23 Best Detanglers For Curly Hair To Eliminate Frizz In 2024

The best detangler for curly hair is a leave-in formulation that helps eliminate frizz and breakage of hair. It works great against tangles that hurt the scalp and weaken the roots. The lately developed conditioners, shampoos, gels, and creams work effectively for hair care concerns of those with curly hair. These products eliminate frizz, making combing, brushing, and maintaining your hair easier and manageable.

Alexandro Vasquez, a professional hairdresser and hair colorist, says, “Curly hair is back in style, and thus, a growth in the demand for quality detanglers. I recommend detanglers as they help comb, treat, and protect the hair, giving them a nice touch of smoothness and shine.”

Here is our list of detanglers that help you win against tangles on your hair wash day for an improved hair care routine.

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23 Best Detanglers For Curly Hair

1. Best For Everyday Use:Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch Instant Leave in Detangling Therapy


Whether you have short hair or a long mane, the leave-in detangling formulation from Aunt Jackie helps eliminate hair knots without much hassle. The detangler for curly hair is packed in a 360ml bottle and is easy to use with a flip cap. It is equally suitable for naturally straight and wavy hair, easily removing oil tangles.

The sulfate- and paraben-free formulation makes it safe for hair and skin. You can use it every day after a shower to soften and moisturize hair ends. Use it on wet or dry hair for effective tangle removal within no time and easy combing without any damage to the follicles. Watch this video to learn how this detangler works on curly hair.

Hair type: Curly, wavy, coils, Item form: Liquid | Benefits: No paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum, Quantity: 12oz, Ingredients: Shea butter, olive oil, keratin

Review: A reviewer says, “Managing my 4C curly hair is stressful. This detangler by Aunt Jackie is truly amazing! It smoothly glides through my hair with no breakage. The detangler has a pleasant smell and makes my hair healthier.

protip_icon Quick tip
After evenly applying a detangler to your hair, you should section your hair and then comb it to facilitate an easy detangling process.


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Join the 48,935 satisfied buyers on Amazon who have said the product meets their needs and expectations.

2. Best Gentle:Maui Moisture Anti-Frizz Curl Defining Hair Milk


Untangle your tresses easily with the application of Maui Moisture’s anti-frizz hair milk. It adds a smooth definition to your curls with softening leave-in treatment. It combines the goodness of coconut oil, aloe vera juice, and other nutrition-rich ingredients to hydrate your hair for curl pattern restoration.

The detangle hair product has a gentle and nourishing formula free of mineral oils, silicones, and parabens. The hair milk is available in liquid form and comes in an eight-ounce bottle, providing long-lasting use with regular after-shower application on wet hair. Check out this review video to learn about the efficacy of this detangler.

protip_icon Quick tip
You can transfer a small amount of this leave-in conditioner into a small spray bottle and carry it in your purse so that you can apply it whenever your hair feels frizzy.

Hair type: Thick, curly, Item form: Liquid | Benefits: Silicone-free, paraben-free, vegan, Quantity: 8oz, Ingredients: Coconut oil, plumeria extract, papaya butter

Review: A user writes, “I have been using Maui Moisture hair milk for a year. It is ideal for my thick wavy hair strands and humid climate. It smells amazing, defines waves, and tames frizz with no crunchy feel.

3. Best For Kids:SoCozy Curl Spray LeaveIn Conditioner

SoCozy Curl Spray LeaveIn Conditioner Image: Socozy

The professional-grade detangling conditioner from SoCozy is a leave-in formulation prepared for eliminating hair curl frizzes in kids. Its olive oil, vitamin B5, and jojoba oil formulation make the hair smooth and detangles all knots for easy combing. Infused with sweet-pea fragrance, it leaves your hair smelling tender and abundant.

Use the detangling hair spray on your kid’s curly tresses after shower for quick moisturizing and detangling of locks. It is an anti-frizz formula, free of parabens, dyes, and synthetic colors, and works quickly in restoring hair curls, making them soft.

Hair type: Curly | Item form: Spray | Benefits: Cruelty-free, natural, no harsh chemicals, Quantity: 8oz, Ingredients: Olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamin B5, fragrance

Review: A parent says, “I’ve struggled with taming my seven-year-old’s wild curls until I came across SoCozy Curl Spray. My curls also transformed with this lightweight spray. It complements my routine and even receives compliments.


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This product is a hit with users, evidenced by the 18,051 fine reviews on Amazon.

4. Best Heat Protection:Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner

The miracle milk leave-in conditioner from Mizani is a spray conditioning liquid that protects the hair follicle from developing prime coils and heat damage. Its anti-frizz smoothening texture effortlessly detangles matted hair without breaking or tearing them. Its suitability for all hair textures makes it one of the best curly hair detanglers.

Use it regularly to get visible results and manage your tresses easily without allowing them to form unwanted knots throughout the hair’s length. Make sure to use it on clean and damp hair for frizz removal and comb right before styling it for long-lasting moisturization. Have a look at this instructional video for more details about the detangler.

Hair type: Curls, coils, waves | Item form: Spray | Benefits: Moisturizing, heat protection, Quantity: 8.5oz, Ingredients: Fennel seed oil, coconut oil

Review: A reviewer says, “My hairstylist introduced me to Miracle Milk, and I’m hooked! The product detangles, moisturizes, and guards against heat damage. Although not the most apt for 4C hair, it has become a part of my routine.

5. Best Multi-Functioning:Davines Ol All In One Milk

The all-in-one conditioning milk from Davines comes with powerful hair nutrients and detangling properties. Suitable for color-treated hair, the 135ml bottle of hair milk spray is a multi-functioning liquid that nourishes, softens, and protects the hair at the same time with regular use.

You can also detangle your hair easily and keep it frizz-free from the first use. All you need to do is wash your hair clean, pat it dry with a towel and spray 10 to 15 pumps of the hair milk across your mane’s length. Leave it in for visible effects minutes after use.

Hair type: Color-treated | Item form: Liquid | Benefits: Moisturizing, heat protection, shine, Quantity: 4.56oz, Ingredients: Roucou oil

Review: A reviewer says, “Davine’s detangler milk is luxurious and even works for my double-processed hair. Although the scent may feel overwhelming at times, the softening and nourishing properties make it a must-have.


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 10,352 positive customer reviews on Amazon are a testament to its quality and reliability.

6. Best Color-Safe:Marc Anthony Leave In Deep Conditioner

The leave-in deep conditioner from Marc Anthony works as a natural detangler for curly hair infused with nutrition from shea butter and coconut oil. It provides heat protection to the hair follicles with keratin and biotin infusion and is color-safe too.

The professional-grade detangler adds shine and nourishes and moisturizes damaged hair. The leave-in spray conditioner also moisturizes brittle, dry, and frizzy hair, making it a good option for hair damage or breakage prevention. The presence of shea butter and coconut oil also leaves the hair visibly soft and sleek, making it one of the best curly hair detanglers. Spray this curly hair product across the length of your hair while it is damp and leave it for a while to give it a soft, smooth, and shiny texture.

Hair type: All | Item form: Liquid spray | Benefits: Color-safe, no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, Quantity: 8.45oz, Ingredients: Biotin, shea butter, extra virgin coconut oil

Review: According to a tester, “Marc Anthony’s conditioner is a perfect solution for my bleached hair. Unlike other products, it deeply moisturizes the hair. The spray bottle is convenient to use, its scent is typical, but it balances and tames the frizz.

7. Best Lightweight:Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk 4-In-1 Combing Crème for Curls


Get salon-like smoothness and shine with the four-in-one hair milk and combing crème from Carol’s Daughter. It can suitably eliminate the knots and give your hair shaft a shiny texture. It is a professional hair detangler formulated with rich extracts of olive and agave oil for healthier and shinier hair. Use the combing crème on damp hair right after shower to detangle, moisturize, and define your beautiful curls and coils.

The lightweight leave-in crème conditioner remains non-sticky longer and controls frizz development across the hair shaft. You can also use it as a hair styling crème to keep it in shape after a fashionable hairdo. It works for different hair textures, making it a good detangling spray for your hair care.

Hair type: Curls, kinks, waves, coils | Item form: Cream | Benefits: No artificial color, petrolatum, mineral oil, Quantity: 8oz, Ingredients: Agave nectar, shea butter, pro vitamin B5, keratin

Review: A user writes, “This 4-In-1 milk works well for my stubborn and dry hair. It makes my hair soft and manageable, and works wonder for refreshing curls. However, applying excess product may give you a pasty feel.

8. Best Paraben-Free:TotLogic Kids Detangler Spray And Leave In Conditioner


TotLogic offers a paraben-free hair care product and suits all hair types, thus easing combing whether it is curly, wavy, or frizzy hair. The formulation comprises nutritional botanical extracts, including bergamot and jojoba essential oils, vitamin B5, and naturally extracted antioxidants, making it a good replacement for organic detangler spray options. Its rich combination of antioxidants and other nourishing nutrients helps reduce split ends, making the hair healthy. You can use the spray either on dry or wet hair for a visible shiny texture.

Hair type: All | Item form: Liquid | Benefits: Cruelty-free, vegan, naturally scented, no harsh chemicals, Quantity: 8oz, Ingredients: Bergamot oil, jojoba oil, wild mint oil, lemon peel oil, basil oil, glycerin, panthenol

Review: According to a tester, “The TotLogic Detangler painlessly detangles curly hair. It has a gentle scent, and its natural ingredients align with my preferences. This product works effectively after pool days too, a great addition to my hair care routine.

9. Best Chemical-Free:SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Detangler

The SheaMoisture detangler is available in an eight-ounce bottle with the goodness of 100% original shea butter for extra moisturization. You can use it pre- and post-hair wash, which makes it a good detangling spray.

Use it after the shower to help the scalp absorb maximum nutrients. Apply it from the ends to roots and comb smoothly for frizz and knot removal from curly hair. The absence of harmful chemicals, including parabens, propylene glycol, and petroleum, makes it a safe curly hair product.

Hair type: Curly | Item form: Oil | Benefits: Frizz control, breakage control, moisturizing, natural, Quantity: 8oz, Ingredients: Sea kelp, argan oil, raw shea butter, fragrance

Review: According to a user, “SheaMoisture’s detangler thoroughly softens and detangles the hair strands and promotes effortless combing. Its buttery texture glides smoothly. It may feel a little crunchy for some.

10. Best Vegan Blend:Sun Bum Curls & Waves Detangler

ISun Bum detangler is formulated to typically smoothen out curly hair, which is often prone to developing frizz and knots with easily entangled locks. The lightweight detangler adds a protective layering to the hair follicles, reducing hair breakage and frizz development while restoring shine. It is a special vegan blend combining nutrients from monoi coconut oil and kukui nut oil for hair strengthening. Towel-dry your hair and keep it damp before applying, and use a comb to detangle the locks. You can use this curly hair product as a refresher spray when not using it as a detangler.

Hair type: Curly | Item form: Spray | Benefits: Cruelty-free, vegan, UV ray protection, breakage control, curl definition, Quantity: 4oz, Ingredients: Kukui nut oil, seaweed protein, monoi coconut oil, hydrogenated castor oil, fragrance, banana extract

Review: A reviewer says, “The detangler by Sun Bum amazed me with how quickly it made my strands soft and easy to detangle. Its coconut fragrance is soothing and long-lasting.

11. Best Easy To Use:Mielle Organics Moisturizing And Detangling Conditioner

 Mielle Organics Moisturizing And Detangling Conditioner Image: Mielleorganics

Mielle Organic’s detangling conditioner combines the goodness of honey and pomegranate for hair nutrition and hydration for reduced brittleness and frizz. It comes in a sweet pomegranate fragrance that lasts long after use and keeps your hair smelling fresh. It is available as a cream treatment packed in a 12oz bottle for long-lasting use.

Use it as a moisturizer for your hair to detangle the hair strands easily with a comb or fingers. The four-textured hair formulation is suitable for curly and coiling hair. Enriched with organic ingredients, it offers intense moisturization with natural shine, making it one of the best curly hair detanglers.

Hair type: All | Item form: Liquid | Benefits: Hydrating, shine, prevents breakage, Quantity: 12oz, Ingredients: Pomegranate extract, babassu oil, honey, sweet almond oil, coconut oil

Review: A reviewer says, “I love this moisturizing and detangling product by Mielle Organics, as it leaves my hair soft. Although the scent may be strong for some, it made my hair manageable. A fantastic add-on to my hair routine.

12. Best Sulfate-Free:The Mane Choice Easy On The Curls Detangling Shampoo


Unlike many other cream and liquid-based formulations, this detangler from The Mane Choice is easy on the curls and lends them shine and nutrition. The enrichment of vitamin E and biotin helps promote natural hair growth and strengthening. Its shampoo-based formulation quickens the hair-washing process as the tresses are detangled in half the time.

With a good hair detangler; it washes away impurities with great ease for effective scalp cleansing. After use, you can observe improved softness and shine. Provide your hair with the best care by including the harmful chemical-free shampoo detangler in your hair care regime.

Hair type: All | Item form: Liquid | Benefits: Hydrating, promotes hair growth, non-stripping, no harsh chemicals, Quantity: 8oz, Ingredients: Biotin, vitamins, grapefruit extract, lavender extract, nettle extract, castor seed oil, avocado oil

Review: A user writes, “The Mane Choice detangling shampoo has become perfect for my daughters’ hair. It cleanses effectively while keeping the hair strands hydrated and well-managed. Although a little heavy, the soothing smell, and positive effects make up for it!

13. Best Tear-Free:Honest Conditioning Detangler


Formulated with plant-based ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter, and jojoba not, this nourishing blend detangles hair and softens and reduces flyaways. It also contains quinoa extract, making the hair repair formula rich in antioxidants to treat damaged hair.

If you’re struggling with your hair’s excessive dryness, you can trust this lightweight and non-oily product to moisturize it. Spray the chemical-free formula liberally all over your damp tresses and brush the hair thoroughly to see detangled hair from the first use. Moreover, this thoughtfully-made, dermatologist-tested formula does not contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, silicones, or sulfates, making it ideal for all hair types.

Hair type: All | Item form: Liquid | Benefits: Plant-based, vegan, fragrance-free, damage control, no harsh chemicals, Quantity: 4oz, Ingredients: Quinoa extract, orange, vanilla extract, coconut extract, argan oil

Review: “A user writes, “I tried this conditioning detangler by Honestand was surprised with the results as it easily detangled my hair. Its unique formula made my hair softer and manageable. The fragrance was nice, however, I wish it provided a little extra hydration. Overall, a suitable option for tangle-free hair.


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The tried-and-true product has earned over 39,248 good reviews on Amazon.

14. Best Instant Moisture:Carol’s Daughter Detangling Jelly-To-Cream Conditioner


The detangling jelly-to-cream conditioning formulation is another of Carol’s Daughter’s detangler products on the list with remarkable results. Apply it across the hair length after every hair wash to detangle frizzy and matted hair.

The product uses glycerin to naturally lock the moisture and provide instant hydration to hair and scalp. Other ingredients, including rose water, make the hair softer and shinier, enabling easy glide-past for the curls and reducing the chances of frizz and knot development. It also helps cut down on your hair washing time.

Hair type: Curly | Item form: Jelly to cream | Benefits: No harsh chemicals, vegan, tangle-melting technology, Quantity: 20oz, Ingredients: Glycerin, rose water, aloe leaf juice, fragrance, dimethicone, citronellol, cetearyl alcohol

Review: According to a tester’s experience, “This detangling jelly came as a rescue for my daughter’s hair. It provided immediate softness, and the rose scent made my daughter’s hair smell pristine. However, thick hair may require a little extra product.”

15. Best Antifrizz:Vitamins Hair Leave In Conditioner Cream

Vitamins Hair Leave In Conditioner Cream Image: Hvitamins

The leave-in conditioner cream from Vitamins Hair provides indulgent anti-frizz conditioning to enable curly hair locks to detangle with ease. It also allows easy hairstyling, and works on thick and coarse hair, turning it from dry and damaged to smooth, hydrated, and nourished hair.

Available in cream form, this curly hair product does not require you to rinse after use, saving your precious time involved in regular hair care. Its herbal blend of keratin and other nutrients helps hair grow thicker and shinier. You can also use it to restore damaged and rough hair and control frizz.

Hair type: Curly, color-treated, wavy, textured, thick | Item form: Cream | Benefits: Breakage control, frizz control, curl defining, cruelty-free, Quantity: 8.5oz, Ingredients: Keratin, argan oil, jojoba oil, sage oil, wheat germ oil, rosemary leaf oil, fragrance

Review: According to a reviewer, “The Vitamins hair leave-in conditioner defines my curls and tames my frizzy hair. A little goes a long way. It makes my hair shine and is an ideal solution for chemically-treated hair.”

16. Best Against Breakage:Just For Me Curl Peace Ultimate Detangling Conditioner

Just For Me Curl Peace Ultimate Detangling Conditioner Image: Justformehair

The sulfate-free and animal cruelty-free detangling conditioner from Just For Me is a liquid spray formulated for kids. It works to nourish and replenish hair follicles for frizz-free growth and reduces the chances of tangling, especially in curly hair. Its formulation combines cocoa butter, marshmallow root extract, and raw honey for deep hydration and detangling.

With proven hair care results, it provides the right nourishment to make the tresses frizz-free instantly. It is also free of other harmful ingredients and problematic chemicals, such as paraben, mineral oil, and petroleum. Use it on damp hair after a shower and wait for two to five minutes before rinsing.

Hair type: Curly, coily | Item form: Liquid, spray | Benefits: Sulfate-free, hydrating, no harsh chemicals, cruelty-free, Quantity: 12oz, Ingredients: Marshmallow root extract, raw honey, cocoa butter, soybean oil, coconut oil

Review: A reviewer says, “This detangling conditioner effortlessly tackles my 3B to 3C curls and my daughter’s 4A hair. It made hair styling a breeze. The consistency is slightly watery though.

17. Best Paraben-Free:My Black Is Beautiful Detangler Spray

The sulfate-free product is available as a spray and suits coiled and oily hair for the nourishment of each strand. It is a blend of turmeric, honey, ginger, coconut milk, and oil that makes unique golden milk for deep hair and scalp nourishment. With a lightweight formula, it also adds luxe hydration and shiny texture to hair strands, keeping them frizz-free and smooth. Apply it on sectioned damp hair across the scalp and finger comb the hair after a while for detangling.

Hair type: Curly, coily, oily, textured | Item form: Spray | Benefits: Lightweight, paraben-free, sulfate-free, Quantity: 7.6oz, Ingredients: Honey, coconut oil, turmeric, ginger, coconut milk

Review: According to a tester’s experience, “This detangler spray by My Black Is Beautiful changed my dull 4b-4c hair into a smooth, well-defined one. It nourished my hair strands from roots, keeping my curls as it is. The lovely, long-lasting smell makes it ideal for summer.”

18. Best Heat Protection:Brocato Detangle Leave In Conditioner Spray

Brocato Detangle Leave In Conditioner Spray Image: Brocatoproducts

The detangling, conditioning spray from Brocate is a leave-in formulation that reduces the need to rinse after. This professional-grade hair repair protectant helps tame hair frizz and also smoothens the strands, helping prevent any knot development. The detangler is suitable for dry, straight, and naturally curly hair, and helps nourish the scalp for healthy hair growth.

You can remain worry-free of newly developed tangles and comb or style your hair without any painful detangling. Its gentle formulation makes it safe to use for detangling children’s hair.

Hair type: All | Item form: Spray | Benefits: Hydrating, heat protectant, child-safe, Quantity: 8.5oz, Ingredients: Aloe, ginkgo biloba extract, vitamin B, comfrey

Review: A reviewer says,”I’ve been using the Brocato detangle spray for years. It effortlessly tackled static and tangles in my fine hair.Although not the best for chemical-treated hair, it revives waves and curls and leaves no residue.

19. Best SLS-Free:Marc Anthony Grow Long Leave-In Conditioner

Marc Anthony Grow Long Leave-In Conditioner Image: Marc Anthony
Now 15% Off

Infused with biotin, ginseng, caffeine, and vitamin E, the hair conditioner by Marc Anthony helps detangle the hair gently. Suitable for curly, dry, and damaged hair, a few sprays of this expert-recommended conditioner on slightly damp hair can provide long-lasting moisture to your hair and keep them from splitting.

Free of harmful chemicals and toxins such as sulfates, parabens, SLS, and phthalates, the detangler helps you get stronger, longer, and healthier-looking hair. Moreover, the conditioner is not tested on animals, allowing you to make your hair healthy in a guilt-free manner.

Hair type: Curly | Item form: Spray, creamy | Benefits: Breakage control, split end control, frizz reduction, Quantity: 8.4oz, Ingredients: Caffeine, ginseng, vitamin E, biotin

Review: A reviewer says, “My hair now feels soft without being weighed down as the Marc Anthony leave-in conditioner controls my oily scalp. Although slightly concentrated, it works well by taming the frizz and turning the hair strands smooth.

20. Best Easy To Use:Mane ‘n Tail Extreme Detangler Plus Strengthening Spray

 Mane ‘n Tail Extreme Detangler Plus Strengthening Spray Image: Manentail

Obtain maximum curl definition with a simple application of the detangler and strengthening spray from Mane ‘n Tail. It helps eliminate hair tangles, knots, and split ends through deep conditioning and hair strengthening. The formulation is easy to use and tightens as well as smoothens hair strands, making it one of the best hair repair detanglers for curly hair.

You need to spray a few pumps of the liquid conditioner onto your hair strands, whether damp or dry, and leave. Use a wide-toothed comb or fingers to detangle your hair for a smooth-textured finish.

Hair type: Curly | Item form: Spray | Benefits: Curl definition, shine, reduces split ends, Quantity: 10.2oz, Ingredients: Dimethicone, glycolic acid, argania spinosa kernel oil, hydrolyzed rice protein

Review: A user writes, “Managing my thick curls and matted hair was a nightmare. The Mane ‘n Tail detangler spray helped me effortlessly smooth tangles, keeping the curls hydrated and making the hair bouncy. My hair has never looked better!”

21. Best Aluminum-Free:Dove Amplified Textures Range


Repair your dry and damaged curls with a range of nourishing products from Dove. The Dove Amplified Textures shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner have a moisture-amplifying blend that helps detangle and manage curly hair.
The hydrating shampoo, infused with aloe, cleanses the hair and scalp, while the coconut milk conditioner provides superior silkiness, making it easy to detangle and define your curls in the shower. Finish your hair-care routine with the jojoba leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture and ensure healthy, bouncy, well-defined, and beautiful curls.

Hair type: Curly, coarse, dry | Item form: Spray | Benefits: Prevents breakage, moisturizing, strengthening, Quantity: 6.1oz, Ingredients: Protein, buriti oil, hydrolyzed keratin, fragrance, lactic acid, arginine

Review: According to a user, “The Dove amplified textures range worked as expected for my 3c/4c hair! I used both shampoo and conditioner from the brand. They detangled my hair with a breeze and moistured them too.

22. Best Thermal Protection:Kenra Platinum Pearl Detangler


The Kenra Platinum Pearl detangler is a lightweight formula that provides gentle conditioning while effortlessly detangling your locks without leaving any residue or build-up. Whether you have thick, curly, or fine hair, this detangler will help you achieve smooth, tangle-free locks in no time. Enriched with luminescent pearl and other moisturizing ingredients, you can see visible results as this detangler helps add shine and nourishment to your hair. This spray can also provide thermal protection to your hair up to 450℉, protecting against heat damage and styling.

Hair type: All | Item form: Spray, liquid | Benefits: Thermal protection, hydrating, moisturizing, shine, Quantity: 5.4oz, Ingredients: Italian bergamot, berries, pearl powder, glycerin, lactic acid, fragrance, cetearyl alcohol

Review: A user writes, “I love this Pearl detangler’s wonderful scent. The lightweight formula glides on smoothly. It adds shine and thoroughly detangles my wet hair, making detangling a breeze.

23. Best Gluten Free:Cantu Coil Calm Detangler With Shea Butter For Natural Hair

Cantu Coil Calm Detangler With Shea Butter For Natural Hair Image: Cantu
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Cantu’s Coil Calm Detangler is designed especially for natural waves, curls, and coils. This cruelty-free detangler is free from paraben, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, and drying alcohol. Formulated with shea butter, this detangler is suitable for type 2 waves, type 3 curls, and type 4 coils. It can provide soft, smooth, and detangled healthy hair that can be styled easily. This detangler softens, conditions, and moisturizes natural hair with every use. It strengthens hair and protects it against damage and breakage. This lightweight mist can add shine and nourishment to your hair.

Hair type: Coily, curly | Item form: Cream | Benefits: No harsh chemicals, cruelty-free, adds shine, moisturizing, Quantity: 8oz, Ingredients: Shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil, essential oils, castor oil, glycerin, fragrance

Review: A user writes, “It gently detangled my 4c hair, defining the curls. The detangler also benefited my toddler’s curls by making them more manageable and soft. While the fragrance isn’t great, the results outweigh the negatives.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Detangler For Curly Hair?

Check out the following pointers to help you select the best detangler for curly hair.

  1. Hair type: Different hair types encounter varying issues, from minor knots to severe tangles. Consider your hair type before going for the detangler. Individuals with moderate curls can choose conditioners that work best for all hair types. However, ensure that the product you pick matches your hair porosity.
  2. Type of formulation: Hair detanglers are available in different formulations, from gel to cream and liquid spray. Choose a suitable formulation at your convenience.
  3. After-use rinsing needs: Not all conditioning detanglers require you to go for an after-wash. You can choose a leave-in detangler that may work at par or above the average conditioning solution.
  4. Ingredients: Look for specific exclusions, such as parabens, sulfates, petroleum, and alcohol. Also, the ingredients should preferably be organic, or at least naturally obtained without harming any animals.
  5. Nourishment: While some detanglers work up to moisturize and make the hair strands frizz-free, others may go a step forward by providing restorative ingredients for overall damage protection and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I detangle my extremely tangled curly hair?

First, apply the detangling product to your hair and leave it for some time. Next, comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush to detangle extremely tangled curly hair.

2. Do detanglers damage hair?

No, detanglers do not damage your hair. Instead, they make the detangling process easier and prevent damage to the hair.

3. Should I detangle my curly hair every day?

It is not necessary to detangle your curly hair every day. Generally, it is recommended to detangle curly hair after every wash.

4. Should I detangle my curly hair while it’s wet or dry?

It is recommended to detangle curly hair while it is still wet. This ensures easier detangling and reduces friction.

5. Why does my curly hair get tangled easily?

Curly hair gets tangled easily because, in most cases, it tends to be drier and more voluminous than straight or wavy hair.

6. Should I start detangling from the root to the tip?

No, you should always start detangling your hair from the ends. Starting from the roots can cause more breakage and damage.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag is a product writer and reviewer who is passionate about beauty and personal care items. She recommends the right products that meet the buyers’ requirements by going through numerous product listings and reviews. In this post, she has compiled a list of the best curly hair detanglers that are gentle and effective. She has also included detailed descriptions explaining the contents of each product and how they benefit your hair. This article also offers basic directions for using each product and a buying guide for your convenience.

The Bottom Line

Curly hair looks gorgeous and can be styled in various ways, but maintaining it can be quite a hassle. You need a good-quality detangler to smoothen out unruly knots and frizz quickly and painlessly. Our list of the best detanglers for curly hair includes various options made of nourishing, natural ingredients to prevent hair damage and soften the locks for a shiny, smooth look. Our top picks are the Davines Ol All In One Milk for color-treated hair and the Sun Bum Curls & Waves Detangler for its UV-protection properties. We also recommend the Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner, as it offers protection against heat damage. Ensure the product you choose is suitable for your hair concerns and free of nasties. Also, check the formulation and ease of application for the desired results and flaunt soft, healthy locks.

Infographic: A Guide To Different Types Of Detanglers And Their Benefits

Applying a detangler on damp hair can help you detangle your hair without damaging the hair follicles. Detangling curly hair will make your curls bouncy and keep the strands from breaking. Go through this infographic to find a detangler for your hair type.

Types Of Hair Detanglers And Their Benefits (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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