17 Best Deep Fryers To Make Crispy Dishes At Home In 2022


Deep fryers are versatile cooking devices capable of making different snacks and other foods easily and quickly. We have created a list of the best deep fryers to help you choose the right one. You can cook an assortment of fried delicacies like buffalo wings, finger fries, chicken nuggets, crispy fried chicken, potato wedges, and more at home with these deep fryers. The fryer can alter the flavor of the snacks while making them crispier and more delicious. Some fryers allow you to cook two different dishes at once. So, if you have guests over, these fryers help you cook delicious dishes without hassle. With various options available, choosing the right one may be challenging. So, go through our list of products to find one that suits your needs.

17 Best Deep Fryers

1. Best Adjustable Timer:T-fal Odorless Stainless Steel Lean Deep Fryer

T-fal Odorless Stainless Steel Lean Deep Fryer

If you love fried food but cannot stand the pungent smell that comes with it, then you’re surely going to love this deep fryer. Designed to reduce 74% of the odor, the T-fal deep fryer comes with a unique active filtration technique. This deep fryer is cleverly designed with a basket and a closed lid that lets you fry without oil splatters and potential burns.

The deep fryer also protects your cooktop from oil splashes, keeping the kitchen clean from the mess. A control panel allows you to regulate the temperature of the oil. Check out this video that has additional information about the product.


  • Comes with a large anti-fog viewing window that lets you watch the food as you cook
  • Has an adjustable timer for multi-tasking
  • Dishwasher-safe, easy to clean
  • Stainless steel makes it robust
  • East to disassemble


  • May not heat oil over 300° temperature
  • Lower basket may leak after frequent usage

2. Best Non-Stick Finish:Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer

Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer

Designed with a non-stick finish, the Presto bucket-shaped deep fryer is made of aluminum material. With 1,500W power, the fryer can heat up to 370° F within 15 minutes. It has a capacity of six cups or three pounds and can accommodate up to six servings in a single batch. The product has a one-year warranty. Check out this product review video and learn more about the product.


  • Has an anti-skid rubber foot
  • Comes with snap-on storage lid
  • Has a magnetic safety rod for non-splatter cooking
  • Built to achieve the North American Electricals Standards
  • Non-stick finish makes it easy to clean
  • Easy to store
  • Stores oil for repeat usage


  • Temperature controls may not work efficiently
  • Outer portion of the fryer can heat up faster, which may lead to burns

3. Best Easy-To-Clean:Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer

Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer

Secura offers a three-basket deep fryer with two mid-sized baskets that allow you to cook two different snacks simultaneously and one large basket to cook larger items in a single go. The 1,700W fryer pre-heats and cooks your food quicker than most deep fryers. It comes with a 4.0-liter removable tank that can help you clean quickly. Here’s a video with detailed information about the product.


  • Comes with an extra set of odor filters
  • Has an adjustable heat control
  • Comes with a see-thru window to observe the food as it fries
  • Has an automatic time adjustment setting
  • Baskets are designed ergonomically with a clasp


  • May have troubleshooting problems after some time
  • Temperature settings may not work efficiently after few months

4. Best Adjustable Temperature:Cuisinart CDF-500 Extra-Large Rotisserie Deep Fryer

Cuisinart CDF-500 Extra-Large Rotisserie Deep Fryer

Designed with rotisserie function, the deep fryer consumes less oil than other fryers. You can cook anything in the fryer, from onion rings to donuts to chicken wings to French fries. Apart from frying, it also enables you to steam your meal, including dumplings, rice balls, and vegetables. The fryer comes with a 120-minute timer and adjustable temperature control system.


  • Comes with a lid
  • Designed with large stainless mesh basket
  • Made of good-quality stainless steel


  • Temperature indicator and actual temperature may not sync efficiently
  • Basket may be a little flimsy

5. Best Cool-Touch Design:Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer

Hamilton’s deep fryer is engineered with cool-touch sides that keep you protected from accidental burns. The deep fryer has adjustable temperate with ready light, and the red light notifies you when your food is cooked. The deep fryer ensures faster and crispier cooking.


  • Has a two-liter oil capacity that cooks up to two cups of finger chips
  • Comes with a viewing window
  • Prevents oil splatters
  • Has a removable lid that allows easy clean-up


  • Food may stick to the basket
  • Oil may leak

6. Best Integrated Filter:Oster Style Compact Deep Fryer

Oster Style Compact Deep Fryer

Oyster deep fryer is equipped with 1.5-liters of capacity and powered with 900 Watts. The adjustable temperature control system allows you to regulate frying temperatures to cook a variety of foods easily. The fry basket will enable you to easily lower, lift, and drain the food.


  • Comes with a hinged lid with an integrated filter that helps reduce oil splash
  • Has a magnetic cord for safe frying
  • Has a large viewing window to monitor the progress of cooking
  • Comes with a stainless steel pot with non-stick coating


  • May develop cracks after frequent use
  • Size may be smaller than expected

7. Best Auto-Shut Off:Dash DMAF355GBAQ02 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

Dash DMAF355GBAQ02 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

Dash electric fryer uses air crisp technology to fry food. The fryer helps to reduce 70-80 percent of fat while retaining the food’s flavor, thus making it easier for you to stay fit. It is designed to prevent the foul odor of fried snacks in the kitchen. With the three-quart capacity fryer, you can cook large portions of food, making it ideal for parties and family gatherings.


  • Makes cooking easier and quicker
  • Has auto-shutoff and cook-touch functions that prevent accidental burns
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


  • Daily usage may slow down the efficiency

8. Best Capacity:Elite Gourmet 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer

Dash DMAF355GBAQ02 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

The dual-basket deep fryer lets you fry two different snacks simultaneously. With a capacity of four quarts, the Elite electric deep fryer is the best choice for weekend home parties. The lid is dishwasher-safe, and the fryer comes with cool-touch handles that prevent potential burns.


  • Material is enamel
  • Has a removable filter compartment
  • Comes with a timer
  • Comes with ready indicator lights
  • Ergonomically designed with side handles


  • May heat up quickly and burn the food
  • May smell foul

9. Best Ergonomically Designed:Olym Store Electric Deep Fryer w/Basket & Lid

Olym Store Electric Deep Fryer wBasket & Lid

Olym comes with two different capacities – 6-liters and 12-liters. The deep fryer has two different segments to cook two different food items at different temperature settings. You can cook donuts at high temperatures while French fries at a relatively lesser temperature at the same time. The temperature controls are easy to regulate with an easy-to-operate knob. The fryer’s lid prevents oil splitters.


  • Durable as it is made with good-quality stainless steel
  • Tank can be detached for clean-up
  • Comes with thermostats for temperature settings
  • Basket is designed ergonomically with two hooks


  • Paint may peel off after a few uses
  • May be difficult to move the tanks when they are full of oil

10. Best Odor Filter:Krups KJ502D51 Deep Fryer

Krups KJ502D51 Deep Fryer

The family-size deep fryer has a capacity of 4.5-liters of oil or 2.6Lbs of food. The fryer includes three baskets – two smaller and one large basket. Four preset functions enable you to fry various foods using the fryer’s manual settings for customized results.


  • Contains a large viewing window
  • Integrated odor filter to eliminate any smell
  • Comes with a breakaway cord for safety
  • Can be dismantled
  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel


  • Might take time to heat up
  • Control panel may not work properly

11. DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer

DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer

If you’re a health freak but loves to binge on fried food, DeLonghi fryer is meant for you. The fryer consumes less oil to cook and also eliminates the odor of fried food. The deep fryer features an outer cool-touch handle that saves you from burns or mishaps. The digital removable timer and an indicator will alert you when your food is cooked.


  • Includes detachable magnetic cord
  • Easy to clean
  • Interior is non-stick
  • Thermostat is adjustable


  • Might create a foam that covers the countertop with grease
  • Maintaining the temperature could be difficult

12. Aigostar Ken Deep Fryer – 3L Electric Deep Fat Fryers

Aigostar Ken Deep Fryer - 3L Electric Deep Fat Fryers

Designed with an adjustable timer, the fryer can cook food from 265°F – 375°F. Powered with 1,800 Watts heating elements, the fryer works amazingly well with all kinds of food, including French fries, onion rings, and fritters. The parts are completely detachable, making it easy to clean.


  • Comes with adjustable temperature control
  • Makes delicious snacks for a family of four
  • Safe to use as it features cool-touch with stainless steel material
  • Features a breakaway cord


  • May develop cracks

13. Costway Deep Fryer, 1700W Electric Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

13. Costway Deep Fryer, 1700W Electric Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

With an oil container of 3.2-quart capacity, the deep fryer enables you to cook 12 cups of food sufficient for a family of four to six. The fryer comes with an automatic timer and temperature control, which you can set according to your need. The transparent lid lets you view while the food is being cooked.


  • Features cool-touch handles
  • Both fry basket and pain are easy to wash
  • Long-lasting product as it is made up of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Coated with enamel for non-stick


  • Plastic knob may not be of good quality
  • Screen numbers may come-off after few washes

14. Clevr Two 11 Liter Basins Capacity Commercial Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Machine

Clevr Two 11 Liter Basins Capacity Commercial Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Machine

The dual deep fryer has two basins with two different power plugs for different temperatures. Powered with 3,400 Watts, the fryer can heat the oil up to 374°F. The auto-shutoff system ensures safety when the unit is overheated.


  • Size and capacity make it perfect for professional usage
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Cooks batches of food quickly


  • May not work after some time
  • May not be of good quality

15. Ikich Air Fryer

Ikich Air Fryer

Ikich offers not just any usual fryer but an air fryer oven, which is designed to keep you healthy without compromising the flavor of food. The fryer is easy to use with a control panel for each mode. The fryer auto shuts off when you pull out the basket or when the oven overheats, protecting your food from burning. You can contact the dealer within two years from the point of purchase for any quality issues.


  • Removes 85% of excess fats from your food
  • Completely safe to wash in a dishwasher
  • Ease of use as it comes with seven preset buttons
  • Multi-purpose as it broils, air fry, roast, and bake any type of food item


  • May be noisy

16. Flexzion Deep Fryer with Basket

Flexzion Deep Fryer with Basket

The sleek deep fryer is suitable for a modern kitchen. With 1,200 Watts of power, the fryer gives you high performance and allows you to prepare your meal quickly. The mesh basket of the fryer immerses into the oil, allowing your food to get properly cooked. The fryer can easily deep-fry your food with 2-liters of oil at a single time.


  • Features an activated carbon filter to reduce the odor
  • Comes with a viewing window to monitor the process of the food
  • Basket is designed ergonomically with a hanging hook
  • Heat-proof sides to prevent accidental damage
  • Has a professional oil temperature control


  • Cord may get popped off easily
  • May not be easy to clean

17. Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Pot Frying Chicken Pot

Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Pot Frying Chicken Pot

Made of stainless steel, the fryer features good insulation performance to make your food crispier and tastier. The complete unit is easy to clean as all the parts are detachable, along with the wire rack that drains out the excess oil into the fryer. The fryer pot is compatible and can be used with a stove induction cooktop.


  • Features Japanese-style sturdy handles
  • Safe to use
  • Has a cold touch handle
  • Food doesn’t stick to the fryer


  • May not be high quality
  • May be smaller than it looks

How To Choose The Right Deep Fryer?

A deep fryer is not a must in all kitchens, but if you need one, look for a good fryer that lasts at least ten years. You must keep the following factors in mind when shopping for a deep fryer.

  1. Size: You need to consider your daily usage, the size of the family, and your kitchen’s size to buy the right-sized deep fryer. A compact deep fryer can be suitable for a small family with two or three members, while larger families need bigger ones.
  2. Adjustable temperature setting: This feature allows you to cook a variety of food at different temperatures. A deep fryer with adjustable temperature settings can be a good buy.
  3. Oil filter: If you don’t like the greasy odor from a deep fryer, this feature can help. A deep fryer with oil filters will remove any foul odor during cooking.
  4. Ease of cleaning: You must choose the fryer that can either be cleaned in a dishwasher or disassembled.

Go ahead and give your cooking skills an upscale with an easy-to-use deep fryer. The best deep fryers to make crispy dishes at home improve the texture and taste of your fried food and let you make several delicacies, even for a large party. Before buying, keep in mind the size and level of maintenance of the deep fryer, not to mention the oil filter and whether or not it has an adjustable temperature setting. The options listed above are made with durable materials and are safe to use, so you can make all your dishes as crispy and tasty as you prefer.

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