15 Best Dollhouses For Kids To Show Their Creative Side In 2022

Dollhouses have been a staple among children’s toy collections for a long time now and for good reason. Building your own structure and designing the interior of each room helps children tap into their creative side. The best dollhouses for children come in various dimensions, styles, designs, and themes.

You could fill your dollhouse with everything from miniature dolls and furniture to handmade accessories that will help deck it up in a beautiful way. Our roundup of the most magical and elaborate dollhouses will give you many options to choose from. Some of these dollhouses are easy to fold and store, while others come fully furnished for your child’s delight. Take a look!

Our Top Picks

Top 15 Dollhouses For Children

Here is a list of some dollhouses that come with unique decor concepts, dolls, snazzy pieces of furniture, and so much more.

1. Best For Hello Kitty Lovers: Hello Kitty dollhouse

Hello Kitty dollhouse


A dollhouse for Hello Kitty and her cute little friends is sure to get your little one excited about playtime.


  • The bright and pretty colors of the dollhouse make it look stylish and very attractive.
  • This Hello Kitty dollhouse is over 15 inches tall and has six beautiful rooms.
  • It also features two pop-out outdoor spaces.
  • The dollhouse includes two chairs, a table, a toilet, oven, one hanging lamp, a porch swing, one bed, a ladder, and a Hello Kitty figure.
  • The dollhouse folds for easy and hassle-free storage.

2. Best For Improving Motor Skills: Charlotte dollhouse

Charlotte dollhouse


This multicolored dollhouse by KidKraft engages children with its assembly requirements. This dollhouse not only entertains the child but also improves their fine motor skills.


  • It is a 14-piece furniture and accessory set.
  • This dollhouse can host dolls of about 12 inches in height.
  • The set contains four levels, six rooms, and twin balconies.
  • Accessories with the dollhouse include a canopy bed with bedding, rocking horse, claw foot tub, table-chair set and more.
  • Once completed, the dollhouse will have an attic with a nursery, a vintage kitchen, fancy bathroom, relaxing sitting room, and a bedroom among others.
  • It takes you about a couple of hours to build this dollhouse completely.
  • It is sturdy and long-lasting.

3. Best For Improving Creativity: KidKraft Shimmer mansion

KidKraft Shimmer mansion


This is the perfect dollhouse for kids who have a creative imagination.


  • It is a four-level dollhouse and stands approximately 5-feet tall.
  • The dollhouse comes with more than 30 lifestyle accessories such as wooden furniture, treadmill, elevators, and more.
  • Its balcony has a luxurious hot water tub.
  • The vibrant and modern staircase gives it a stylish look.

4. Best For Barbie Lovers: Barbie dream house

Barbie dream house


This dream Barbie dollhouse comes with a slide into the pool, elevator, and so much more!


  • This amazing dollhouse measures 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide.
  • It has three levels, eight rooms, and a working elevator.
  • The lights and sounds give the dollhouse a realistic appeal.
  • The Barbie dollhouse comes with more than 70 accessories.
  • It offers 360degree access and is easy to assemble.

5. Best Durable And Long-Lasting: Wooden dollhouse

Wooden dollhouse


This all-season dollhouse by Hape is sure to improve your child’s imagination and add a whole lot of fun into their playtime.


  • It is a classic three-level wooden dollhouse with six rooms.
  • The four-room sets include a master bedroom, family bathroom, media room, and kitchen.
  • It also has a unique style of home furnishing, and household appliances can be placed as per liking.
  • While playing, children can learn about the functions of each room.
  • This dollhouse also features two double-sided roofs for all-season play. It stimulates storytelling among kids.
  • The solid wood construction makes the dollhouse durable and long-lasting.
  • It is coated with a child-safe paint finish that makes it safe for children.

6. Best Family Dollhouse: Fisher-Price loving family dollhouse

Fisher-Price loving family dollhouse


Get everybody on board because this is a dollhouse featuring the entire family!


  • This dollhouse has a wide area for playing.
  • It features four levels with six spacious rooms.
  • The house also comes with two swings too.
  • The additional toys include mom, dad, and baby figurines, a sofa, and a baby seat.
  • To make it lively and realistic, the dollhouse comes with fun sounds as well.

7. Best Easy-To-Assemble: Wooden doorbell dollhouse

Wooden doorbell dollhouse


This is a tiny dollhouse with four cute little people in it.


  • This dollhouse is made of sturdy and high-quality wood, making it durable and long-lasting.
  • It is easy to assemble and helps in building various skills in children.
  • The house comes with a portable handle and can be moved around easily.
  • It includes four doorbells that ring, four little people, four doors that open on durable hinges and four lock-and-key pairs.

8. Best Convertible:  Barbie Malibu house

Barbie Malibu house


This Barbie Malibu mansion dollhouse is a snazzy one.


  • This Barbie Malibu dollhouse is more than two feet wide.
  • It has two levels, featuring six rooms including a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and an outdoor patio.
  • Some transformative features of the dollhouse convert some rooms into 2-in-1 spaces.
  • It comes with more than 25 accessories that can be placed as per liking.
  • The chic and modern furniture pieces give the dollhouse an attractive look.

9. Best TV-Show Themed: Bear house Masha

Bear house Masha1


Inspired by Masha and Bear, this TV show-themed cute dollhouse is perfect for younger girls.


  • It comes with miniature Masha and Bear figurines.
  • This dollhouse is compact and can be easily carried around anywhere.
  • It has cute furniture, a TV set, a fireplace, and more.

10. Best Stylish: Cake diary cute dollhouse

Cake diary cute dollhouse


With this dollhouse, kids can set up their very own cake shop.


  • This Cakeshop dollhouse requires about two days for assembly.
  • It is made of wood, cloth, paper, and resin material.
  • The LED light string gives it a warm and stylish appearance.
  • It also plays the music of the Castle in the sky.

11. Best For Cat Lovers: Wooden dollhouse

Wooden dollhouse1


For kids who are obsessed with their kittens and cats, this adorable dollhouse would be an ideal choice.


  • The package comes with a small DIY dollhouse set.
  • It also consists of cute furniture pieces, decor items, and a miniature cat.
  • The LED lights give it a warmer appearance.

12. Best DIY:  Dream angels dollhouse

Dream angels dollhouse


This pretty pink miniature dollhouse with a glass ceiling is like a dream come true!


  • This dollhouse comes in a beautifully colored box.
  • The DIY dollhouse kit consists of pretty furniture pieces and various accessories.
  • The LED light, plants, and ornaments are realistic in appearance.
  • Most of the accessories are made of cardboard and paper, hence require glue and scissors while assembling.

13. Best Combination Of Vintage And Modern: Amelia dollhouse

Amelia dollhouse


This dollhouse is a combination of vintage and modern decor. Hence, children can use their imagination to create numerous stories while playing with it.


  • It has three levels, four rooms, and a balcony.
  • The dollhouse comes with 13 colorful furniture pieces.
  • The gliding elevator makes it uber-cool.
  • Its sturdy wooden construction makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • This dollhouse can host dolls up to 12 inches in height.

14. Best For Children Above 14 Years: Time of coffee dollhouse

Time of coffee dollhouse


But first, coffee! Yup, this dollhouse is all about lattes, coffees, biscuits, and more.


  • Ideal for kids older than 14 years of age, assembling this dollhouse would take about two days.
  • It comes with cute decor items, accent furniture pieces, ornaments, and more.
  • The kit also comes with tools like tweezers, small scissors, a ruler, and a small screwdriver.
  • LED lights add a fun vibe to the dollhouse.

15. Best For Safety: Dream dollhouse

Dream dollhouse


This dollhouse engages the entire family, quite literally!


  • It features three levels and has five rooms, a balcony, and 12 furniture pieces.
  • The dollhouse consists of a kitchen, living area, bathroom, bedrooms, balcony, and a fully functional elevator.
  • Made of natural wood, this dollhouse is sturdy and durable.
  • It is suitable for four-inch dolls.
  • This dream dollhouse is BPA free, tested for U.S. ASTM F 963-11 and European EN71 toy safety standards. Hence, safe for children to use.

While buying a dollhouse for kids, it is essential to look for the safety features. Ensure the edges are smooth and made of safe materials for children’s usage. Playing with dollhouses engages kids and also educates them about managing a household.

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