11 Best Detergent Powders In India In 2024

Whether it is at a social gathering or your workplace, wearing clean clothes will make you more confident. Thus, you need the best detergent powders. Apart from removing stubborn stains and dirty spots and keeping your clothes clean and smelling fresh, detergent powders are easy to use and help you save water.

Paula Tarling, an experienced domestic cleaner and influencer, says, “I love the power of washing powder–you can’t beat an original. Detergent powder retains its cleaning power for longer compared to liquid detergent and gives a more thorough clean in a hard water area.

Make the appropriate decision by buying one of these detergent powders in India and improve your hygiene and confidence level.

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11 Best Detergent Powders In India

1. Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent Powder

Surf Excel detergent powder effectively removes stubborn stains and spots. The ultra-fine powder, which is suitable for every fabric, dissolves quickly and uses superior technology to remove stains effectively. The powder is ideal for hand washing and machine washing. It also works well on colored and white clothing.

2. Mr. White Detergent Powder

This twice-powerful detergent powder can ensure clean and neat clothes with its whiteness boosters. The granular powder works well on graying clothes and improves shine and luster to soiled and dirty clothes. The bleach-free and no-fading formula helps protect your colorful garments. Mr. White detergent is an excellent choice for cleaning white clothes and has a long-lasting mild fragrance.

3. Rin Advanced Detergent Powder

Rin’s high-quality washing powder adopts bright clean technology, which effectively cleans clothes and emits a fresh and soothing fragrance. The formula is easily soluble in water and can penetrate deeply into the fabric to remove hard stains. It does not leave any residue and is ideal for hand wash and machine wash. The powder comes in different packaging sizes.

4. Ariel Matic Top Load Detergent Washing Powder

Ariel’s outstanding washing powder incorporates advanced bright shield technology and is compatible with fully-automatic top-load washing machines. This detergent keeps your clothes bright and clean after each wash and provides them with a long-lasting gentle fragrance. The product contains twice as many anti-fouling ingredients as other washing powders.

5. Tide Plus Extra Power Detergent Washing Powder

The Tide double power detergent is a smooth product that easily dissolves in water and produces a rich lather. The excellent formula easily removes hard stains and hard-to-reach spots on clothes and keeps them clean and bright. It has two fragrances, rose and jasmine, and lemon and mint, and is ideal for fabrics of various colors and types. The detergent powder does not contain chlorine and other harsh agents and is perfect for use with both hot and cold water.

6. Syclone Matic Front Load Detergent Powder

Syclone Matic stain-removing powder adopts a low-foam formula that keeps your clothes clean and bright with a fresh fragrance. It is a scientifically developed washing powder compatible with fully-automatic front-load machines. The triple-action, next-generation formula effectively fights stubborn spots, stains, and germs.

7. Henko Matic Top Load Detergent

Henko’s laundry detergent is compatible with fully automatic top load washing machines. It is equipped with nanofiber locking technology to remove hard food stains, ink, mud, and oil spots. The washing powder is infused with oxygen power, which effectively resists stubborn stains. The detergent keeps your product lint-free and does not allow your clothes to fade or lose their brightness. The pleasant fragrance lingers on after each wash.

8. More Light Extra Power Detergent powder

More Light extra power detergent powder with enzymatic action can easily remove stubborn and hard stains without affecting the brightness of clothes. The refreshing aroma of the detergent powder keeps your clothes fresh, and the product is safe in all colors. The smooth and soothing powder is suitable for hand washing and machine washing.

9. Ghadi Detergent Powder

The Ghadi detergent powder can add a sparkling effect to all types of fabrics and can actively remove dirt, grime, and germs in a quick wash. The product is suitable for white and colored clothes and keeps your clothes lint-free at all times. It dissolves in water smoothly and does not leave any residue on your clothes.

10. Amazon Brand – Presto! Detergent Powder

Amazon’s powerful washing powder can easily remove stubborn stains and pesky spots on clothes. The gentle product is easy to use on fabrics, prevents color damage, and does not contain bleach and phosphate. The mild and effective powder is safe for your skin and does not cause skin irritation when washing clothes. After each wash, the detergent leaves a fresh fragrance on the clothes.

11. Wheel Active 2 in 1 Detergent Powder

The two-in-one active detergent powder helps remove stains and spots on clothes in a single wash. The product has various flavors, such as lemon, orange, and jasmine. It has a balanced formula and is suitable for hand washing and machine washing.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Detergent Powder In India?

Here is a list of some essential factors you should consider when choosing a detergent powder in India.

  1. Type of washing machine: There are different detergents for different washing machines, such as top load or front load. Make sure to purchase detergents compatible with your washing machine to achieve effective results.
  1. Type of clothes: Washing powders suitable for white clothes may not suit colored garments. Therefore, determine the type of clothes you intend to wash and choose the detergent suitable for the fabric.
  1. Fragrance: Choose products with a long-lasting fresh fragrance. Mild fragrances are pleasant without being overbearing.
  1. Free of harsh agents: Choose detergents that do not contain harmful agents such as bleach or phosphate. Detergents that do not contain toxic substances are suitable for hand washing and machine washing.
  1. Moisture content: Choose a washing powder with less moisture. Washing powders with minimal moisture content produce more foam, instantly removing dirt and grime.

The market is replete with detergent brands that claim to offer the best detergent powders. Thus, you need to consider several factors when choosing the best detergent powder. The options listed here contain high-quality ingredients that remove the most difficult stains while keeping the fabric’s quality intact. They are also free of harsh agents such as bleach or phosphate and contain minimal moisture content. Further, they come with a mild but long-lasting fragrance.

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