11 Best Donut Makers To Buy In 2021

Best Donut Makers

We all crave a fresh and warm donut at times. But it may not always be possible to order a pack from your favorite baker. Also, homemade food is safer these days. But can we make donuts at home? Certainly.

Preparing donuts iseasier and convenient with a donut maker. These easy-to-use appliances are engineered to serve you yummy and perfectly cooked donuts in a few minutes. Here is a list featuring some of the best donut makers you can purchase online. We also have an informative buying guide, in the end, to help you choose the right donut maker for you.

11 Best Donut Makers

1. Babycakes Donut Maker, Mini

Babycakes Donut Maker, Mini

Babycakes mini donut maker is one of the best options for all the donut lovers. It features non-stick plates and makes four mini donuts in one serving. It comes with a power light that glows when in use, non-slip rubber feet, and a latching handle for safe use. Its bright yellow color makes it attractive and stylish.


  •  Easy-to-clean plates
  •  Power light blinks when it reaches the right temperature
  •  Easy to operate
  •  Comes with a recipe book
  •  Prepares donut within four to five minutes 


  •  The base heats up quickly and may burn the donuts

2. Brentwood Mini Donut Maker Machine, Non-Stick – Pink

Brentwood Mini Donut Maker Machine

If you prefer piping hot and delicious donuts for breakfast, then go for the Brentwood mini donut maker. The powerful 750Watt donut maker will serve you seven donuts within a few minutes. The non-stick plates make the donuts slide out effortlessly, and also simplify the cleaning process. The donut maker is safe to use as it comes with cool-to-touch handles.


  •  Comes with preheat indicator
  •  Convenient cable wrap that makes it easy to store
  •  Vertical feet that hold the tool upright
  •  Auto shut-off feature to preventoverheating
  •  Even heat distribution 


  •  Delivers relatively small donuts

3. Sunbeam Full Size Donut Maker

Sunbeam Full Size Donut Maker

The Sunbeam full-size donut maker prepares five yummy donuts in minutes. The donut-shaped yellow donut maker with blue sprinkle design heats up quickly and has an indicator that glows when it is on. The lid latch of the donut maker keeps it tightly closed, so you don’t have to worry about spills while cooking.


  •  Features non-stick plates
  •  Comes with on/ready indicator lights
  •  Hinged lid for convenient storage
  •  Centre cut-out for easy carriage
  •  Portable and easy to use 


  •  Coating prone to flaking

4. VonShef 12 Mini Donut Electric Maker Kit Set

VonShef 12 Mini Donut Electric Maker Kit Set

The VonShef Donut maker is ideal for making yummy donuts and other baked treats at home. The donut maker heats up quickly and provides automatic temperature control to ensure that the donuts cook evenly and don’t burn. It also features cool-to-touch handles for safe use. This versatiledonut maker will surely complement your kitchen.


  •  Makes 12 regular-sized donuts
  •  Comes with power and ready indicator
  •  Easy-to-fill molds
  •  Plate with non-stick coating
  •  Easy-to-use tool 


  •  The indicator is not reliable

5. Chef Buddy Mini Donut Maker

Chef Buddy Mini

The Chef Buddy mini donut maker is engineered to mold little donuts and prepares seven donuts in one batch. It comes with a red and a green indicator to show that the unit is on and preheated. For safe use, the machine also comes with cool-touch handles. The non-stick plate of the machine is easy to clean and prevents mess.


  •  Attractive design
  •  Even heat distribution
  •  Comes with a latching handle
  •  Non-skid feet
  •  Built-in safety controls 


  •  The bottom plate may get very hot

6. SensionBella Cucina Donut Maker

SensionBella Cucina Donut Maker

The Bella Cucina donut maker is ideal for beginners as well as experienced cooks. This mini donut maker machine prepares seven piping-hot and delicious donuts within minutes. Its non-stick plate provides hassle-free cooking and cleaning. It even features power and ready indicators for efficient cooking.


  •  Tight-grip lid
  •  Evenly bakes donuts from all sides
  •  Easy to install and operate
  •  Deep molds
  •     Can be used to prepare different baked items 


  •  Doesn’t have non-skid feet

7. CucinaProTakoyaki Pan and Ebelskiver Maker

CucinaProTakoyaki Pan and Ebelskiver

Love donut holes more than donuts themselves? Get this stylish kitchen appliance fromCucinaProto make seven evenly baked donut holes in a single batch. Its non-stick plate and molds clean easily, and you can remove the holes without messing up your countertop. 


  •  Ideal for making donut holes, pancake puffs, and cake pops
  •  Single-switch operation
  •  Heats up quickly
  •  Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  •  Compact and storage-friendly 


  •  Cannot be used for making donuts

8. Throwback 3-In-1 Countertop Mini Cupcake, Donut & Waffle Maker

Throwback 3-In-1 Countertop Mini Cupcake

If you are looking for a versatile donut maker, try this Throwback three-in-one donut maker made of heavy-duty stainless steel. The vibrant red donut maker comes with three pairs of interchangeable and removablenon-stick cooking plates, each pair for cupcakes, donuts, and waffles. It’s affordable, convenient, easy to clean, and highly practical. 


  •  Bakes donuts and other foods in just eight minutes
  •  A slim and compact unit
  •  Easy to use
  •     Comes with a ready indicator light
  •  Easy to clean 


  •  The holding plates may bend easily

9. Betty Crocker Mini Donut Maker

Betty Crocker Mini Donut Maker

The Betty Croker mini donut maker features an attractive pink exterior and functional featuresfor donut makers. You can cook seven mini donuts in it within a few minutes. It features cool handles and protectsyour hands from burns. It also comes with power-on and temperature-ready indicators.


  •  Non-stick plates for mess-free cooking
  •  Easy release molds
  •  Comes with a piping bag, a spatula, and assorted nozzles
  •  Made using heavy-duty stainless steel
  •  Lightweight and compact unit 


  •  Prepares very small donuts

10. Dash Mini Donut Maker Machine

Dash Mini Donut Maker Machine

Dash mini donut maker machine is a versatile, convenient, and prepares seven perfect donuts in a single batch. Simply pour the batter, and within minutes, the donuts are ready.The donut maker comes with in-built safety features and an auto shut-off function that prevents overcooking and burning. The buzzer in the tool will also alert you when the donuts are ready to serve.


  •  Non-stick surface is easy to clean
  •  Sleek and trendy design
  •  Comes with a recipe book and product manual
  •  Easy to operate
  •  Handle with latch for smooth opening and closing
  •  Non-slip feet 


  •  Doesn’t bake the donuts evenly

11. Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker

Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker

The Babycake’s multi treat baker comes with three interchangeable, non-stick baking plates. It makes seven donuts, seven cupcakes, and twelve cake pops in a single batch of each. It also has power and ready lights to alert you for safe cooking. It also features a latching handle and non-slip rubber feet that makes the tool easy to store. Its versatility makes it one of the best donut makers. 


  •  Has a comfortable cord wrap
  •  Comes with a recipe booklet
  •  Removable and easy-to-clean plates
  •  Doesn’t make any noise 


  •  Doesn’t line up the donuts well

Now that you have scrolled through the best donut makers available out there, check out what you should keep in mind while buying a donut maker.

How To Choose The Right Donut Maker?

Shopping for the right donut maker couldbe overwhelming since there are several options available. Here are a few helpful points to consider when buying a donut maker.

  1. Ease of use: A donut maker is a primary kitchen appliance and should be simple and easy to use. It should ideally come with a single button for operation, with indicator lights and a simple cord. Prefer a donut maker that doesn’t need constant supervision and is easy to operate.
  2. Size and capacity: A donut maker with six to seven molds is ideal for a small family. If you have a large family, or often host parties, you can choose a donut maker that prepares 10-12 donuts in a single batch. Small-sized donut makers generally have lesser molds but occupy very little storage space.
  3. Easy to clean: Preferdonut makersthat are easy to clean so that you save time. Most donut makers come with removable non-stick plates. These plates are easy to maintainand prevent a mess. Some non-stick plates can be cleaned using a damp cloth.

A fluffy and delicious donut can make your day, but only when you have the right appliance that cooks perfect donuts. Fortunately, there are plenty of donut makers with striking features. The ones listed above are some of the most popular donut makers that willmake cooking donuts an effortless task for you.