11 Best EDC Pens in 2022


Pens are indispensable objects in our lives. And, the best EDC pen makes life easy since they are durable, rugged and comes with a host of features that make everyday writing more convenient.

Pens help write almost anything, such as a prescription, taking notes, or preparing a to-do or grocery list. And more often than not, we find ourselves looking for a pen at least once in some part of our day.

EDC pens have great utility since they can also be used as self-defense tools and flashlights. Plus, with handles, you can easily clip them onto your pocket. If you are looking for the best in the market, keep reading to find one from our list below.

11 Best EDC Pens

1. Best Slip-Resistant: KEPEAK Tactical Pen

KEPEAK Tactical Pen

This EDC pen is more than just a writing tool. Ingeniously designed into the pen is a tactical pen cap constructed from tungsten steel used as an emergency glass breaker. The pen cap is pointed and strong enough to break through glass windows to escape unexpected situations like a fire. The pen cap also doubles as a weapon of self-defense when protecting oneself from attackers. The refill of the pen has a round nib that is suitable for writing on paper. The body of the pen is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, making it durable. The rugged design offers a good grip with slip resistance. Along with the pen, the company also includes 6 tactical stainless steel refills. Learn more about this product in this video.

2. Best Multipurpose: Hongred Multi-Tool EDC Pen

Hongred Multi-Tool EDC Pen


This 6-in-1 multipurpose EDC pen by Hongred is designed to offer great functional utility in everyday tasks. Apart from being a pen that writes, it also has a printed ruler that measures in scales of 4 inches and 10 cm. This becomes extremely handy when attempting to make a mark for hanging a picture on the wall. The company has effectively equipped the pen with a stylus on one end, allowing users to use it for all touchscreen devices. Under the stylus is a screwdriver tip. Pulling out the screwdriver tip reveals a slotted screwdriver. Last but not least, the pen has a clip that attaches to pockets. This ballpoint pen comes with 4 refills and a durable body.

3. Best For Self-Defense: The Atomic Bear EDC SWAT Pen

The Atomic Bear EDC SWAT Pen


The rugged body of the pen is visible at first glance. This pen by Atomic Bear boasts the features of a luxury pen intertwined with those of an EDC and self-defense pen. The sturdy body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with 2 mm thick walls. Thanks to the pen body, it features an anti-skid design. The reverse side of the pen is made of hardened tungsten, making it effective for self-defense. The unique thumb rest offers more grip and comfort for strong strikes. The high-precision ink cartridge pen is smooth to write with, ensuring an even flow of ink in pure black. The ingeniously designed cap covers either end of the pen when not in use. This video will provide you with added insights about the product.

4. Best With A Rugged Body: Smith & Wesson EDC Pen For Survival – SWPENMP2BK

Smith & Wesson EDC Pen For Survival - SWPENMP2BK


Crafted from reliable aircraft aluminum, this EDC pen from Smith and Wesson is durable and dependable. The pen has a length of 5.8 inches and a weight of 1.4 ounces. It is comfortable to hold and offers a good grip. The good grip is mainly because of its rugged and cleverly designed exterior. The black and sleek look of the pen makes it suitable in professional settings. The hard rounded nib serves the dual purpose of writing and self-defense. It can be used as a weapon to fight off attackers. The thumb grip at the pen provides added support when using it as a weapon of self-defense. This pen is a refillable one and features a screw-off cap design. Take a look at this video to know more about the product.

5. Best Minimalist: Everyman Luxury Grafton Pen

Everyman Luxury Grafton Pen


This black pen by Everyman is a work of brilliance in terms of its design and durability. The minimalist design makes it ideal for informal settings. The pen is constructed from 100% anodized aluminum that protects it from rust. The pen nib is fine and provides for smooth and effortless writing. The grooved grip at the point of the pen provides a comfortable rest for the fingers. It makes use of a single 7 mm black cartridge. This pen weighs 1 ounce and has a length of 5.7 inches. The company has used a heavy-duty bolt-on clip that easily attaches to shirt and pant pockets. The pen is available in multiple colors- black, crimson, gold, gunmetal, military, rose gold, and silver.

6. Best Durable: BASTION Black Carbon Fiber EDC Pen

BASTION Black Carbon Fiber EDC Pen


The entire body of the pen is well-crafted from the highest grade of stainless steel to give it a durable design. The carbon fiber-coated exterior adds a lot of charm and class to the pen. One striking feature of this pen is its click-down action. This is controlled by a switch that is neatly carved into the top of the pen. Instead of going with the rudimentary click system, BASTION has taken it a step further to improve technology and looks. The pen makes use of its proprietary cartridge, so do check before purchasing refills. Like most other pens, this one also has a clip attached to it.

7. Best Lightweight: CRKT Williams Tactical EDC Pen

CRKT Williams Tactical EDC Pen


This CRKT pen is a blend of strength and sleekness. In addition to this, the pen is lightweight and comfortable to hold for prolonged periods. The pen has an aluminum handle that clips onto almost anything you can think of. The pocket clip handle is also removable. The bead blast finish of the exterior gives it a non-reflective and matte-like look. To make it user-friendly, the company has added grip support for the fingers. The ballpoint pen writes well and doubles as a survival knife that can damage attackers or surfaces.

8. Best With A strong Clip: TF TAKEFLIGHT Multi-Tool Pen



You can now have a pen and sword in an all in 1 device. This tactical pen by TF TAKEFLIGHT is made from aircraft-grade aluminum to withstand the test of time. The rugged design makes it look and feel good to hold. You can attach this pen to your pocket as it has a strong clip! Both ends of the pen serve a purpose – while one end is used for writing effectively, the other is used as an emergency and self-defense tool. This EDC pen can be used against robbers and even for breaking a glass window pane in emergency situations. The pen has a removable cap that can be used to cover either end of the pen. The pen can be unscrewed, making it easy to dismantle and change the refill.

9. Best With LED Flashlight: OLIGHT OPEN USB Rechargeable EDC Pen

OLIGHT OPEN USB Rechargeable EDC Pen


This EDC pen is unlike any other pen on our list of the 11 best EDC pens. This is because of its dual function of writing and serving as a flashlight. The ballpoint pen requires minimal effort for smooth and neat handwriting, while the LED flashlight shines bright at 120 lumens. This combination makes it suitable for writing under poor lighting conditions. Powering this brightly lit flashlight is a 110 mAh rechargeable battery that charges via USB-C. The pen also has a charging light indicator that informs you when it is in a state of charging. One of the unique features is its L-type bolt action design. This mechanism is used for extending and retracting the pen. The exterior of the pen is crafted from aluminum, while the clip is made of stainless steel.

10. Best Rust-Free: SMOOTHERPRO Bolt Action Pen



This EDC pen by SMOOTHERPRO is designed for use with a PilotG2 refill that offers a memorable writing experience. If quick and neat writing on the move is what you require, look no further than the SMOOTHERPRO pen. The entire structure is crafted from solid aircraft-grade aluminum, while the clip is made from stainless steel. This offers longevity and a pen that refuses to rust. To avoid messy pockets and notebooks, the company has done away with the traditional style push-down mechanism. It has incorporated a smooth bullet-type action that retracts and expands the nib. The handle of the pen is well-designed to fit almost all kinds of pockets effectively.

11. Best Compact Design: Schrade Refillable Screw-Off Tactical EDC Pen – SCPEN4BK

Schrade Refillable Screw-Off Tactical EDC Pen - SCPEN4BK


The excellent craftsmanship of this pen becomes noticeable at first glance. The pen has a length of 5.9 inches and a weight of 1.7 ounces. The entire body is made from aluminum and is durable enough to withstand numerous writing situations. Its use is not limited to writing as it is also a tool for self-defense. The end tip can be used to open a can or break a glass window. This reliable pen can be easily dismantled, making it user-friendly. The compact design makes it portable to carry around for the entire day.

Now that you’ve had more than a glimpse of our list of the 11 best EDC pens, it’s time to get briefed on what you need to look for when purchasing one. Here are a few considerations that one must keep in mind when purchasing an EDC pen.

How To Choose The Best EDC Pen?

  • Construction

Since most EDC pens are made out of metals, they are heavy and can be cumbersome to carry around. Lighter EDC pens make it easy for users to carry them around daily. However, the weight of the pen is influenced by several factors, including pen height and metals used in construction. Heavy EDC pens are used by those who require them as a tool for defense.

  • Grip

Since the primary purpose of an EDC pen is to write and one needs a good hold of a pen to write, the grip becomes a major factor. Most EDC pens have grooves close to the pen’s nib, where the fingers rest to provide a non-slip design. This allows one to write quickly and effectively.

  • Versatility

While the primary purpose of an EDC pen remains the same, it has revolutionized over the years. Most newly manufactured EDC pens are not only pens that can write smoothly. Many manufacturers have begun including other features that might be useful in our day-to-day lives. This includes hardpoints made from tungsten to serve as a weapon, measuring rulers, or even a flashlight. Do consider purchasing an EDC pen that has at least one of these features.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have compiled this list of the best EDC pens available in the market that will make a handy gift for your loved ones. These pens are not only durable but come with a wide range of features, including flashlights and self-defense tools. We have put together this list after conducting extensive research on product features and user reviews on numerous trustworthy websites.

EDC pens are an ideal choice as they serve multiple benefits besides writing based on the features they boast. Most EDC pens have a built-in flashlight and a sharp form, making them a great self-defense tool. While most EDC pens are made using metal to make them durable, you can also find relatively lightweight EDC pens. Since these pens can be carried around so that you can use them whenever, they should have a good grip. Therefore, you should look for a pen with grooves, making it easy to hold the pen when your hands are sweaty. Some of these pens can also double as a measuring ruler, so you can invest in a pen with such a design if that’s what you need. EDC pens are a great alternative to conventional pens as they’re also quite stylish.

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