12 Best Earbuds & Earplugs For Sleeping Without Disturbance, 2024

A peaceful night’s sleep is a distant dream for many of us who live in a noisy environment. However, choosing and using a tried-and-tested earplug while sleeping can solve this conundrum. The best earbuds for sleeping have great noise cancellation capacity and other built-in features. Using an earplug is absolutely safe.

Whether you are looking for a high-end earplug to concentrate more at your workspace or to get quality sleep hours, our curated list of the best earbuds will help you make the right choice.

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Is it Safe to Sleep with Earplugs?

Earplugs should be used as directed by the company. Overuse of earplugs may cause wax build-up that can lead to ear infections. Another disadvantage is that they also mask important sounds, such as an alarm.

12 Best Earbuds For Sleeping

1. Best For Stable Connection:Kurdene Wireless Earbud

Kurdene Wireless Earbud Image: Kurdene

Featuring TWS technology, these Bluetooth earbuds from Kurdene provide long-distance signal transmission and stable connections. The earbuds connect automatically when you remove either a single or both earbuds after opening the Bluetooth function and pair with the device rapidly. Featuring the latest moving-coil horn loudspeaker with a more significant dynamic driver, it has good sound quality.

These top-tier hearables also have a long charging capacity with deep bass and surround studio, and the earbud caps are interchangeable. The touch control centers stop or play music and make it more convenient to pick up calls. These wireless buds are waterproof and have an ergonomic design. You may check more about this product in this review video showcasing a tester’s experience.

Color: Black | Batteries: 3 Lithium Polymer batteries required | Item Weight: 1.59 ounces | Product Dimensions: 2.36 x 1.77 x 1.5 inches.


  • One-step auto pairing
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Wide range of colors
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology
  • Customizable fit


  • Some may find it inconvenient to open the case
  • No charging indicator light

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2. Best Lightweight:Maxrock Sleep Earplugs

Maxrock Sleep Earplugs Image: Maxrock

Noise-canceling headphones from Maxrock have a lightweight design and are comfortable when worn during sleep. Thanks to their ultra-efficient, ergonomic design, most ear canals can easily accommodate these earplugs, and the soft and flexible silicone ensures they fit longer. They effectively block the background noise and allow you to listen in a noisy environment.

The earplugs help improve sleep quality through music and sleep apps. Their double-layer design prevents them from falling, and they feature good treble performance giving a crisp sound quality. You can easily adjust the songs and take a call.

Material: Rubber | Color: Blue | Item Weight: 0.176 ounces


  • Ideal for long-time wear
  • Includes a zipper carry case
  • Easy to operate
  • Pain-free experience
  • Durable


  • Some may find the volume control button slightly sensitive
  • May not provide a comfortable fit for big ears

protip_icon Caution
Wearing in-ear earbuds to bed right after a shower can lock moisture into the ear canal, which could cause bacterial growth, leading to external ear infections over time.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

More than 4,422 independent reviewers on Amazon have acknowledged the product's durability and functionality.

3. Best For Comfort:Bose Sleepbuds II


Spectacular Sleepbuds from the trusted brand Bose are designed to make you sleep at night and keep you asleep for long. The Bose sleep technology is clinically proven to relax and noise-masking sounds. They are engineered with a noise-blocking design to get rid of unwanted disturbances and have a personalized alarm.

The Bose Sleep App features 50 curated sounds that you can easily download onto the Sleepbuds and control them. It plays content including tonal environment and sounds from nature and beyond. A battery charger is included that keeps the device active for up to ten hours. The soft silicone ear tips keep them fitted in the ear comfortably the entire night. Check out this video review showcasing a tester’s experience to learn more about this product.

Color: White | Batteries: 2 Lithium Ion batteries required | Item Weight: 3.17 ounces | Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 1.1 x 0.98 inches.


  • Wireless
  • Helps to fall asleep faster
  • Adjustable volume
  • Comfortable for long wear
  • Included three sizes of earbud tips


  • Some may find it inconvenient to use the app
  • Side sleepers may find it uncomfortable
Kurdene Wireless Earbud
Best For Stable Connection
Maxrock Sleep Earplugs
Best Lightweight
Bose Sleepbuds II
Best For Comfort

4. Best Sound Quality:Goojodoq Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Goojodoq offers quick-charging wireless earplugs that last for about 18 hours. The noise-isolating feature easily blocks out unwanted sounds, and the soft and comfortable design fits perfectly and protects your listening in a noisy environment. One of the comfiest earplugs, they have an ergonomic double-layer design that helps them perfectly fit the ear canals, and the flexible silicone build prevents falling out.

The headphones feature the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology with amazing acoustic components, incredible sound quality, and a dynamic listening experience. They are comfortable for 24-hour wear.

Color: Black | Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required | Item Weight: 2.89 ounces


  • Enables stable connection
  • Easy volume control
  • In-line HD microphone
  • Convenient for hands-free phone calls
  • Two-size ear tips
  • Suitable for side sleepers


  • Some may find the maximum volume loud
  • May overheat

protip_icon Point to consider
Wireless earbuds may be more convenient when sleeping, as they have no cords that can get tangled or caught on while you sleep.

5. Best With Dual Noise Cancellation: Mobvoi TicPods 2 Pro+

Best With Dual Noise Cancellation

Image: Mobvoi

The TicPods 2 Pro+, powered by a Qualcomm aptX Audio and an enlarged 13mm moving coil, is designed to intrigue the taste of audiophiles. Its key features include a master mike for calls and a secondary mike that helps detect and cancel environmental noises, enabling you to sleep, talk, and listen to music without disturbing exterior noises. Its gesture-detecting feature allows you to decline or accept calls by nodding your head. The pods also boast low-latency technology that eliminates lag and stream audio and video content in sync. It also has volume controls that allow you to adjust the volume or change the track with a simple sliding motion, making it ideal for outdoor adventures.


  • Voice-activated
  • Bluetooth 5.0 compatible
  • Crisp audio output
  • Supports quick-charging
  • Has a 20-hour battery life
  • Includes charging case
  • Ear pods can be used independently
  • Offers IPX4 water resistance


  • May not fit snugly on your ears

6. Best Personalized Alarm:Amazfit Zenbuds Smart Sleep Earbuds

Amazfit Zenbuds Smart Sleep Earbuds Image: Amazfit

The Amazfit Zenbuds are light and cozy and cannot be felt while you’re asleep. They feature an in-built monitor that checks your heart rate, sleep positions, and sleep quality every night, making them suitable for people with active lifestyles. The earbuds effectively mask the outside noises and soothe you with natural sounds to relax your mind. They fit perfectly along the ear ridge and can be easily controlled while asleep.

With long battery life, they can last up to 12 hours. The personalized in-ear alarm does not disturb anyone around you, while a Pomodoro timer helps you improve your productivity.

Color: White | Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required | Item Weight: 0.06 ounces | Product Dimensions: 1 x 0.82 x 0.84 inches.


  • Auto-stop upon sleep detection
  • Skin-soft ear tips
  • Easy to charge
  • Call notifications to avoid missing out
  • Does not fall out


  • Some may find the app distracting at times
  • Some may find the sound options limited

7. Best Durable:Hearprotek Sleep Earbuds

Hearprotek Sleep Earbuds Image: Hearprotek

A perfect earbud for people who struggle with insomnia or while trying to get sleep in airplanes or hotels. The top-tier wired earbuds are made of super-soft, lightweight silicone that prevents them from digging into your ear canal. Hearprotek sleep earbuds are designed ergonomically with a double-layer tip for comfort and a secured fit.

Featuring a durable construction, the built-in bullet-proof wire won’t break when you toss and turn during your sleep. Featuring a three-button in-line remote, you can control music and chat at your fingertips. The jack plug is compatible with any audio device to allow you to sleep to your favorite songs.

Color: Black | Item Weight: 0.37 ounces.


  • Effectively blocks noise
  • Comfortable option for side sleepers
  • High sound quality
  • Non-obstructive design
  • Sturdy zippered case


  • Some may find the volume control sensitive
  • May get overheated

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8. Best For Side Sleepers: Kokoon Earbuds


Designed with thin, extra-soft silicone ear tips that fit snugly in the ear without falling out while you sleep, these superior-quality pair of earbuds are comfortable for even side sleepers. In addition, it features a sleep sensor that switches the soothing sound to white noise upon sleep detection.

All you need is the MyKokoon app on your smartphone to control these earbuds easily. The mobile app has an audio library with soothing audio, sleep techniques, and sleep exercises for a better, more peaceful sleep throughout the night. You can also track your sleep pattern with the mobile app.

Color: Gray | Batteries: 1 Product Specific batteries required | Item Weight: 9.5 ounces | Product Dimensions: 7.87 x 2.17 x 0.47 inches.


  • Easy to use
  • Noise masking earphones
  • Lightweight
  • Adaptive audio
  • Comes with a portable case


  • Limited subscription service
  • Charging might be time-consuming

9. Best Noise-Canceling Modes:Soundcore By Anker Life P3 Earbuds

Soundcore By Anker Life P3 Earbuds Image: Soundcore

The life P3 noise-canceling earbuds from Soundcore have 11mm drivers, and an incredible BassUp technology defines the music to create an accurate stereo soundstage. An advanced creation for music lovers, these earbuds feature three noise-canceling modes that prevent ambient noises based on the surroundings to give you a distraction-free listening experience. The six microphones and noise-reduction features work perfectly to pick up your voice to give you clear sound call sessions.

Using its sleeping mode, you can create your custom white noise soundscape. The ergonomic shape ensures comfort even after a long day of listening and has 35 hours of battery life. There is a feature that helps you find the lost earbuds, and they are water-resistant.

Color: Black | Batteries: 2 Lithium Polymer batteries required | Item Weight: 2.24 ounces | Product Dimensions: 2.56 x 1.97 x 1.18 inches.


  • Wireless earbuds
  • Features gaming mode
  • Ultra-compact case
  • Available in different colors


  • Some may find it inconvenient to operate
  • May have a delay in feedback

10. Best Bass Feature:Agptek Sleep Earbuds

Agptek Sleep Earbuds Image: Agptek

Agptek offers relaxing earbuds made of soft and flexible silicone material, super lightweight, and improved sensitivity and bass. They provide long-lasting comfort and include three sizes of earbuds so that you can find a perfect match for your ear fit.

The music can be controlled and adjusted with its in-line control and can easily answer or reject calls. Their physical sound insulation effectively insulates environmental noise and helps you sleep peacefully.

Color: Black | Item Weight: 0.353 ounces


  • Provides a comfortable and snug fit
  • In-ear earphone
  • Suitable for side sleeping
  • Wide compatibility
  • Portable bag
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Some may find the volume controls sensitive
  • Some may experience fit issues

11. Best Easy-To-Adjust:Envel Sleep Earphone

Made of silicone, these high-end earbuds from Envel have a nice grip that prevents them from falling off. They are tiny, easy to adjust, and flexible. The earphones help with insomnia and anxiety by isolating ambient noise and increasing deep sleep by white noise and other sleep apps.

Their soft design offers you long-lasting comfort, and the three shapes of earbuds provide you with more choices. The multi-functioning button allows you to control all sorts of features, and the 3.5mm audio cable jack is compatible with any device.

Color: Black | Item Weight: 0.353 ounces | Product Dimensions: 1.96 x 2.75 x 0.78 inches.


  • Ergonomic fit
  • Suitable for side sleeping
  • Comfortable for long wear
  • Good sound quality
  • Long cord


  • Button control case may break open with long-term use
  • May not suit small ears

12. Best Sweat-Resistant: Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)


The AirPods wireless earbuds by the trusted brand Apple feature an H2 chip that offers satisfactory noise cancellation and a low-distortion, custom-built driver that enhances the sound quality by defining the bass and notes. The silicone tips are available in various sizes to fit well in your ear and form an acoustic seal to block out ambient noise.

The audio-sharing feature allows you to share your songs with another set of AirPods. By swiping the stem of the AirPods, you can adjust the volume to your liking. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry if you tend to sweat at night because these time-tested AirPods are sweat- and water-resistant to IPX4 standards.

Color: White


  • Easy setup
  • Lanyard loop to keep your AirPods close
  • Offers up to 30 hours of listening time
  • Works with dynamic head tracking


  • Might fall out while sleeping
  • Might not be fast-charging
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Earbuds For Sleeping?

Here are a few suggestions to consider before you choose the right earbuds for sleeping.

  1. Material: Earplugs are made of various materials, including silicone, wax, and foam. Foam is affordable, followed by silicone, but wax earplugs are considered the most effective.
  2. Durability: Earplugs that are meant for single use are made of less durable material, while reusable earplugs are made of superior quality materials that can withstand the test of time.
  3. Level of noise reduction: Noise reduction is measured in NRR. Earplug NRR ranges between 22db and 33db. You can choose the right one depending on your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is noise reduction rating (NRR)?

NRR is a unit of measurement to indicate how many decibels a device can block. High NRR means more noise reduction.

2. Do earplugs block the sound of snoring?

If earplugs are worn correctly, then they can block the sound of snoring.

3. Is it okay to sleep with earbuds in?

Earbuds that are specially designed to improve sleep quality are okay to sleep in. However, you should keep the volume at a low level to avoid missing emergency calls and preventing hearing damage. It is also recommended to not use the headphones post-shower as this may trap moisture in the ear canals and cause bacterial infections.

4. Can sleeping with earbuds damage ears?

Yes, continuous use of poorly made or poorly fitting earbuds for long periods of time may cause ear damage. Wax buildup, necrosis, and swimmer’s ear are some of the possible issues that might develop over time. However, using comfortable earbuds that are designed for sleep time and limiting their usage may be good for your ears.

5. Can I sleep with noise canceling headphones?

Yes, noise-canceling headphones are made to improve sleep quality by reducing noise and are ideal for sleep time.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Our author, Wedetso Chirhah, specializes in writing about electronic products. He conducts extensive research on user reviews before choosing the most popular and high-quality products for his readers. Here, he has listed the best-selling earbuds for sleeping based on essential features such as level of noise reduction, material, and durability. Wedetso has also shared a buying guide to help you make an informed choice based on your requirements.

Investing in the best earbuds for sleeping is necessary if you live amidst a noisy environment, such as a dorm. When picking one, make sure it is adjustable, padded, durable, and comes with noise-reduction features. You might also want to check if it can be paired with multiple audio devices, and pick an alternative if the earbuds have a poor sound quality or do not fit your ears right. And while these earplugs may help you sleep well, do not overuse them, as it could lead to ear infections due to earwax build-up.

Infographic: A Quick Buying Guide For Earbuds For Sleeping

Using noise-canceling earbuds and listening to white noise can help induce and improve sleep. However, it may be challenging to find earbuds that meet your requirements. So, check out the following infographic to learn how to select the right pair.

Tips for choosing earbuds for sleeping

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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