others are used explicitly for craft and paper. Hardening glues are suitable for jewelry making, and hot glues are used for blocking porous surfaces. Consider your needs to choose the right one.

Why Trust MomJunction?

If you are a craft lover, you need high-quality craft tools to produce the best work. Craft glue is an integral craft tool required to join various elements when tailoring your craftwork. We review the best glues available in the market for you. We also discuss the important points you must focus on when choosing the best craft glue for you to have a stress-free crafting experience.

If you are into arts and crafts, high-quality craft tools will help you produce your best work. Craft glue is an integral tool in the art kit to join various elements when tailoring your craftwork. The above list of the best craft glues includes many different kinds of sealers that are quick-drying, highly adhesive, and contain no toxic ingredients. Before buying, make sure the glue is easy to clean and has the ideal drying time according to your task to have a stress-free crafting experience.

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