10 Best Development Toys For A One-Year-Old In 2021


The best development toys for 1-year-olds are those that can engage them in active play. Although children of this age are still pretty young to know what they are playing with, their toys should focus on developing their skills, stimulating their senses, and sparking their imagination and creativity.

Here’s a list of the best developmental toys for 1-year-olds. We also tell you their benefits for babies and toddlers and give you tips on choosing one.

Benefits Of Development Toys

Playing with the development toys can benefit your baby in the following ways.

  • Development toys are made of bright colors or textures that help your baby focus on the senses. They get familiar with different textures, colors, or shapes.
  • Toys promoting movement help your baby develop fine and gross motor skills.
  • Stacking, sorting, arranging, and connecting toys can improve your child’s problem-solving ability and imagination at a young age.
  • Toys that give scope to role play and interaction can stimulate social skills and emotional intelligence in children.
  • Some toys are quite challenging for the little ones and make their curious brains concentrate and develop early.

10 Best Development Toys For One-Year-Old Babies

1. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Right size for the little hands, this bumpy plush ball from Sassy could be a perfect developmental toy to start with. It is made from colorful fabrics of different textures to help stimulate the senses of your baby. The bold patterns on the ball will strengthen the vision of your baby. The ball is surrounded by bumps that make it easy to grab the ball and throw, developing the baby’s motor skills. It can make gentle rattle sounds that is fun for your baby to play with. This ball is suitable for babies of six months and above.

2. Toy Ventive Play And Learn Gift Set

Toyventive gift set contains an activity box, stacking cups, and an educational board book. The activity box is cube-shaped and has an activity loaded on each side. It has a bead maze on top, a learning clock on one side, a shape sorter, an abacus, and spinning gears on each side. These activities help your baby learn colors, shapes, numbers, and counting apart from developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving ability.

The stacking cups come in multiple colors with animals and numbers printed. The board book is perfect for tiny hands to turn the pages and helps them to learn the essential words. It has images to help your baby grasp and improve vocabulary. This gift set is made of BPA-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free material safe for babies to play with.

3. Splashin’kids Animal Friends Jumbo Roller

Splashin’kids jumbo roller is a developmental toy suitable for infants and young toddlers. It has a transparent design and attractive animal prints on the sides. This roller encourages the babies to crawl after it and helps them develop strong core muscles. It teaches them cause and effect.

The roller has three sections in it with three balls. The rattling balls and one lighting ball make the rolling more fun. There are inner holes to challenge your baby to navigate the balls through the maze. It improves their problem-solving ability. This is a travel-friendly ball as it is inflatable.

4. Cubicfun Press And Go Caterpillar Toy

Press and go toys are simple toys that offer fun and aid development to your one-year-old baby. This caterpillar toy is made of bright colors that are easy to operate with tiny hands. All your baby needs to do is push the center ball down, and the caterpillar will move forward with music and lights. This encourages the baby to either crawl or walk behind it. It helps develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sensory development. The toy is made of durable ABS material that is burr-free, BPA-free, and non-toxic.

5. Woody Treasures Animal Bus Pop Up Toy

Woody Treasures animal bus pop-up toy can teach your children about spatial awareness while helping them to improve fine motor skills, color recognition, and image recognition. This animal bus is made up of non-toxic wood and has four farm animals printed on it. It comes with four wood sticks with the same animal figures and should be placed in the dedicated holes.

When your child pushes these animal figures, they will pop out of the bus, which is fun to play with. The whole process creates a challenging space for the young mind and develops their ability to understand and solve the challenge.

6. Cooltoys Five Layer Ball Drop

Cooltoys five-layer ball drop is a simple toy that provides quiet playtime while helping develop your little one. This ball drop has got a ramp of five layers and three balls. The three acrylic balls are filled with colorful balls and patterns that make a gentle rattle sound when rolled down. This ball drop is made of bright colors with numbers printed on them for your baby to learn colors and numbers. It helps your baby develop problem-solving skills and motor skills. The toy is easy to carry on your trips as it occupies less space when dismantled.

7. Mindsprout Bouncy Bird Ball Bash And Stacking Cups

Bouncy bird ball bash is a STEM development toy ideal for a one-year-old to play and learn. This toy includes a colorful tower with holes in each level to let the ball pass down. It comes with four colored balls that should be placed in a slot provided for each ball. There is a cushioned hammer designed like an owl. All your baby needs to do is hit the ball with the hammer and watch it go down the chutes. This set also comes with a bonus of six colorful stacking cups.

The playset is an ideal choice to help your child learn and recognize the colors, to improve hand-eye coordination, learn the size difference, and more. This developmental toy is also safe to play with as it has no sharp edges and is made up of durable PVC material. It is also BPA-free and non-toxic.

8. Aojoys Wooden Carrot Sorting Game

The carrot sorting toy made out of wood is a Montessori developmental toy. It helps improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, exploration ability, and sorting skills while allowing your baby to have safe fun. This toy has a wooden cube with holes of different sizes and carrots to sort. The carrots are brightly colored with non-toxic paint. Their perfect size makes it easier for tiny hands to grab and place them in the right holes.

9. Hola Ball Pound And Xylophone Musical Toy

Xylophones are fun to play with, and this toy from Hola also has a ball pound combined for more fun. It contains three balls of different colors and holes for them to place in. Use the hammer to pound the balls and listen to the music while they roll down the tunnel. Your baby can also use the hammer to tap the xylophone and make music out of it.

The overall design with bright colors, alphabets, and numbers printed on the keys will help your baby with early education. It helps develop fine motor skills, color recognition, sorting skills, and sensory skills. This playset is a fun way to learn and is made up of non-toxic material.

10. Unih Roly Poly Dinosaur Toy

Just shake and rotate this roly-poly toy that grabs the attention of your little one by making a jingling sound. When placed at a distance, this cute dinosaur toy will encourage the baby to crawl or walk towards it. It requires no batteries and can make a gentle rattling sound with a simple touch. This toy helps improve your baby’s sensory skills and hand-eye coordination while it is easy to clean and maintain. The smooth edgeless design and durable material make it safe for the baby.

How To Choose The Right Development Toy For A One-Year-Old?

Here are a few factors to consider before buying a developmental toy for your one-year-old.

  1. Baby’s level of growth and development: At one year, not all babies are at the same stage, some might be walking and ready to run, while others might be still crawling and learning to stand up. So choose a toy based on your baby’s growth and developmental needs. It should help them achieve their next milestone or to get better from what they already enjoy doing.
  1. Type of activity: Choose a toy that has interesting activities for your baby. Let’s say some babies enjoy banging where you can go for hammering toys, some love music, and lights where these help in their sensory skills.
  1. Multipurpose: Consider a developmental toy that has multiple options to play with that is more engaging for babies.
  1. Safe design: Choose a toy that is certified safe for one-year-old babies to play with. It should be made of child-safe design and non-toxic material.
  1. Durable material: Throwing is an activity that your little one might enjoy at this age. Choose a product that is strong enough to withstand the blows.
  1. Easy to maintain and carry: You should clean the toys as often as possible for your baby’s hygiene reasons, and you might also need to carry them along with your baby. So, choose a toy that is easy to maintain and portable.

With the several choices available in the wide toy world, it is hard to buy the right one for a one-year-old. While this list of best development toys for one-year-old has various toys, we hope you will find a suitable toy for your little one. These toys offer different activities for your baby to play and learn while helping them develop in all possible ways.

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