11 Best Educational Toys For 2-Year-olds To Learn While Playing In 2022


To enhance your child’s cognitive and motor skills, here’s our list of the best educational toys for 2-year-olds to help you choose. These are the formative years of your child’s life when they begin to crawl, touch, and feel to understand their environment. They begin to make sense of the world around them.

So, educational toys can help them prepare for pre-school and make learning a joyful experience. With numerous options available, choosing the right toys can be challenging. So, explore our list to make an informed choice.

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11 Best Educational Toys For 2-Year-Olds

1. Best For Preschool Training: Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

Make your little one learn numbers, alphabets, word association, and take quizzes with this alphabet wall chart from Just Smarty. This electronic wall poster features a fun and colorful design to attract your child and engage them for hours. It prepares them for preschool and beyond and includes a collection of nine famous kids’ songs such as Twinkle Twinkle, Five Little Monkeys, If You Are Happy And You Know It, etc. This battery-operated poster automatically shuts off, requires less space, is easy to clean, and can be hung on the wall.

2. Best Easy-To-Use: Kokodi LCD Writing Tablet

The playful writing tablet from Kokodi works as a writing pad, drawing board, doodle board, magic board, etc., to help keep your child engaged and learn in a fun way. It uses 2022 LCD pressure-sensitive technology with a ten-inch colorful screen that does not emit glare or radiation, making it safe and comfortable for your child. Suitable for writing, drawing, and graffiti, this board aids motor skill development while empowering their imagination.

The board has an in-built battery that can last up to six months without charging or replacing, preventing mess and waste of paper. It is easy to use and helps save content by clicking on the lock key. Portable and easy to carry, this lightweight toy is made of durable plastic with no sharp edges and is resistant to drops and shocks.

3. Best For Social Skills: Lego Duplo My First Number Train

Help your two-year-old explore numbers with this Lego Duplo train set. This buildable locomotive set has three wagons, decorated number bricks, two-child figures, and a cat to encourage social skills and language development. Your child can construct a number train and role-play using the figures to enhance their imagination and thinking ability. This toy comprises 23 pieces, including locomotive and caboose attachments that are three-inch high, 14-inch long, and two-inch wide.

4. Best For Motor Skills & Creativity: Likee Wooden Pattern Blocks Set

Crafted for toddlers and preschoolers, this wooden blocks puzzle from Likee lets your child stack, sort, and arrange in a sequence to create their designs. Suitable for nurturing motor skills and creativity, it features colorful shapes and patterns to help enhance learning. This engaging game keeps your child occupied for hours while catering to their safety. It features 60 pattern cards to let your little one make different patterns with a comfortable grip, providing easy rearranging, placement and sliding.

5. Best For Improving Recognition: Prextex My First Find and Match Easter Matching Eggs

Shaped as a realistic egg, Prextex’s carton tray with Easter eggs is safe and made of high-quality plastic. Each egg comes with a different shape and fits precisely into the yellow tray’s sections. Your child can easily open and close the tray, and it helps improve their recognition ability by identifying different colors and shapes. It is also ideal for enhancing their creative thinking and hand dexterity.

6. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination: Dreampark Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Comprising top-quality wooden pieces, this safe and smooth puzzle from Dreampark provides an innovative way to help enhance your child’s cognitive development and imagination capability. Featuring vibrant and bright-colored animal shapes, this puzzle is ideal for improving hand-eye coordination. The puzzle pieces measure 5.8×5.8×0.6 inches and are designed to fit nicely in tiny hands.

7. Best For Animal Learning: Lurlin Toddler Puzzles

Suitable for kids up to three years, this colorful and fun jigsaw puzzle set has six animal puzzles of bright colors, patterns, and shapes to help your child brainstorm and boost recognition ability. Including butterfly, bee, ladybug, owl, bear, and tortoise with six cognitive cards, this set helps promote problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. It is tested for safety and is free of phthalates, BPA, and lead.

8. Best For Enhancing Imagination: Orsen Colorful LCD Writing Tablet

Orsen’s fun, bright, and colorful LCD writing tablet is suitable for coloring and writing. It features four colors, such as yellow, orange, blue, and green, with a bright and attractive screen to keep your little one engaged. Suitable for enhancing imagination and creativity, your child can use this mess-free tablet to play hangman, tic tac, and practice letter writing. Weighing around 0.183kg, its 8.5-inch LCD screen is safe, comfortable, and does not emit any glare or radiation.

9. Best Non-Toxic & Safe: Top Bright Toddler Tool Toys

Boost your two-years-old’s social skills, thinking, communication, and strategy making with Top Bright toddler toys for role-playing and learning. This three-in-one set features a sturdy string that they can use as a pulling toy, a construction toy, and a truck toy. These toys’ bright and catchy shades help enhance your child’s sensory skills while being non-toxic and safe. They have smooth edges and are painted with safe water paints to maintain proper quality and durability. Their color won’t crack or fade, and you can easily store them without taking much space.

10. Best For STEM Learning: Cenove Montessori Wooden Toys

Cenove’s challenging and fun sorting game helps improve hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, motor skills, sorting, and recognition ability. Carved out of eco-friendly natural pine wood and coated with non-toxic water paints, these smooth and durable toys are safe. There are different fruits and vegetables that your child needs to identify and slot. These STEM education toys aid your child in exploring different shapes and sizes while improving their understanding.

11. Best For Improving Speaking Skills: Learning Bugs Interactive Talking Poster & Musical Wall Chart

Ideal for stimulating your child’s early development, this musical wall chart and talking poster helps improve speaking and recognition of numbers and alphabets. It includes four educational modes such as song mode, quiz mode, number, and alphabet mode with large buttons to activate talking, and your child can press pictures and letters to hear sounds. Suitable for learning numbers from one to ten and alphabets from A to Z, this recognition game features nine famous songs -The Finger Family song, Head Shoulders Knees, and Toes, Wheels On The Bus, etc. It can be easily hung on the wall or door, comes with auto-off and adjustable volume while being space-saving and easy to clean.

How To Choose The Right Educational Toy For 2-Year-Olds?

Consider the following points before buying an educational toy for two-year-olds.

  1. Material: Choose toys made from soft, smooth, and non-toxic material to help prevent any trouble and maintain safety.
  2. Interest: It is essential to understand your child’s interests and preferences and buy a toy that will complement them.
  3. Encouraging: Look for bright and entertaining toys that are fun to play with and promote learning to help enhance your child’s communication, motor, social and cognitive skills.

Educational toys for two-year-olds should be engaging and focus on their motor skill development. Toys that make less noise help increase the kid’s concentration, learning, and creative ability. Choose from our list of the best educational toys for two-year-olds for a fun yet educational playtime.

Educational toys for two-year-olds should be fun, engaging, and facilitate their motor skills development. This is when they start becoming curious about the world and desperate to try out new things. The educational toys listed above are an excellent way to help them understand the world while keeping them hooked and entertained for hours. Before choosing the toys for two-year-olds, ensure the materials are safe, smooth, and non-toxic. Also, consider your child’s interests before making the purchase and opt for toys that match their personality.

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