15 Best Diaper Caddies For Your Home By Specialist In 2024

If you are a new parent, we have compiled a list of the best diaper caddies for you. Being a new parent comes with its joys and challenges, and frequent diaper changes are one such challenge. Holding your infant with a soiled diaper in your arms can be tedious when you are sleep-deprived. Since you will be changing their diapers around the clock, having a functional diaper caddy with you can serve as a practical storage idea and make your job easier.

A good diaper caddy offers enough space to store all the baby’s diaper essentials in one place. Our list includes some practical, high-quality, and durable designs to help you make the right choice. So, go through the options listed below and keep your baby clean and dry conveniently.

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15 Best Diaper Caddies

1. Best Crib-Attachable: Hiccapop Nursery Organizer And Diaper Caddy 

One of the best diaper caddy designs, the Hiccapop diaper caddy can be easily attached to a crib or changing table. It makes diaper changing convenient by having all the baby’s diaper essentials within reach. If you are an absolute beginner, this video review might be useful to help you have a better understanding of the product.


  • Holds up to 72 diapers
  • Features six shelves and two pockets
  • Stain-resistant
  • Surface washable
  • Sturdy design


  • May not be ideal for cribs with thick railings
  • Limited color options

2. Best Space-Saving: Putska Diaper Caddy & Organizer

 Putska Diaper Caddy & Organizer Image: Putska Baby Essentials

With this trusted diaper candy, you will never have to worry about running out of space to store all the baby essentials. Made with premium quality felt, it is just about the right size to fit perfectly on the changing table.

Shape: ‎Rectangular | Item Weight: ‎350 Grams | Product Dimensions: ‎7"D x 9"W x 15"H | Color: ‎Gray | Material: ‎Eco-friendly felt


  • Soft fabric
  • Comes with two pacifier clips and bandana drool bibs
  • Sturdy design
  • Three-year warranty
  • Wider side pockets


  • T separator is not removable

protip_icon Quick tip
Soak the caddy in lukewarm water for a few minutes and then hand wash it with mild detergent or soap. Place it flat on a clean towel and let it air dry away from direct sunlight.

3. Best Space-Efficient: Parker Baby Co. Diaper Caddy


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

It's no wonder that this quality product has earned over 8,692 positive reviews on Amazon.

We know finding the best diaper caddy can be tough. Especially if you need one that isn’t too big, but enough to meet the storage expectations and has a versatile design. Well, you’re in luck as the Parker Baby Co. Diaper Caddy offers just that and can serve as the perfect solution.

Item Weight: ‎10.2 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎9"D x 13"W x 7"H | Color: ‎Gray | Material: ‎Felt


  • Collapsible and portable
  • Can be used as a book or toy organizer
  • Adjustable compartments for diapers
  • Eight exterior pockets
  • Versatile diaper caddy


  • Available in limited color options
  • Edges of the caddy maybe little coarse
Hiccapop Nursery Organizer And Diaper Caddy
Putska Diaper Caddy & Organizer
Parker Baby Co. Diaper Caddy
Shape- ‎Rectangular-
Weight- ‎350 Grams ‎10.2 ounces
Dimensions- ‎7"D x 9"W x 15"H ‎9"D x 13"W x 7"H
Color- ‎Gray ‎Gray
Material- ‎Eco-friendly felt ‎Felt

4. Best Mesh Pocket-Equipped: Skip Hop Nursery Style Light-Up Diaper Caddy

Skip Hop Nursery Style Light-Up Diaper Caddy Image: Skip Hop

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has garnered more than 186 positive reviews on Amazon.

Skip Hop features one of the best diaper caddy designs with its unique touch-sensitive light technology. It can be easily moved between rooms and has two elastic mesh pockets and exterior ones. Check out this review based on a tester’s experience for a detailed understanding of the product.

Color: Grey | Material: 80% polyester, 20% ABS | Item Weight: ‎1.17 pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎9.25 x 8.25 x 15.25 inches


  • Movable divider
  • Ten-minute auto-off feature
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy-grip and sturdy handle


  • Slightly expensive

5. Best Fun And Playful: 3 Sprouts Diaper Caddy

If you want your diaper caddy to be cute and adorable just like your baby, then this option can be the perfect solution. This animal-themed diaper caddy is made of durable polyester and makes storage fun.

Item Weight: ‎13 ounces | Shape: ‎Square | Product Dimensions: ‎11"D x 10"W x 10.5"H | Color: ‎Elephant | Material: ‎Polyester


  • Diaper organizer inserts to provide sturdiness
  • Multi-functional organizer
  • Fun design
  • Lots of storage space for diaper essentials
  • Makes a perfect baby shower gift


  • Doesn’t feature any exterior pockets
protip_icon Do remember
Carry airy wet bags or disposable bags for storing soiled cloth or disposable diapers in the caddy without contaminating other items.

6. Best Sectioned: Trend Lab Dove Gray Portable Storage Caddy


This diaper caddy is a baby essential to meet all the storage needs of your little one. It also comes with a removable T-separator that helps to keep the different sections in place.

Item Weight: 0.6 Pounds | Color: Grey | Material: Cotton


  • Can be used as an organizer for pet supplies or crafts
  • Gender-neutral
  • Includes exterior pockets
  • Removable T-separator


  • May not hold the shape without the T-separator

7. Best Large Capacity: Mila Millie Baby Cotton Rope Diaper Caddy

Mila Millie Baby Cotton Rope Diaper Caddy Image: Mila Millie

Mila Millie’s cotton rope diaper caddy is a large storage bin that can hold and carry all your baby essentials in an organized manner. Safe and effective, it is completely baby-friendly without any sharp edges and made of natural cotton free of harsh chemicals. Moreover, the caddy comes with removable dividers, allowing you to compartmentalize or use the caddy as a single storage unit.

Color: White & Gray | Material: ‎Cotton | Color: ‎White & Gray | Product Dimensions: ‎16 x 12 x 6 inches | Item Weight: ‎2.2 pounds


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Unisex design
  • Machine-washable
  • Adjustable compartments
  • Has smooth edges


  • May not be waterproof
  • Limited color options

8. Best Easy-Access: Natemia Rope Diaper Caddy Organizer

Natemia Rope Diaper Caddy Organizer Image: Natemia

No more rummaging through your bags and drawers for diapers and wipes–keep your baby’s essentials within arm’s reach with this convenient Natemia rope diaper caddy organizer. It is a large portable nursery storage bin that doubles as a car travel organizer.

Item Weight: ‎1 Pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎8"D x 10"W x 15"H | Color: ‎Glaze | Material: ‎Polyester


  • Converts into a tote bag
  • Ivory fabric lining for easy cleaning
  • Three spacious compartments
  • Sturdy handle made of rope
  • Available in multiple colors


  • May not be waterproof
  • Seams on the liner might unravel

9. Best Handle-Equipped: We Care Vida Diaper Caddy Organizer

This diaper caddy organizer from We Care Vida sure deserves a spot for one of the best diaper caddy designs. Made using natural cotton, it features longer handles and a strong divider, which makes it a reliable and trusted choice.

Item Weight: ‎0.97 Pounds | Product Dimensions: ‎16"D x 11"W x 2"H | Color: ‎Gray | Material: ‎Polyester, Cotton


  • Longer handles
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Can be folded when not in use
  • Eight pockets


  • None
protip_icon Point to consider
A diaper caddy can be a great travel companion, which can be hung on a hook/towel bar keeping all the essentials off the floor that might contain germs.

10. Best Stylish Baby Essentials: Sorbus Baby Organizer Caddy 

Sorbus Baby Organizer Caddy Image: Sorbus

This trusted diaper caddy from Sorbus holds everything you need to keep your changing table organized and clutter-free. The multi-compartment organizer doesn’t compromise on style while prioritizing your baby’s needs.

Material: Cashmere | Item Weight: ‎10.4 ounces


  • Portable
  • Removable yet sturdy handle insert
  • Handle doubles as a diaper organizer insert
  • Multi-purpose for any occasion
  • Easily accommodates wipe dispenser
  • Foldable


  • Features only two exterior pockets

11. Best Diaper Changing Assistant: Ubbi Diaper Storage Caddy

Next on our list of the best diaper caddy organizers is the Diaper Storage Caddy from Ubbi. This portable caddy holder is designed with rubberized feet and handles to make changing diapers a breeze.

Color: Gray | Material: ABS (body), TPR (handle), and PP (drawer) | Item Weight: ‎3.5 pounds


  • Includes a changing pad
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Study design


  • A little on the expensive side

12. Best Quality Fabric: Lily Miles Baby Diaper Caddy

This affordable diaper caddy from Lily Miles is a great pick for its gender-neutral style and multi-purpose usage. Made using quality fabric, it features removable organizing dividers as well.

Shape: Rectangular | Product Dimensions: 10"D x 15"W x 7"H | Color: Gray/Blush | Material: fabric | Item Weight: ‎14.9 ounces


  • Portable
  • Gender-neutral style
  • Ample space
  • Structured walls
  • Removable diaper organizer inserts


  • Maybe slightly flimsy

13. Best Eco-Friendly: Bebe Bask Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

Bebe Bask Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer Image: Bebe Bask

Whether you want an additional nursery storage option or are looking for the perfect baby shower gift, this handmade Bebe Bask baby diaper caddy organizer is a stylish yet functional option to consider. Made of organic seagrass, it is 100% natural, and the multipurpose caddy organizer can be used as a toy basket or picnic basket.

Shape: Oval | Product Dimensions: 16"D x 11"W x 7"H | Color: Natural | Material: Organic Seagrass | Item Weight: ‎3.01 pounds


  • Three spacious compartments
  • Removable divider for customized storage
  • Eco-friendly and free of toxins
  • Long-lasting
  • Includes a cotton bag for storage


  • Rope handles might be slightly coarse
  • Knit may loosen over time

14. Best Functional Caddy Kit: Petunia Pickle Bottom Inter-Mix Deluxe Caddy Kit

Petunia Pickle Bottom Inter-Mix Deluxe Kit Image: Petunia Pickle

The Petunia Pickle Bottom inter-mix deluxe caddy kit is ideal for parents who want to keep their diapering essentials organized in a cute way. This three-in-one stacker kit includes four lightweight packing cubes to keep everything sorted in your stroller, diaper bag, or nursery.

Item Weight: ‎11 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎12 x 5 x 5.5 inches


  • Built-in stroller straps
  • Wide side handles for portability
  • Zip-around openings and mesh tops for easy visibility
  • Machine-washable
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Serves as a perfect baby shower gift


  • Might be smaller than other caddies
  • Color may vary

15. Best Classy Design: Parker Baby Co. Rope Diaper Caddy

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

If you are looking for a cute portable diaper caddy, then you’re in luck. The Rope diaper caddy from Parker Baby Co. is spacious enough to store all the baby stuff and the woven rope design adds a classy touch to it.

Shape: Round | Product Dimensions: 9"D x 7"W x 13"H | Color: White | Material: Cotton | Item Weight: ‎1.25 pounds


  • Portable
  • Functional style
  • Durable
  • Neutral design
  • Three interior pockets


  • Slightly small compared to other diaper caddies

Types Of Diaper Caddies

There are three different types of diaper caddies available in the market.

  1. Portable caddy: This type of diaper caddy is the most popular among the lot. It can be easily moved from one place/room to another with ease.
  2. Hanging caddy: They mostly come with buckles that can be attached to the crib, changing table or wall. Though they can be technically moved, it is more ideal to be placed in a convenient location. These often have lots of storage space compared to others.
  3. Stationary caddy: As the name suggests, this type of caddy is designed to stay at a particular location. These may take up more space than the portable ones.

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Benefits Of Using A Diaper Caddy

Having a diaper caddy by your side makes changing diapers that much easier. You have everything within reach so you don’t have to run around the house during diaper time. It is easy to access and is portable so you can use it on the go.

Kristina Tinsly, a mommy influencer and mom of three, says, “One thing that is a given after having a baby is that you would change a lot of diapers. So, having an organized system to keep all your diaper changing needs in one place makes sense. Besides offering you convenience at home, a portable diaper caddy also comes in handy in the car.

How To Choose The Right Diaper Caddy?

Here, we have listed down a few factors that you should look into when purchasing a diaper caddy.

  1. Storage space: Storage is key when buying a diaper caddy. It should provide lots of storage space to fit in all the baby essentials. So, check for compartments for diapers, pockets, and shelves.
  2. Color: Choose a gender-neutral color so that you can use it even for your next child. Plus, a gender-neutral color means you can use it for multiple children.
  3. Cost: If you don’t want to spend too much on it, check out the list for all the affordable options that come with all the features you need in a diaper caddy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many diapers on average will fit in these caddies?

The number of diapers that a diaper caddy can hold depends upon the size and storage space it offers. They can fit anywhere from 30 to over 70 diapers in the diaper organizer.

2. What is the best way to clean diaper caddies?

Each diaper caddy will be made of a different fabric. Hence it is important to read the instructions to find out if it is machine washable, waterproof, or if a damp cloth will do the trick.

3. Are diaper caddies necessary?

Using a diaper caddy is a great storage idea for parents to keep all their baby supplies for changing a diaper in one place in an organized, segregated manner and to avoid confusion and waste of time.

4. What can I expect from a diaper caddy?

A functional and efficient diaper caddy should be portable, easy to clean, have ample storage pockets and compartments to store different baby products separately, and should store things in such a way that they are easily visible and retrievable without the need for rummaging through the items.

5. What goes in a diaper caddy?

Depending on your needs and the size of the diaper caddy, diapers, baby cream, wipes, wipe warmer, toys, bibs, hand cleansers, sanitizer, milk bottle, grooming accessories, pacifier, cotton balls or Q tips, etc. are the typical occupants of a diaper caddy.

6. Where do I keep a diaper caddy?

Being compact, portable, and sturdy enough to stand independently, most diaper caddies can be easily placed on the floor, dressing table, changing table, or wherever it’s convenient for you. To keep moisture at bay, it’s better not to keep them in the toilet.

7. How big a diaper caddy do I need?

That would depend on your needs. On average, a regular well-sized diaper caddy usually accommodates at least 20 diapers and a whole packet of wipes along with the other accessories.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Vibha Navarathna, the author of this article, writes about baby products. She has undertaken in-depth research to compile tried-and-tested products for babies and new parents. Vibha has rounded up the best diaper caddies to ensure your baby’s diapers are well-organized and neatly packed. She has also chosen these products after considering important factors and included a buying guide to help you choose the right diaper caddies.

The Bottom Line

Storing and organizing diapers and other baby essentials becomes so much easier with the best diaper caddies. When choosing one, consider the material quality and storage options. You may also choose from a portable, stationary, or hanging caddy and choose a specific color based on your preference. Further, the caddy should have an easy-grip and sturdy handle, outside pockets and inner compartments, and other features you may want. We recommend the Skip Hop Nursery Style Light-Up Diaper Caddy for its touch-sensitive light feature, the Parker Baby Co. Diaper Caddy for being a collapsible and versatile diaper caddy, and the 3 Sprouts Diaper Caddy for its funky and adorable elephant print design. You may also go through the options and pick one that is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Infographic: What To Put In A Diaper Caddy?

A diaper caddy helps organize all your diaper-changing essentials for easy and ready access. However, deciding what to put in the diaper caddy can be challenging for new mothers. Check out the following infographic to help you understand what to put in the caddy without fail.

Eight-Must-Have-Items-To-Put-In-A-Diaper-Caddy (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

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