10 Best Bike Cranksets To Buy In 2022 And A Buying Guide


Believe it or not, you can make your bicycle rides more comfortable and your bike more attractive without much effort. All you need is the best crankset that converts the leg pressure on the pedal into propulsion to drive the rear wheel forward. Often, this set is equipped with chain rings, cranks, an axle, a spider, and even a bottom bracket.

Whether cycling is a hobby reserved for your weekends or a passion you follow day after day, the right crankset can increase your bike’s visual appeal while enhancing your comfort. Whatever your budget or size requirement, you’ll find a suitable option among the many cranksets listed and reviewed below. Take a look.

10 Best Cranksets

1. Shimano Hybrid Crankset

Shimano Hybrid Crank set


The Shimano hybrid crankset is easy to install and remove, and compatible with any bike with a square bottom bracket. It comes with a chainguard, 170mm crank arm length, and three chainrings. You can use the best low-end Shimano MTB components for the everyday bike as its chainring guard is fully replaceable and looks great the way it is molded to blend with the crank shape.

2. Sram Courier Crankset

Sram Courier Crankset


The lightweight and stiff crankset is equipped with TSM power-glide chainrings. It includes a plastic bottom bracket that enables better power transmission than an average square taper one. The good quality pedal threads and spindle have no rough edges and can be installed conveniently with a park tool. It comes with washers that fit the crankarms for pedal installation, so you don’t have to worry about messing up the arms.

3. Shimano FC-TY501

Shimano FC-TY501


The chainguard model from Shimano comes with 170mm cranks on both sides. This budget-friendly mountain bike group set is an excellent replacement crank for entry-level bikes. The crankset comes with triple chainrings, a plastic chainguard, and a 9/16 pedal spindle. It also features a 48-tooth main sprocket for high-end speed and effortless pedaling.

4. Vuelta MTB Comp Crankset

Vuelta MTB Comp Crankset


If you have an MTB, this crankset with 104/64mm BCD triple steel chainrings and 44T/32T/22T gearing designed for indexed shifting can be an ideal choice. It is 17mm long and perfectly fits the square taper 110mm bottom bracket. The mountain cranks are built to offer quality and performance at a great value. It also has cold-forged alloy crank arms in black finish for a stylish look.

5. CDHpower Single Speed Crankset

CDHpowerSingle Speed Crankset


Get this compatible, simple, and sturdily designed crankset with 9/16-inch pedals and 1.257 lb weight. It has alloy crankarms with solid carbon steel chainrings, which measure 132mm in diameter. The durable crankset comes with a square taper interface and is less expensive, and easy to remove or install. The only thing that might bother you is the protective guard, which might interfere with your leg.

6. Origin8 Track/SS Crankset

Origin8 TrackSS Crankset


The lightweight yet sturdy single-speed crankset is made of durable forged aluminum. It has fine machined-aluminum 46-tooth chainrings for super-smooth pedaling. You can find it in three different crank arm lengths- 160, 170, and 175mm. It can be an ideal option for vintage and modern style bikes. Available in two colors, this stylish crankset can make your bike the coolest ride on the block.

7. DONSP1986



This burly and lightweight aluminum-forged crankset can be a good choice if you are looking for ultimate strength and reliability. It includes a left crankarm, a right crankarm, chainrings, and is compatible with 9/16-inch pedals. This black crankset has a square taper, weighing 772 grams, which can be used on a single-speed mountain road bike or a fixed-gear bicycle.

8. Ganopper Single-Speed Crankset

Ganopper Single-Speed Crankset


The Ganopper is a narrow-wide tooth single-speed crankset and is compatible with 9,10,11s 1X system. It comes with a 24T threaded bottom bracket and is pocket-friendly. It produces no noise, facilitates smooth installation, and includes quality bearings. This crankset weighs approximately 622g and can provide an edge to your bike.

9. SR Suntour Crankset

SR Suntour Crankset


The nine-speed, triple crankset has melt-forged arms in either square taper or octalink bottom bracket options. It features steel chainrings and a 50mm chain line with a 113mm spindle. The crankset is compatible with most bike designs and has replaceable chainrings, allowing you to use a narrow-wide ring in time.

10. Vuelta Pista Track Crankset

Vuelta Pista Track Crankset


The high-quality track/fixie crankset from Vuelta fits well with any 108mm BB spindle. It does not make a creaking noise and works perfectly on a 7X speed bike. The crankset has a shiny and highly polished appearance. It looks even better with a pair of black candies. The design and quality of the crank arms have no mechanical flaws or issues. It is easy to mount and moves and turns the chain smoothly.

How To Choose The Right Crankset?

While the right crankset can improve performance and provide an overall comfortable ride, the wrong one can make you work harder. So, here’s a list of factors to consider before purchasing a crankset for your bike.

  1. Budget: The first thing to consider when buying a crankset is the budget. Start by analyzing how much you want to spend as per your needs and sort out the options accordingly. If you don’t use your bike often, it is better to invest in a crankset that does not burn a hole in your pocket.
  2. Material: While solid forged-alloy cranks are the cheapest option, they’re quite heavy. The drilled or hollow molded alloy cranks, on the other hand, are quite fashionable but don’t necessarily perform well. Choose one as per your preferences.
  3. Chainrings: Usually, a road bike has two chainrings, and a mountain bike has three. Know which bike you have, and how many chainrings it has in its crankset. Also, count the teeth on the chain rings before purchasing the crankset. It enables you to know the size of the chainrings. For instance, 52 teeth for the big one and 39 teeth are for the small chain rings.
  4. Type: There are various types of chain sets to choose from – standard, compact, semi-compact, and sub-compact. While a standard chain set is the default option for road bikes and is the first choice for most racers in the majority of circumstances, a compact chain set is the best option for those who want to go up steep hills. On the other hand, a semi-compact chain set is ideal for most types of terrain, and a sub-compact chain set is for those who prefer lower gears.
  5. Weight: If you’re a cross-country/trail rider who is not into jumping or doing big drops, then you should go for a lightweight crank. However, you must note that the lighter you go, the more careful you’ll have to be.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Sristi Suman, an adventure sports enthusiast, loves to share her knowledge and experience through her insightful articles. In this article, she has compiled a list of the best crankset that will take your bike riding experience to a new level. While preparing the list, Sristi has included products that suit everyone’s budget and needs. In addition, she has highlighted every product’s features and has explained in detail what you should keep in mind before buying a crankset.

The best bike cranksets can help you upgrade the look and functioning of your bike. Further, it lets you crank up the speed and make your ride seem more customized. Given the different types of cranksets available in the market, choosing the right one involves considering your budget, the chainrings, the crankset’s weight, and the material of the parts. The options listed here can help you find the one that suits your bike’s requirements perfectly.

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