13 Best Dart Boards To Buy In 2022


Indoor games and activities are interesting and provide multiple benefits. The best dart boards can help boost your concentration levels and relieve your stress. Out of various board games, dart boards are indoor activities that you can play to keep yourself occupied and entertained. These games help boost hand-eye coordination, confidence, concentration, social skills and promote number learning skills. They also aid in teamwork and improving control over the body. Since choosing one can be a challenging task, we have compiled a list that you can consider before buying.

13 Best Dart Boards

1. Best With Staple-Free Bullseye: Viper Shot King Dartboard Set

Viper shot king dartboard set is designed with staple-free bullseye, which helps reduce bounce-outs and deflection. Dart board is designed with a thin radial spider wire allowing your desired shots to land inward and score high. You can rotate the dart board by removing the number ring and extend its life. This board comes with a self-healing compressed sisal fiber band to keep the dart board in perfect condition.


  • Radial dart guidance system
  • Steel-tip darts
  • Easy to setup
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Steel tip may cause tiny holes


2. Best Durable: Winmau Diamond Plus Bristle Dartboard

On regular use, dart boards are left with tiny holes reducing the board’s durability. Winmau diamond plus bristle dartboard is designed with self-healing sisal fiber that tightly bounds for maximum durability. The diamond-shaped wires help eliminate bounce out and allow the darts to slide off the wires easily and hit the target smoothly. You can also extend the life of the board by removing the number ring. Watch this video to know more about the product.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable quality
  • Steel-tip darts
  • Understandable instructions


  • Sometimes, wires may kick out darts

3. Best Dual-Sided: Street Walk Magnetic Dart Board Set

Street Walk magnetic dart board set comes with a dual-sided target dart board design. It includes neodymium magnetic darts to help prevent tiny holes caused by sharp tips. You can conveniently carry this dart board for outings, hang it, and play. Strong and stable magnets are heavy and balanced, while the plastic tail is lightweight that quickly lands on the target and stays straight.


  • No sharp tips
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to hang
  • Colorful darts


  • Hanging hook is a bit flimsy


4. Best Double-Sided Magnetic: Cuku Magnetic Dart Board

Cuku magnetic dartboard is a double-sided magnetic dartboard with a hook for convenient hanging. One side of the dartboard comes with a traditional design with staple bullseye, and the other side has an archery dartboard. This dartboard comes with magnetic darts.


  • Needleless-tip
  • No rough edges
  • Attractive color
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor


  • May be a bit flimsy

5. Best Child-Friendly: Giggle N Go Magnetic Dart Board

Giggle N Go magnetic dart board is a dual-sided magnetic dart board offering the flexibility of hanging when required and rolling it up when not in use or for easy storage. One side of the board comes with a monster-themed design to attract children. The other side has a traditional dart board design for advanced-level users or adults. The set comes with six magnetic darts that come with a plastic tip. This video will give you more insights into the product.


  • No sharp edges
  • Travel-friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Dual-sided board
  • Child-friendly


  • Board may not be durable


6. Best Thin Wire Design: IgnatGames Professional Dart Board Set

IgnatGames professional dart board set is structured with blade wire spider and staple-free design to provide an additional playing surface. This dart board is made of Kenyan sisal fibers with high self-healing ability. It comes with six steel-tip darts and in two flight colors. You can increase the lifespan of this dartboard with the help of a metal number ring.


  • Attractive colorful flights
  • Wider playing area
  • Thinner wire design
  • Aluminum shafts
  • User-friendly mounting kit


  • Outer ring is flimsy

7. Best Electronic: Arachnid Bullshooter Cricket Maxx Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set

The Arachind electronic dartboard cabinet set features 34 games, four cricket games, and 13.5 inches target area. It has a bristle target board compatible with steel-tip and soft-tip darts. The wooden cabinet doors come with a walnut finish for stylish storage. Convenient buttons allow easy accessibility between the games. The dart board comes with four-score displays.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Perfect fit for game room


  • Requires additional maintenance


8. Best Thick Sisal: LinkVisions Dartboard with Staple-Free Bullseye

Often steel tip darts deflect from the dartboard. Eliminating dart deflection could be possible with LinkVisions dartboard with a staple-free bullseye. This board is made from elastic sisal fiber compressed in a medium hardness for a better grip. It is designed uniquely by a thin wire and outer bull ring with four staples for high scoring. The staple-free bullseye helps prevent bounce-outs. You can also rotate the number ring to extend the dartboard life.


  • Durable and thick sisal
  • High-quality shafts
  • Convenient mounting kit
  • Sturdy


  • Colors are not highly visible

9. Best Impact Mark-Resistant: Franklin Sports Professional Dartboard

Franklin Sports professional dartboard is made from high-quality sisal material, self-healing, and does not leave any dart marks. Steel dividers and high-visibility colors help aim, reach the target smoothly, and the dividers last for a longer time. Printed number ring ensures that players feel comfortable reading the board. The dart board comes with a strong bracket that holds the board smoothly.


  • Official size
  • Easy to install
  • Impact mark-resistant
  • Clear visible bullseye


  • Darts are not included


10. Best Roll-Up Design: Aywewii Roll-Up Double-Sided Dart Board

Aywewii double-sided dart board offers a convenient roll-up design to hang it when playing and roll it up when not in use. One side has a standard bullseye, while the other side has a shark design. The set includes twelve magnetic darts with safety tips. Darts come with neodymium magnets and a plastic tail to fit accurately to the board.


  • Travel-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Child-friendly
  • No needles
  • No holes


  • No adhesive hook

11. Best Rust-Resistant: Rally And Roar Dartboard Game

Rally and Roar dartboard game is designed with African sisal premium material to help eliminate bounce-outs and provide longer life. Unlike other galvanized wires, this wire is corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, and 50% thinner, thereby increasing the surface area for high scoring. The set comes with wall mounting hardware and brackets.


  • Easy installation
  • Staple-free bullseye target
  • Durable
  • Instruction manual


  • Darts are not included


12. Best For Beginners: Seydrey Dartboard Set

Seydrey dartboard set is a uniquely designed bristle dartboard with soft tip darts made from soft materials, suitable for beginners. You can also sharpen the dart tip using a stone sharpener to make the point accurate. The set includes universal flight protectors that can fit all dart flights. You can conveniently clip flight protectors to the dart flights to extend the life of the darts and correct the dart wing to a 90° angle. Highly compressed sisal-fibers help reduce bounce-outs and darts from falling off the target.


  • Ideal for starter
  • Polished edge
  • Food-grade ink
  • Ideal weight darts
  • Installation instructions


  • Darts might kick back


13. Best Scratch-Free: Artiparty Magnetic Dart Board Set

Artiparty magnetic dart board set comes with magnetic darts and dart board. The strong neodymium magnetic darts ensure that they stick perfectly to the board. You can easily mount the board to the wall without drilling with the help of adhesive hooks. The set also provides child-friendly sticky balls for convenient play.


  • Scratch-free
  • Damage-free
  • Easy to mount
  • Light and durable


  • Some might find the board flimsy


How To Choose The Right Dart Board?

Here are some factors that may help you choose the right dart board.

  1. Material: Dartboards are made of plastic, wood, and foldable fabric material. Wooden dartboards are coated with polymers or special polish that make the boards durable. Sisal fiber has self-healing properties and helps reduce the bounce-out.
  2. Size: Pick a dartboard of standard size or one that is ideal for your wall. It should have a playing surface of 15.5 inches and 17 to 18 inches professional diameter.
  3. Design: Traditionally, dartboards have thick wiring and staples, which allow less scoring. The staple-free construction dartboards have thin wiring with no staples, which encourage high scoring. Magnetic dart boards come with no wiring construction and offer greater convenience of landing the darts perfectly, especially for beginners.
  4. Darts: Pointed steel-tip darts are used with bristle boards or sisal boards that leave marks on the board, and the chances of damaging the board are high. Soft-tip darts are not pointed and commonly used in electronic dart boards and some bristle boards. They don’t leave a mark on the board or your walls. Round tip magnetic darts stick to the dart boards smoothly, and the chances of damaging the walls are significantly less.
  5. Scoreboard:  Scoreboards can be seen with electronic dartboards. Some digital scoreboards come with an auto-off feature, and some can record the scores of eight players. They are simple to use and help eliminate chalk dust.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is our in-house product writer who loves curating the best toys and gift options as per your age, occasion, and personal preferences. So when she had to list down the best dart board games, she has compiled the best options after carefully comparing multiple site recommendations and customer reviews. Moreover, the article also has a buying guide section highlighting the different factors, such as material, size, and design, to consider before selecting a product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do dart boards last?

The lifespan of the dartboard typically depends on how long you play with it. For example, if you are playing the dartboard once or twice a week, it might last for four to five years. And, if you are using it daily and playing for 45 minutes or an hour a day, the dartboard may last for two years.

2. Why do my darts fall out of the board?

The most common reason for darts bouncing off is darts hitting the metal wire. Pointy or blunt darts bounce back when they hit wires. Other reasons include boards with defects, boards with worn sisal fibers, and lightweight darts. Throwing darts from a long distance is also a cause for darts falling out from the boards.

3. How long does the board take to ‘self-heal’?

Boards won’t heal while you are still playing or throwing darts. However, they start to recover once you stop playing and if the board is dart-free.

Playing darts can be a fun indoor game that goes beyond providing entertainment. They also improve hand-eye coordination and teach you team-building skills. To get the most out of your dartboard, you must ensure it is made from durable materials like wood coated with protective elements like polymers. Also, choose an adequately sized dartboard suitable for your wall and skill level. However, you should use round-tip magnetic darts instead of steel-tip darts as they may damage your board. So, if you plan to host a party for your friends or play professionally, a good-quality dartboard can come in handy.

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