13 Best Egg Beaters Of 2022


Preparing your ingredients and cooking may often take more time than consuming it. To make cooking easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best egg beaters to help you choose the right one. Egg beaters help you beat, whisk, and blend and hence are less time-consuming than beating an egg manually. They can be handheld, battery-operated, and electric. These gadgets offer optimal rotating action to help you create a consistent egg batter or an eggless batter. With various features and designs, choosing the right egg beater may be challenging. So, take a look at the options below to find a suitable one that will make you want to whip up delicious treats in your kitchen.

13 Best Egg Beaters Of 2022

1. Best Utilitarian:OXO Good Grips Egg Beater


The OXO Good Grips Egg Beater is a hand egg beater that will take you down memory lane. With a vintage hand-turning knob and stainless steel beaters, this egg beater is a perfect combo of comfort and utility. The stainless steel beaters are elevated, which means the strain in your arm will be close to nothing when beating for a long time. The beaters can be detached for washing, while the base too can be washed in the dishwasher. The upright handle has a slip-free grip which lets you use the beater even with wet hands. Did we forget to mention what a utilitarian and great product this is?

2. Best Heat-Resistant:TEEVEA 3-Pack Very Sturdy Kitchen Whisk


There is something so charming about using silicone whisks that are shaped like a balloon wire. This sturdy TEEVEA kitchen whisk will make you want to put on a polka dot skater dress, wedge heels, and a hair band so you can look like the perfect 50s ‘gal’. Apart from how the whisk makes you feel, it has great features too! The silicone whisk means it is heat-resistant, chip-resistant, and there is zero wastage of ingredients as every last drop can be put back into the bowl. The whisks come as a set of three, sized 8, 10, and 12 inches in length. Now you can whisk, blend, stir or froth at your own desired speed.

3. Best Versatile:KOIOS Immersion Hand Blender


Ever heard of the perfect equipment in the kitchen? The KOIOS Immersion Hand Blender is the definition of just that! This electric egg beater features a 12-speed powerful copper motor with variable speed. The stainless steel blades are reinforced with titanium and can blend even hard food items. This electric egg beater includes a hand blender, milk frother, and a whisk. The versatile shape of the blender also ensures that nothing gets splashed outside the bowl while still maintaining a good beating action.This blender can also make soups easily by blending in the roughly cut vegetables. Get your hands on this power blender and be a queen of the kitchen!

4. Best Time-Efficient:Newness Egg Whisk


The Newness Egg Whisk is a simple yet brilliant device which can cut short the time of most of your kitchen whisking activities. This food-grade stainless steel whisk has a simple push and whip mechanism that is activated as soon as you push down the whisk against the bottom of your mixing bowl. A great product for mixing coffee, ice-cream milkshakes as well as for whisking eggs, this wire whisk takes half the time than traditional egg whisks usually take. It is very easy to clean the egg whisk and is recommended to be washed by hand.

5. Best Dishwasher-Friendly:Toogel Electric Hand Mixer


This one touch Toogel electric egg beater has two speed settings and runs on 50 W power. The ergonomically designed anti-slip upright handle makes working in the kitchen blissful and quick and can be set at 3 different angles depending on the activity, making the hand mixer a valuable addition to the kitchen. The hand mixer is very easy to clean, and all of its parts can go into the dishwasher except for the motor that can be cleaned using a damp cloth. The attachments with the hand mixer include BPA-free and stainless steel beater, whisk and drink mixer, which means your family can be in for 3-course meal treats every night!

6. Best Easy-To-Store:Muclipkot Kitchen Wire Whisk


The Muclipkot balloon egg stainless steel whisk is a kitchen must-have for all things simple and complicated. It is 12-inches long and can take care of hand whisking activities like beating eggs; mixing cream cheese for tiramisu, different types of sauces, melted chocolate, icing sugar, and much more. The design and style of the wire whisk makes it easier to separate the ingredients while mixing and ensuring each ingredient is broken faster and mixed at a commendable speed and with success. The whisk is easy to store and can simply hang by a hook on your utensil rod.

7. Best Functional:i Kito Stainless Steel Mini Spring Egg Beater


Eco-friendly and stainless steel make up the i Kito Stainless Steel Mini Spring Egg Beater. This egg beater is a functional and essential tool in the kitchen which not only whips and whisks your ingredients but also makes sure nothing is left behind in the corners and bottom of your pots and pans. The handle is flat keeping ergonomics in mind so that your hand grips the beater tightly and securely. A great tool for frothing milk and cream in the coffee, or whisking perfect, and fluffy eggs, the hand egg beater can be easily cleaned and is dishwasher-safe.

8. Best With Hand Crank:RSVP International Endurance Antique Egg Beater


If old school items speak to you, this RSVP International Endurance Antique Egg Beater is worth giving a try. This stainless steel egg beater features a hand crank, is 12.25 inches long and is accompanied with an acrylic handle. This hand held egg beater is smooth to operate, and the hand crank gives you a chance to control the speed and intensity of your whipping. In spite of the retro style the egg beater functions as well as newly designed beaters in the market. This gorgeous egg beater is sure to spruce up your kitchen tools rack and add some feature and drama to your kitchen.

9. Best Multipurpose:Tera Stainless Steel Manual Egg Whisk


Manual egg beaters are so understated yet have the most versatile uses in the kitchen. Tera Stainless Steel Manual Egg Whisk can be used for multiple purposes like egg whisking, stirring, frothing, blending, and so on. This egg beater is made in stainless steel, making it easy-to-wash, easy-to-clean, and very durable. The oval wire design and round shape of the beater makes this egg beater more efficient in performance and speed. It is approximately 9 inches long, and can work well for most bowl sizes. This egg beater is easy to hang on your kitchen rail which means it doesn’t even take much space for storage.

10. Best For Faster Pace:Kakamono Stainless Surround helixSpring Coil Whisk


The Kakamono Stainless Surround helixSpring Coil Whisk is an absolute delight to work with and comes as a set of 2. helixSprings are used for adding more volume and bubbles by building air into your batter at a faster pace, and being in steel means it can be used directly into pots and pans that are hot, for sauces or mixtures that need to be stirred on the stove. It is great for cold items like icing sugar and creams too, and can be thrown right into the dishwasher for a thorough wash. Storing these hand egg beaters is also very easy and they can hang pretty on your tool rail in the kitchen.

11. Best Rotary:Prepworks By Progressive Egg Beater


The Prepworks By Progressive Egg Beater is another rotary egg beater that you will want to get your hands on. Apart from how pretty and unique they look, rotary egg beaters save up electricity and the effort of plugging in a beater yet give the results that are not too different from an electrical beater. The control on speed, number of rotations, and pressure is literally in your hands. If you are working on a dish that requires very specific rotations and number of beatings, then this beater is a good idea. The blades are strong and efficient and ade in stainless steel, and the complete unit is dishwasher-safe.

12. Best Anti-Corrosion:ICYANG Stainless Steel Spring Coil Whisk


Another blast from the past, the ICYANG Stainless Steel Coil Whisk will take you back in time and remind you of when you were a little girl and would stand up on a stool to get to the kitchen counter.The beater functions well when you push it against your pot or pan bottom and it bounces off the surface to start the beating action. Around 8.27 inches long and a diameter of 1.97 inches, the size makes this hand egg beater easy to use and convenient. Not too big and not too small are terms always used for ideal kitchen items. The material used is stainless steel of highest quality which is anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and antioxidant in nature. It is easy to clean and heat resistant.

13. Best Ergonomicaly Designed:Starfrit Super Fast Egg Beater


Rotary action egg beaters will always have a special place in the heart of vintage lovers, not just for how they look but also for how in control one can feel when using them. The Starfrit Super Fast Egg Beater gives you control as well as a sturdy grip on your hand egg beater, even if your fingers are greased with cream or oil. The beaters are as they should be, elevated from the bottom, so your hands don’t hurt while beating, as the weight of the beater are shared by the base. The rotation action in the rotary makes it super fast as a result of which no lumps are formed in the mixture. The twin whisks are made of stainless steel and are strong enough for most ingredients. The handle is also ergonomic and soft to ensure you do not dread the use of this hand egg beater.

Here are a few important points to consider when choosing egg beaters.

How To Choose Right Egg Beaters?

  • Brand

Choose egg beaters that come from brands with a high reputation, not just in the market in general, but specifically for kitchen products. Brands that offer good customer service and have cheaper replaceable parts should also be taken into consideration.

  • Weight

The weight of an egg beater plays a big role in the efficiency of its functions. Choose an egg beater that has a weight preferred by you. Ideally the weight should be enough to have a good grip and control on it and yet be able to move it around or carry it elsewhere easily.

  • Material

It is always better to have an egg beater that is made using stainless steel and is rust free. Food grade materials make for better kitchen tools that last long and are safe in every way.

  • Grip

Blending and whipping can sometimes last for a longer time depending on the ingredients you are working with. Thus, choose an egg beater that has an anti slip handle, is soft on your hands and has impressions on which your hard-working fingers can sit easily.

  • Elevated beater wire

When the beater wire is elevated and the machine unit rests on the bowl, the operation becomes easier, with lesser stress on the wrist and hand. Look for beaters that have this feature so that using an egg beater adds value to your process.

  • Removable parts

Removable parts of the egg beater mean you can clean and dry the wires and coils completely. When your equipment is free of food particles and patted dry, it increases the life of the beater and prevents it from getting rusted.

  • Dishwasher-safe

A blender that is dishwasher-proof is even easier to use as you won’t feel lazy about having to wash it by hand later. The ease in upkeep and maintenance of a tool is just as important as its functions, and blenders that can be thrown into the dishwasher just mean more time for you to relax.

Safety Tips When Using An Egg Beater

Safe cooking habits are important to ensure that the food one eats doesn’t cause any harm to the body and health. But that is not where safe cooking habits end. Safety should be ensured even when the food is being prepared so that the chef is free from all danger and harm. A kitchen has a mix of gas, fire, water and electric hazards, and it is only natural to take precautions to avoid any form of danger or accident.

Employ the following safety tips when when using an egg beater:

  1. An electric egg beater is probably the most dangerous. Make sure the switch is turned off and the beater is unplugged when not in use.
  1. Use all egg beaters on a dry surface and surroundings.
  1. Do not wash an electric egg beater without detaching the whisks from the machine.
  1. Keep the whisks and blades away from the reach of children, as they may be sharper than you think.
  1. If you smell the slightest of burning smell, unplug the beater, and if it is a battery operated beater, change the batteries immediately.

Whether you are a seasoned chef who has been cooking and baking for years, or someone who is just about to dip their fingers in the world of batters and whisked cream, egg beaters should by default be in your kitchen utensil drawer. Egg beaters not only save time and energy but also produce smooth batters with their perfect blending action, making mixing ingredients a breeze. Try out these egg beaters to have a wonderful experience in the kitchen!

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