11 Best Dusters For Blinds To Buy In 2022


Dust and pollutants may accumulate quite fast around your home, making dusting a tedious task. So, here’s our list of the best dusters for blinds to help you clean off the dust quickly and to protect your family from allergies or infections. A microfiber duster can help you clean the hard-to-reach dust particles and prevent them from moving from one place to another. These dusters cover a huge area in just one swipe and have extension poles to help you reach high blinds. Available in various sizes and designs, you can explore our list to choose one that suits your requirements.

11 Best Duster For Blinds

1. Hiware Window Blind Cleaner Duster

Hiware Window Blind Cleaner Duster


The Hiware Blind Duster works excellently to clean your window blinds, AC blind, car blinds, etc., and is made up of premium quality and sustainable polyethylene. It is lightweight and effectively cleans off the dust. The duster features radian arms with three blades to clean tops and bottoms together, and five microfiber cloths can make the dusting process quicker. The sleeves are easily washable and reusable.

2. Heoath Microfiber Extendable Duster

Heoath Microfiber Extendable Duster


The Heoath Duster features an extra-long handle of  30-inch” to the 100-inch extendable range, which helps clean dust and cobwebs from the ceiling fans and blinds. The soft rubber tip prevents the top from scratching surfaces. The product has a flexible cleaning head that is bendable up to 90°. The duster features advanced split fiber technology that gets electrostatically charged to attract the dust, while the hanging hole at the base collects the dust. It doesn’t take extra space and efficiently cleans the blinds.

3. Ruimaican Window Blind Cleaner Duster

Ruimaican Window Blind Cleaner Duster


The Ruimaican Blind Duster is made using high-grade and durable polyethylene that considerably cleans the AC blind, window blinds, and car blinds. The package includes two pack brush and six microfiber sleeve clothes that are easily washable and reusable. The duster features radian arms with three blades, suitable for any blind. The unique arms easily clean the pesky corners and top blinds.

4. Mr.Siga Lint Free Microfiber Duster

Mr.Siga Lint Free Microfiber Duster


With a fluffy microfiber head, Mr. Siga Duster smoothly covers a large surface area and attracts dust and pollen. It features a TPR rubber handle that has a non-slip grip to enhance reliability. The duster is machine-washable after detaching the microfiber. You can use this versatile product for cleaning window blinds, bookshelves, AC blind, computers, and ceiling fan blades.

5. J&A Lambs Wool Duster

J A Lambs Wool Duster


The J&A Duster features a pure lambs wool head and a sturdy wooden handle that lasts longer. Its flexible head and soft texture don’t scratch the surface of the objects. The duster head is anti-static and contains natural lanolin that works wonders to attract the dust bunnies and reach the dark corners. The duster is perfect for cleaning blinds, ceiling fans, car windows, keyboard, and computer screen.

6. Webster Cobweb Duster

Webster Cobweb Duster


Webster Cobweb Duster is made of stainless steel pole and durable microfiber. The product features innovative split fiber technology that attracts dust, hair, and pollen with ease. It has an extra-long extendable handle that can reach up to100-inch to clean cobwebs, blinds, ceiling fans, and chandeliers.

The easy-to-bend brush can reach the hard-to-reach corners easily for efficient cleaning. It is lightweight and easy to wash. Just detach the head off the duster and soak it in warm water, rinse, and air dry. The hanging hole at the base of the rod makes it convenient and easy to store the duster.

7. Window Venetian 7 Finger Dusting Cleaner

Window Venetian 7 Finger Dusting Cleaner


The Window Venetian Duster has seven slats that can efficiently clean six blinds at once. It is made of premium-quality cotton bristles, and ABS handle that makes it last longer. The product is designed according to your hand’s shape and features an easy-to-handle brush with shutter blades. The roller is easily detachable and is machine-washable. The item is suitable for all types of blinds. It is lightweight, easy to carry, rust-proof, ensures a comfortable grip, and is ideal for different blinds.

8. Unger Mini-Blind Duster

Unger Mini-Blind Duster


Featuring microfiber fingers, Unger attracts dust balls, hairs, pollen and conveniently fits different blinds that are up to three inches deep. The microfiber sleeves are easy to detach, reusable, and machine washable. The mini blind duster brilliantly removes dust particles and filth from every corner and can be used to clean window blinds, AC blind, car windows, and ceiling fan.

9. Janeyo Microfiber Duster With Extension Pole

Janeyo Microfiber Duster With Extension Pole


The Janeyo Microfiber Duster features a soft rubber tip at its top that protects the delicate surfaces from scratches. It is made using premium-quality materials with an extendable handle that can reach from30in to 100in. Therefore, it can easily clean high ceiling fans, tall corners, window blinds, and fan blades. The duster is bendable and can easily clean the pesky corners and tricky areas. This product is easy to clean by detaching the head and soaking it in warm water for a thorough rinse and air dry. The hanging pole at the base of the rod makes storage easy.

10. Clean + Easy Store Easy clean Duster

Clean Easy Store Easy clean Duster


This is a long-lasting product that effectively cleans blinds, furniture, moldings, and ceiling fans. The dusting fingers effortlessly spin 360° for dusting surfaces of wood, plastic, metal, and glass. The three-finger microfiber duster can brilliantly clean the tough areas and tricky spots. These microfibers are reusable and super easy to clean.

11. Meekoo Microfiber Blind Duster

Meekoo Microfiber Blind Duster

The PP-made microfiber duster is robust and long-lasting. The product comes in a package, including three blind cleaner tools, three window track cleaning brushes, and six detachable sleeves. The handy product is super easy to use, and its microfiber cloths are easy to wash. It also features radian arms that make it suitable for different blinds.

How To Choose The Right Blind Duster?

Here are some features to consider while buying a duster for blinds.

  1. Type of duster: Dusters are made of various materials, including microfiber, wool, and feather. Microfiber dusters are popular as they are reusable and feature a natural electrostatic charge that attracts the dust balls from every corner.
  2. Ease of cleaning: Look for a duster with a detachable head that is easy to clean and machine-washable. It makes it convenient to use.
  3. Design: Buy a duster with an extendable handle to dust the ceiling and other high spaces. A duster with a bendable head helps clean the pesky spots.
  4. Size: Buy a handy duster that does not take much space and is easy to store. Some have a hanging hole at their base to ensure not to take much space.
  5. Price: Dusters for blinds are available at varying prices. Choosing a product that suits your requirement and fits well in your budget is easy when you know what you want in the duster.
  6. Soft brushes: Look for a duster with soft brushes if you need to use it on delicate surfaces. The hard bristles can leave scratch marks on the surface. For this reason, microfiber or static sleeves help clean soft surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you keep blinds dust-free?

Make use of dryer sheets to keep your blinds away from dust. Tilt the slats of your blinds to efficiently dust both the sides and make use of a wet sponge or detergent for removing stains.

2. Is it better to dust or vacuum first?

It’s always better to dust first so that the dust particles that float in the air and settle down on the floor during the process of dusting can be easily removed by vacuuming.

Blinds are essential devices in any household to offer privacy and control the amount of sunlight that enters a room. However, they tend to be breeding grounds for dust and pollutants and hence, need regular cleaning. The best way to tackle this issue is by investing in the best dusters for blinds. They remove dust from hard-to-reach places, keeping your house dust-free. To ensure you pick the ideal one, choose dusters made from durable materials, have a detachable head and extendable handle, and are compact and easy to store with soft brushes.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have selected these best dusters for blinds after extensive research and comparing several online products. These dusters were thus selected due to their efficient design, expandable rods, microfiber construction, durability, and washability. In addition, most of the dusters have rotating designs that can reach out and clean even the hidden corners of blinds. Finally, we have mentioned the pros and cons of each product along with a buying guide.

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