13 Best Educational Toys For 8-Year-Olds In 2022


While looking for a toy for an 8-year-old, parents need to consider several factors, including their interests and abilities. In this article, we will be sharing some of the best educational toys for 8-year-olds that make learning an enjoyable process.

Children of this age usually go through an exponential growth spurt mentally, physically, and cognitively. And introducing them to these games can boost their critical thinking, problem-solving skills, intelligence, emotional skills, and reasoning. Moreover, the toys can encourage children to challenge themselves and keep them entertained for longer.

You can also introduce your child to various science kits, crafts, construction kits, and solar system models through these toys. These toys help garner their interest and attention and make an excellent educational tool. To help you pick the right one, we have compiled a list of some popular educational toys apt for eight-year-olds.

13 Best Educational Toys For 8 Year Olds

1. Best Award-Winning: Osmo Genius Starter Kit For Fire Tablet – Classic

This award-winning educational game allows children to interact with actual handheld pieces and a Fire Tablet, which needs to be bought separately. It includes an Osmo base and it doesn’t require WiFi to play. It enables hands-on learning through 5 different apps— in Tangram puzzle pieces have to be arranged to match shapes on the screen, while in Newton items have to be placed in front of the screen or lines are drawn to solve physics puzzles. Creative drawing skills are encouraged in Masterpiece, spelling and vocabulary is enhanced in Words, while tiles are counted and multiplied to pop bubbles in Numbers. This educational toy for 8 year olds has games that graduate from beginner to expert levels and give audio and visual feedback to children. Here’s a video to help you know more about this product.


2. Best For Nature Learning: Dan&Darci Light-Up Terrarium Kit

Children are amazed with this miniature garden growing in a container and learn to appreciate the wonders of nature, science, and life. This all-inclusive kit helps them create their own terrarium that glows at night and grows by day, thanks to the LED light under the lid. Just switch on the light and watch your terrarium turn into a beautiful lighted garden. The kit includes a 4×6 inches terrarium jar with a light-up jar lid, vermiculite soil, river rocks, chia seeds, blue sand, wheatgrass, a micro USB charging cable, an instruction booklet, small mushroom and bunny miniatures, spray bottle, removable stickers for decoration, and a wooden stick for planting the seeds.


3. Best For Fine Motor Skills: CubicFun Race Tracks

This toy for eight year olds hones fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and helps kids understand the relationship between cause and effect. It comprises a 2-in-1 track with 3 toy cars— ambulance, police car, and fire engine that have to be guided through obstacles and 8 challenges. It  has an in-built mechanical linkage track and features 6 buttons to help you pass the challenges. It is designed with colors to stimulate the color perception of kids. Made of premium, non-toxic ABS plastic material, non-toxic water-based paint, and with smooth corners and edges, it’s very safe for children. This video takes you through this product’s details.


4. Best Weather Experiments: 4M Weather Science Kit

Challenge your child’s mind and help them understand how weather works with 6 enthralling activities. Children can make clouds in their palm, understand how lightning is caused through static electricity, study acid rain and the greenhouse effect, build a water cycle model on the desktop, and watch wind produced by air currents. This toy for 8 year olds gives them a fun, hands-on-way of learning about the intriguing world of green energy as they record weather patterns by building a workable weather station. This toy of the  award-winning Green Science line familiarizes children with green concepts and includes tools for weather experiments and instructions. For a more detailed review of this product, here’s a video.


5. Best For Developing Spelling Skills: Liwin Let’s Go! Spelling Game

This educational toy for 8 year olds  comprises 52 colorful lowercase letters and 28 double-sided word cards to develop children’s right and left brains and strengthen the ability to recognize lowercase letters. Children learn through games, cartoons, and vivid and vibrant illustrations as they see a picture and try to spell the word. It cultivates an interest in learning and also enhances word recognition and hand-eye coordination. Cognitive skills, reading and spelling skills, concentration, and color recognition are all boosted with this game. It’s made of high quality cardboard with a wooden core, soft paper, has rounded edges, can be easily grasped, and is non-toxic and safe for children. This wooden puzzle comes with a storage bag so that no pieces go missing.


6. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination: The Toy Pal Engineering Building Toys Set

This innovative STEM toy for 8 year olds enables them to build their own airplane, helicopter, racing car, motorcycle, construction truck, sling van, and robot. This 7-in-1 toy comprises 163 pieces and has colored illustrations and instructions to guide you in your construction. It boosts interest in learning and fosters their analytical mind. This toy is especially designed to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and logical thinking. It also promotes collaboration and teamwork, social skills, imagination, and creativity through interactive play. It’s child and environment-friendly, easy to clean, and includes a sturdy storage box. Made of safe and high quality material, you can buy this set for your child with complete confidence as it conforms to high safety standards.


7. Best Solar-Powered Design: Uustar DIY Educational Solar Robot Kit

This solar robot kit is an ideal STEM toy for 8 year olds who can build 13 different kinds of robots which can move both on land or water. This toy is great for enhancing manual dexterity, teamwork, self confidence, problem solving skills, and the spirit of scientific exploration. This solar-powered toy comes with a solar power panel that collects solar heat energy to make the machine run smoothly and doesn’t require batteries. It includes stickers, a step-by-step instruction book, and all the pieces to make the robot. They are crafted with non-toxic and harmless ABS material and are sturdy and durable. It’s an ideal educational gift for children with a scientific bent of mind. 


8. Best Easy-To-Assemble: Kearui Robot Dog

This robotic dog is as close to a real dog if you don’t have one, or you want your child to get comfortable with dogs. It barks when you touch its tail and the light in its eyes changes with sound as it moves forward to interact with your child. This 35-piece smart robotic dog responds to commands and senses gestures— it can walk, slide, bark, sleep, yawn, move forward, and move backwards. All the accessories to assemble the toy are available as per the manual, which makes it simple for children to assemble it independently. This toy for 8 year olds enhances eye-hand coordination, logical thinking, building skills, and creativity. Made with premium quality non-toxic ABS plastic material, the pieces are sturdy, durable, and completely safe for children.


9. Best For Improving Logical Thinking: Aesgogo Creative Fort Building Kit

Foster the architect in your child as they build forts, castles, towers, tents, and tunnels with this fort building kit. This STEM kit comprises 120 components— 75 plastic rods and 45 plastic balls with holes which they can connect through a buckle design. Children can build it either alone or with friends or family and develop their imagination, creativity, and logical thinking, as they enjoy the challenge of construction. Once the structure is complete, children can put a sheet over it and create a hidden space for themselves. This toy for 8 year olds can be used both indoors and outdoors, comes with detailed instructions, and children can start with simple structures and move towards more complex structures.


10. Best For Brain Development: Tenhitoys Dinosaur Planet

Kids can get a clear understanding of Triceratops and T-Rex by assembling the parts themselves and it also makes great crafts teaching equipment. It’s a hands-on activity that boosts their concentration, brain development, imagination, and reduces their screen time. The toy for 8 year olds features 3 different dinosaurs with 51 pieces and children can mix all the pieces together to make it more complex, or to create their own unique dinosaur to hone their creativity and imagination. The parts are made of premium, non-toxic ABS material, have smooth edges and are just the right size for children to build the dinosaurs without hurting their hands.


11. Best For STEM Learning: Koviti Science Kit

Make science more real for your child with this educational toy for 8 year olds that allows them to create magical and mysterious phenomena like volcanic eruptions, candle absorbing water, milk animation, and rainbow rain to name a few. It features 30 simple and kid-friendly  instruction cards for the budding scientists to build confidence and a spirit of discovery and exploration while performing experiments in 7 exciting categories. All the supplies required for the 30 experiments are included— 8 bottles of chemical materials, 6 balloons, 7 measuring cups, 4 large test tubes with scales, 5 measuring spoons, 3 droppers, a funnel, candle, table tennis ball, and goggles. This STEM kit brings science to life as the kids would need to do everything hands-on.


12. Best For Developing Practical Skills: Henoda Robot Building Kit

This STEM educational toy for 8 year olds comprises 468+ blocks along with cool stickers and gives them the joy of constructing while promoting eye-hand coordination, imagination, motor skills, and practical skills. The robot can move in all directions, perform 360° stunts, and features glowing eyes, flexible rotating hand and head joints. The robot can be controlled by an app on a smartphone, or with the included 2.4GHz remote control that has a range of over 20 meters. It features 4 remote control modes— voice control, path, gravity sensor and stem programming mode that are easy and simple to use. It features a colorful step-by-step manual to assemble the robot with red boxes or arrows to mark each step. All the parts are made of non-toxic, sturdy, and durable ABS material, have smooth edges and surface for the safety of children.


13. Best For Improving Memory: Zilloden 2-In-1 Educational Game

Specially designed for the educational requirements of children, this 2-in-1 matching game helps children recognize objects looking at pictures, or spell out words with letter cubes. This innovative educational toy for 8 year olds enhances critical and logical thinking, and lays a solid language foundation for your child. The matching pictures and words build cognitive thinking, improve memory skills, social skills, and improve spelling and word recognition, as children are able to establish a connection between objects and their names. This game comes with 1 matching tray, 20 number blocks, 10 letter cubes, 5 mathematical symbol blocks, and 32 picture cards so that children learn object identification, alphabetic recognition, and how to form and spell words. Children can have loads of fun while learning in the process.


Now that you have been through our review of the 13 best educational toys for 8 year olds, let us give you a few tips on how to choose the right toy so that your child has both fun and a great learning experience.

How To Choose The Right Educational Toys For 8 Year Olds

  • Skill based and imaginative

At this age, children like toys that build skills, encourage imaginative and creative play, and introduce them to new hobbies. They also want it to be fun and enjoyable as that makes a new challenge less threatening. They like to spend a good amount of time playing games that develop skills and improve competency, and give them opportunities to interact with friends socially. Arts and crafts, music, team games, and social games all work well with this age group.

  • Keep them simple

Toys that don’t allow a child to use their own creativity and imagination tend to get boring for them. Stuffed animals and dolls that talk or sing don’t allow the child to direct the action and are limiting as far as the child is concerned. Toys like blocks allow children to be spontaneous, creative, and exercise their logical and critical thinking.

  • Avoid electronic toys and video games

It’s impossible to keep children completely away from computers and other electronic gadgets. Such toys do not encourage children to think independently and can affect their attention span. Children who have an excess of electronic toys are not able to focus on a non-moving toy or a book.

  • Review them properly

A lot of toys claim to be educational and play on parents’ fears that compel them to buy these toys as they fear their child may fall behind. Some of these toys are fine but many claim to enhance brain development and create language experts, scientists, and mathematicians. You need to review them properly and ensure that they promote creativity and not get carried away by gizmos and flashy gadgets.

  • Personal interests of the child

Try to get a toy which caters to the interests of the child. Children of this age usually like toys that encourage large muscle activities like roller blading, biking, and ball games, or fine motor activities like jigsaw puzzles, drawing or wood work. They also enjoy toys that make use of reading, writing and simple math, nature, drawing, music, dance, crafts, and simple science.

  • Learning toys

Toys that employ simple strategies and rules, word, match, and spelling games, puzzles, balance and scales, and mechanical models with levers, pulleys, and pendulums offer great learning opportunities to children. Science and weather kits, models of the solar system,  human body, and physical world, science and weather kits all arouse curiosity and are perfect as educational toys. A microscope, binoculars, or telescope, protractor and calculator, apps or hand-held games for teaching graphics, math, story or music writing also are a good balance of learning and enjoyment.

  • Safety

Make sure the toys adhere to the strictest standards of safety and are made of non-toxic materials, have no sharp points or edges, and carry the required safety gear.

Toys for an 8 year old are all important as they are going through a phase of emotional, physical, and cognitive changes, and the right toy can make all the difference. They need to be exposed to new stimulants all the time so that their minds are challenged. The best educational toys equip children with skills that help them face challenges that require critical and logical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, social, emotional, and cognitive skills, and inspire a sense of exploration and discovery. We hope our review of the 13 best educational toys for 8 year olds will help to give you the options that you want to enhance their intelligence, and work towards their growth and positivity.

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