13 Best Educational Toys For 6-Year-Olds To Play At Home In 2022


If your child has crossed the six-year mark, they need engaging yet educational toys for skill development. We have listed some of the best educational toys for 6-year-olds to help you choose. Children spend their days learning in school and need some time off to play at home. So, you can make good use of their playtime to sharpen their intelligence and boost their learning skills. With various features and benefits, you can explore our list to find a suitable toy for your child.

13 Best Educational Toys For Six-Year-Olds

1. Best For Interactive Learning: Osmo – Genius Starter Kit

Osmo creates interactive learning games in which users engage with the digital world by using real-world objects. The games are designed to be played on an iPad or a Fire Tablet. Children can advance through as many as 500 puzzles or levels at their pace and modify the difficulty settings. These games do not require WiFi, and children can play independently or with their friends. To find out more about this product, check this video review out.


2. Best For Experiencing Nature: Dan&Darci Light-Up Terrarium Kit for Kids

This all-inclusive terrarium kit allows children to experience nature by making their terrarium. There is a built-in rechargeable LED light beneath the lid that lights the tabletop garden. Vermiculite soil, blue sand, river rocks, wheatgrass, and chia seeds are a part of the terrarium. It comes with accessories, such as a little bunny and mushroom miniatures, detachable stickers for decoration, spray bottles, and wooden sticks.


3. Best Reusable: Skillmatics Educational Game

The set includes 14 engaging activities that use learning approaches to help children develop core skills. Some of the critical skills that the children learn include problem-solving, creative thinking, reading, writing, and focusing.

The kit includes six double-sided activity mats, two dry erase markers, a cloth duster, and an achievement certificate. The reusable activity mats ensure children have a good time while learning important concepts. If you are an absolute beginner, this video review might be useful.


4. Best Non-Toxic: Liwin Let’s Go! See and Spell Learning Toys

The Liwin learning toy is made of high-quality cardboard; the paper is soft and does not irritate the hands. The size of the building block is designed to fit the size of a baby’s hand and is non-toxic.

The letters and cards are round in shape, making them safer for children. This wooden puzzle comes with a storage bag that can help them develop appropriate storage practices.


5. Best For Improving Logical Reasoning: Toy Pal STEM Toys

Toy Pal toys is a 163-piece STEM kit that teaches children mechanics and improves their creativity. Children can build helicopters, airplanes, racing cars, motorcycles, and other such vehicles. An instruction guide has also been included in the kit.

The toys aid in developing hand-eye coordination, motor skills, logical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities in children. This kit comes in a storage box and is also easy to clean after play.


6. Best For Improving Fine Motor Skills: Button Art Toys

Button Art Toys by Geekpar is a small hands skill set that toddlers can use to improve their hand-eye coordination, fine motor abilities, and imagination by constructing and designing unique designs. The smooth edges of the pegs are carefully designed to prevent minor cuts, and all pieces are made of non-toxic premium plastic. The set includes 46 colorful buttons, ten different photos, a pegboard, and a storage tray.


7. Best Battery Life: Gojmzo LCD Writing Tablet

Gojmzo tablet has a multi-color 11-inch screen with LCD pressure-sensitive technology. The screen emits no glare or radiation and is therefore safe for the child’s eyesight. The built-in battery has 12-month battery life, and the tablet can be written on and erased 120,000 times.

The case is made of high-quality plastic with rounded corners that are shock-proof and provides drop protection. The tablet weighs -.4 pounds, and its screen is difficult to break.


8. Best For Developing Creativity: Aotipol STEM Toys

The Aotipol STEM drill set for kids contains an electric drill with two interchangeable bits and colorful screws and bolts. A wrench, screwdriver, an instruction manual with numerous patterns, and a portable design storage case are also included in this kit.

The set challenges children to make their automobiles, animals, or robots to help them develop their imagination and creativity. The toy set is made of BPA-free plastic and is non-toxic.


9. Best For Improving Spelling Skills: Zilloden Educational Toys

The matching letter game helps children improve their memory, spelling, and word recognition skills and establishes a link between items and their names. The set includes a matching tray, five mathematical symbol blocks, ten-letter cubes, 20 number blocks, and 32 picture cards.


10. Best For Improving Cognitive Skills: Satxtrem Baby Flash Cards Educational Toys

The flashcard set contains 56 cards and is an excellent tool for learning the alphabet, colors, and shapes and recognizing objects on the cards. It promotes visual and auditory development and improves children’s cognitive and athletic abilities. These educational flashcards are heavyweight cards with clean edges, eco-friendly bright colored paint, and ABS material.


11. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination: iValea Toys

Th iValea animal balance game focuses on scientific color matching and improves children’s perception of color. While playing with these toys, children can improve their hand-eye coordination, thinking skills, and logical thinking skills. The game’s difficulty fluctuates depending on the combinations used.

The small animal blocks are well-coated and odorless, with no sharp edges or wood chips. As a result, they are ideal for small hands and won’t harm children’s skin.


12. Best Easy-To-Grasp: Hensotrue Aural to Take Apart Dinosaur Toys for Kids

This dinosaur toy set includes Triceratops, Centrosaurus, Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, an electric drill, four screwdrivers, and a packing box. Their heads, hands, feet, and tails are easily adjustable as they feature flexible joints. The toy set helps children develop their hands-on skills, coordination, and inventiveness.

These dinosaur toys are non-toxic and odorless and are made of high-quality plastic. They have no rough edges and are lightweight, making them easy to grip and handle.


13. Best Environment-Friendly: Shape Mart Water Drawing Mat

Children can practice tracing the letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and animals around the perimeter of the drawing space on the Aqua Magic Mat. It does not require any paint. Just add clean water to the water maker and draw on the aqua water doodle mat.

The aqua drawing mat is both environmentally friendly and child-safe. It comes with a storage bag. Painting on the doodle drawing mat vanishes after 5-10 minutes depending on temperature and ventilation, and the mat is reusable.


How To Choose The Right Educational Toys For Six-Year-Olds?

Here are a few tips that you may consider while choosing educational toys for six-year-olds.

  • Open-ended toys: Choose toys that can be used several times and in various ways to keep your children entertained. Open-ended toys, such as blocks and LEGO, inspire creativity and can be used in multiple situations. Furthermore, these multifunctional toys promote critical thinking and STEM skills.
  • Interest: Do not force a toy on a child who isn’t interested; instead, nurture their current hobbies. Find something that has just enough in common with the things your child already enjoys if you’re keen to widen their horizons.
  • Collaboration: One-on-one playtime is beneficial for children, but toys can also help them develop essential social skills. Those who play together learn to work together, compromise, and deal with unavoidable disagreements. Some toys, on the other hand, are easier to share than others. Therefore, aim to give toys that numerous children, preferably of varying ages, can enjoy playing with together.
  • Screen time: On average, children up to eight years spend over two hours each day on screens. Excessive screen time can lead to sleep disorders and a variety of other problems. Use toys that promote learning without the use of another screen.

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If you are looking for toys that can make your child’s playtime more fun and productive, this article will be helpful. Priti Bose, covering kids’ toys and gifts, suggests some of the best educational toys for six-year-olds. These toys help children stay engaged for a long time and enhance their creativity. Priti has described every product in detail for you to better understand which one to buy. She has also provided a buying guide where she includes a few tips regarding purchasing the toy.

There are several toys for six-year-olds on the market, ranging from games and puzzles to brainteasers. This is the age when a child’s curiosity and development skills are at their peak so they require exposure to the right kind of toys that are both fun and educational.

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