15 Best Dip Powder Nail Kits For Glossy Manicured Nails In 2022


When words can’t suffice how we feel, our hands do the talking with gestures, and keeping them beautifully manicured definitely leaves a lasting impression. Powder-dipped nails are the new rage not only as they save time, money, and effort, but also because they are extremely easy to apply if you have the right kit. They are a long-lasting manicure as compared to a gel or acrylic manicure, and do not require a UV or LED lamp to cure them. Also, in the long run, a powder-dipped manicure is actually safer and healthier for your nails and nail bed.

Even a single chipped nail can totally change how your hands look, and at times like these a dip powder nail kit is a real lifesaver, especially since the home version is so convenient, easily available, and of course, affordable. Hopefully, our review of the 15 best dip powder nail kits will help you pick out the best and get glossy, fabulous and beautifully manicured nails.

Our Top Picks

15 Best Dip Powder Nail Kits

1.Best overall : GHDip Powder Starter Kit – G643

This nail dip powder kit comes in 6 beautiful nude shades along with an activator, top coat, base coat, and brush saver. It completely dries within 30 seconds of dipping and doesn’t depend on the activator to dry. It makes DIY simpler and reduces the time of the whole process by 25%. This fast-drying powder is extra shiny and lasts more than 3 weeks with no cracking or chipping. It has a safe formula with no toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP, and doesn’t require UV light to dry. Overall, this dip powder starter kit is healthier, safer, and easier for a home manicure. This starter kit is suitable for both beginners and professional nail salons.


2. Best chip-resistant : Lavender Violets Dip Powder Nail Kit – Nude-Gray-Black

This dip-powder nail kit contains 4, 0.5 oz jars of colored powders— peppercorn, black beauty, gray pinstripe, and nightshade. It also comes with a base gel, gel activator, top gel and brush saver. More durable than acrylic nails, this dip powder is resistant to chipping and cracking, is odor free, water-resistant, breathable, and doesn’t cause damage to the nail beds. With their extra fine texture, these dip powders absorb easily into the base coat, dry very fast without the help of a UV lamp, have a smooth finish, and give complete color coverage for up to 21 days. It is about 30% less time consuming than acrylic nails and is easy enough to be used by beginners. These powders are extremely safe and environment-friendly as they contain no formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP, and are cruelty-free.


3. Best non-toxic : Cooserry Dipping Powder Nail Kit

This nail kit includes 8 gorgeous colors ranging from black, gray, ivory, pinks, peaches, and a dark red in 10-gram bottles. This kit also comes with a base coat, activator, and top coat, and manicure accessories such as 2 replacement brushes, 1 nail brush, and 1 cuticle pusher. This kit is designed for a beautiful finish, has a mild odor, non-toxic ingredients, and is long lasting. It dries naturally and does not require a UV light. This nail dip starter kit is perfect for beginners and makes an ideal gift for those who love to keep their nails perfectly done.


4. Best long-lasting : Wakaniya Dip Powder Nail Kit

This nail dip powder kit comes in a gift box with 8 jars of colored nail powders, an activator, top coat, brush saver, nail file, brush, wood stick, 4 replacement brushes, and 10 nail remover wraps, making it the perfect starter kit. Of the 8 jars, 4 are classic colored powders and 4 are glitter dipping powders with mesmerizing shimmer, which gives you a chance to try out your creative streak with nail art. It’s made of natural and healthy ingredients, has a mild smell, and are extra fine powders that can be absorbed easily by the base gel. They have a shiny finish, last up to 3 weeks, and do not require a UV lamp for curing.


5. Best fast-drying : Rednee Dip Powder Nail Kit

One of the best dip powder nail kits, it contains 12 jars of colored dipping powders weighing 10 gram each, 4 dipping liquids, a cuticle trimmer, a cuticle pusher, a nail file, a nail buffer, a dust brush, and a makeup bag. The powder has a very fine texture and can be absorbed easily by the base coat, and lasts for more than 2 weeks. The colors are fast drying and do not need a curing lamp for drying. This kit helps you to get a salon quality manicure at home while saving time, money, and effort.


6. Best water-resistant : Modelones Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit – Brown

This nail dip powder kit comes with 6 colored powders, 2 of which are glittery, an activator, base and top coat, dust brush, replacement brush, nail file, and a user manual. These powders contain calcium and vitamin E to help your nails grow healthier and stronger. The formula of this dip powder nail kit is much thinner, breathable, and water-resistant so it doesn’t feel like you have anything on your nails, and it also causes no damage to the nails beds. These long-lasting colors enable you to try different kinds of nail art and are chip-resistant. These lightweight and shiny colors keep your nails gorgeous for up to 2 weeks. This kit is designed for both beginners and professionals, and is easy and convenient to use.


7. Best environment-friendly : Saviland Dipping Powder Gel Liquids Set

A full dip powder liquid set, it’s perfect for both professional salons and beginners. Resistant to cracking and chipping, it keeps your nails shiny for up to 3 to 4 weeks. Its breathable formula ensures that it causes no damage to the nail bed. Easy to apply with its smooth brush, it takes approximately 30% less time than acrylics, and it also dries very fast without a curing lamp. This product uses environment-friendly, non-toxic, natural ingredients, and mineral pigments. It has a mild smell and protects your hands and nails. For salon quality nails, do try this product that comes with a base coat, a top coat, an activator, a brush saver, a nail file, a wooden cuticle pusher, 2 replacement brushes, and dip gel.


8. Best Starter kit : Gellen Dip Powder Nail Starter Kit – Ocean Sky

This nail dip powder starter kit has a series of ivory, blue, aquamarine, and teal colors that remind you of the ocean. These 6 cool toned colors are highly pigmented, opaque, come in 15 gram jars, and suitable for all occasions. Made with safe and non-toxic ingredients, it’s safe to use, doesn’t damage the nail bed, has a mild odor, and is waterproof. It’s resistant to cracking and chipping and lasts for up to 2 weeks. It dries super fast in about 10 seconds. Apart from the 6 dipping colors, this starter kit comes with a base coat, activator, top coat,brush saver, dust brush, and nail file.


9. Best nail kit with breathable colors : Beetles Gel Polish Dip Powder Nail Kit – Burgundy Red

This nail dip powder kit comes with 6 dipping powders, of which 2 are glittery, a base and top coat, an activator, a brush saver, a nail brush, a nail file, and a cuticle pusher. The colors range from snow white, nude grey, brown, burgundy red, silver glitter, and champagne gold, giving you a good variety. This product is free of 9 toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, and lead to name a few, and is made with healthy and natural ingredients. These help your nails to grow stronger and healthier, and do not cause any damage to the nail bed. This high quality product is long lasting and stays without chipping, peeling, or cracking for up to 3 weeks. The colors are breathable, lightweight, look natural, and are just what you need for gorgeous nails.


10. Best daily wear : Drizzle Beauty Royal Dip Powder Nail Starter Kit – Royal-1

This rich collection of vibrant jewel colors in neutral, pastel, and dark tones will make you feel truly royal. It features 12 colored nail powders along with a dust brush, cuticle trimmer, cuticle pusher, and 2 professional nail files. These bold yet wearable colors are made with natural, non-toxic ingredients, have only a mild smell, and are a healthier and a more reasonable alternative to getting your nails done at a salon. Your nails will look flawless for up to 3 weeks without cracking or chipping. These dip powders have a natural, lightweight, and an ultra shiny finish. Although they have a thinner texture, they are as strong as acrylic, and in fact hold out better than acrylic and gel polishes in daily wear. They dry fast on their own and do not require a UV lamp for drying. Unlike acrylic, this dipping nail powder does require monomers to activate.


11. Best crack-free : Revel Nail Dip Powders French Manicure Kit – Fabulous In French

This revolutionary french manicure with dipping powders are odor-free, quick and easy to apply, and come in beautiful, soft colors. The innovative technology of this kit was engineered by professionals of the beauty industry, and gives you everything you want from a manicure. As the ingredients are non-toxic, it causes no damage to your nails or nail bed. It’s extremely long lasting and gives you 3 to 5 weeks of chip-free and crack-free wear. The kit contains a pro base, activator, and finish gel, along with the 4 dipping powders. It offers the benefits of both acrylic and gel, with double the convenience and half the cost. It’s available in cream, matte, glitter, and sheer finish, giving you a good variety.


12. Best Affordable : NewMe Glam Dip Powder Nail Kit

This kit comes with 6 trendy colors that compliment every occasion, and include all the manicure tools you need to get started. The chic colors include nude, pink, mauve, gray, plum, and glitter white, and the set also features a bond, base coat, activator, and top coat. The best part is the whole process takes less than 30 minutes. The manicure lasts as long as a gel manicure, that is 2 to 3 weeks, and the activator cures the powder almost instantly, without a UV lamp for drying. This dipping powder nail kit lasts 30+ manicures and is a big money and time saver. It makes a wonderful gift for loved ones, and works just as well on stick-on nails as natural nails.


13. Best coverage : Azure Beauty Dip Powder Kit

What you get with this kit are 20 gorgeous powdered colors, a base coat, top coat, activator, brush saver, nail brush, cuticle pusher, nail file, and 2 brush replacements. The superior quality of this product makes it long lasting, chip and crack-resistant, and super adhesive plus shiny. It lasts for up to 3 weeks, doesn’t yellow the nails, and is lightweight, waterproof, and breathable. It’s made with healthy ingredients and is infused with calcium and vitamins to give your nails long-lasting strength. It is free of 9 toxic chemicals like parabens, toluene, camphor, and formaldehyde, and is also cruelty-free. These dipping powders give your nails flawless coverage and brilliant shine so that they always look naturally gorgeous and beautiful.


14. Best odor-free :  Roseca Professional Dip Powder Nail Kit

This kit comes with 8 glitter colors in 10 gram jars, a base coat, activator, top coat, brush saver, cuticle trimmer, cuticle pusher, nail file, nail buffer, dust brush, and a makeup bag. It’s easy to use, and keeps your nails beautiful and shiny for about 2 weeks. It does not require any curing and dries in no time, all on its own. It has a non-toxic and odor-free formula, and is resistant to water, chipping and cracking. It’s also lightweight, breathable, and made from healthy ingredients so it won’t damage your nail bed.


15. Gershion Dip Powder Nail Kit : Gershion Dip Powder Nail Kit

This product comes with 4 super fine dipping powders of 20 grams each— ivory, 2 shades of pink, and a dark red, along with a primer, base coat, activator, top coat, nail file, and a nail brush. Made of non-toxic ingredients, it is odor-free, breathable, and resistant to water, chipping, and cracking. It’s infused with calcium and vitamin E to promote healthier and stronger nails. It takes about 30% less time to apply than acrylics, and can be used by both beginners and professionals alike. It’s lightweight, fast drying, and does not require a curing lamp for drying.

Now that you have been through our review of the 15 best dip powder nail kits, here are a few points to keep in your checklist so that you know what to look for while choosing a kit that will keep your nails strong, healthy, and gorgeous.

What To Look For In A Dip Powder Nail Kit

  • Bonder and activator

A non-acid primer, otherwise known as a bonder, is essential in a dip powder nail kit as it’s a crucial step for prepping your nails so that the powder can be applied properly. In the same way, an activator is a must in the kit as it turns the powder into a glossy lacquer.

  • Variety of colors

Ideally, your dip powder nail kit should have a good assortment of non-toxic, colored powders so that you have more options to play around with and is also good value for money.

  • Ingredients

Do check the label and see that the dip powders do not contain any toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, parabens, phthalates, or harmful dyes. They should also preferably be cruelty-free, odor-free, and their texture should be very fine and not grainy.

  • Accessories

The dip powder nail kit you plan to buy should definitely have an activator, base coat, top gel, and a brush saver. In addition, a brush to dust off the excess powder, a nail file, a nail buff, and a dipping tray are accessories that would come handy when you aim for a DIY manicure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are powder-dipped nails better than gel?

Dip powder nails are longer lasting, in fact, they last twice as long as a gel nail polish. And unlike a gel polish, they do not require UV light to cure them, which means you are saved from UV exposure and don’t have to go through the hassle of storing a bulky nail lamp.

  • How do you apply dip powder nail polish at home?

First, you need to clean your nails, push back the cuticles, file, and buff your nails so that there are no uneven ridges causing uneven coating. Then, apply a base coat and dip your nails into a pot of pigmented powder. After that, tap or brush off any excess powder, and repeat the process for an even coat. Then, paint on a clear activator polish which turns the powder into a glossy lacquer and bonds it onto the nail. Once it dries, apply a clear coat of polish as a top coat, and you are done!

While it’s not always possible to go to the salon for a routine and expensive manicure, an at-home manicure with a dip powder nail kit is a great option. Made of highly pigmented polymers, these dipping powders save time, money, and effort, and you get attractive nails at the comfort of your home. And the best part is that unlike gel and acrylic manicures, these do not damage your nails or nail beds, and last for at least double the time without chipping or flaking. All you need are the right tools at hand. Towards this end, our review of the 15 best dip powder nail kits will go a long way in ensuring you have glossy and fabulous nails.

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