15 Best Desk Lamps To Ease Eye Strain - 2024

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If your work area or desk lacks sufficient light, your eyes might get tired. So, here’s our list of the best desk lamps for eyes to help you work easily. Generally, the lighting in an office is balanced to create a favorable environment for employees. But, your home may not have sufficient light arrangement around the study or work area, causing your eyes to hurt. The problem may get aggravated if you work on your laptop or computer for long in low-light conditions. Desk lamps are a solution to this problem since they provide ample lighting and protect your eyes from damage caused by laptop screens.

Browse our list of quality-tested products to find a desk lamp suitable for your needs.

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Types Of Lamps

Before purchasing a lamp for yourself, it’s a good idea to figure out which type of lamp would suit you best. Take a look at the different types of lamps here:

1. Incandescent Lamps

It offers high-color definition and emits light uniformly. However, it may not last long and may not be suitable for task-based purposes.

2. Mercury Vapor Lamps

It is a gas-discharge lamp that uses an electric arc through mercury vapor discharge for light production. It is comparatively more energy-efficient than incandescent and fluorescent lamps.

3. Sodium Vapor Lamps

This is also a gas discharge lamp that uses sodium to produce light. It emits a yellow light, which might not be suitable for task-based lighting.

4. Metal Halide Lamps

It is a high-intensity discharge electricity lamp that produces light by discharging gas through an electric arc.

5. Halogen Lamps

These lamps provide clear and bright light. However, it may heat up quickly and become hot to the touch.

15 Best Desk Lamps For Your Eyes

1. Best Flicker-Free:Afrog Multifunctional Desk Lamp

This flicker-free, power-saving LED desk lamp from Afrog adds brightness to your workspace without straining your eyes. It is an ideal product for reading, studying, or working. It comes with a combination of 5 color modes and 7 levels of brightness, which can be set to the user’s preference. It has a USB charging port that is fully-functional and allows you to charge your phone right where you are working. The design of this adjustable lamp is such that the head can be tilted to 135° and swivel 90°, whereas the base can be tilted to 150° and swivel 45°. The different buttons on the base can be used for various operations like on/off, shut down, mode change, and brightness level. This video review showcasing a tester’s experience gives you more information about this modern desk lamp.

Product Dimensions: 13 x 4.3 x 15.5 inches | Weight: 1.36 Pounds | Maximum Compatible Wattage: ‎18 Watts | Number of Items: ‎2 | Wattage: ‎12 watts | Shape: ‎Straight | Shade Material: ‎Metal | Shade Color: ‎Black | Material: ‎Aluminum


  • Flicker-free
  • Energy-efficient desk lamp
  • 5 color modes
  • Adjustable design
  • Touchpad controls


  • The base is light-weighted.
  • The LED is non-replaceable.

Our Tester's Experience

"The lamp excels with its multiple light settings. I've been using it to illuminate my zoom calls and for late-night trips to the washroom. While the hum sound is a bit off putting, it's a decent choice for casual use."

protip_icon Quick tip
Desk lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Before you buy one, ensure that it fits your desk and does not take up most of its space.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

More than 15,551 independent reviewers on Amazon have acknowledged the product's durability and functionality.

2. Best Energy-Saving: Lepro LED Desk Lamp

Lepro LED Desk Lamp Image: Lepro

The Lepro lightweight LED desk lamp offers three lighting modes and five brightness levels, allowing you to customize the light to your specific needs. The https://www.momjunction.com/articles/best-craft-lights_00747260/features a frosted shade and a long lamp head, providing a wider range of soft light and even light distribution while being gentle on the eyes and reducing eye strain. This high-performance, non-flickering, energy-saving LED lamp has a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design with a matte lacquer finish that complements any desk. Additionally, this task lighting device for desks has a memory feature that saves the most recently used brightness and color settings, eliminating the need to adjust the settings every time you turn it on.

Number of Items: ‎1 | Wattage: ‎9.5 watts | Shape: ‎Straight | Shade Material: ‎Metal | Shade Color: ‎Matte White | Material: ‎Plastic, Metal | Product Dimensions: ‎13.4"D x 3.9"W x 15.1"H | Color: ‎White


  • Fully adjustable angle
  • Anti-slip and anti-scratch EVA foam mat
  • Sensitive touch control
  • ETL- and FCC-certified
  • Available in two colors


  • May overheat if used for a long period of time
  • May emit a high-pitched sound on some light modes

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I’ve been using this sleek desk lamp for a few months, and it has been serving me well for various tasks. It boasts handy features, specifically the soft-touch controls, and doesn’t take much space either."

3. Best With Flexible Gooseneck: Vansuny Clip-On Light LED

Vansuny Clip-On Light LED Image: Vansuny

Vansuny’s clip-on LED-powered desk lamp offers a range of color modes, including warm, cool, and warm white light, and about 11 levels of brightness to meet diverse needs. It also features 48 flicker-free light beads and an adjustable gooseneck to provide glare-free lighting at multiple angles. Furthermore, this energy-efficient and USB-powered desk lamp has a memory function that understands your light usage for a more personalized user experience.

Item Weight: ‎9.6 ounces | Wattage: ‎5 watts | Shape: ‎Tube | Base Material: ‎Metal | Shade Material: ‎Plastic | Shade Color: ‎Black | Product Dimensions: ‎2.16"D x 7.87"W x 14.96"H | Color: ‎Black


  • Consumes 85% less energy than regular lamps
  • Supports 360° adjustment
  • Has a padded clip
  • Available in two colors


  • May be smaller than expected
  • May not be easy to use for some

Our Reviewer's Experience

"It is a practical clip-on desk lamp for my reading-and-work station. Its brightness is impressive–almost giving me a daylight experience indoors, and the color temperature options are a bonus. Go for it if your priority is brightness."

Afrog Multifunctional Desk Lamp
Best Flicker-Free
Lepro LED Desk Lamp
Best Energy-Saving
Vansuny Clip-On Light LED
Best With Flexible Gooseneck
Dimensions 13 x 4.3 x 15.5 inches ‎13.4"D x 3.9"W x 15.1"H ‎2.16"D x 7.87"W x 14.96"H
Weight 1.36 Pounds--
Maximum Compatible Wattage ‎18 Watts--
Number of Items ‎2 ‎1-
Wattage ‎12 watts ‎9.5 watts ‎5 watts
Shape ‎Straight ‎Straight ‎Tube
Shade Material ‎Metal ‎Metal ‎Plastic
Shade Color ‎Black ‎Matte White ‎Black
Material ‎Aluminum ‎Plastic, Metal-
Color- ‎White ‎Black
Weight-- ‎9.6 ounces
Base Material-- ‎Metal

4. Best Lightweight:Lepower Desk Lamp

LEPOWER Desk Lamp Image: Ilepower

This Sandy Black desk lamp from Lepower is made of metal, is durable, and amps up your room’s aesthetics with its presence. The flexible gooseneck sitting on top of the adjustable swing arm makes it easy to find the perfect angle for your lighting needs. This tried-and-tested lightweight desk lamp is suitable for kids’ rooms, offices, college dorms, or any other place of your choice.

Product Dimensions: 6.69"D x 5.7"W x 14.17"H | Color: Sandy Black | Item Weight: ‎1.87 pounds | Wattage: ‎6 watts | Shape: ‎Round | Base Material: ‎Metal | Shade Color: ‎Sandy Black | Material: ‎Metal


  • Metal body
  • Heat-dissipation design
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Adjustable neck and arm
  • 12-month warranty


  • Bulb not included

Our Reviewer's Experience

"The minimalist design perfectly complements my space, and the sturdy neck enables easy positioning. It is slightly less bright than I expected, but opting for a higher-lumen LED bulb resolved it."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 10,252 positive customer reviews on Amazon are a testament to its quality and reliability.

5. Best Flexible: Torchstar Metal Desk Lamp

Torchstar Metal Desk Lamp Image: Torchstar

The Torchstar metal desk lamp can stand on its own or be mounted on any surface using the adjustable c-clamp. This lamp provides a wide range of light coverage thanks to its flexible spring-balanced arm that can extend up to 18 inches and the base that can be rotated and adjusted to any position you desire. The clamp of this swing-armed desk lamp is made of durable plastic, while the other components are made of solid metal.

Product Dimensions: 10.43"D x 7.17"W x 7.17"H | Color: Black | Item Weight: ‎2.96 pounds | Wattage: ‎40 watts | Shape: ‎Round | Base Material: ‎Metal | Shade Material: ‎Iron | Shade Color: ‎Black | Material: ‎Metal


  • Vintage-style desk lamp
  • Sturdy rotating base
  • Anti-scratch clamp
  • Classic design
  • Available in three colors


  • May be smaller than expected
  • Base may not be heavy enough

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This lamp's versatility shines through with its flexible gooseneck, and I find the space-saving clamp pretty useful. Its brightness level is decent, and with its weighted base, this one has proven reliable for everyday use."

protip_icon Point to consider
When looking for task lighting, pick a table lamp with a dark opaque shade. It is better equipped to focus and direct the beam of light which is ideal for reading.

6. Best Rechargeable: Shine Hai Touch Control Table Lamp

Shine Hai Touch Control Table Lamp Image: Shine Hai

The Shine Hai table lamp is an excellent addition to any room as it offers three light modes, including low at 10%, medium at 70%, and high at 100% brightness, which can be switched by tapping its base. This touch control desk lamp is equipped with a flicker-free 4000K neutral white 800lm bulb that produces a natural light that is comfortable on the eyes. Additionally, the affordable lamp is powered by an AC outlet and features two built-in 5V/2.1A USB charging ports, enabling you to charge all your electronic devices.

Number of Items: ‎1 | Wattage: ‎60 watts | Shape: ‎Round | Base Material: ‎Metal | Shade Material: ‎Linen | Shade Color: ‎Grey | Product Dimensions: ‎7.3"D x 7.3"W x 16.8"H | Color:


  • Easy to use
  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Compatible with RGB or incandescent bulbs
  • Ideal for gifting


  • Some might find it bulky
  • Some might find it difficult to switch on the lamps shade

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This touch lamp has grown on me for its convenience. It adapts to my different needs with its three brightness options and creates a well-lit workspace."

7. Best Anti-Skid Base:Moico LED Battery Desk Lamp

The eye-caring desk lamp from Moico comes with an energy-efficient LED light, which is flicker-free and battery-operated. The integrated USB port allows one to charge other devices while the lamp is in use. The sensitive touch panel features 5 color modes and 5 brightness levels to set the right ambience according to one’s needs and moods. The flexible arm and head of this tried-and-tested battery desk lamp make it easy to fold the product and adjust the angle. With a memory function, this desk lamp with color-changing options switches back on at the last used setting and also features an auto-off timer of 30/60 minutes and a reset button at the base.

Product Dimensions: 4.3"D x 7.48"W x 14.17"H | Color: Black | Item Weight: ‎1.59 pounds | Wattage: ‎8 watts | Shape: ‎Flame | Shade Material: ‎Aluminum+ABS | Shade Color: ‎black | Material: ‎Aluminum, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


  • Anti-skid base
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • LED lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Rechargeable 2000 mAh battery


  • It does not come with a charger/adapter.
Our Tester's Experience

"This desk lamp impressed me with its portability and varied lighting options. The touch controls are a bit too sensitive for my liking, but overall, it's a decent lighting solution, especially during power outages."

8. Best Sleek Design:Mchatte LED Desk Lamp With USB Port

This black desk lamp from Mchatte comes with a wireless charger. The USB port that is provided allows you to charge other devices simultaneously while the lamp is in use. It is flicker-free, anti-glare, and prevents any damage to the eyes. It comes with 5 color modes and 5 brightness levels, which can be set according to the user’s need. It also has an auto-off timer, which helps in energy conservation. This reliable LED wireless charging desk lamp can be used for reading, studying, and working.

Item Weight: 1.56 pounds | Wattage: 6 watts | Shape: Stick | Shade Material: Plastic | Shade Color: Silver | Material: Metal | Product Dimensions: 14"D x 7.2"W x 4"H | Color: White


  • Wireless charging
  • Auto-off timer
  • Flicker-free
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design


  • Does not include a charger/adapter.
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I've found this desk lamp to be a practical addition to my workspace with its customizable lighting options and swivel feature. Well, it's a bit bulky, but that adds to its stability, and the varied lighting levels make it ideal for a bedside setup as well."

9. Best With Brightness Adjustment:Aourow LED Desk Lamp


The Aourow LED desk lamp might be a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and functional lamp. With a sleek and modern design, this lamp is energy-efficient and has a flexible arm that can be positioned in any direction. The dimmable desk lamp features a USB charging port to ensure your work experience is more comfortable and productive. This ambient light is eye-friendly and soothing without flickers and glares, making it comfortable for reading.

Product Dimensions: 6.06"D x 1.57"W x 15.9"H | Color: White | Item Weight: ‎13.8 ounces | Number of Items: ‎1 | Wattage: ‎6 watts | Base Material: ‎Aluminum | Shade Material: ‎Plastic | Shade Color: ‎White | Material: ‎Plastic


  • Touch-sensitive control panel for easy operation
  • Auto-off timer
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Dimmable brightness levels
  • Lightweight


  • Lamp may be unstable
  • May take long to charge

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I've been relying on this compact lamp for a while now, and I'm impressed with its foldable design, which makes it perfect for use when traveling. And the adjustable light levels and color warmth mean I can use it for various tasks."

protip_icon Pro Tip
It is often recommended to avoid keeping the desk lamp directly in front of you or at eye level to reduce the risk of glare and straining your eyes (1).

10. Best Heat-Dissipation Design:Lepower Clip-On Desk Lamp

LEPOWER Clip-On Desk Lamp Image: Lepower

This clip-on desk lamp is made of metal and will amp up any study table’s aesthetics with its beautiful design. As per reviews, it can either be made to stand on its base or be clipped onto the surface. The flexible lamp comes with an adjustable gooseneck. It is a compact device, which is easy to assemble, and comes with a 12-month warranty period.

Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 6.5 x 32.4 inches | Weight: 7.3 Pounds | Number of Items: ‎26 | Wattage: ‎6 watts | Shape: ‎Desk Lamp | Base Material: ‎Metal | Shade Color: ‎Black | Material: ‎Metal | Product Dimensions: ‎9.2"D x 6.5"W x 32.4"H | Color: ‎Sandy Black


  • Stand and clip-on
  • Flexible
  • Available in variety of colors
  • Heat-dissipation design
  • Contemporary design


  • Metal lamp head might heat up quickly
  • Bulb not included in the package

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I got this for my daughter’s study setup, and it’s been a wise purchase. The lamp blends sturdiness and style, and I love the slick design and smooth adjustability. I'm a bit doubtful about the clamp's durability, but it helps save desk space, that's for sure."

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has garnered more than 3,438 positive reviews on Amazon.

11. Best Eye-Friendly:Globe Electric Desk Lamp


This time-tested LED desk lamp from Globe Electric is a clamp-on device. It comes with a flexible, spring-loaded arm, which is useful in adjusting the light. The head of the lamp houses the on/off switch for convenience. It can be mounted anywhere according to the user’s need and comes with an extra-long power cord to easily reach the power sockets.

Product Dimensions: 3.75"D x 3.75"W x 31.5"H | Color: Black | Item Weight: ‎1.99 pounds | Number of Items: ‎1 | Wattage: ‎7 watts | Shape: ‎A19 | Base Material: ‎Metal | Shade Material: ‎Metal | Shade Color: ‎Black | Material: ‎Metal


  • Flexible
  • Stylish design
  • Eye-friendly
  • Rotary power switch
  • Metal clamps


  • Non-adjustable brightness
  • One might need an extra set of clamps

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This lamp offers sufficient illumination for my detailed art projects and has a good build quality. The clamp is a bit flimsy and wobbles slightly when extended. However, the convenience it offers for my day-to-day tasks makes it a worthwhile pick."

12. Best With Adjustable Brightness:Fugetek LED Desk Office Lamp

Fugetek LED Desk Office Lamp Image: Fugetek

The Fugetek office desk lamp has a flexible gooseneck, a touch-sensitive control panel, and energy-efficient LED bulbs to meet your needs. This lamp features a memory function that remembers your last settings. The bulb provides a bright and consistent light that is easy on the eyes, making it comfortable for reading. This desk lamp with a built-in USB port also features adjustable brightness levels. It even allows you to switch between different lighting modes as per your requirements. Moreover, you can easily charge your smartphone by placing it on the lamp’s charging dock.

Maximum Compatible Wattage: ‎10 Watts | Item Weight: ‎2.44 pounds | Number of Items: ‎5 | Wattage: ‎10 watts | Shape: ‎Square | Shade Material: ‎Aluminum | Shade Color: ‎black | Material: ‎Aluminum, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | Product Dimensions: ‎6.7"D x 1.8"W x 17"H | Color: ‎Black


  • Auto-off timer
  • Low maintenance
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Durable
  • USB charging
  • Easy storage


  • Charging may be slow
  • Base may not be stable

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Whether for illuminating my space for detailed craft work or adding mood lighting, this light delivers with its customizable lighting. It is sleek and easy on the eyes. The touch spots are a bit tricky to find in the dark though."

13. Best Extra-Wide Design:EppieBasic LED Desk Lamp

EppieBasic LED Desk Lamp Image: Eppie Basic

The EppieBasic LED desk lamp emits a bright and energy-efficient glow that is easy on the eyes, making it suitable for long hours of work or study. Its LED lamps are energy-efficient, consuming less energy and lasting longer than traditional lamps. Its rotatable and bendable neck, dimmable functionality, and six color modes ensure the brightness and angle meet your specific needs. Moreover, its auto-dimming function can adjust the range of brightness based on the room’s darkness. The lamp is also designed with a sturdy base so that it stays securely in place.

Number of Items: ‎1 | Wattage: ‎12 watts | Shape: ‎Bulb | Shade Material: ‎Metal | Shade Color: ‎black | Material: ‎Silicone, Metal | Product Dimensions: ‎5.9"D x 18"W x 23.7"H | Color: ‎Black


  • Extra-wide design for ample coverage
  • No flickering
  • Has a memory function
  • Easy-to-control touch buttons


  • Power button may glitch at times
  • May not have a USB charging port

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This lamp's adjustable brightness and color temperature cater to my diverse lighting needs–from art projects to everyday desk use. And with its simple yet elegant design, it has also blended seamlessly with my tiny workspace."

14. Best With Wireless Charger:Yeslights LED Desk Lamp

Yeslights LED Desk Lamp Image: Yeslights

The Yeslights LED desk lamp is the perfect lighting solution for your home, dorm room, or office space. Besides providing bright and adjustable lighting, it has a built-in wireless charger for your smartphones and other compatible devices. With its sleek and modern design, it seamlessly blends in with any decor. Moreover, this study desk lamp features a natural-light screen that causes less eye strain than blue light screens.

roduct Dimensions: 13.3 x 4.6 x 13.3 inches | Weight: 1.54 Pounds | Number of Items: ‎1 | Wattage: ‎10 watts | Shade Material: ‎Leather | Shade Color: ‎Black | Material: ‎Porcelain, metal, Leather | Color: ‎Black


  • Five brightness levels
  • Five color modes
  • Date, time, and temperature display
  • Flexible and adjustable arm for large range of motion
  • Touchscreen controls


  • Wireless charging may have limited compatibility
  • Instructions for setting date and time may be a bit unclear

My Personal Experience

"This desk lamp has found an irreplaceable spot in my workspace, providing sufficient light for my craft work. The highest setting is a bit too bright for my liking, but I'm not complaining, as it is adjustable and caters to my various lighting needs."

15. Best Wide Shade:Neatfi LED Task Lamp


The Neatfi XL LED task lamp comes with a 2,200-lumen LED panel that provides bright, even lighting for a 20-inch-wide illumination area. As per reviews, the wireless charging feature offers convenience, allowing you to charge your device while you work. The reading desk lamp has four brightness levels, ensuring your eyes are comfortable and not fatigued when working with the lamp.

Product Dimensions: 37.4"D x 19.69"W x 32.28"H | Color: Gray | Item Weight: ‎4.85 pounds | Wattage: ‎24 watts | Shape: ‎Round | Shade Material: ‎Polycarbonate | Shade Color: ‎Grey | Material: ‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


  • Adjustable arms and head
  • Clamp-enabled for saving desk space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes a three-year warranty


  • Range of motion may be limited
  • Switch may not be durable

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I rely on this desk lamp to complete my sewing tasks. It is easy to adjust to get the perfect lighting angle and intensity. And while it is slightly on the heavier side, it functions well and offers ample light for precision work and creative projects."

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Desk Lamp For Your Eyes?

Before choosing a desk lamp that is eye-friendly, these are the points you should keep in mind:

  1. CRI: The Color-Rendering Index of a desk lamp should be at least 60 or above. The higher the CRI, the better.
  2. Color Temperature: Color Temperature is measured in kelvin(k) and is used to measure the light’s warmth or coolness. A light with 2200-2700k is warm and a light with 4000-5500k is cool. The cooler the light, the bluer it appears. Cooler lights cause less eye strain.
  3. LED: Provides bright light. Although it can be considered a high-intensity desk lamp, it is energy-efficient.
  4. CFL: Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs mimic natural light due to high contrast. It contains mercury, which might be a health hazard if not disposed-off properly.
  5. Brightness: A desk lamp with a light of 5-10 watts is ideal for most workspaces. However, the brightness can be adjusted based on the task being performed.

Dana Spearin, an optometric physician, mother of two, and content developer, says, “Having proper lighting is one way to reduce eye strain. Make sure your lamp is pointed down at your work and that it emits a warm natural light.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many lumens do I need for a desk lamp?

It primarily depends on the distance between your workspace and the lamp, but the recommendation would be somewhere between 500 and 900 lumens or 40 and75 Watt equivalent.

2. How should I maintain my desk lamp?

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

  • Keep using the lamp regularly.
  • Switch it off when not in use.
  • Keep it dust- and moisture-free.
  • Rechargeable lamps should be charged from time to time.
  • Battery-operated lamps should be checked for battery leakage.
  • Avoid excess folding and bending to keep it in a good condition.

3. How should I position a desk lamp?

The best way to position your desk lamp is to avoid glare by placing it at an angle that does not reflect back on your eyes. Adjust the height so that the light projects to the maximum part of your work area.

4. What kind of desk lamp is best for the eyes?

Desk lamps that are made with LED lights with adjustable brightness are best for the eyes. They do not emit much heat and deliver more natural brightness when compared to other lights.

5. Will a desk lamp help reduce eye strain?

Overhead fluorescent lights emit bright and glaring light that can cause eye strain and migraines. On the other hand, desk lamps deliver a natural light that helps in reducing eye strain.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wedetso Chirhah is passionate about researching electronic products, and he recommends high-quality products that meet the customers’ requirements by analyzing several product listings and user reviews. In this post, he has compiled this list of the best desk lamps to ease eye strain with features such as energy efficiency, flexible heads, and multiple lighting modes. He has also explained the types of desk lamps and the functions of each product to help buyers choose a suitable one.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, the lighting you use affects the eyes. A desk lamp should be carefully chosen to keep your eyes comfortable. You may consider the color temperature and brightness according to your comfort level. It should be soothing enough to keep your eyes relaxed throughout your work time and help you attain maximum comfort while you use it for long working hours. Our top recommendations are the Lepower Desk Lamp, which has a heat-dissipating, adjustable design; the Lepro LED Desk Lamp, which has a memory feature to remember your most recent settings; and the Yeslights LED Desk Lamp, which features a wireless charger for your devices.

Infographics: Factors To Consider When Using A Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are a helpful tool for providing sufficient light when working on various tasks. Now that you are aware of the different types of desk lamps available, here are a few aspects you must keep in mind when using these lamps to make the most of them.

Points To Consider When Using A Desk Lamp (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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