11 Best Digital Calipers In 2021


If you’re a DIY enthusiast and love working on small projects around your home, then a digital caliper can be your best friend. The best digital caliper is designed to take accurate readings across different parameters like height, width, depth, length, and diameter. Even seasoned professionals find this instrument convenient for their projects.

There are many calipers in different makes and models available in the market. We have compiled a list of the best digital calipers so that you can make a convenient choice.

Tips For Using Digital Calipers

Here’s how you can easily use a digital caliper in a few simple tips.

  1. As a first step, turn your caliper on and close its jaws.
  2. Next, bring the resting display reading to zero. You can look out for a dedicated button to reset your device.
  3. To measure any object’s exterior dimension, you need to put it in between the caliper jaws.
  4. To read interior dimensions, close your caliper’s jaws completely and fit the object on its measuring tips. Once placed, stretch the tips to the maximum possible elasticity and take the reading.
  5. You can place your caliper’s flat end on a hole’s edge to measure its depth. The measuring thumb should touch the object’s end for an accurate reading.
  6. You can tighten the caliper’s thumbscrew to fix freely moving jaws.

11 Best Digital Calipers

1. Neiko Electronic Digital Caliper

Neiko’s electronic digital caliper model 01407A is a six-inch measuring device with stainless steel construction. It features a large LCD screen that allows easy reading of any object measurement you make. This device allows three modes, millimeter, fraction, and inch, with a quick-change button. The black caliper is available in eight-inch and 12-inch variants.


  • Easy, battery-powered operation
  • Multi-functional
  • Long-lasting
  • Knurled thumb roller
  • Locking screw
  • Portable


  • Battery may drain out quickly

2. Vinca Electronic Digital Vernier Micrometer Caliper

The DCLA-0605 electronic digital vernier micrometer caliper is a well-designed and engineered measuring tool with a sturdy steel body. Available in red and black, it is up to six inches long, with three other variations to choose from. This caliper features a large LCD screen for clear measurement reading with accuracy. It is battery-powered and supports two LR44 batteries included in the set.


  • Suitable for professional and DIY use
  • Supports inch, metric, and fraction conversions
  • Smooth depthometer groove
  • Pre-calibrated and ready to use
  • Features RS232 data transfer port
  • Lightweight


  • Does not support standard USB cable

3. Mitutoyo Advanced Onsite Sensor Absolute Scale Digital Caliper

The 500-196-30 absolute scale digital caliper from Mitutoyo features the AOS or Advanced Onsite Sensor for exact measurements. It has a large measuring range of 0 to six inches, making it useful for various readings. The battery-powered caliper is durable with its stainless-steel body and has a measurement accuracy of up to 0.0005 inches for precise readings.


  • Large digital readout LCD screen
  • Versatile measurements
  • Resistant to water, oil, and dirt
  • Thumb roller
  • Includes a protective case


  • Reading screen may scramble with extended use

4. iGaging Absolute Origin Digital Electronic Caliper

The iGaging absolute origin digital electronic caliper has IP54 protection certification and provides accurate small measurement readings of up to 0.001 inches. The tool provides an accuracy resolution of up to 0.0005 inches and is a battery-powered device. With a two-year warranty, you can be assured of long-lasting use without losses due to device defects or damage.


  • Fulfills DIN standard 862
  • Suitable for operating environment with 80% humidity
  • Unlimited measuring speed
  • Has a unique lapped finish
  • Supports USB connection with SPC output
  • Does not need zero reset
  • Smooth slider movement with high-quality surface finish


  • Reading may take time to stabilize

5. Kynup Digital Caliper

Kynup’s digital caliper has an IP54-enabled waterproof protection design that keeps this device protected from dust and liquid. This measuring tool has a stainless steel frame and features easy unit conversions to the inch, metric, and fraction to offer the desired unit system readings. It measures up to six inches for easy reading and is fitted with a large LCD screen for better visibility. One of the best digital calipers, it is also available in two other measuring variants.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Suitable for household measurements or DIY needs
  • Single-button operation with sliding feature for reading
  • Battery-supported and includes three batteries
  • Battery-saving, automatic shut-off after five minutes
  • Anti-rust frame
  • Pre-calibrated


  • Battery may drain out fast

6. EAGems Digital Vernier Caliper Measuring Tool

The digital vernier caliper measuring tool from EAGems has a durable stainless-steel frame and can be a decent measuring device for small readings. It easily converts to fractions, inches, and millimeters, runs on battery, and provides decent reading precision. The device measures six inches and has IP54 protection certification. Its maximum measurement range is six inches and features a large LCD display for clear readings.


  • Long-lasting use
  • Smooth gliding for easy reading
  • Protection against dust and liquid
  • Includes a safety case
  • Covered by a two-year warranty


  • Sensor may be too sensitive

7. Rexbeti Digital Caliper Measuring Tool

Rexbeti’s digital dial caliper is a six-inch measuring tool with hardened stainless steel construction that supports long-lasting use. It supports different unit system measurements, easily converted to the millimeter, inch, and fraction. This electronic vernier caliper gauge can be a handy tool for small measurements like jewelry or woodworking. The outer body is an attractive polished silver color. You can choose between two different variations of the caliper.


  • Backed by various accuracy, load resistance, and alignment tests
  • Professional-grade performance
  • Smooth jaw movement for easy measurement
  • No sharp edges and burrs
  • Includes an extra battery


  • Battery drains out quick

8. Fowler Xtra-Value Cal Digital Caliper

The six-inch extra-value stainless steel digital dial caliper from Fowler offers accurate results with high precision. Suitable for everyday household needs, the caliper comes with a measuring range of up to six inches. You can also choose its 12-inch variant that provides longer measurements. The large display provides you with clarity and detailed results. Its accuracy can go up to 0.001 inches, and it needs one battery that is included.


  • Quick results
  • Four measurement capabilities
  • Includes two jaw sets and a depth rod
  • Unit system conversion in millimeter and inch
  • Single button-touch calibration
  • One-year warranty


  • May be sensitive to oil and dirt

9. General Tools Digital Fractional Caliper

General Tools’ 147 digital fractional caliper can be a great measurement tool for common DIY needs. One of the best digital calibers, it comes with an extra-large display for clearer readings. It also comes in eight-inch and 12-inch versions to suit your needs. It has three measuring modes, supporting millimeter, inch, and fraction readings. It features a rugged stainless steel body and is battery-operated.


  • Battery life preservation with auto on/off feature
  • One-year warranty
  • Single touch reading mode change supported
  • Includes a foam-padded carrying case


  • Battery may be difficult to replace

10. Shonsin Absolute Scale Digital Caliper

Shonsin’s absolute scale digital caliper tool offers a high-precision measurement resolution of up to 0.0005 inches. This measuring tool ranges up to six inches with 0.001-inch accuracy. It comes with IP54 industry-grade protection, making it liquid- and dust-resistant. The micrometer vernier caliper features a large digital caliper LCD screen for clear reading.


  • Absolute memory technology
  • Dedicated origin key
  • Easy to slide for convenient reading
  • External measuring jaws close up 100%
  • Auto on and off function saves battery use
  • Supports four measurements
  • Two-year warranty
  • Conversion in two measuring units


  • Conversion display may not be easy to read

11. Starrett Electronic Caliper Measuring Tool

The electronic caliper is a thoughtfully designed measuring tool available as model EC799A. It is a six-inch device with a maximum measuring range of six inches. You can expect it to provide accurate readings with its high-contrast LCD display. The black tool comes in a plastic carrying case to keep it safe. Its hardened stainless-steel make allows long-lasting use for everyday household needs.


  • Computes the result fast
  • Suitable for professional measurements
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to read
  • Handy tool for metalworking, woodworking, and automotive readings


  • May not read into the thousands

How To Choose The Right Digital Calipers?

Consider the following factors when choosing the right digital calipers.

  1. Accuracy: Make sure to check the available certifications for your selected products to find the most accurate measurement device.
  2. Resolution: Ensure the device has an extensive measurement scale for optimal use.
  3. Durability: Choose devices made of stainless steel for durability and long-lasting.
  4. Convenience: You can check for additional features like resistance thumbwheel screw and jaw tightening underneath the dial to confirm your product’s convenience of use.
  5. Scale: Consider simple analog scales that are easy to read for identifying measurements.
  6. Storage case: Choose devices with a sturdy storage case for safety and portability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do digital calipers work?

A digital caliper is enabled with various structural measurement scales for reading physical dimensions. It runs on a rechargeable battery or an electrical plug-in to provide readings on a connected digital screen.

2. What are the advantages of digital calipers?

The top advantages of digital calipers are that they can measure small readings accurately to the nearest 0.001-inch value. It makes completing your standard measurement and DIY tasks easy.

Now that you know the things to consider and what to look for to find the best digital caliper, you can proceed to narrow down your choices from our list of these small measuring devices. Check out various customer reviews to find the most suitable digital caliper for you. When using a caliper, make sure to wipe it clean of any liquid, dust, or debris after every use, so they remain functional till their maximum measuring capacity.

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