21 Best Dollhouses For Kids To Buy Online In 2022


A dollhouse is a great creative outlet for kids. Assembling and modifying their dollhouse lets kids immerse in a world of fantasy and creativity. The best dollhouses for kids allow them to apply their imagination in decking up the dollhouse, build narratives and storylines and hone their craft abilities. The dolhouses consist of furniture, dolls, special amenities, detailed rooms. If you are looking to buy one, read through the list of dollhouses and features to consider.

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21 Best Dollhouses For Kids

1. Best Plug-And-Play Design: Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse

With three levels, eight rooms, and all-angle play, this Barbie dollhouse structure is three feet tall and four feet wide. Some of the amenities include an elevator, a new home office, a garage, and a pool on the second-story with a slide. It has 70 components; some have handles that allow role-playing, while plug-and-play design enables active play. Learn more about the product in this video.


2. Best Interactive Experience: KidKraft Chelsea Wooden Doll Cottage

The KidKraft Chelsea doll cottage is a two-foot-tall interactive dollhouse with three floors, five rooms, and a balcony. Including 17 furniture pieces, the dollhouse has working window shutters, two molded plastic staircases, and detailed artwork on every panel. This video gives you more information about the product.


3. Best Non-Toxic Paints: Hape Family Pets Wooden Dollhouse Animal Set

Including a bunny, a cat, and a puppy, the set comes with the corresponding accessories. Each pet is well made and has its home, food bowl, treat or toy to help it settle into its new home and family. The animal set is painted with non-toxic paints that do not fade and are safe to play with.


4. Best Unique Design: Temi Dollhouse

Temi dollhouse has two levels and four open spaces: a family bathroom, sitting area, princess-themed room, dining room, with food toy collection, dolls, and pets. It also includes unique home furniture, including flip-up toilets and clothes racks that are easy to move and arrange. You can view the dolls with the help of broad openable windows on both sides. This townhouse allows preschoolers to improve their motor skills and creativity.


5. Best Modular Design: Lego Duplo Town Modular Playhouse

The playhouse helps toddlers improve their fine motor, social, and emotional skills. It includes a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, dad, mom, child, pet, teddy bear figures, and various exciting accessories. The main playhouse measures 14-inch-high, 15-inch-wide, and three-inch-deep. Your child can combine this set with other Lego sets. This Lego kit has 129 pieces and is recommended for children over two years of age. Have a look at this video to learn more about the product.


6. Best High-Quality Materials: Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse

Suitable for children from three to six years, Melissa and Doug’s open dollhouse has three play figures and 15 pieces of furniture. This 1:12 open-sided structure is colorfully designed and has six rooms, an elevator, and a garage. It is composed of durable, high-quality materials that can withstand repeated usage and play.


7. Best Customizable: Best Choice Products Deluxe Cottage Dollhouse

Best Choice dollhouse includes over 200 components, including furniture, decor pieces, and two little animal buddies. The cottage plan is customizable with configurable rooms that you can set up horizontally and vertically. A printable instruction booklet is available for helping your child. The flower cart and ceilings have battery-operated LED lights, and the two street lamps need two 1.5v AAA batteries. Its six-play zone includes a bedroom, rooftop, bathroom, bakery, flower cart, and ice cream shop.


8. Best Realistic Design: Liberty Imports My Sweet Home Foldable Mini Dollhouse

The two-story playhouse comprises play figures and realistic furniture items. It is foldable for easy storage and opens for easy access. This finely designed dollhouse has many distinct rooms to explore, including a living room, bathroom, master bedroom, foyer, kitchen/dining, and second bedroom. Children can rearrange the furniture and create family stories, developing their creativity and fine motor skills.


9. Best Creative Design: Beverly Hills Doll Collection Sweet Li’l Folks

Beverly Hills doll collection is made from soft vinyl plastic. They are durable and safe for children. Each doll is three-inch-tall to fit a child’s hand comfortably. The set includes community figures, including a chef, doctor, baker, nurse, mailman, mom, dad, astronaut, girl, boy, and others to help evoke a sense of community awareness amongst children. It encourages a child’s imagination and creativity.


10. Best Natural Materials: Dragon Drew Dollhouse Furniture Set

Including a family of eight and a dog, this dollhouse has three fully designed rooms: a living room, a bedroom, and a kitchen. The living area includes one lamp, one love seat, two armchairs, and one table. Its bedroom includes one dresser, one nightstand, and one bed, and the kitchen has one sink, one stove, two chairs, and one kitchen table. This wooden set is painted with non-toxic paint.


11. Cute Stone Huge Dollhouse

Made of high-quality and safe ABS plastic, this BPA-free and non-toxic dollhouse measures 26.3×22.8×19.6 inches and has five rooms: a living room, a bedroom, a dining room, a kitchen, and a piano room. The set includes a piano, tableware, stove, dressing table, bed, chairs, tables, cooking utensils, and rocking horse. It contains three string lights, each with three-button batteries, and the switch supports four modes.


12. Imagination Generation Cozy Family Master Bedroom Accessories

Cozy family accessories include a ten-piece bedroom set made of natural wood and painted with water-based paint. The set comprises a bedside table, lamp, wardrobe, bed, and vanity dresser. The bed is large enough to hold two dolls, and there is a separate crib for the baby doll. This set encourages role play and imaginative play. It also enhances a child’s creativity and motor skills, such as shape and color recognition.


13. Zncmrr DIY Miniature Dollhouse

With a scale of about 1:24, the DIY dollhouse is well-made, including wood, metal, paper, fabric, LED lights, and other materials. The kit comes with a user manual in English. Furniture and other wooden fixtures are accurately cut following the manual’s appropriate code and accessory drawings. The built dollhouse measures 7.68×6.89×6.89 inches. It is suitable for children above 14 years.


14. Cute Stone Dollhouse

Cute Stone dollhouse kit has eight rooms, including a family bathroom, bedroom, balcony, sitting room, piano room, dressing room, and dining room. The dollhouse has an open-sided design to view from various angles. It comes with assembly instructions, along with a full illustration and picture. The playhouse includes three string lights and is made from non-toxic and odor-free material.


15. O Wowzon Doll Houses

The set has 49 accessories, including chairs, tables, piano, a washbasin, drinking fountain, slide, football, and other accessories. This dollhouse is easy to assemble, made of high-grade ABS material, and helps develop the child’s cognitive skills. It gives a delightful view with a vivid classroom, activity room, games and exercise playground, and more. The kids can enjoy sleeping, bathing, singing, and other activities.


16. ArgoHome Dollhouse Playset

Made of non-toxic ABS plastic, all the furniture in this set are carefully arranged in the trailer and come with easy-to-carry handles so that kids and adults can take it with them. The caravan dollhouse is meant to open completely, making it easier to play with. Children can immerse themselves in numerous aspects of virtual daily life with more than 60 toy pieces.


17. Djeco Dollhouse Bathroom & Accessories Playset

Djeco’s elaborate dollhouse bathroom is designed in a sleek contemporary style and made from the finest wood and resin. It is complete with functional drawers, sink, shower, toilet with hinged lid, mirror, and fittings, such as towel, bath mat, and a water cup. This set helps develop kids’ pretend play, storytelling, and narrative development skills. It is made from child-safe materials and is non-toxic.


18. Calico Critters Cookin’ Kitchen Set

Including over 20 accessories and furniture, you can use this set to create a kitchen in the Calico Critters home. The kitchen set includes a table with matching chairs, a kitchen cabinet and sink, plates, pans, other utensils, and a stove. This furniture set can fit perfectly in the Calico homes, including red roof cottage and red roof country home. It is suitable for kids above three years.


19. Samcami Wooden Dollhouse Furniture Set

Suitable for dolls measuring from three to six inches, the set includes a TV cabinet, sofa, and coffee table made of solid wood, resin, and clay. This set is durable and wear-and tear-resistant. It does not contain harmful cadmium, lead, or chemicals. The size composition of the set is 1:12, making it ideal for all spaces.


20. Zungtin Wood Dining Table Chair Model Set

Zungtin’s five-piece table chair model set is designed to provide the kids with the ideal household friend for all day. It includes a large and attractive replica table with four chairs and is a wonderful addition to the dollhouse living room.


21. Pwtao DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit

The DIY dollhouse contains a music box, and once you’re done assembling, you may turn on the music switch to play a Christmas tune. It has a dustproof and transparent plexiglass cover to protect the dollhouse and its ornamental worth. Suitable for kids above 12 years, the kit includes a puppy wearing a Christmas hat, a Santa Claus sitting on an elk cart, and a mini bear.


How To Choose The Right Dollhouse For Kids?

Here are some things to consider before purchasing a dollhouse for your child.

  1. Age group: Look for age-appropriate toys, so it helps children develop necessary skills and are easy to play with.
  2. Material: High-quality, safe plastic dollhouses are easy to disinfect and have soft edges that do not harm the child. Wooden dollhouses are also a good choice as they are eco-friendly and long-lasting.
  3. Size: The typical scale for a dollhouse is 1:12, implying that if an object is 12 inches in real life, it is scaled down to one inch. You can choose according to your room and space.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is an experienced writer covering toys and gifts. She has extensively researched user reviews and related online forums to compile this list of the best dollhouses for kids that will delight your child while fitting your budget. From lego sets to deluxe cottages, this list covers all the varieties your child will love. She has also provided pointers on choosing the right one for your child.

Dollhouses promote children’s imagination and creativity and help develop their fine and gross motor skills. They also help instill a sense of sharing and teach them to play in harmony as they engage in group play. However, little children are prone to putting small pieces of toys in their mouths, which is why you should ensure that the dollhouse you get for them is made of BPA-free and safe material and is free of components that could be a choking hazard.

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