7 Best Cross Trainers In India In 2024

Cross trainer, known as an elliptical trainer, is a popular fitness machine in most gym workouts. Unlike treadmills and exercise bikes, cross trainers provide full-body exercise without exerting extra pressure on your joints. Cross trainer machines benefit those who are looking to burn some calories and improve their cardio fitness. It is also a great strength training workout that helps you build and tone up muscles.

Robert Savin, a fitness coach, fat loss expert, and muscle hypertrophy specialist, says, “Cross trainers, also known as elliptical trainers, offer numerous benefits for those looking to improve their overall fitness and cardiovascular health. They are easy on the joints, making them a great option for people with knee, hip, or back problems. Besides, they require little maintenance and are a convenient and cost-effective option for home gym equipment.”

Keep scrolling as we list the best cross trainers in India.

Here, you will find the best cross trainers in India.

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Types Of Cross Trainers

There are seven types of cross trainers.

1. Center- drive cross trainers: The center-drive cross trainer is where the flywheel or drive system resides on either side of the trainer. These compact trainers are relatively new and ideal for home use. The center-drive trainers come with two pedals and movable handlebars that mimic the motion of walking, jogging, or running. These machines offer a full-body workout.

2. Front-drive cross trainers: The front-drive cross trainer or shuffle trainer has a motor or flywheel in the front of the machine. As you pedal, the flywheel spins and creates resistance for you to work against. These front-drive trainers give you the same feel as climbing the stairs or walking up a hill. They also offer different inclines.

3. Rear-drive cross trainers: This cross trainer has a motor located at the back of the machine. They offer similar motions as the front-drive cross-trainer. These trainers are quieter, require less maintenance, and have fewer inclines than front-drive trainers.

4. Standard elliptical trainers: If you want to work on your lower part of the body, including glutes, quads, and hamstrings, the standard elliptical trainers are ideal. These come with pedals and an immovable handlebar. The regular elliptical trainers provide circular pedal movements similar to other elliptical trainers.

5. Elliptical glider: Elliptical gliders work only on the lower body and the handles are immovable. However, the pedals don’t rotate in a circular motion; instead, they move or glide up and down. If you want resistance, you can also move in a forward motion. This trainer is suitable for a leg workout.

6. Elliptical cross-trainers: Elliptical cross trainers provide a full-body workout as both the pedals and the handles move backward and forward. While the pedaling works on your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, the pushing and pulling of the handlebars work on your back, biceps, chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles.

7. Recumbent elliptical: The recumbent elliptical is the final type of trainer that lets you sit and work out. It has pedals and handles on each side to provide a full-body workout.

7 Best Cross Trainers

1. Cockatoo OB-06 Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Cockatoo OB-06 machine acts as an elliptical cross trainer and an exercise bike. This cross trainer is suitable for a full-body workout; it comes with pedals and movable handles that work on your lower and upper body. Its front-drive system provides continuous resistance and different inclines. The trainer comes with a digital display that highlights the time, distance covered, speed, and burnt calories. It can support a maximum weight of 110kg and height between 160 and 195cm. This compact machine is ideal for a home gym.


  • Solid build and good design
  • Easy to move
  • Safe pedaling with no-slip surface pedals
  • Comfortable four-way seating
  • Full-body exercise
  • Mesh belt system produces low sound


  • Seat has a hard texture
  • Handles are slightly far to reach while seated
  • Quality could have been better

2. Monex 4-in-1 Multi Orbitrek Dual Action Fitness Cross Trainer

Monex’s cross trainer is perfect for a full-body workout that targets arms, glutes, chest, back, and core muscles. The cross trainer comes with a flywheel in the front of the machine connected to two broad pedals. The front-drive system resembles the motion of walking and running but with less stress on the knees and joints. It features a manual knob to control resistance. You can also check the burnt calories, workout time, speed, and distance covered on the monitor. The adjustable and comfortable seat offers support during your workouts.


  • Supports user weight of up to 90kg
  • Compact size convenient for home use
  • Easily movable through glide wheels
  • Helps prevent foot slippage
  • Durable and sturdy steel frame
  • Noise-free


  • Requires self-installation
  • Screws may loosen after few workouts

3. Reach Evolve Elliptical Climber Cross Trainer + Stepper

Reach Evolve’s two-in-one fitness equipment combines the dual action of an elliptical cross trainer and a stepper. As you pedal, the crank-curve technology spreads the force in two directions to reduce the pressure on knees and joints. You can also increase the machine’s resistance up to eight levels for faster results and zero impact. The movable handlebars and pedals offer a total-body workout; the three-angle adjustment lets you change the angle of the pedals to target different muscles and increase the intensity. While the stationary handle monitors your heart rate, the LCD monitors the burnt calories, time, speed, and distance.


  • Compact and portable
  • Anti-shake resistibility
  • Effective workout with magnetic and wool-felt resistance systems
  • Cushion paddle and comfortable handle grip
  • Multifunctional equipment
  • Allows maximum user-weight of up to 100kg


  • Maybe a bit noisy

4. Stunner Fitness SBX-350 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer

With the help of Stunner Fitness’s elliptical cross trainer, you can target upper and lower body muscles. This multifunctional machine lets you choose between an exercise bike mode and a cross-trainer mode by simply swapping the handrails. For a more intense workout, you can manually control the resistance levels using the resistance knob. You can monitor the heart rate, time, speed, distance, and burnt calories.


  • Durable and strong build
  • Ultra-comfortable, adjustable padded seat
  • Multifunctional use
  • Large anti-slip pedals
  • Compact and easily movable
  • Grooved belt-drive system makes no noise


  • Belt may be of low quality

5. Aerofit Elliptical Cross Trainer

One of the best cross trainers in India for a high-intensity workout in a short duration is the Aerofit elliptical cross trainer. The center-drive system helps straighten your posture, provide comfort and burn calories efficiently. The wide paddles with adjustable straps and the U-bar style handle let you move backward and forward while seated to target your upper and lower body. To know if your workout is effective, you can check your pulse rate, burnt calories, time, speed, distance, and odometer on the display screen.


  • Sturdy design
  • Effective and smooth workout
  • Intense workout through eight resistance levels
  • Comfortable seat with eight adjustment levels
  • Silent functioning


  • Assembling the trainer may be difficult

6. Gymally NB-OR4 Cross Trainer

Gymally’s cross trainer offers a combination of arm rowing, stair climber, stepper, and cycling, all in a single machine. It comes with sizable, self-balancing pedals and firm handlebars that target your entire body by moving back and forth. The adjustable seat is perfect for those who want less mobility while working out. You can easily change the intensity of your workout with the help of the resistance knob. To track your workout time, speed, distance, and burnt calories, you can refer to the LCD located in the middle of the machine.


  • Four effective workouts in one machine
  • Belt-brake resistance system offers silent operation
  • Durable and sturdy steel frame
  • Suitable for user weight of up to 120kg
  • Easily movable with wheels
  • Compact design


  • May be hard to assemble

7. Xterra FS 4.0e Elliptical Cross Trainer

While two-degree inward tilt of the pedal helps reduce stress on the knees and ankles, the position of the handles lessens the impact on the wrist. You can also listen to music using the music system that features a speaker and an audio jack. Its high-tech digital display indicates the time, speed, distance, pulse rate, RPM and lets you control the resistance. You will also find eight programs that include two user profiles to preset your workout. This equipment is perfect for a cardio workout at home.


  • Stylish, sturdy, and ergonomic design
  • Ideal for a cardio workout at home
  • Stores user preferences
  • Low impact on knees, joints, and wrists
  • Has a water-bottle holder
  • Effective calorie burning and strength workouts


  • Doesn’t offer intense workouts
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Cross Trainer?

Here are some factors to keep in mind while buying a cross-trainer.

1. Position of flywheel: The flywheel can be at the front, back, or on either side of the pedals. It’s essential to know its position as it determines how natural the movements are and how well it works on your body. This factor depends on your preference and how comfortable a machine is for you.

2. Maximum user weight: Each cross trainer has its maximum user weight specification. Elliptical trainers might support a lower maximum user weight, whereas some would support higher user weights.

3. Dimensions: You wouldn’t want to buy an elliptical cross trainer that does not fit inside your home. Check the machine’s dimensions and see if you can place it in your house.

4. Length: Stride length is the difference between the back of your front foot and the front of your rear foot. It’s crucial to know the stride length to prevent straining or cramping up the muscles. If you are a tall person, you may consider a longer stride length, and for a short person, a shorter stride length is ideal.

5. Flywheel: The weight of the flywheel impacts the resistance and smoothness of the workout. A heavier flywheel may mean higher quality and sturdier build.

6. Console: If you want to keep track of the workout, you may consider a trainer with a console. The cheaper ones come with a console that indicates time, speed, distance, and burnt calories. However, relatively expensive cross trainers offer more specifications and fancier displays.

7. Frequency of use and number of users: Opt for a sturdy machine with more specifications and is suitable for all heights and weights.

A cross trainer is essential either way – if you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cross trainers have numerous advantages, and you should incorporate one into your workout routine. There are various types of cross trainers available, each with its own set of features, which can be confusing when shopping for one. So, keep the instructions above in mind and select from our list of the best cross trainers to get an effective full-body workout in the comfort of your own home.

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