10 Best Bike Derailleurs For A Joyful Experience In 2022


Getting the best derailleurs installed is the first step towards ensuring a seamless and secure journey on your bike. And as the most important thing you should consider when taking your bike out on the road is safety, you would want to make sure the bike is durable, the gears shift properly, and you are well-protected against mechanical failures.

A derailleur not only shields you against accidents but also keeps your two-wheeler functioning smoothly and helps you fall even more in love with your ride. You need to consider several things when choosing the right derailleur for your vehicle. Thus, we’ve filtered through various options and compiled a list of the most efficient bike derailleurs. Keep scrolling.

10 Best Derailleurs Of 2022

1. Best Easy-To-Install:Shimano Altus Mountain Bike Rear Derailleur

Shimano Altus Mountain Bike Rear Derailleur

You may opt for this product if you are looking for a classy derailleur for a mountain bike. With 43 teeth as its chain wrap capacity and top-normal derailleur action, this Shimano Altus rear derailleur turns out to be one of the most efficient derailleurs for bikes. What we love the most is that the parts of this derailleur are made of black metal and not plastic, which makes shifting swift, quiet, and smooth without getting damaged. It can be quickly installed and adjusted, and its eight-speed feature makes it highly suitable for city use and mountain sports. Check out this video to learn more about the product.


  • Made of alloy material
  • Double serve pantograph technology
  • Resists weather and contamination
  • Allows effortless gear changing


  • Threaded axle screw may become loose
  • May jam if not assembled well

2. Best Lightweight:Sram GX Eagle Aluminum And Steel Rear Derailleur

SRAM GX Eagle Aluminium And Steel Rear Derailleur

If you are looking for a lightweight, long-lasting rear derailleur for bikes, Sram GX Eagle derailleur may be the right choice! With its efficient and improved cage architecture, it ensures better chain retention and gear shifts on command. This 12-speed derailleur, with its generous cage length and smooth design, can accommodate a 10-50T cassette to give you a comfortable pedal journey. With added beneficial features of cage lock and roller-bearing clutch, it guarantees durability and efficiency. It is available in different dimensions to meet your requirements. Plus, the X-actuation trigger shifter feature makes shifting much easier, eliminating any trail scraps. Check out this review video to learn more about the product.


  • Backwards compatible
  • Sleek design
  • Has steel pulley bearing material
  • Compatible with all colors


  • May bend with use

3. Best Convenient:Sram X-Horizon Rear Derailleur

SRAM X-Horizon Rear Derailleur

Are you worried about noise and stiff chain movements? Here is a solution! With this Sram X-Horizon Rear Derailleur being integrated with the pulleys, chain tensions are taken care of by directing the movement to the horizontal axis. What makes this product unique is its pulley offsets and 12-tooth X-sync wheels. These pulleys tend to manage the cage length with the chain movement better than the traditional pulleys. It is also equipped with the roller-bearing clutch to avoid derailleur failures and cage-lock system, making installation, adjustment, and removal of derailleur convenient. The X-actuation ensures the right gear ratio, particularly for SRAM 1x, to ensure effortless shifting throughout the cassette. With all these above features, this 11-speed bike derailleur stands out as one of the best. Take a look at this video link to get more information on the product.


  • Minimize shift force and chain slap
  • Doesn’t damage spoke
  • Easy to shift even on muddy roads
  • Consistent shifting


  • May not have a barrel adjuster
  • May be slightly heavy

4. Best Simple:VGEBY Bicycle And Mountain Bike Transmission Rear Derailleur

VGEBY Bicycle And Mountain Bike Transmission Rear Derailleur

Fit your bicycle/bike with a super cool derailleur such as this one for you to flaunt to others. This Bicycle And Mountain Bike Transmission Rear Derailleur by Vgeby is designed in an impressive and elegant manner with its high-quality and strong material that ensure longevity. Being a well-built bike derailleur, it efficiently works with the chainrings and adjusts to the chain length accordingly. It is easy to install and remove, considering its simple design. This derailleur is compatible with seven and 21 speed.


  • Offers long service life
  • Smooth running
  • Provides a great user experience
  • Suitable for mountain and road bikes


  • Some parts may be a tad flimsy

5. Best Aluminum Alloy:Totmox RD-M390 Acera Rear Derailleur

TOTMOX RD-M390 Acera Rear Derailleur

The RD-M390 Acera Rear Derailleur by Totmox is considered to be one of the best derailleurs for bikes because of its aluminum alloy components, which ensure its durability and performance. This 9 or 27-speed black rear bike derailleur is equipped with a dual servo structure for enhanced speed, smooth brake, and precise shifting. It is compatible with bikes with tooth capacity ranging from 28 to 34T and comes with a concave wheel screw for convenience. Weighing 9.9 oz, it is suitable for sports and outdoor travels.


  • Extends the service
  • Suitable for commuter mountain bike and folding bike
  • Wide connection design
  • Low-key concept


  • Logo may fade
  • May not be scratch-resistant

6. Best Ten-Speed:Shimano Deore Mountain Bicycle Rear Derailleur RD-M6000

Shimano Deore Mountain Bicycle Rear Derailleur

If you are a person who loves frequent trail riding, then this mountain bicycle rear derailleur by Shimano should be your go-to choice! With its enhanced drivetrain technology along with optislick wire and DYNA-SYS, it is apt for forest/mountain riding. It is also equipped with optimized gear ratio and chain wrap capacity facilitating proper shifting even on uneven roads and pathways. This ten-speed bike derailleur smoothly shifts to all the ten cogs between the 11-42 cassette, minimizing difficulty regarding gear shifts.


  • Improves stability
  • Wide-range cassette compatible
  • Improved construction
  • Conventional mount direct attachment
  • High-efficiency drive train for aggressive riding


  • May not have replacement screws
  • May require regular maintenance

7. Best Durable:Dilwe Bicycle/Mountain And Road Bike Rear Derailleur

Dilwe Bicycle/Mountain And Road Bike Rear Derailleur

Every bike deserves a high-quality derailleur for its durability and performance! Here is one such rear bike derailleur by Dilwe. Known for its enhanced design and good quality, it controls the chain movements easily and ensures precise shifting. One of the most exciting features of this bike derailleur is that it manages proper gear ratios even under heavy load and acceleration. Compatible with seven or 21-speed mountain bikes, this derailleur comes equipped with appropriate tooth-capacity and exquisite metal design with a long cage.


  • Beautiful color collocation
  • Offers a wide gear range
  • Accurate teeth
  • Easy to install


  • Mounting hole may be small
  • Mounting nut may be hard to tighten

8. Best Direct MountTransmission:LINUGR Mountain Bike Rear Derailleur

LINUGR Mountain Bike Rear Derailleur

Do you prefer longevity over appearance or presentation? Then, this mountain bike rear derailleur by LINUGR may be an excellent choice! The installation of this bike derailleur is not difficult as it uses direct mount rear transmission instead of a suspended one. This is best suited for 6 and 7-speed mountain bikes with aluminum alloy components. With a rear dialler equipped in this derailleur, durability and excellent performance are ensured.

9. Best With Drivetrain System:microShift Advent Rear Derailleur With Clutch

Microshift Advent Rear Derailleur With Clutch

Trail riding could be dangerous without the right bike derailleur. This microShift Advent Rear Derailleur with a clutch is designed with an enhanced drivetrain system, taking into consideration the requirements of a trail rider. The components of this derailleur ensure crisp and precise shifting in all levels of gear ratios. The ratchet and pawl clutch equipped along the derailleur paves the path for smooth and regular chain movement with proper positioning of chainrings even on rough and muddy lands. This nine-speed bike derailleur with a chain wrap capacity of 11-46T is perhaps the best choice for a rider.


  • Easily adjustable and repairable
  • Easy to install
  • Direct path cable routing
  • Consistent spring tension


  • May have big gaps between gears
  • Only compatible with Advent shifters

10. Best Adjustable:Zukka Bike Rear Derailleur

Zukka Bike Rear Derailleur

Compatible with six- and seven-speed SIS Index-shifting drivetrains, this rear derailleur is suitable for mountain, road, city, variable speed, and folding bikes. It is made of high-quality, sturdy steel and other materials to ensure long-lasting performance. The derailleur also works with friction shifters and a hub bolt mount for a smooth ride.


  • Accurate gears offer light and stable shifts
  • Easy to install and disassemble
  • Adjustable
  • Suitable for heavy-duty use


  • May not be scratch-resistant
  • Return spring may not be strong enough

How To Choose The Right Derailleur For Your Bike

A few factors that you need to consider before buying the right derailleur for your bike are as follows:

  1. Longevity: Whether you’re looking for a new rear/front derailleur or a replacement, longevity is one of the first factors that you need to be particular about. Aluminum or steel may be more long-lasting than plastic ones (although, it also depends on the brand and quality). The more durable it is, the more satisfied and comfortable you would be; thus, try to choose your product after ensuring its durability and performance.
  1. Gear ratio: Before purchasing a new bike derailleur, assess the number of gears that your setup can manage. If you are just replacing a broken/old one, you need to count the cogs in your cassette and ensure that the speed of the bike derailleur matches the speed of the shifter. When the right gear ratio isn’t ensured, you will end up breaking the rear/front derailleur.
  1. Cage length: The cage length is the distance between the upper and lower pulleys of a rear/front derailleur. Deciding on the best derailleur according to the cage length determines the speed, range, and shifting of your bike. Cage lengths are of three categories — short (SS), medium (GS), and long (SGS). Usually, mountain and trail bikes have high gear ratios, and thus long/medium cage derailleurs are preferred, whereas short cage derailleurs are used for road bikes possessing double chainsets.
  1. Mode of gear shift: Several products offer mechanical and electronic shifting. If you opt for electronic shifting, you need to choose a front derailleur with compatible gears and brake. The major difference between the modes is shifting movements. Electronic offers more precise shifting than mechanical.
  1. Tooth capacity: Tooth capacity refers to the difference between the smallest and largest cogs, which is then subtracted from the difference between the smallest and largest chainrings at the front. This represents the capacity of the derailleur with regards to the chain movement or slack. After assessing this, you need to purchase a rear/front derailleur that would fit your setup.
  1. Clutch: Clutch ensures precise shifting and chain movement even on bumps and muddy lands. Thus, rear/front derailleurs with a clutch would be best suited for trail and mountain bikes rather than road bikes. You need to make a choice according to your needs and current setup!
  1. Weight: The derailleur that you opt for must weigh in a way that is compatible with your bike/bicycle’s weight. Usually, mountain bike riders can go for a lower weighted derailleur for better control and command on rough terrain. In contrast, road bikers can have a slightly increased weighted derailleur. Lightweight bike derailleurs are the best option for trail riders and racers.
  1. Installation: Before choosing the best derailleur for your bike, check its simplicity and design. Many bike derailleurs are very complex to set up and may leave you frustrated. Check their mechanism, technology used, and other equipped features for an easy and simplified installation, adjustment, and removal.

Ensuring the best derailleur for your bike is not only important for its longevity and performance but is needed for your safety too! Most people love riding and traveling but are confused about choosing the right derailleur as there are many aspects that they need to look into. Hence, we compiled a list of 10 best derailleurs for your reference. So then, what are you waiting for? Go, find the best derailleur for your bike/bicycle and ride happily without any worry.

Installing derailleurs can make your bicycle riding experience safe and secured. However, finding the best derailleurs can be a draining task since there are plenty of options available in the market. So pick one that is made from steel and is long-lasting. Derailleurs vary in size and structure depending on whether you have a mainstream bicycle or a geared bicycle. Before making the purchase, consider factors like longevity, gear ratio, cage length, and weight. You can go for a derailleur that is easy to install or get it installed by a mechanic.

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