11 Best Ductless Range Hoods, Domestic Cleaner-Approved In 2023

Range hoods help keep your kitchen clean and free of vaporized oil and grease. Whatever your cooking style is, fumes and vapors will come out and stick to your walls and other surfaces. The best ductless range hoods can ensure all the fumes and gases are removed from the kitchen.

Modern range hoods are electronic devices that come with many modes and additional features. You have control over the level of suction power, the amount of lighting, and many more. As these are ductless, they save you a lot on installation costs. They also help you save kitchen space.

If you’re building your kitchen from the ground or planning to renovate it, ductless range hoods should be your go-to choice. So, read on to discover some of the best ductless range hoods to keep your kitchen fresh and free of odor.

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Benefits Of Using A Ductless Range Hood

  • Ease of installation

This is probably the biggest benefit of a ductless range hood. It avoids the mess of installing an exterior vent and can save a large amount of time and effort. They can be installed in as little as 10 minutes. It can be as simple as a few screws and plugging it into an outlet. They can be installed anywhere in your kitchen as space and size of the kitchen are not a limiting factor when it comes to installing one.

  • Avoid carbon monoxide hazards

Since ductless range hoods recirculate air, you don’t have to worry about creating a negative air pressure inside the home. Ducted hoods suck out air and expel it outside which may cause pressure problems and even create a carbon monoxide hazard. If the range hood is 400 cfm or greater, you may be required by code to install an automatic makeup air system. If you have natural gas appliances such as a gas-fired furnace in your home, it may cause your furnace to backdraft or spill it’s exhaust back into the home. You don’t face any of these problems with a ductless range hood because the air is self-circulated back into the home.

  • Energy loss

With a ducted range hood, there is energy loss because conditioned air gets expelled outside. Besides that, long vent hose can even suffer a leakage. Sometimes, the exterior vent cover isn’t properly sealed, and outdoor air leaks into the inside. Compared to that, a ductless range hood is a more energy efficient choice.

Paula Tarling, a professional domestic cleaner and influencer, says, “Ductless range hoods are great for getting rid of cooking smells and grease from the heart of your home. They provide lighting and ventilation and save you time and effort cleaning grease from surfaces too. Opt for one with a carbon filter to purify air and keep your home smelling fresh.

11 Best Ductless Range Hoods Of 2023

1. Best Overall: Broan-NuTone 413004 Stainless Steel Ductless Range Hood

The high-quality 30-inch stainless steel hood insert is loved by reviewers and testers for its advanced mechanisms. It improves both lighting and ventilation over your stove and effectively removes smoke and odor. It should be installed at least 18 inches above the cooktop. The light area is enclosed so the lamp lens throws light evenly over the stove and accepts up to a 75W bulb. It also has a replaceable charcoal filter which captures all the grease that is emitted during your cooking. There are separate rocker switches that control the light and the fan for easy use, and the fan is designed for years of trouble-free service. This ductless range hood can be either installed with an optional power cord kit or can be hardwired. This product offers ventilation for every cooking style and type of appliance beneath it. This video offers a more detailed explanation of the product.

Color: 30-Inch | Wattage: ‎240 | Color: ‎30-Inch | Product Dimensions: ‎6 x 17.5 x 30 inches | Item Weight: ‎10 pounds


  • 2-speed motor
  • Easy installation
  • Rust-resistant materials
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Can work in an ADA-compliant application
  • Available in a variety of widths and colors to match appliances


  • Bulb not included

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Over 16,548 customers on Amazon have opined that this is one of the best products in its category.

2. Best Modern: Cosmo Cos – 5MU30 Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood

This modern, professional 30-inch under-cabinet ductless range hood can add flair to your kitchen. It easily fits into any existing cabinet and is made of premium brushed, 430 grade, 20 gauge stainless steel that blends in beautifully with kitchen appliances for a stylish look. It has a slim space-saving design and is ideal for apartments. It can be converted to a ductless range hood with optional carbon filter kit, is suitable for top or back venting, and can be installed under a cabinet or against a wall. It has a 3-speed motor— low, medium, and high. It comes with durable, reusable, multi-layered aluminum mesh filters to trap grease and oil effectively. This touch-control ductless range hood is energy efficient and comes with high-lumen LED lights for year-round savings. With this ductless range hood, you can be confident that you can cook with no harmful particles and odors left lingering in your kitchen.

Color: Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: 19.75"D x 30"W x 5.5"H | Wattage: ‎146 watts | Color: ‎Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: ‎19.75 x 30 x 5.5 inches | Item Weight: ‎14 pounds


  • Easy to clean
  • Finger-touch smooth operation
  • 5-inch round duct for exhaust opening
  • 3-prong plug included


  • Some may find its sound too loud.

3. Best Remote-Controlled: Cosmo QS75 Under Cabinet Convertible Range Hood

This hood can be installed as both a ductless range hood as well as a ducted range hood. It’s a modern, top-vented 30-inch under cabinet range hood ideal for homeowners with limited space. It fits easily into any cabinet, and is made of premium brushed stainless steel that matches with your kitchen appliances for an elegant look. It features easy-to-clean stainless steel and permanent filters which capture fumes and grease. It also features twin centrifugal 500 CFM motors with arc flow and premium stainless steel baffle filters that trap grease and oil. As per reviews, the motor is fairly quiet with a maximum sound of 65 decibels. The ductless option can be installed with the carbon filter kit, which is optional. It comes with 4 fan speeds to suit a variety of cooking. It has 2 LED lights of 1.5 watts to illuminate the cooktop surface. Do check it out if you want to keep your kitchen germ-free and odorless. This video review, conveying a tester’s experience with the product, will help you learn more about the carbon filter ductless range hood.

Color: Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: 22"D x 30"W x 10"H | Color: ‎Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: ‎22 x 29.5 x 10 inches | Item Weight: ‎52.8 pounds


  • Dishwasher-safe filters
  • Energy-saving lights
  • Auto shut-off timer
  • In-built backlit display
  • Features remote control
  • Digital touch control panel
  • Great quality


  • Some may find the installation process challenging.

protip_icon Quick tip
Check for the inbuilt exhaust timer before buying a ductless range hood, as this convenient feature turns off the fan automatically after a set period of time.

Best Overall
Best Modern
Best Remote-Controlled
Broan-NuTone 413004 Stainless Steel Ductless Range Hood Cosmo Cos - 5MU30 Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood Cosmo QS75 Under Cabinet Convertible Range Hood
Color ‎30-Inch ‎Stainless Steel ‎Stainless Steel
Wattage ‎240 ‎146 watts-
Dimensions ‎6 x 17.5 x 30 inches ‎19.75 x 30 x 5.5 inches ‎22 x 29.5 x 10 inches
Weight ‎10 pounds ‎14 pounds ‎52.8 pounds
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

4. Best HVI-Certified: Broan Nu-Tone PM390 Custom Power Pack Range Hood Insert


With some excellent reviews on Amazon, this product, a fully integrated range hood system, is designed to fit flush with the bottom of a cabinet or a customized hood installation. This durable, powder coated silver hood features multi-speeds for a quiet and effective performance. Incandescent lighting and a fully enclosed bottom with a washable aluminum mesh filter are some other convenient features of this hood. This hood insert improves ventilation and lighting with its 3-speed slide controls and 390 CFM motor. The enclosed lighting area can house 2 incandescent 40 watt candelabra bulbs for effective lighting of your cooking range. Its heat sentry feature detects excessive heat and adjusts the blower to a high speed automatically. It’s recommended for use with LB30, LB36, LT30, and LT36 liners. This multi-speed ductless range hood is ADA-compliant and can be turned off or on with a standard 2-rocker or 3-rocker wall switch.

Color: Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: 19.63"D x 29.88"W x 6"H | Wattage: ‎78 watts | Color: ‎Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: ‎19.63 x 29.88 x 6 inches | Item Weight: ‎18.7 pounds


  • Dishwasher-safe filters
  • 6-inch round duct connector
  • HVI-certified
  • Features a centrifugal blower


  • Lights not included

5. Best Energy-Saving: Ciarra CAS75918B Under Cabinet Convertible Range Hood

This 30-inch kitchen hood is pretty functional and can be used both as a ducted and recirculating range hood. It can be ducted directly through the top venting hole of a pre-installed chimney. For a ductless operation, you will need to install the CACF006 carbon filter, which is sold separately, on the motor. This energy-efficient ductless range hood has a slim profile and is ideal for condos and apartments. It features a 3-speed fan, which can be adjusted according to the type of cooking. Its powerful motor and suction effectively remove all smoke and odors. It comes with a sensitive push button for convenient operation. This slim profile ductless range hood features 2 LED lights to brighten up your cooking range and kitchen. As per reviewers, its efficient 5-layer aluminum mesh filter effectively traps grease and is easy to clean.

Color: Black | Color: ‎Black | Item Weight: ‎16.96 pounds | Package Dimensions: 32 x 22 x 7.5 inches


  • Space saving
  • Easy control
  • Energy saving
  • High efficiency
  • Quiet operation
  • 4.72-inch duct


  • Some may find the air circulation power a little weak.

protip_icon Point to consider
Look for a built-in temperature sensor, which enables the range hood to automatically turn on the fan by sensing the extremely high temperature to prevent your range hood from overheating.

6. Best Sleek And Slim: Kitchenexus Stainless Steel T-16A Range Hood

This 30-inch under cabinet stainless steel ductless range hood has powerful aluminum fans, with a 300 CFM bronze motor and a 3-speed push button panel. The dishwasher-safe filter ductless range hoods feature 2 front-mounted high-lumen LED lights that evenly illuminate your cooking range along with being easy to clean and energy efficient. It also comes with 2 hybrid, innovative, and durable stainless steel baffle and mesh filters to trap grease while cooking. It easily fits into any cabinet and saves kitchen space. The premium brushed stainless steel of this hood matches most kitchen appliances for a classy look. The built-in power cord has 2 outlets— top and rear, and the range hood is available in 3 venting options— top rectangle vent, back rectangle vent, and a ductless setup.

Color: Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: 19.3"D x 29.5"W x 5.5"H | Color: ‎Stainless Steel | Item Weight: ‎19.26 pounds


  • Carbon pre-filter
  • Slim and sleek
  • Ultra-quiet design
  • Reusable filters
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Has ETL license


  • Some may not find the suction powerful enough.

7. Best Low-Noise: Iktch IKPO2 Wall Mount Convertible Range Hood

This tried-and-tested wall-mounting ductless range hood is made from 19-gauge, brushed stainless steel, comes with remote control, and has a unique gesture-sensing function. It has a powerful airflow of 900 CFM with good balance fans and can efficiently remove fumes, smoke, and cooking odors from your kitchen. It features a 4-speed setting with a touch control switch panel and gesture sensing. The noise level is at 40 decibels on the lowest setting and only 65 decibels at the highest setting. This convertible ductless range hood comes with twp LED lights of three watts each, with adjustable brightness for your requirements as well as being an energy saver. It includes 2 stainless steel permanent and washable baffle filters to trap grease and oil. A charcoal filter is included for ductless operation if you want to use it as a recirculating range hood.

Color: Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: 19.68"D x 29.5"W x 51.1"H | Color: ‎Stainless Steel | Item Weight: ‎45 pounds


  • Dishwasher-safe filters
  • Easily removable filters
  • 6-inch diameter aluminum duct hose
  • 1 to 15 minutes adjustable timer
  • In compliance with ETL and CETL US and Canada safety standards


  • Some may not find the suction satisfactory.

8. Best Easy To Clean: Tieasy Wall Mount Convertible Range Hood

This 30-inch convertible wall-mounted range hood is equipped with a 450 CFM motor system that effectively removes odor, grease, moisture, and smoke. This premium hood instantly pulls smoke and odor from the surrounding air, keeping your home free from fumes, smells, and indoor pollutants. This range hood is pyramid-shaped and adds elegance to your kitchen while blending in well with your other appliances. It’s made of premium, 430 grade, satin finish, brushed stainless steel, and its 20 gauge thickness protects it from dents and damage. It features a 3-speed fan for a variety of foods and cooking, with a maximum sound level of 55 decibels. It also has LED light that adequately illuminates your cooking surface. This contemporary design ductless range hood has two five-layered aluminum mesh filters that are removable, reusable, and washable.

Color: Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: 18.3"D x 29.3"W x 36.3"H | Color: ‎Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: ‎18.3 x 29.3 x 36.3 inches | Item Weight: ‎21.2 pounds


  • Premium quality
  • Powerful motor
  • Energy saving
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Modern design
  • Operates smoothly with finger touch
  • 6-inch round top vent


  • Some may feel that the lights are set too far back.

protip_icon Remember
A ductless range hood recirculates the existing air instead of pulling in new air and venting out the stale one, making your kitchen humid. So, install your range hood in a fairly large area or switch on the exhaust fan.

9. Best Corrosion-Resistant: Firegas Under Cabinet Range Hood

This under cabinet range hood can be used as a ducted hood as well as a ductless hood with a carbon filter that is included. It’s suitable for top or back venting, and can be installed under a cabinet or against a wall. This 30-inch hood is made of high quality 20 gauge, premium 430 grade stainless steel. It has a sleek, space saving design, and a powerful yet quiet motor with 200 CFM airflow, which keeps noise levels at less than 54 decibels at maximum speed. It features 3 fan speeds to choose from depending on the food you are cooking. The quiet operation ductless range hood comes with dishwasher-safe, permanent filters which are easy to clean— there are two 3-layered aluminum filters, 2 charcoal filters, and R-shaped rounded corners that not only look stylish but also protect your head from colliding. This filtered range hood also features 2 LED lights of 1.5 watts each that illuminate your cooking range evenly.

Color: Brushed Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: 19.5"D x 29.5"W x 5.3"H | Color: ‎Brushed Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: ‎19.5 x 29.5 x 5.3 inches | Item Weight: ‎11.5 pounds


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Slim design
  • 4.7 inch pipe diameter
  • 5 easy push button controls
  • ETL compliance with US and Canada safety standards


  • The suction may not be strong enough to open the vent.

10. Best Easy-To-Install: Kobe CHX3830SQBD-3 Brillia Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood

This 30-inch ductless range hood is made of durable 18 gauge, commercial-grade stainless steel with a seamless design and a satin finish. It has a powerful motor with 400 CFM, and 3-speed mechanical push buttons with quiet, low, and high modes. It has 2 LED lights of 3 watts each that brightly illuminate your cooking range. This non-ducted range hood comes equipped with a washable baffle and charcoal filters that have been specifically tested to filter and purify the kitchen air of fumes and undesirable particles before recirculating it into the kitchen.

Color: Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: 22"D x 30"W x 6"H | Wattage: ‎232 watts | Color: ‎Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: ‎22 x 30 x 6 inches | Item Weight: ‎37.5 pounds


  • Easy to install
  • Convenient to clean
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Extreme air filtering


  • Some may find the baffle filters difficult to remove.

11. Mcbon Range Hood Insert

This 36-inch range hood insert is made using top quality No.20 commercial grade, rust-free, brushed stainless steel with a metal fan. While the hood insert, with its permanent filters, fits into the 6-inch round duct, it’s also great for ductless ventilation. The charcoal filters are effective in filtering the grease and odor from cooking fumes. The powerful copper motor with 600 CFM and a sound of 35 decibels is considered one of the quietest range hoods out there. As per reviews, this ventless range hood quickly sucks in fumes, grease, and undesirable particles, filters them, and recirculates fresh and odorless air.

Color: Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: 11.8"D x 27.8"W x 10.8"H | Color: ‎Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: ‎11.8 x 27.8 x 10.8 inches | Item Weight: ‎26.3 pounds


  • Easily removable filters
  • Dishwasher-safe filters
  • 5 easy push buttons
  • 5 years of warranty


  • Filters may need replacement every 3 months.
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Ductless Range Hood?

Keep these factors in mind when shopping for a ductless range hood

  1. Size: As a rule, a ductless range hood should be at least the same size or one size bigger than that of the cooking range. A 30 inches cooking range should have a 30 inches or 36 inches hood. This ensures that the hood has enough coverage to capture all fumes from the cooking range. For a kitchen island, go one size bigger as the extra coverage makes up for the lack of a back wall, which helps limit air movement.
  2. Filters: Carbon filters are a must for ductless range hoods as they purify the air by trapping odors and pollutants before releasing it back into the kitchen. They require replacement 2 to 3 times a year, and sometimes even more if you cook frequently. Apart from that, charcoal, mesh or baffle filters are most commonly seen and are easy to wash and clean.
  3. Noise levels: The more powerful the fan of your ductless hooded range, the louder it will be, and the more electricity it will consume. So, you need to consider this while choosing one. Many models, these days, make minimal noise, so you can go for one with the lowest noise levels. There is also an option of buying a ductless range hood with a built-in timer. It can be set to turn on when the house is empty, and as it runs only for a fixed time, there’s less power consumption.
  4. CFM ratio: The power of a range hood is measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM of air removed. So, the higher the CFM, the more powerful the range hood. Experts say that to establish the CFM that your range hood is required to have, you need to divide the British thermal units (BTU) of your stovetop by 100. So, if your cooking range has an output of 30,000 BTU, you should look for a range hood with 300 CFM. Usually, range hoods with 300 to 500 CFMs provide adequate ventilation for most kitchens.
  5. Fan speeds: Most ductless range hoods feature between 1 to 6 fan speeds. A model with at least 2 speeds is a good option because it allows you to choose a faster speed while cooking and a slower speed for ventilation afterwards. While some models have many speed options, it’s not really necessary to have more than 3.
  6. Lighting features: As the ductless range hood sits above your stovetop, you need to have enough lighting to brighten your kitchen area. If you want to save energy, go for range hoods that are fixed with LED lights, as they save power and are highly efficient.

Why Trust MomJunction?

In this article, we have curated a list of the best ductless range hoods available in the market. These products are shortlisted after careful research, analyses, and comparison of various products to ensure quality, utility, and durability. They are chosen based on user reviews to ensure an unbiased opinion. We have also included a buying guide with useful tips to help you make the right purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a ducted and ductless range hood?

A ducted range hood is like a mini kitchen chimney. It ensures that the fumes exit the kitchen and are expelled outdoors. It requires special vents and pipes embedded inside your ceiling and walls and is primarily used in commercial hotels and kitchens.

Ductless range hoods recycle kitchen fumes instead of sending them outside. They purify the kitchen fumes by removing moisture, odor, and other undesirable particles. They are generally fitted with carbon and charcoal filters.

2. Do ductless range hoods need to be vented?

Ductless range hoods do not need to be vented. This is because these filter the air instead of directing it out of the kitchen.

3. Do ductless range hoods plugin?

That depends on whether the hood you select comes with a plug. If it comes with a three-pin plug, it does not require hard wiring and can be easily plugged in. However, it must be hard-wired if it does not come with a plug.

4. What is the minimum ductless size for a range hood?

Range hoods should be big enough to cover the cooking surface. So, it is advisable to choose one that is six inches wider than your cooking surface. The minimum size of a ductless range hood is around 24 inches.

The Bottom Line

The ductless range hoods mentioned in the list above will keep your kitchen space tidy. They remove the greasiness from excessive cooking and bring a refreshing appeal to the kitchen. So when you purchase one for your kitchen, ensure the size is easy to accommodate and comfortable to use. Lastly, you must check the amount of noise it makes and try to opt for one with minimal noise. Our top three choices include the Broan-NuTone Ductless Range Hood, which has a charcoal filter to effectively capture grease; the Cosmo Cos Ductless Range Hood, with energy-saving LED lights; and the Iktch Convertible Range Hood, which stands out for its powerful airflow and low noise levels.

Infographics: Points To Consider When Installing Ductless Range Hoods

A range hood is a must-have kitchen appliance that circulates fresh air and prevents smoke, heat, or odor from accumulating in your cooking space. Proper installation makes all the difference in having the best experience with a range hood. So, check out the following infographic to learn the basics of installing a range hood.

Installation Tips For Ductless Range Hoods (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

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