21 Best Earrings To Buy For Girls In 2022


Girls, let’s admit it. Nothing can jazz up your look like a pair of earrings. The best earrings for girls can be sophisticated, delicate, and act as the perfect finishing touch for any look. These accessories come in different designs and colors, from elegant drop earrings, unfussy studs, and understated hoops; there’s one for every attire. So, if you are looking for a pair of earrings that match your outfits or want to gift them to your beloved friends, here is a list of highly recommended earrings that you can add to your cart. We are sure you will love all of them.

Earrings For Little Girls

Little girls have little ears! Remember that while buying earrings for them and prefer lighter, smaller earrings that do not add weight or pressure to the ears.

Keep reading for the list of cute earrings for little girls.

1. Ladybug studs by Betty Johnson

Ladybug studs by Betty Johnson


These pretty, gold plated earrings are so cute that they will make anyone smile. The red and black design, combined with the enamel and rhinestone detailing, make it a lot more appealing. Rain or shine, wine or dine, these earrings are the best bet as they go with any outfit.

2. Minnie mouse earrings by Disney

Minnie mouse earrings by Disney


If Minnie Mouse is your little girl’s favourite, then these cute earrings are a must-have and will look adorable on her. These are made of silver and are available in 12 different variations, for different birthday months. The base and bow are made of sterling silver, while Minnie’s face and ears are covered in birthstones of the chosen month.

3. Zirconia small hoop huggie by Spoil Cupid

Zirconia small hoop huggie by Spoil Cupid


Hug your ears with these beautiful small hoops. Made of silver but coated in gold, and embellished with crystal stones, these earrings are perfect for everyday use. And the best part is these earrings are hypoallergenic, which makes them safe for people with sensitive skin. They are so sleek and versatile that they match any outfit.

4. Zirconia cartilage hoop by Carleen

Zirconia cartilage hoop by Carleen


Available in white and yellow gold plating, these earrings are simple yet so stylish. The single cubic zirconia stone adds a beautiful charm to them. The metals used to design these earrings are lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic, making them safe for any skin type. They are small and compact, but strong and durable as well.

5. Unicorn studs by Voluka

Unicorn studs by Voluka


These unicorn earrings are set in 18Karat white gold plating. The enamel paint and Swarovski crystals make it look sparkly and charming. The earrings are 100% nickel-free and hypoallergenic, which makes it safe for all skin types. And the best part is Voluka offers a 90 days free service, in case any repair is required.

6. Crystal heart drop earrings by Luvami

Crystal heart drop earrings by Luvami


Sometimes, when girls wear pretty frocks or gowns, they may want to wear tiny danglers too. These pretty earrings go with evening wear and are ideal for big occasions. The hooks of these earrings are made of white gold plating with a rhodium finish. The heart-shaped drops are genuine Swarovski crystals and are available in three multi-faceted shades.

These earrings are small and suitable for little girls but could be too small for teenagers.

Earrings For Teenage Girls

Teenagers can wear slightly bigger earrings too as they are not heavy on their ears. Here is a list of earrings, including a variety of styles such as studs, drops and danglers, teardrops, chandeliers, and hoops. Pick your favorites before the stocks run out.

7. Swarovski NANA studs

Swarovski NANA studs


Made of 14K gold, these Swarovski studs can become your wardrobe staple. They can ideally be paired with any outfit. The basket to hold the cubic zirconia stone is made of genuine Swarovski crystals and has double notched pins for extra security. Made of hypoallergenic material and 14Karat gold, it is safe for any skin type.

8. Cat studs by Betsey Johnson

Cat studs by Betsey Johnson


Wear your cattitude with these unique and stylish studs. These earrings were launched with the Enchanted forest collection. The enamel cat has gold-tone hardware, with rhinestones on the top and an embellished bow to make it extra cute. They are slightly bigger than smaller studs, so they hang off the ear a little bit, making them suitable for teen girls only.

9. Swarovski crystal studs by Leafael

Swarovski crystal studs by Leafael


These pair of earrings can also be customized based on your birthstone. Embellished with CZ stones in the rose gold plated basket, the zirconia Swarovski crystals make the earrings extra pretty. Match them with a contrasting outfit or go monochrome; either way, they will look gorgeous on you.

10. Huggie hoop by Art and Molly

Huggie hoop by Art and Molly


Made of 925 Sterling silver, these earrings are polished to give them a rhodium finish. They are embellished with two styles of cubic zirconia stones, alternating with birthstone and a transparent one. If you believe in Gemology, then these earrings are the ones for you and are available in variants to match your birth month.

11. Unicorn Earring For Girls

Unicorn Earring For Girls


The nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free Unicorn earrings for girls shift the colors with a change of light and angle of viewing. It comes with special cut butterfly backs that fit tightly. These rings are made of sterling silver and are designed hypoallergenic. The top dome-like structure is thick, platinum-plated, and has three-layer electroplating that keeps shining even after using it many times.

12. Overlapping hoops by Eternity gold

Overlapping hoops by Eternity gold


Slightly on the expensive side, these hoops are so beautiful and last forever, that you will not regret spending money on them. Crafted in 14Karat gold, these earrings are two-toned and come in a beautiful double overlapping design. They are available in two variants of yellow with rose gold, and white with rose gold.

13. Large glitter hoops by Guess

Large glitter hoops by Guess


Available in gold and silver, these earrings by Guess can be your go-to accessory when you have a party coming up. These large hoops have gold accents on the inside and a plain finish on the outside. Girls who do not like wearing heavy and big earrings may not like them. So check out the size before buying.

14. Swarovski zirconia hoops

Swarovski zirconia hoops


This statement piece is sure to get you lots of compliments. Available in three variants of platinum, rose gold, and yellow gold, these hoops are embellished with Swarovski zirconia stones on the outer and inner curves. They have a seal of authenticity engraved in laser and are packaged in a luxurious box, making it perfect for a gift either for yourself or for someone oh-so dear.

15. Teardrop of Mermaid by Kate Lynn

Teardrop of Mermaid by Kate Lynn


These earrings are conversation starters and would look really pretty with an evening gown or any party outfit. Aptly named Mermaid tears, the teardrops are made of Swarovski crystals that reflect multiple colors shining like a kaleidoscope. The hooks above the drops are embellished with CZ stones to add that extra sparkle. These earrings have passed the Swiss SGS inspection standard. They are nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic, making them safe for all skin types.

16. Honeybee dangle drop by Sunscsc

Honeybee dangle drop by Sunscsc


Grab all the attention with these uniquely stylish dangle drop earrings. The flower and honeybee are painted with enamel, and the rhinestones on the feathers add just the right amount of sparkle, to make them look classy. The base of the earring is a combination of brass and silver. Sunscsc also offers 90-days money back return and exchange guarantee.

17. Owl drops by Betsey Johnson

Owl drops by Betsey Johnson


Let your earrings do the talking at your next date or outing with friends. Made of base metals (brass, copper or nickel), these colorful and vibrant earrings may not be suitable for all skin types. The rhinestone detailing on the owl’s body and bow on the top, make it very attractive.

18. Boho danglers by SpunkySoul

Boho danglers by SpunkySoul


When you want to add that colorful vibe to your plain outfit, wear these earrings. They are simple and playful at the same time. The multicolored hoops are covered in beads of various shades and metal as well. The earrings are not only lightweight but also free of lead and nickel, hence safe for even sensitive skin.

19. Spider drop danglers by Betsey Johnson

Spider drop danglers by Betsey Johnson


We are not yet done with our recommendation of statement pieces. Another pair of beautiful earrings to take you close to nature is this one! The choice of colors, rhinestone detailing, and the dangler style construction make them so appealing. These earrings are made of the base metals (brass, copper or nickel) and may be unsuitable for people with sensitive skin.

20. Moon star and earth drop hoops by Sunscsc

Moon star and earth drop hoops by Sunscsc


Pieces of jewellery that have elements of nature involved are so alluring. These earrings are made of brass, enamel paint, and asymmetrical rhinestones featured on the star and moon silhouettes. Sunscsc also offers a 90days satisfaction guarantee for exchange or money back.

21. Bohemian chandeliers by Gypsy jewels

Bohemian chandeliers by Gypsy jewels


Big, bold, and powerful, these red bohemian chandelier earrings are sure to make heads turn. Made of alloy, resin, and rhinestones, these chandeliers will add that extra oomph to any of your outfits. Pair them with an LBD, a gown, or even a basic white shirt and your staple jeans. It’s all about styling it right. As they are bulky, they might feel slightly heavy on your ears.

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The best way to pick an earring is to close your eyes and imagine how many outfits they would look good with. Even if the answer is just one, buy them if they’ve won your heart. Also, one can never have enough earrings! But ensure you are buying the right size and also check for the metal that suits your skin type to get value for your money.

Which one of these earrings has won your heart? Do share your favourites in the comment section below.

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